Best Prepaid Debit Cards [Choose the Best for You in May 2020]

Looking for ways of obtaining a cashless payment method?

Prepaid debit cards are one of the best solutions out there. 

They hold many advantages compared to regular debit cards and are certainly better than credit cards. They are easy to obtain and more than suitable to use.

So, what is the best reloadable debit card?

We have prepared a list and summary about some of the best prepaid debit cards currently on the market.

In addition to our top picks you can also learn: 

  • How to acquire each card
  • Each card’s Pros and Cons
  • The applicable fees
  • Our opinion and for who it is best for.

Prepaid debit cards are a great alternative to traditional bank accounts. Most of them offer the same features but without the overdraft fees. 

Here are the best prepaid cards that our research led us to:

2020’s Best Prepaid Debit Cards

Brink’s Prepaid Mastercard

Our Rating: 9.8

The logo of Brinks

Brink Home Security, a security leader for banks, teamed up with Netspend, a leader in the prepaid card market, to create the Brink’s Prepaid Mastercard. It is issued by San Diego-based Axos Bank.

Best Features

  • General fees: $9.95 monthly fee and a $5 monthly fee with a direct deposit. $1 signature transaction fee and a $2 PIN transaction fee with a pay-as-you-go plan.
  • ATM withdrawal fees: $2.50 withdrawal fee, $0.50 balance check fee.
  • Reload methods: Money can be reloaded at Netspend’s various locations, which can be found through the free mobile app. Fees vary depending on the location and can go between $0 and $3.95.
  • Interest charges: No interest charges.
  • Fee if you stop using the card: No closing fees.
  • Overdraft fees: Offers $10 purchase cushion to cover overdrafts.

(Image Source: Supermoney)

How to Apply

Applying for the Brink’s Prepaid Mastercard works the same way as applying for any Netspend prepaid card. Visit the Axos Bank website and fill in the questionnaire. You need to confirm your identity by providing your name, address, email, and social security number. You don’t have to worry about minimum and maximum purchase sizes or late fees. Finish up by deciding whether you want a direct deposit or not, and choose your card design.


  • Allows you to open a Brink’s savings account where you can earn up to 5.00% APY.
  • Refer a friend reward of $20.
  • Cash-back rewards at some machines.
  • No loading fee at certain places.


  • A lot of different fees.
  • A relatively high maintenance fee.
  • An account inactivity fee if you don’t use it for 90 days.
  • You are automatically enrolled in the pay-as-you-go plan and need to make a request to change it.


Any questions about prepaid solutions can be resolved with the support team. Customer support can be reached directly via call or by email. They are helpful and polite to answer any question you may have. If you wish to send secure messages, you can do so through the account management center.


Opening up an account does not cost you anything. But you will have to pay a $9.95 maintenance fee, that is, if you don’t choose the pay-as-you-go plan. But in that case, you will have to pay a $1 signature purchase transaction fee and a $2 PIN purchase transaction fee. The balance fee costs $0.50 both by text message and at an ATM. It may not be one of the best prepaid debit cards for ATM withdrawals, but it comes with standard fees in that sense. An inactivity fee amounts to $5.95 a month.

Withdrawing cash from an ATM adds a $2.50 fee while doing so in a different country costs $4.95. Direct deposits are free but account-to-account transfers via a customer service agent cost $4.95. But transferring online is free. Finally, reloading money to your account depends on the location you are doing it. It can be free or you can pay as much as $3.95.

Our Verdict

Brink’s Prepaid Mastercard is an excellent choice for everyone. If you are able to get past the fees that come with the card you will have one of the best alternatives to prepaid debit cards. Those that don’t want the hassle of a credit check will benefit using it.

Reasons to Use

While using Brink’s card is good for people that are unable to open an account with a bank or can’t pass a debit card check, there are other reasons to use it. Those that are able to afford a direct deposit of $500 a month are granted the opportunity to use a high-yielding savings account at Brink. Plus, they do provide top-notch security.

Western Union Netspend Prepaid Mastercard

Our Rating: 9.6

The logo of Western Union.

The Western Union Netspend Mastercard is available for the Mastercard network and can be used anywhere Mastercards are accepted. Western Union, one of the oldest transfer services, meanwhile has enabled all of its prepaid services. Now when you receive money through Western Union you can transfer it to your card without any fees.

There are many perks that come with this card, including a pay-as-you-go option. 

Best Features

  • General fees: There are two types of plans – the Pay-as-you-go plan and the FeeAdvantage Plan. The Pay-as-you-go plan does not have a basic monthly fee plan but comes with $1.00 per signature purchase transaction and $2.00 PIN purchase transaction. The FeeAdvantage plan includes a $9.95 monthly fee but without any transaction fees.
  • ATM withdrawal fees: A $2.50 withdrawal fee for both plans. $0.50 for balance inquiry.
  • Reload methods: Some methods include direct deposit (loading more than $500 qualifies you for a Premium FeeAdvantage Plan), Western Union transfer when you receive funds, mobile check deposit via the mobile app, Online Bank or PayPal transfer, and the Netspend Reload Network for cash loads.
  • Interest charges: Offers a 5% to 0.54% of interest depending on the balance in your account.
  • Fee if you stop using the card: No cancelation fee, but a $5.95 fee for retrieving the existing balance.
  • Overdraft fees: No overdraft fees.

A picture of a western union prepaid debit card

(Image Source: Creditcards)

How to Apply

Applying for a Netspend Western Union prepaid card does not require any credit checks and only requires you to confirm your identity with a social security number. Ordering a card online is free while buying it at the major chains that sell prepaid cards will require you to pay a purchase fee.


  • No fee for loading the card
  • With the refer-a-friend program, both of you can earn a $20 credit
  • Earn cash-back with selected merchants
  • Mobile banking app for faster transactions 
  • High interest-bearing account.


  • High monthly maintenance fee
  • ATM fees
  • An account inactivity fee of $5.95.


The support team is available through a phone number where you can directly contact them.


The Netspend Prepaid Mastercard from Western Union comes loaded with fees. First of all, you have a $9.95 monthly fee that comes with the FeeAdvantage Plan. A signature transaction fee costs $1.50 while a PIN purchase transaction requires you to spend $1.50. Additionally, checking your balance on the ATM costs $0.50. There is also a card reload fee which ranges from $3.95 to $5.00 depending on the method. And if you want to replace your card, the fee is $3.95.

Our Verdict

The Western Union Mastercard for prepaid services is one of the top prepaid debit cards but is burdened with a lot of fees. Unfortunately, there is no avoiding those fees if you want to use this card. It does offer a high-interest bearing account, but that’s about it.

Reasons to Use

People who regularly use Western Union for money transactions can make good use of this card. Those who don’t have an account with a bank or a credit card can use it to deposit that money they receive directly on the card.

PayPal Prepaid Mastercard

Our Rating: 9.5

The logo of PayPal prepaid card

PayPal’s prepaid debit card with Mastercard is an excellent choice for people who prefer making their transactions online. The only condition is to own a PayPal account. According to PayPal statistics, a lot of people do. You can link this card to your PayPal account and be able to transfer funds to it for free and make payments online.

You can also view your balance and transaction history online and also use PayPal’s online bill pay services. Finally, there is the benefit of adding an interest-bearing savings account.

Best Features

  • General fees: A $4.95 monthly maintenance fee. $2.50 per over the counter withdrawal fee.
  • ATM withdrawal fees: $1.95 ATM withdrawal fee, $0.50 ATM balance check fee, $1 for declined ATM transactions. 
  • Reload methods: These reloadable prepaid cards can be funded for free via PayPal. There is, however, a $300 daily limit. You can do at one of the many Netspend locations where it will cost you $3.95 to do so. Depending on the location, a minimum reload fee is $10 while the maximum is $500.
  • Interest charges: Cardholders have the option of opening an interest-bearing savings account through Bankcorp Bank. A 5.00% APY is available for a balance of up to $1,000.
  • Fee if you stop using the card: $5.95 cancelation fee if you have any funds left on the account.
  • Overdraft fees: No overdraft option available.

A picture of a Pay Pal prepaid debit card

(Image Source: Credit Info Card)

How to Apply

There are two ways of obtaining your Prepaid Mastercard from PayPal. Of course, what qualifies you to access all the features that the card offers is having a PayPal account. You can order the card online for free via the PayPal site. The card will be delivered to you via mail in 7 to 10 working days.

Secondly, you can buy your card at a retail store for $4.95. However, this is just a temporary card. You will need to go through an activation process where you have to provide certain information to confirm your identity. Once your identity is verified and the card activated you will receive a permanent card. You have 120 days to activate your card upon purchase.


  • No fees debit card for direct deposits and PayPal transactions
  • Connects to your PayPal account
  • The option of adding a high-yielding savings account
  • Cashback rewards from specially selected merchants
  • Move money from a PayPal account in real-time.


  • No credit reporting
  • You have to have a PayPal account to access all features
  • A non-waivable monthly fee
  • No free ATM withdrawals.


You can reach the support team through the PayPal site. You can contact them directly or send a message and you will receive a reply within 24h. If you can’t wait that long, consult the FAQ section.


PayPal’s reloadable debit card comes with a bunch of fees. Luckily, you don’t have to pay anything to open an account and there is no inactivity fee. That said, there is a monthly $4.95 maintenance fee. ATM withdrawals cost $1.95 each, while OTC withdrawals come in at $2.50. If you wish to check your balance on an ATM, that will cost you $0.50. On the flip side, there are no late fees, and no requirements for minimum balance.

Our Verdict

Generally speaking, PayPal’s prepaid card offers lots of benefits. This is particularly useful for avid PayPal users and people who receive their payments that way. Unfortunately, fees can add up. While this is one of the best prepaid debit cards for budgeting available, if you don’t use PayPal, you should consider other options.  

Reasons to Use

All of the main perks come through the PayPal account. If you receive payments through PayPal regularly, this card is definitely the one to use. There are no transfer fees that way, and you can use your card and make cashless payments whenever you want.

Additionally, having the option of adding a high-yielding interest account is a definite reason to use this one.

Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa Card

Our Rating: 9.4

The logo of Movo digital cash

Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa Card is a prepaid Visa card online that you can use with the help of your phone. Compared to other cards on the list, this one is not a physical but a virtual one. You can create it with the help of a Movo account and use it as a regular Visa card, wherever they accept it.

You can also create a virtual account that you can fund by adding money through direct deposit using another debit card or credit card account. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS users. But if you really wish, you still have the option of ordering a physical card.

Best Features

  • General fees: $2.95 CASH card fee, $4.94 monthly inactivity fee after 90 days.
  • ATM withdrawal fees: $2 withdrawal fee plus ATM surcharge (domestic), $2 plus 3% of the withdrawn amount (international).
  • Reload methods: Direct deposit, ATM, PayPal, Bank transfer, etc. There is a 2.9% + $0.30 reload fee per transaction when you add money from a different card.
  • Interest charges:
  • Fee if you stop using the card: No fee
  • Overdraft fees: No fee

A picture of a Movo Prepaid Debit Card

(Image Source: Movo)

How to Apply

Applying for free debit cards with Movo is easy. You need to download the app from Google Store and create your Movo account. You need to enter your e-mail address and your phone number along with various personal information to get approved. You need to be 18 to qualify and you also have to have a US citizenship and residential address.


  • No monthly or activation fees as long as your account is active
  • Generate virtual prepaid cards for $2.95 each
  • Make direct Bitcoin transfers
  • Free person to person transfers
  • Full-service app.


  • Third-party app required for checks
  • Limited ATM cash withdrawals
  • No EMV chip.


You can contact the support team directly or by using the e-mail address for any inquiry. It takes at least a day for them to get back to you and can sometimes go quicker if they are not busy.


Movo’s Virtual Visa Card is one of the best prepaid debit cards in terms of fees. There are no monthly maintenance fees nor activation fees. In fact, you are not charged for bill pay, withdrawals from a bank teller, or physical card replacement.

But there are still some fees that come with this money card. You are charged a CASH card fee of $2.95. The international purchase transaction will cost up to 3% of the transaction. Domestic ATM withdrawals cost $2 plus the ATM surcharge while international ones are charged with an additional 3% of the withdrawn amount besides the $2. Also, if you are inactive for a period of 90 days, an inactivity fee of $4.94 will take effect each month.

Our Verdict

This is one of the best prepaid debit cards with no fees. Also, the ability to transfer Bitcoin or generate virtual card numbers is a plus. On the flip side, the lack of an EMV chip hampers the security of this payroll card.

Reasons to Use

People who don’t really need a physical card and can perform all the transactions via a mobile app will appreciate the Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa Card. If you pass the fact that you don’t own a real one with all the security details, this card is a great choice.

Fifth Third Access 360° Reloadable Prepaid Card

Our Rating: 9.2

The logo of Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Access 360° Reloadable Prepaid Card is one of the Mastercard prepaid cards offered by Fifth Third Banking, a brick-and-mortar bank that offers services currently in 10 states. You can obtain the card through the Mastercard network and use it for purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted.

People that have an account with Fifth Third Bank have more conveniences than the ones that don’t. Both the monthly fee and ATM withdrawal fees are waived off for account holders. However, the card is only available at Fifth Third branches and Fight Third ATMs.

Best Features

  • General fees: $4 monthly fee except for people who have a Fifth Third bank account. $2.00 cash withdrawals at a Fifth Third teller.
  • ATM withdrawal fees: Free at Fifth Third bank Allpoint ATMs, $2.75 for out-of-network withdrawals.
  • Reload methods: Deposit cash at any Fifth Third financial center or ATM. Direct deposit to your prepaid card. Transfer funds from your checking account or savings account to your prepaid card. 
  • Interest charges: No interest fees.
  • Fee if you stop using the card: No fee.
  • Overdraft fees: No overdraft fees.

a picture of the fifthy third state prepaid debit card

(Image Source:

How to Apply

Getting these types of prepaid debit cards is only possible at Fifth Third branches. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase at any retail store nor can you order it online. You are required to fill in an application to confirm your identity before you get the card. Also, a minimum initial load amount is necessary.


  • Extremely low fees
  • Great benefits for Fifth Third bank clients.


  • Restricted service areas
  • Limited cash check and cash load options.


Customer services are firstly available through a list of FAQs. You can send a direct message and ask about anything that you want or use one of the many phone numbers to resolve your issue.


First of all, these free prepaid debit cards come without a purchase fee. But there is a $4.00 monthly fee that can be waived if you have an account with Fifth Third bank or if you deposit more than $500 in the previous month. ATM out of network withdrawals cost $2.75 while in-person cash withdrawals at non-Fifth Third branches cost $2.00.

There is no Balance Check fee nor an inactivity fee as well. There is no reload cash fee either.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a card that offers the basics, then the Fifth Third Access 360° Reloadable Prepaid Card is the perfect choice for you, especially if you hold an account with Fifth Third bank. People without one or outside the area where branches are available that don’t mind making a trip to obtain cash may also use it, but they still have to be aware of this beforehand.

Reasons to Use

People that already have an account with Fifth Third Bank are going to like this card and should use it. Also if you want only the basics and you live close to one of the branches, it could be a good choice for you.

Walmart MoneyCard

Our Rating: 9.0

The logo of Walmart Money Card

The Prepaid Walmart MoneyCard is available as a Prepaid Visa card for Walmart or as a Mastercard. Besides being available Walmart stores it is also acceptable in all places where Visa or Mastercard debit cards are accepted. It basically comes with the same features as a checking account. It’s good for direct deposits or you can use the mobile check deposit to cash checks and load them to your account.

There is the additional option of downloading the Walmart MoneyCard app that allows you to monitor the activity on your account, reload funds, and make a rapid transfer deposit.

Best Features

  • General fees: Getting the card will cost you $1.00. A monthly fee of $5.00 is charged but can be avoided if you load $1,000 or more for the given month. There are no transactions or purchase fees.
  • ATM withdrawal fees: A $2.50 ATM withdrawal fee is charged plus a fee required by the ATM owner.
  • Reload methods: There are several methods, the primary being direct deposit which is free. You can deposit cash for free at Walmart. There is also a check-cashing service which costs $3.00 (or $6.00 for checks between $1,000 and $5,000). Online bank transfer is also an option if you have an account, and is free.
  • Interest charges: Users can earn 2% of interest APY on up to $1,000 in the savings account.
  • Fee if you stop using the card: There is no cancelation or inactivity fee.
  • Overdraft fees: No overdraft fees.

A picture of a Walmart Money Card

(Image Source: Live Customer Service)

How to Apply

Getting the Walmart Prepaid Visa Card is easy. You simply need to apply and fill in the questionnaire with the required information. One of the benefits is that there is no credit check or income requirements. In order to get it though, you will need to provide a valid social security number. Finally, there is a $1.00 charge for getting the card.


  • A waivable $5.00 monthly free
  • Free cash withdrawals at Walmart locations
  • Receive cash-back from cards and retail stores
  • Cash-back rewards of up to $75 a year
  • Free online bank transfers.


  • A $1,000 load limit to waive the monthly fee
  • Cash-back rewards cashed out after 12 consecutive months
  • A $3.00 free for Walmart Rapid Reload
  • A 50 cents fee for ATM balance inquiry.


Reaching the customer support is only available by calling them directly.


The general fees and features for the Walmart MoneyCard are pretty good. While it’s not a no fee prepaid card, we consider the fees reasonable. There is a $1.00 activation fee, the $5.00 monthly fee (which can be avoided), and the $2.50 ATM fee (in and out of network) which are lower compared to some other cards.

Our Verdict

The Walmart MoneyCard is an inexpensive card with all the core features one looks for in a prepaid card. That said, its best features are still mostly applicable within Walmart stores and limited elsewhere. The cash-back is one of the more beneficial features, but can only be used in Walmart stores.

Reasons to Use

People who regularly shop at Walmart will benefit the most from this card. With the offered features, it is the best debit card available, but only in the confines of Walmart.

Green Dot Cash Back Visa

Our Rating: 8.8

The logo of Green dot

The Green Dot Cash Back Visa is one of the best debit cards with rewards. It has a solid reward rate which, when paired with the mobile app, is really appealing. This is one of the few cards currently on the market that offers cashback.

That said, the cashback reward is limited to $100 per year, meaning you won’t get rich but can still get a little something extra each month. 

Best Features

  • General fees: $1.95 purchase fee, $9.95 monthly maintenance fee, $4.95 cash deposit with a retail partner, $5.95 moneypak deposit, $5.00 card replacement.
  • ATM withdrawal fees: $3 ATM withdrawal fee, $3 teller withdrawal.
  • Reload methods: Free direct deposit, transfer from a different account, free checks deposits using the Green Dot app, with the help of retailers for a fee of $4.95.
  • Interest charges: No interest.
  • Fee if you stop using the card: No cancellation fee.
  • Overdraft fees: No overdraft fees.

A picture of a Greed Dot Cash Back Prepaid Debit card

(Image Source: Green Dot)

How to Apply

Getting your Green Dot Debit Cards with cash back can be done by purchasing it at one of the available retailers. After that, you need to register it online. Type in your card registration number in the “Register a New Card” section. You need to provide some personal information to verify your identity. Some of the major requirements include being over 18 and having a social security number.


  • 5% cashback
  • Paper checks available
  • Secondary cardholders available
  • Free direct deposit.


  • Reward cap
  • Unavoidable and high monthly fee
  • Cannot be ordered online.


The support team is great and is available for direct contact through phone or mail. They also have a good social media presence.


Despite being one of the best prepaid cards, Green Dot Cash Back Visa still comes with a number of fees. The basic one is the monthly maintenance fee which amounts to $7.95. You can still manage to avoid it if you load at least $1,000 in a month. Foreign transactions come with a 3% fee.

There is a $2.50 fixed ATM withdrawal fee no matter the amount. Reloading is free for the most part, but if you have a cashier put the money onto your account, it comes with a $4.95 load fee. Cashing a check costs $0.95 and if you want same day check clearing, you’ll have to cough up $5.95.

Our Verdict

Although the Green Dot Cash Back Visa is considered the best debit card by many, there are still some drawbacks. Fees can add up and if you are not careful you might end up losing more than you would like to. The reward points system is favorable but limited. 

Reasons to Use

You won’t be able to pay down a credit card debt with this card but you will get a pretty good card with basic options that will not give you any complications. If you have a bad credit history or can’t get a card any other way, this one is more than suitable.

Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard

Our Rating: 8.7

The logo of Akimbo.

The Akimbo card allows cardholders to open an additional five rechargeable prepaid cards as sub-cards. You can allocate funds to each card that you can use for a specific purpose. For example, you can use one for grocery shopping exclusively, and another to provide a budget to your kids.

While Akimbo’s card does not come with a monthly maintenance fee, other charges more than make up for it.

Best Features

  • General fees: $0.99 PIN purchase fee or $4.95 per month if you choose credit card as your payment type, $4.95 fee for each sub-card, $4.95 card replacement fee, $5.95 inactivity fee after 12 months.
  • ATM withdrawal fees: $1.98 ATM withdrawal fee,
  • Reload methods: Direct deposit, via the mobile up (but the free option may take up to 10 days), online bank transfer from your account, or at various reload locations that may charge between $4 and $6.
  • Interest charges: You can’t earn interest with this card.
  • Fee if you stop using the card: Cancelation is free but if you want the remaining funds back, you have to pay $15.
  • Overdraft fees: No overdraft fees.

A picture of an Akimbo Prepaid Debit Card

(Image Source: Go Banking Rates)

How to Apply

These reloadable free prepaid debit cards from Akimbo can be acquired through their site. Apply for a card and choose either a physical or a virtual card. In order to be eligible, you have to be over 18, be a US citizen, and have a social security number. Authorized users of sub-cards have to be over 13 to use.


  • Get up to five sub-cards
  • Instant money transfer
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Automatic reloads
  • The ability to send gift cards.


  • Only the first sub-card is free
  • Cash reloads come with a fee
  • Limits on bank account transfers.
  • ATM fees.


The support team is available for direct contact through phone or e-mail during working hours from Monday to Friday.


These types of debit cards provided by Akimbo don’t come with purchase nor a monthly fee. That said, the ATM fee is $1.98 both in an out of network, while the PIN purchase fee is $0.99, with a maximum of $4.95 per month. These fees are unavoidable.

The first sub-card that you get is free, but each next one is charged $4.95. You can get a free replacement card in a period of 12 months. But if you want a card within those 12 months, it costs $4.95 to replace.

Finally, not using your card of up to 12 months is going to cost you $5.95.

Our Verdict

Akimbo’s Prepaid Card may not be the best for direct deposits or frequent ATM withdrawals but has a lot of perks. The ability to take control of your budget by creating more physical cards is an advantage. Budgeting is more than easy with this card and managing it all through an app makes it that much simpler.

Reasons to Use

The main reason for using the Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard is its budgeting ability through multiple cards. Also, if you don’t make frequent ATM withdrawals it pays off having this card. Additionally, it is a good prepaid debit card for teens.

Wells Fargo EasyPay Prepaid Card

Our Rating: 8.5

The logo of Wells Fargo

With the Wells Fargo EasyPay Prepaid Card, you get a solid prepaid card. It is specifically useful for people who prefer shopping. That aside, there are no major other advantages, and most of the fees are on par with the competition.

This reloadable debit card is limited to Wells Fargo service areas. You have to have a Wells Fargo branch or an ATM for reloads or withdrawals. 

Best Features

  • General fees: $5.00 monthly fee, $2.00 balance inquiry
  • ATM withdrawal fees: No fee in-network but a $2.50 out of network withdrawal fee.
  • Reload methods: Direct deposit, deposit checks through the mobile app, free online bank transfer, or at various Wells Fargo locations and ATMs.
  • Interest charges: No interest charges.
  • Fee if you stop using the card: No cancelation fee.
  • Overdraft fees: No overdraft fees.

A picture of a Wells Fargo Prepaid Debit Card

(Image Source: Prepaid Cards 123)

How to Apply

The only way to get the Wells Fargo EasyPay Prepaid Card is at Wells Fargo locations. Unlike other best prepaid debit cards for free reloads, you can’t buy this one at stores or with retailers. But you can order your card online using the designated site.

You simply need to fill out a form and provide all the basic information about yourself. Especially your social security number in order to confirm our identity.


  • Simple and easy to use structure.
  • Free ATM withdrawals at Wells Fargo ATMs.


  • Unwaivable monthly fee.
  • Limitation due to service areas.


The support team is available for direct contact over the phone during working hours.


As far as the fees for the Wells Fargo EasyPay Prepaid Card they are not as substantial and are comparable with those of the Moven Prepaid Mastercard. There’s no activation fee but you do have to pay a monthly maintenance fee of $5.00. Also, there is no fee for PIN transaction nor Signature transaction.  

If you withdraw your money at a Wells Fargo ATM you are not going to pay a fee, but if you do it out of network, the fee is $2.50. Also, if you want to check your balance out, you will be charged $2.00 for doing so.

Our Verdict

The Wells Fargo EasyPay Prepaid Card is a relatively inexpensive option with a reasonable monthly fee. If you are living close to Wells Fargo locations, it is a favorable prepaid debit card for direct deposit. You can eliminate ATM and load fees.

But the bare-bones features available are certainly a downer. If you are happy to stick to the basics, it could be a favorable card for you. However, the undisclosed limits are another thing that one needs to be careful with.

Reasons to Use

Users who don’t need too many advanced features and have access to Wells Fargo locations will benefit the most from this card.

Greenlight Prepaid Mastercard

Our Rating: 8.3

The logo of Greenlight

The Greenlight Prepaid Mastercard is one of the top debit cards for kids. Parents can utilize its unique features to provide an allowance to their children without going through the hassle each month. Everything is easy and manageable and you can teach your kids a valuable lesson in saving money at the same time.

The Greenlight card allows you to have all the aspects of your child’s financial life in one place, and teach them the importance of money and saving. 

Best Features

  • General fees: $4.99 monthly fee, $3.50 replacement free.
  • ATM withdrawal fees: No withdrawal fee.
  • Reload methods: Parents can load funds by transferring them from their account or debit card. A child can load from their parent’s account or via direct deposit from an employer. No ATM cash deposits.
  • Interest charges: Parents can set an annual percentage yield rate that they pay for their child’s general savings.
  • Fee if you stop using the card: No cancelation fee.
  • Overdraft fees: No overdraft fees.

A picture of a Greenlight Prepaid Debit Card

(Image Source: Biz Journals)

How to Apply

In order to get Greenlight’s debit cards for children, you can use the site or download an app. Create an account where you can add up to five children. The child’s account is divided into Spend, Save, and Give. You need to verify your account and add the necessary personal information. Also, you need to link a bank account or a debit card from where the parent is going to fund the child’s card.

When the process is approved you will be free to send money to the card. However, there are no ATM cash deposits.


  • Providing a child with a parent-controlled debit card
  • Set up chores and allowance payouts
  • Parent-paid interest
  • Not so many fees.


  • Limited direct deposit
  • Debit cards for teens not accepted in several countries
  • Bank transfers can take from 3 to 5 days
  • No ATM cash deposits.


The support team can be reached via tickets. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for in the FAQ and Help Center sections, you can send an inquiry and they will get back to you as soon as possible. It usually takes a day or so, but they are thorough with the answers.


Greenlight Prepaid Mastercard does not come with a high monthly maintenance fee, nor are there any signature transaction fees or PIN transaction fees. There isn’t an ATM withdrawal fee either.

Prepaid debit cards for minors charge a monthly fee of $4.99, much lower than with some other options. Also, there is a card replacement fee of $3.50, but it only applies the second time your child loses a card, the first one is replaced for free.

Our Verdict

Greenlight’s prepaid debit card is definitely a very useful type of card for children and minors. Being able to teach your kid some financial responsibility is really useful. Additionally, being able to assign chores, provide an allowance, or regulate how much money your kid spends is definitely an advantage in our book.

Reasons to Use

This is one of the best prepaid cards for minors. The main reason for using it would be taking control of your child’s finances and budgeting while allowing them some independence so they could learn financial responsibility.

Mango Prepaid Mastercard

Our Rating: 8.1

The logo of Mango

While the Mango Prepaid Mastercard isn’t a no fees card, it still has more than acceptable expenses, unlike American Express prepaid cards. The highlight of this card is the option to qualify for a high-interest savings account. If you are able to meet the deposit regiments you can qualify for up to 6% of interest APY.

Best Features

  • General fees: $5.00 monthly fee, $8.00 inactivity fee (after 90 days).
  • ATM withdrawal fees: $3.00 ATM withdrawal fee plus ATM operator charges. $1.00 balance check.
  • Reload methods: Direct deposit, PayPal, Mobile Check Deposit, Cash Reload (up to $5.95 free).
  • Interest charges: Offers up to 6% for your savings account.
  • Fee if you stop using the card: $10 close account fee.
  • Overdraft fees: No overdraft fees.

A picture of a Mango Prepaid Debit card

(Image Source: Mango Money)

How to Apply

That only happens online. There is no way of purchasing the card in a store or at a retailer. Your card will be ordered and mailed to you in about 7 to 10 business days.

In order to qualify for it, you need to provide all the basic data. These include your name, address, and social security number.


  • Easy to fund and reload without added fees
  • A linked high-interest savings account
  • Easy to use mobile app.


  • Certain fees for common activities are still high
  • Not helpful when building credit.


Contacting Mango’s support can be done via mail. They also have a helpful FAQ section. 


Mango’s Prepaid Mastercard isn’t a no limit prepaid debit card so it has some fees that you will pay for using it. The vendor charges a $5.00 monthly maintenance fee which can be waived if you load $800 in direct deposits the previous month. If you don’t use your card for a period of 90 days, you will be charged an $8.00 inactivity fee.

A $3.00 ATM withdrawal fee is imposed, as well as a $1.00 for checking your balance. But the mobile app allows you to check it for free as well as being able to do some other features free of charge.

Our Verdict

The Mango Prepaid Mastercard holds many advantages opposed to its rivals, like the Skrill Prepaid Mastercard for instance. Probably the biggest highlight is the high-interest savings account that comes with it. You, however, need at least $1,500 in signature purchases and a balance of $25 in your account to qualify. The low monthly fees are also a plus.

Reasons to Use

Mango’s Prepaid Mastercard holds a lot of merits. People with bad credit that can’t qualify for a credit card but like paying in plastic can use it. Also, it is a great substitute for a bank account. It’s also a good option for teenagers.

FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card

Our Rating: 7.9

The logo of FamZoo

FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card is a robust platform that helps the entire family. Especially when it comes to giving your child a card and teaching them some responsibility early on, this is one of the top options. 

The idea behind FamZoo is that parents have the ability to set up an account which will be supervised and maintained by them. From there they can set up additional accounts and divert money to them. Those may include categories like saving, spending, giving, or investing. Kids can use these accounts but the parents still have the final word. They can even set allowance payments for chores through this type of payment card.

Best Features

  • General fees: $2.50 monthly fee or $59.99 for 24 months, $2.00 extra card one-time shipping fee.
  • ATM withdrawal fees: No ATM fee.
  • Reload methods: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Direct deposit, Apple Pay, Green Dot or MoneyPak ($4-$6), Mastercard rePower ($4-$6), PopMoney ($0.95). 
  • Interest charges: Parent-paid interest to encourage kids to save money.
  • Fee if you stop using the card: No cancelation fee.
  • Overdraft fees: No overdraft fees.

A picture of a FamZoo prepaid Debit Card

(Image Source: Blog Famzoo)

How to Apply

You can order FamZoo’s best reloadable debit cards online. Go to their site and create your account first. Choose a subscription plan and set up your primary funding card by choosing the cardholder. Next, you can add additional parents or children by creating more cards.

In order to verify the cardholder, you have to enter your name and information as well as your social security number. Specify the payment method and details and you’re done. 


  • The parent controls everything
  • Low overall fees and no ATM fees
  • Parent-paid interest
  • High transfer limits.


  • Somewhat limited card load options
  • Extra card costs
  • Non-waivable monthly fee.


Round the clock customer support is available. They answer your questions via tickets and they get back to you really quickly.


FamZoo’s prepaid card is one of the best prepaid debit cards in terms of pricing. They charge a monthly fee of $2.50, which is not high compared to the rivals. But you can lower this fee by choosing a plan. For instance, a 6-month plan costs $25.99, a 12-month one is $39.99, while a 24-month plan costs $59.99.

There are no ATM withdrawal fees both in and out of the network. There are no reload fees and options if you add money via FamZoo transfers, direct deposit, or digital wallet. Also, no overdraft fees nor inactivity fees.

Our Verdict

FamZoo has a really good idea with their family prepaid card. It is definitely one of the best prepaid debit cards for direct deposit as there are no fees and multiple places where one can do that. But what holds this card above others is that it allows parents to offer incentives so they can develop positive financial habits with their children. 

Reasons to Use

FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card is useful for creating a parent-control allowance system for your kids. Also, the fees are more than reasonable.

Chase Liquid Reloadable Prepaid Card

Our Rating: 7.7

The logo of Chase

Chase joins the race of reloadable prepaid cards by offering their Liquid Chase Prepaid card. The card offers all features of a regular checking account. Besides the usual reload and withdrawal methods, Chase allows you to use their cards to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted.

What is also good about this card is that it offers more debit card protection than the others. All the funds are stored in a federally insured account. Chase Liquid also comes with zero liability purchase protection, so you will be reimbursed for all unauthorized purchases.

Best Features

  • General fees: $4.95 monthly fee.
  • ATM withdrawal fees: $0.00 ATM withdrawal in-network, $2.50 out of network ATM withdrawals.
  • Reload methods: Through ATM deposit, Online Transfer, at Chase branches, Chase Quick deposit, direct deposits.
  • Interest charges: No high-interest savings account.
  • Fee if you stop using the card: No fee
  • Overdraft fees: No overdraft fees.

A picture of a Chase Liquid Reloadable Prepaid Card

(Image Source: Super Money)

How to Apply

Applying for a Chase Liquid prepaid Visa card can be done in any Chase branch. You simply need a valid document that confirms your identity. Make sure to have one with a photo. An initial load of $25 is also necessary.

After you fill in all the necessary documents with the banker you will be given a card with a PIN. Alternatively, you may be given a temporary card, while your personalized one will arrive in 7-10 business days.


  • No activation fees to open an account
  • Fraud and consumer protection
  • More ways to reload money for free
  • Generally acceptable fees.


  • Chase branches and ATMs are not available everywhere
  • Can’t be linked to other accounts
  • Problems with loading funds outside the Chase network.


You can contact the support team via Chase’s site. They, however, offer various ways to resolve your issues before you are able to contact them directly. You can still schedule a personal meeting at the bank using the site.


When opening an account you need to provide an initial load of $25 and there is a monthly maintenance fee of $4.95.

Cash load fees are not charged at Chase’s locations and ATMs. The same goes for withdrawals, Out of network, the ATM fee is $2.50.

Our Verdict

As far as the Chase Liquid Reloadable Prepaid card goes, it has acceptable fees and some basic features. If you want an account without the need for writing checks or making wire transfers, this is a suitable choice. Also, if you are close to Chase locations it also makes it worthwhile owning this card.

Reasons to Use

This card is good for all Chase users. If you have Chase subsidiaries or ATMs close by you can manage your fees and use this card easily. Also, their mobile app is great.

The Starbucks Reward Visa Prepaid Card

Our Rating: 7.5

The logo of Starbucks

The Starbucks Reward Visa Prepaid Card is perfect for hardcore customers of the chain and coffee drinkers. With this Prepaid Visa Debit Card, you stand to earn multiple rewards and free drinks at Starbucks. 

Best Features

  • General fees: $49 annual fee. No monthly fees, per-use fees, or load fees.
  • ATM withdrawal fees: Cannot withdraw cash from an ATM using this card.
  • Reload methods: Cash reloads are not available, only by using the Chase savings or checking account or through a different debit card.
  • Interest charges: Ongoing APR or 15.99% or a Variable APR of 22.99%. Up to 3 Stars per $1 spent at Starbucks.
  • Fee if you stop using the card: No cancelation fees.
  • Overdraft fees: No

A picture of a Starbucks Prepaid debit card

(Image Source: Money at 30)

How to Apply

You can get your Starbucks no fee debit card by applying and ordering it from the site. It comes with a spectacular sign-up bonus that rewards you with 6,500 stars if you spend $500 in the first 3 months. Additionally, you can earn 300 more stars when you load your account by using the Starbucks Visa Card.


  • No limit on stars and points that you can earn
  • Points have a very high value (approximately $0.3 per point)
  • Great sign-up bonus
  • Good reward earning rate for Starbucks purchases.


  • Points expire after 6 months if not used
  • Can only redeem points for Starbucks merchandise
  • Clunky reward program
  • High annual fee.


Contacting support is made through Chase’s customer services. You can reach them by mail, and they do respond quickly, or you can check the neatly offered FAQ as well.


The Starbucks debit card usage comes with a $49 annual fee. While that’s arguably a little steep, there are no monthly fees nor withdrawal charges. The card offers a complex reward system where you earn stars on your purchases. Later on, you can use those starts to get drinks and food items from the Starbucks store.

Our Verdict

Even though the Starbucks Reward Prepaid Visa Card offers a lot, it is still confined to a niche market. People who don’t really enjoy Starbucks’ products will not be able to benefit from this card at all.

Reasons to Use

If you are a regular customer at Starbucks, this card offers the best for cash rewards. The rewards system is a bit complex but can pay off in the end. The main reason for using this card is only if you like Starbucks products and you enjoy them on a regular basis.

WeSwap Mastercard

Our Rating: 7.3

The logo fo WeSwap

WeSwap Mastercard provides a way for travelers to spend money on debit card users around the world. The card allows you to swap your currency for any other currency you currently need. It is one of the best prepaid debit cards for travel as it provides you with the opportunity to exchange your base currency into one of the 18 supported currencies available.

WeSwap was started in London in 2015 with the aim of providing tourists with a prepaid debit card for spending during their travels. You don’t need a bank account to make one, you just need to load money on it and spend it during your vacation. Additionally, it eliminates the need for you having to have cash with you all the time.

Best Features

  • General fees: £5 replacement card, £10 chargeback fee, £2 refund fee, £5 inactivity fee, 2.0% immediate swap fee, 1.3% 3-day swap fee, 1.0% 7-day swap fee.
  • ATM withdrawal fees: £1.50 ATM withdrawal fee, two free withdrawals a day higher than £200.
  • Reload methods: Debit card or online account.
  • Interest charges: 19.9% interest-free.
  • Fee if you stop using the card: No cancelation fee.
  • Overdraft fees: No overdraft fee

A picture of a WeSwap Prepaid debit card

(Image Source: We Swap)

How to Apply

WeSwap Mastercard represents one of the top alternatives to prepaid debit cards when going abroad. You only need to download the app and create an account. You need to load your account with cash first and you can do so using a different debit card or via online bank transfer.

You will also be able to order a physical card which will arrive in 5 to 7 working days to your address. Bare in mind that you are swapping currencies with other travelers, so when you are ready to go somewhere and are in need of funds simply choose the currency you need and swap it.


  • Easy way to obtain necessary currencies during your travel
  • Provides the convenience of paying via plastic when going abroad
  • User-friendly app.


  • You need to wait a few days for the exchange to be complete
  • Instant or faster swaps require you to pay a fee.


Before contacting customer support directly, users have all the most important topics already explained. But direct contact is available over the phone during working hours.


WeSwap Mastercard can be acquired for free. There are no maintenance fees as well as no cancelation fees or overdraft fees.

However, there is an immediate swap fee of 2.0%. If you want to wait for 3 days it is 1.3% and 1.0% for 7 days. Other fees include a £5 replacement card, £10 debit card chargeback fee, £2 refund fee, £5 inactivity fee. The base currency is the GBP but you can exchange it into any other of the supported 18 currencies you have available.

Our Verdict

The WeSwap Mastercard is definitely one of the best prepaid cards for travelers. It provides you with a way to obtain the necessary currency wherever you are. However, the waiting period is not something that we like. You can go around it if you are willing to pay an added fee though.

Reasons to Use

The WeSwap Mastercard is definitely useful when going abroad and not having to carry cash with you. You can obtain any currency you want without constantly having to exchange your money. Instead, you can enjoy your trip. Just remember to load a cash balance ahead of your trip and you’ll be all set when you want an instant withdrawal of cash.

SpendMeNot Methodology

In order to make our list of best prepaid debit cards for 2020, we did our own extensive research.

The first step included looking into as many prepaid debit cards as possible. Next, we evaluated everything that most people are interested in when obtaining a card: the fees, conditions for applying, availability, etc.

Then, we summed up the pros and cons of each option. We also made sure to diversify the options so that the list includes cards that are good for travelers, minors, shopping, and overall cards.

All this helped us narrow our choices down to the top 15 – sorry if your favorite didn’t make it.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card?

  1. Research and find as many cards as you can: There are many types of cards offered today and it would do you good if you start with as many as you can.
  2. Determine your personal need for acquiring one:  Some cards are good for shopping at a specific place, others are good for minors to have, while some are good for general use. Whatever your reason may be, concentrate on those cards that fit your needs.
  3. How to apply for one: Double check that you meet all the requirements of the card provider. If you’ve chosen a card from our list, we’ve detailed the application process for you. 
  4. Review the fees: Some of the cards are going to be more cost-effective for you so leave the ones with the lowest or most suitable fees. There are no fees debit Visa cards available, but you should determine the costs either way.
  5. Go through the pros and cons: Simply see all the benefits and negative sides of each card.


Q: What is a prepaid card?


A: It does not function like a credit card, where you need to pay the bill later, nor is it connected to a bank account, like a debit card is. Instead, you preload the funds on your card and use it however you see it fit.

Q: What are the top 10 prepaid debit cards?

A: We’ve included what we consider the top 10 on our list. That said, depending on your needs, you might consider other options. 

Q: Are prepaid debit cards right for me?

A: There are many advantages of prepaid debit cards. So if you have a bad credit history you won’t have to worry about obtaining a prepaid card. It also allows you to commit cash-free transactions like you would with any other card. It makes paying bills and buying things a lot easier.

So if these are the things you need then a prepaid debit card is definitely something to consider.

Q: Can I use a prepaid card to pay bills?

A: Prepaid cards function as regular debit cards. The only difference between credit cards and debit cards here is that you load funds yourself and they are not connected to your bank account. This means that you can pay for bills and make various kinds of purchases with it. Both in the real world and online. 

Q: Which is the cheapest prepaid debit card?

A: There are a lot of prepaid debit cards that provide favorable solutions. Some of them charge no fees at all, like withdrawal fees or monthly fees. But they do expect you to spend a minimum amount over a period of time.

No fee prepaid cards are also available and are considered as the cheapest option. 

Q: What banks offer prepaid cards?

A: There are many popular institutions that offer prepaid cards. Some of the more widely known ones are the Bank of America, TD, and Wells Fargo. Some lesser-known institutions include MetaBank, Republic Bank & Trust Company, GoBank, Green Dot Bank, and The Bancorp Bank.

To Sum Up

We’ve now covered all the basics of acquiring a prepaid debit card.

If you have bad credit or need a way to pay by card used instead of cash or needing to go through all the checkups for a credit card, this method is more than convenient.

Everything is neatly laid out of you and you only have to choose among the offered different types of debit cards.

Our comprehensive breakdown of the best prepaid debit cards can be a helpful guide if you’re looking at such an option but are not yet sure which card to go with. 

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