Best Time to Visit Hawaii

When you think of vacation, you think of warm weather, spectacular beaches, fun activities, salt water…

…and Hawaii has all of that.

But when is the best time to visit Hawaii?

Well, you’ve probably heard that visiting Hawaii is a good idea throughout the whole year. And that’s true. However, weather conditions, accommodation prices, and local activity options vary by season.

Now, let’s break down all points before you book your trip to Hawaii!

Best Time to Go to Hawaii: Lowest Prices

Best Time to Go to Hawaii


Let’s be honest — Hawaii is a dream vacation spot for all. Don’t let your budget stops you from a dream coming true, as there is a chance to save money on your Hawaiian trip if you plan your vacation right.

So, when is the best time to visit Hawaii price-wise?

Well, that would be during the off-peak seasons:

  • From March through May
  • From September through November

On average, flight tickets from the US mainland to Hawaii vary from $400 to $2,000. The cheapest flight tickets are for the off-peak seasons. Additionally, to save more money on your flight, pay attention to the class of travel and the day you want to fly. According to Hawaiian Airlines, booking a weekday flight ticket is always cheaper than the weekend.

In addition, traveling to Hawaii in March, April, and May, as well as September, October, and November (until Thanksgiving), has the perks of enjoying less crowded beaches and lower accommodation prices.

But when it comes to the accommodation price, it depends on the island and the type of lodging property you choose. The cheapest island is the Big Island, followed by Kauai, and going up to Oahu and Maui, which are considered the most expensive ones. And there is a bunch of accommodations deals for all islands that can be found on Vrbo and Airbnb.

If you want to save money on your Hawaiian trip, consider a classic hostel or a hotel with 2–3 stars. The average price for accommodation for one person is $170 per night. On average, two people sharing a double room is $340 per night. Note that the prices are taken from other travelers’ experiences.

Of course, Hawaii has luxury accommodation options with prices that could take up to $1,000 per night for travelers who enjoy a bed of roses.

Tips for visiting Hawaii on a budget

Now, it’s time for some tips on traveling to Hawaii on a budget.

Let’s start with the accommodation, as probably that’s the first thought crossing your mind. Is it possible to find cheaper places to stay in Hawaii? Sure it is. But you have to forget about “a room with a view”. Many hostels and cheaper hotels a few blocks from the beach offer affordable deals. Also, some hotels charge resort fees at your check-out, which vary between $10 and $50 per night and per person. Hence, find a place without them.

Learning about city transport in advance will also save you money. Car rentals like Turo offer good deals, but parking fees could be pricey. So, before booking your stay, beware of how much the hotel will charge you for a parking spot, as it could be up to $40 per night. Another option is to buy a bus ticket and explore the island. The price is as low as $3 for the county of Honolulu.

When it comes to food, with a kitchen at your disposal, you can save money by preparing meals all by yourself. Hawaii has lots of affordable tropical fruits, a variety of vegetables, and local specialties. Additionally, when dining out, Hawaiian restaurants often have happy hours between 3–6 pm and 8–10 pm. You can follow these offers on the Hawaii Happy Hours app and try delicious food and drinks at a discount.

Lastly, visiting Hawaii is a dream for all to explore the beautiful islands. And you get to enjoy a wide range of activities for free. For example, going to a beach, hiking, and visiting botanical gardens come at no cost. Likewise, exploring an island and taking long nature walks are also things you don’t need to pay for. So, the conclusion — wander across the island and enjoy mother nature.

Best Time to Travel to Hawaii: Good Weather

Best Time to Travel to Hawaii

The weather in Hawaii is warm all year long, with temperatures varying between 73°F and 86°F.

But, the most pleasant time to visit Hawaii is from March to September, when the temperatures are the highest and the showers are the lowest. However, if you’re looking for a tropical climate, consider June, July, and August as the best warm months to go to Hawaii. Additionally, have in mind that the Hawaiian west coasts are drier than the east ones.

Summer season is the most popular among families, as the kids are on their school break. So, if you plan to visit Hawaii when temperatures are the highest, bear in mind that the beaches will be crowded. And, here comes the fact that July is the busiest month, followed by December.

Typically, when the demand is high, the prices rise. Therefore, Hawaii is the most expensive in its peak seasons. However, as already mentioned, plane ticket prices depend on many factors, such as the class of travel and the day you want to fly.

Hence, summer months will most likely have pricey flights of up to $2,000, as well as pricey accommodations of up to $1,000 per night.

Best Time to Vacation in Hawaii: Local Activities

Best Time to Vacation in Hawaii

For adventurous spirits, there are a lot of activities to enjoy in Hawaii.

Curious about what there is to explore and experience? Also, when is the best time for it? Well, see for yourself:

  • Surfing — it’s believed that surfing came from Polynesia but blossomed in Hawaii. The big wave season is happening from November to February on Hawaii’s north shores. In addition, the biggest surfing competition in the world is held in Oahu in November and December. So, if you want a front-row seat, make sure to plan your trip ahead because many tourists follow the surfing competition.
  • Whale watching — humping whales are migrating from Alaska to the Hawaiian islands starting in November and lasting through May. It’s estimated that 10,000 whales are traveling during these months to give birth and raise their offspring.
  • Hiking — some of the best hiking trails are in Hawaii. All islands have hiking opportunities, but Kauai’s trails are the favorite ones. The best months for hiking in Hawaii are April, May, September, and October, when the weather is cooler and drier.
  • Visiting a volcano — if you want to experience an exciting volcano tour, you should visit Hawaii during spring and fall when the weather is at its “best time” regarding volcanos.
  • Fishing — you can go fishing during the whole year, as different types of fish can be found in different seasons. For example, marlin, ono, and skipjack are the most common species during the summer. Spring and fall are good for catching mahi-mahi and marlin. As for winter, snapper, skipjack, tuna, and striped marlin are the most popular species that can be caught.

Best Season to Visit Hawaii

Best Season to Visit Hawaii

Now, let’s take a short peek at what are the four seasons like in Hawaii, so you can decide which season is the most suitable for you.

Visiting Hawaii in spring

Spring is the season when the weather is drier and, well, nicer.

The temperatures are somewhere around 80°F. The season from March through May is prone to rain. However, the rainfall decreases in May. Notably, spring is the season when flight tickets and accommodation prices are cheaper. Therefore, March, April, and May are the best months to travel to Hawaii if you want to avoid crowded beaches.

A lot of festivals are happening in spring. Honolulu and Kona Brewers festivals are among the most popular, which always lead to bigger crowds. Also, it’s worth mentioning the Celebration of the Arts — an event organized during the Easter weekend.

Visiting Hawaii in summer

Summer — the hottest season, with rainfalls being at their lowest.

Temperatures are mostly high — from 80°F to 90°F, and that’s why the summer season is the most popular among tourists. The ocean is warm and calm, the surfing season is finished, and it’s perfect for families with kids to enjoy the beautiful islands. But, beware, as this is peak season, the beaches are crowded, and the prices are high.

June, July, and August are followed by various festivals and events. You can find film, wine and food, as well as an agricultural festival in June. The Hawaii Farm Fair is among the favorite ones in July. And let’s not forget the Duke’s Ocean Fest in August.

Visiting Hawaii in fall

Same as spring, fall is a season when the ocean is still calm, and the weather is not too hot.

Temperatures are somewhere between 75°F and 85°F. But keep in mind that November is the month with the most rainfall. Other than that, beaches are less crowded, and prices for accommodation, food, and flight tickets are lower. Also, fall is the perfect season for visitors who want to learn surfing, as the waves are ideal for beginners.

Various events are organized during the fall season. Among the most popular are the Aloha festivals, which celebrate Hawaiian culture. Also, the Ironman championship brings more tourists to watch the swim and bike marathon. Last but not least, in November starts the season of the whales’ migration and lasts until May.

Visiting Hawaii in winter

Winter is a peak season in Hawaii, despite temperatures being at their lowest, somewhere around the 70°F.

The Aloha state is overcrowded with tourists during December, January, and February, as people are escaping their winter lands and enjoying the warm Hawaiian weather. That’s why accommodation and flight tickets are a little pricey. But if you want to enjoy a good surfing show, winter is the best time of the year to go to Hawaii.

The winter season is mainly adored because of Christmas. And, on the Hawaiian islands, you can definitely feel the Christmas spirit. Numerous events and festivals are organized during the winter season, including the Festival of Lights, the Twilight Parade, and the Golf Championship.

Bottom Line: When Is the Best Time to Go to Hawaii?

Hawaii is always a good idea!

The climate conditions vary by season. But generally, the temperatures throughout the whole year are warm enough for you to swim in the ocean and get a tan.

Whether you want to visit Hawaii in summer or winter, or perhaps during the off-peak seasons, you’ll always get to enjoy different seasonal events and festivals.

But remember, prices are higher during the peak seasons.

So, have you decided? What is the best time for you to visit Hawaii?


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