How Much Does Publix Pay?

The largest employee-owned company in the US, Publix, has been a household name across the country for almost a century. Many factors made Publix a successful enterprise, but we’re not focusing on that today.

What we want to know is: what is it like to work for Publix? And more specifically, how much does Publix pay?

If you’re curious to find out, pop over to your nearest Publix, grab some snacks and refreshments, and let’s get into it.

How Much Does Publix Pay an Hour?

According to Payscale, the average hourly pay at Publix is around $13.17 an hour. However, this is a very rough estimate — your potential hourly wage may differ depending on the location, position, years of experience, and similar factors.

According to the same source, the position closest to our average Publix pay rate per hour is the deli clerk. This position at Publix pays approximately $13.14 an hour. We will use this position and hourly wage as a basis for further estimates in this article.

Before we begin, we should mention that pay estimates usually don’t include variables such as taxes, paid days off, medical leaves, etc. These may vary greatly depending not only on the employer but also on the state where the franchise is located.

Therefore, we won’t consider these aspects in this article either. However, we encourage you to calculate the difference between your gross and net pay.

How Much Does Publix Pay Weekly and Bi-weekly?

While most employees at supermarket chains are paid bi-weekly or monthly, those working at Publix receive their paychecks every week.

So, how much would a deli clerk at Publix earn every week? To calculate that, we’ll assume they work 40 hours a week, 52 weeks (or 260 days) a year and have the already mentioned hourly rate of $13.14.

With these parameters considered, a deli clerk at Publix makes about $105.12 a day or about $526 a week. Biweekly, a deli clerk at Publix would earn approximately $1,051.

Again, this only refers to gross pay. To find out how much you’d actually have at the end of the week after factoring in various taxes and deductibles, you can use a take-home pay calculator.

How Much Does Publix Pay a Month?

As already stated, Publix pays its employees every week. However, pay estimates usually contain employees’ expected monthly income to facilitate calculations of their expenses. Therefore, we’ll include this information as well.

To calculate what an average Publix salary would look like on a monthly basis, we’ll use the already established parameters. If our average employee (a Publix deli clerk) works 40 hours a week and makes $13.14 an hour, they can earn about $2,778 a month.

How Much Does Publix Pay per Year?

When it comes to an average Publix employee’s expected annual income, if they:

  • Work 40 hours a week
  • Work 52 weeks (or 260 days) a year
  • Earn $13.14 an hour

They could earn approximately $27,331 per year. As previously stated, this and other estimates only refer to gross pay.

Realistically, you’d surely use a few days off a year, or maybe even sick days, so you’d work fewer days. Also, this amount doesn’t take various types of taxes into account. Therefore, we can conclude a deli clerk at Publix would earn less than $27,331 per year.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Publix?

What makes Publix different from other companies is the number of opportunities it gives to the youth. For example, even 14-year-olds can get a job at Publix. However, they can only hold a few positions, such as front service clerk (bagger), floral clerk, and cashier.

When it comes to positions that come with more responsibility, these are only reserved for those older than 18.

How much does Publix pay 14-year-olds?

Since those aged 14 who work at Publix can only hold a few entry-level positions, we’ll take the average hourly rate of one of these. For example, a Publix bagger makes approximately $10.28 per hour.

So, their age aside, 14-year-olds who work as baggers can have the same hourly rate as adult Publix baggers. However, since minors aren’t allowed to work the same hours as adult employees, their income on a larger scale would be lower than that of an average adult Publix employee.

Average Publix Salary per Position

Although the average Publix hourly rate is $13.17, not all employees earn as much per hour — some earn more and some less. Hourly rates are usually determined by different factors, such as skill, experience, education, department, etc.

Here are some pay averages for several different positions at Publix:

  • Cashiers at Publix make an average of $12 an hour. With this hourly pay, a Publix cashier can earn about $24,960 per year (before taxes).
  • A Publix customer service representative earns about $13 per hour, or around $27,040 per year (gross).
  • Bakery clerks at Publix also make approximately $13 per hour/$27,040 (gross) per year.
  • A store manager at Publix earns around $93,630 per year.
  • Believe it or not, a general manager at Publix is paid approximately $121,234 per year!

How Much Does Publix Pay per State?

Because of different standards of living and state laws and taxes, it’s not surprising that Publix salaries differ across the US states, even when it comes to the same positions.

For example, let’s look at how much Publix cashiers in different states earn per hour.

  • Florida: in the Sunshine State, the birthplace of Publix, cashiers earn an average of $12.94 an hour.
  • Georgia: Cashiers at Publix supermarkets in Georgia make somewhat less than their colleagues in Florida — $11.89 per hour, to be precise.
  • Tennessee: According to our research, cashiers at Publix supermarkets in Tennessee are paid $11.16 an hour.

As you can see, cashiers who work at Publix in Florida have a higher hourly rate than their colleagues in Georgia and Tennessee.

But why is that? Well, because the conditions of the market determine the hourly pay at Publix. That means that the wages reflect the standards of living in certain states.

Sure, Publix supermarkets in Florida may pay the highest. However, the cost of living in Florida is probably much higher than in Georgia or Tennessee.

Publix Employee Benefits

Not all Publix employees have access to the same benefits. These can differ depending on whether they meet the eligibility criteria and are full-time or part-time employees.

Let’s take a look at some benefits the company lists as core for all its eligible employees:

  • Employee stock ownership plan at no cost to employees
  • Annual holiday cash bonus
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan with a company match
  • Group health, dental, and vision plans
  • Paid parental leave
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Service awards
  • Employee assistance program

Wrap Up

So, the final verdict? Well, after all we’ve said and seen during our research, we can say that Publix is a solid company with a great tradition and plenty of job opportunities.

On top of that, based on over 35,000 salary reports given by employees, more than half of them believe they are paid fairly.

Although paid holidays and vacation days are additional benefits for eligible full-time employees, the company still offers an attractive benefits package. Overall, if you’re seeking employment in the southern states, Publix is definitely an option to consider.


Does Publix pay weekly or bi-weekly?

Unlike some of its competitors, Publix pays its employees every week.

Which position at Publix pays the most?

From what we could find, the best-paying position at Publix is general manager, with an average annual salary of $121,234. And how much does Publix pay employees working in other positions? To find out, visit your local Publix supermarket.


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