Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom

Starting a new business inevitably poses a challenge.

Keeping it alive and kicking poses even a bigger one.

However, with the right online legal services, you can overcome most of your initial difficulties and then continue working towards excellence.

  • But, what are some qualities of a noteworthy legal service company?
  • Which of these companies is the right one for you?
  • And what services and prices can you expect from them?

Our Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom in-depth analysis offers answers to these and brings some additional pragmatic solutions to some of your other legal concerns.

Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom Side-by-Side Comparison

Before we go more into details about both of these companies’ services, prices, and other specific features, let’s have a look at this quick-reference comparison table.

Rocket Lawyer LegalZoom
Established 2008 2001
BBB Rating A+ A+
Support Phone, email, chatbot, FAQ Phone, direct online message to an agent, chatbot, FAQ
Free trial 7-days trial No free trial
Mobile app iOS, Android iOS, Android
Satisfaction guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee 60-day money-back guarantee
Legal advice Yes Yes
Individual services Available Available
Membership options Starting from $39.99 No

At first glance, it may seem that our LegalZoom alternative, Rocket Lawyer, offers slightly more comprehensive service at a more cost-effective price and with a trial period bonus.

Our next chapters will reveal if this really is the case.

Individual Products and Services

The advancement of modern society has brought about many improvements. And while the quality of life is on a steady rise, so is the number of legal requirements we ought to satisfy. Not to mention all the paperwork, forms, and legislative documents one should keep handy and updated.

Luckily, companies like LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer are here to get most of our law-related worries off our heads. And while both of these companies have built impressive reputations, with over a decade of experience and thousands of happy customers, the difference is in the detail.

So no matter if you’re starting an LLC or you’re more interested in family or real estate associated services, there’s a list of other benefits to consider.

This is how the LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer most prominent products and services compare.

Business products

Both companies specialize in business legal services and offer a wide range of products. Formation of LLC, business incorporation, and forming of a non-profit organization are just some of these products.

However, LegalZoom has a slightly longer list of business operations, including corporation launch, sole proprietorship, 501(c)(3) tax applications, work visas, and bankruptcy filings. So if these are the services that you require, LegalZoom may be a better choice for you. Also, while the LegalZoom LLC formation cost begins at $79, Rocket Lawyer charges $99.99 for the same service.

On the other hand, Rocket Lawyer offers free LLC formation for new members as part of the standard $39.99 monthly plan. It’s an offer worth considering.

Personal services

Again, when it comes to getting personal legal services with creating a last will or testament, divorce agreements, or child care authorization, your choice between these two companies may be difficult. Both have the latest legal forms prepared for you and professional advice awaiting.

Still, if you’re searching for somewhat more specific products, LegalZoom prenuptial agreements, name changes, immigration visas, and personal injury claims are now all at your reach. Besides, LegalZoom will provide you with an independent attorney to help you manage all these legal affairs.

Real estate services

Following are the real estate services that Rocket Lawyer provides:

  • Lease agreement
  • Intent to purchase real estate
  • Quitclaim deed
  • Eviction notice

In the meantime, LegalZoom specializes in:

  • Residential lease
  • Property deed transfer
  • Real estate disputes

So depending on what type of real estate legal help you need exactly, you can set your mind on one of these companies. Bear in mind, though, that LegalZoom provides professional attorney help with each of your real estate disputes.

But also, technically, you could use the Rocket Lawyer free trial if all you need is to fill up and print one paper, such as an eviction notice.

Legal advice

Both companies will provide you with valuable legal advice. However, we’ve noticed that LegalZoom provides attorney help across more different law spheres than Rocket Lawyer.

But, if you’re looking for affordable Document Defense services, Rocket Lawyer includes them as a membership benefit. Their On Call attorney will inspect your important documents and assist you with enforcing any of your contracts.


Between the two, Rocket Lawyer has a slightly richer legal documentation database. What’s more, with the premium membership, you can get unlimited access to it for under $40 a month. And, this is the usual per-document price with Rocket Lawyer.

In the meantime, with other document databases, including the one of LegalZoom, the price of a single document sometimes exceeds the Rocket Lawyer monthly subscription.

LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer Pricing Compared

Pricing is always one of the most significant factors when choosing one service provider or another. Getting the appropriate value for money is imperative to most people. No one likes to overpay for a service, no matter how significant or small.

Fortunately, both LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer offer reasonable price lists and a variety of subscriptions and bundles to choose from.

Rocket Lawyer fees

What most Rocket Lawyer reviews praise about the company is the transparency of its fees. There is a very clear price list available in the upper left corner of the landing page.

Here is a summarized table of that price list.

Premium members Non-members
Single legal document

Create, sign, share, download, print

Free $39.99
Documents Defense Free $9.99/one document
Ask a lawyer Free $49.99/one question
Legal consultations (30 min.) Free $59.99/each consultation
Discounts for On-Call Attorney Up to 40% off unavailable
Rocket Lawyer LLC incorporation Free $99.99
Registered agent service 25% off $149.99

Currently, the premium membership price for one month of subscription to Rocket Lawyer is $39.99. With this plan, you get free access to all Rocket lawyer documents and quick answers from expert attorneys.

LegalZoom fees

LegalZoom pricing, on the other hand, while available on the official website, is a bit scattered across it. Meaning, there’s no single page with prices listed. Instead, you’ll have to click on each of the services individually to reveal the pertaining fee.

To save you some time, we’ll enlist here some of the most popular LegalZoom services and their prices.

Business assistance fees

We’ll start with different forms of business assistance you can get from LegalZoom.

LLC formation $79
Corporation (C corp, S corp) formation $149
Nonprofit formation $99
Establishing a DBA $99
Registered agent services $299 a year
Annual report $55 per report
Corporate dissolution $129
Necessary business licenses $99
Legalzoom copyright protection $149

The company offers a variety of other services such as bankruptcy and business disputes solutions, the costs of which depend from case to case. You can unlock these fees by filling up short forms and questionnaires.

Keep in mind that additional filing fees apply with most of these services.

Personal assistance fees

When it comes to your personal legal concerns, here’s how the prices range.

LegalZoom will and testament $89
Living trust service $279
A living will $39
Changing legal name $139
Property deed transfer $249
Residential lease $29
Divorce variable fee (depends from case to case)
Visas and green cards variable fee

Aside from these one-off legal services, LegalZoom offers a variety of more cost-effective services packages and bundles that are worth considering.

LegalZoom packages and bundles

Looking to start your LCC but don’t have time to deal with all the paperwork, organization, and procedures?

Choose one of the LegalZoom limited liability company packages and let the professionals sort everything out for you.

Economy (processing time 30 business days) $79
Standard (processing time 15 business days) $329
Express Gold (processing time 10 business days) $349

Estate planning is never a pleasant topic. However, it’s an important one and, as such, it should not be procrastinated. LegalZoom estate planning programs take care of this for you fast and effortlessly.

Last will estate bundle $179
Living trust estate bundle $329

LegalZoom living trust is a state-tailored document that officially states your wishes. It helps your family avoid all the unnecessary delays and costs. And these will inevitably arise when dealing with courts.

Here, already we can conclude that LegalZoom prices, at times, considerably exceed those of Rocket Lawyer. But considering that LegalZoom offers more extensive services and bundles while Rocket Lawyer concentrates on documentation generation and individual legal advice, these differences are, to an extent, justified.

Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom Customer Support

Dealing with sensitive legal subjects and paperwork can be super stressful. Add to this considerable amounts of money and time invested, and you’ll get close to understanding why so many people get anxious or frustrated when starting a business.

The right customer support can make a world of difference in such a situation.

When it comes to how Rocket Lawyer customer service compares to the one of LegalZoom, this is what we found out.

If you wish to speak directly to the Rocket Lawyer customer service team, you may do so from 9 AM to 9 PM ET during business days.

LegalZoom live customer support has slightly more favorable office hours since you can reach them during the weekend too. They extend from 10 AM to 8 PM ET during business days and from 10 AM to 7 PM ET during the weekends.

Both companies offer other channels for communication and consultations. And so, you can share your concerns and Rocket Lawyer complaints via an official email or chatbot.

In the case of LegalZoom, you can additionally submit your written question to the available online agents.

When it comes to customer satisfaction with both of these support teams, opinions are divided. Numerous customers claim that their payment issues were successfully resolved and questions timely answered or that the operators were extremely pleasant. Others claim that nobody answered the phone or that their refund settlement took forever.

Similar feedback for Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom phone help serve as a reminder that it’s difficult to be objective whenever there is a human factor involved.

Customer Reviews

There are thousands of online customer reviews across different evaluation platforms and forums for both of these companies.

From lavish praises and major complaints to general wondering such as — Is LegalZoom legit? — Nearly any type of comment can be found on these platforms.

And while the comments are mostly similar for both legal wizards, we’ve noticed that customers are slightly more inclined towards Rocket Lawyer when it comes to ratings. If you take a moment to compare Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom reviews on BBB, ConsumerAffairs, and TrustPilot, you can easily confirm this.

Rocket Lawyer or LegalZoom — Which One Is Better for You?

If you still can’t settle your mind on which of these companies is better for you, here are the five main things you need to consider.

  • Which of these companies offers the exact kind of legal help that you require?
  • LegalZoom vs Rocket Lawyer price comparison: Which company offers a more affordable price of the service you need?
  • Which of these companies offers better plans and cares more about customer satisfaction in general?
  • Will you need more legal assistance in the future, and of what type?
  • Which of these two could pay off better in the long run?

Once you have answers to these questions, you’ll get much closer to the final resolution.

Rocket Lawyer

Create your own legal forms, form a business, or talk to a lawyer—everything you need from a lawyer, at a fraction of the cost! You can try out the best online lawyer services that Rocket Lawyer provides during the free seven-day trial.

  • Legal Advice
  • Business Formation
  • 7-Day Free Trial
Visit Site

Show More

Create your own legal forms, form a business, or talk to a lawyer—everything you need from a lawyer, at a fraction of the cost! You can try out the best online lawyer services that Rocket Lawyer provides during the free seven-day trial.

Business Documents:


Personal and Family Documents:


Real Estate Documents:


Legal Advice:


Business Formation:



Whether you are looking for personal or business legal services online, LegalZoom is the right option! You can form a business, copyright your intellectual property, create personal and business legal documents, or even speak with an attorney. This company is confident in its ability to deliver outstanding service, which is why it has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Legal Advice
  • Business Formation
Visit Site

Show More

Whether you are looking for personal or business legal services online, LegalZoom is the right option! You can form a business, copyright your intellectual property, create personal and business legal documents, or even speak with an attorney. This company is confident in its ability to deliver outstanding service, which is why it has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Business Documents:


Personal and Family documents:


Real Estate Documents:


Legal Advice:


Business Formation:


Which Is Better: Rocket Lawyer or LegalZoom? — Our Verdict

Both of these companies are licensed, registered, and reliable. Furthermore, both have helped in the formation of thousands of small businesses which is undoubtedly worth praise.

And while it might be difficult to determine which one is better in general terms, here’s in what particular situations each of them thrives.

Rocket Lawyer is better for:  

  • Quick and affordable forms download
  • Online signing of documents
  • Attorney services
  • Customers who know how to make the best use of inexpensive membership

LegalZoom is better for:

  • LLC incorporation (LegalZoom incorporation is cheaper)
  • Starting an LLC urgently (if you don’t mind paying more for this service)
  • Subscribing to a service bundle or plan that enables you to make subsequent changes in your documentation
  • Some more specific services such as immigration visas, green cards, and bankruptcy filing



Is Rocket Lawyer free?

Rocket Lawyer is not free. Professional legal advice companies like Rocket Lawyer work with licensed attorneys, employ the latest law regulations, and keep all the documentation up to date, which all cost. However, you can benefit from its 7-days free trial, during which you can download free legal documents.

Are Rocket Lawyer forms legal?

Yes, all the forms generated on Rocket Lawyer are legal and in force. What’s more, they are custom-made to fit the users’ needs.

Is LegalZoom cheaper than Rocket Lawyer?

Talking about Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom prices, LegalZoom is not necessarily cheaper. Both companies offer different bundles, plans, and individual services to choose from. So prices vary depending on what service you require.

Does LegalZoom have real lawyers?

LegalZoom employs real lawyers. However, LegalZoom is not a law firm, so they don’t assist the customers directly. If you need in-person legal advice and lawyer services, you might want to consider contacting a law firm.

Do LegalZoom wills hold up in court?

LegalZoom provides customers with valid and approved will forms. However, depending on the state you live in, you might need to notarize your LegalZoom will additionally.


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