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AKC Pet Insurance Review

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Starting at around $27/month



All vets and clinics

Mobile app:


Android & iOS

BBB Rating



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14 days for illness, two days for accidents

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AKC Pet Insurance Logo

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Routine vet care costs between $200 and $400, and that’s not counting emergency expenses! Plan ahead with pet health insurance that will keep your animal companion covered. AKC Pet Insurance is one of the most trusted animal insurance providers. AKC Pet Insurance reviews praise the company’s customizable policy options and friendly customer support.

But is it the best pet insurance for you?

AKC Pet Insurance Review: Everything You Need to Know

The American Kennel Club is a purebred dog registry with over 130 years of history. Its pet insurance program is the only one for dogs that’s affiliated with the Kennel Club. Founded in 2003, the company remains one of the most popular and trusted pet medical insurance providers for cats and dogs.

Puppy insurance reviews praise the 30-day insurance bonus when you register your purebred. Read on to learn everything you need to make a choice:

What Is AKC Pet Insurance Best For?

The AKC health insurance is one of the best choices for:

  • Newly bought or adopted kittens and puppies
  • Purebred cats and dogs
  • Flexible policy and payment plans
  • Multi-pet owners
  • Cats and dogs with genetic or breed-specific conditions

Even though it’s affiliated with the AKC, the Kennel Club’s insurance covers both cats and dogs. Since the company doesn’t have a network, it accepts claims from any vet at any time. You can choose from the AKC Vetnet doctors or opt for another specialist better suited to your pet’s needs.

Is AKC Pet Insurance Legit?

Yes, the American Kennel Club insurance program is legitimate and reputable. It’s one of the first companies to offer pet insurance coverage throughout the US.

This is the only dog insurance supported by and affiliated with the American Kennel Club.

Where Is AKC BBB Profile?

Since PetPartners administers AKC Pet Insurance, you won’t see a Better Business Bureau page on the company.

PetPartners, on the other hand, is accredited by the BBB. It also has an A+ rating, meaning between 97 and 100 points on the BBB 100-point scale.

AKC Pet Insurance Coverage

AKC pet health insurance covers a comprehensive range of procedures and treatments. Here are the key facts about it:

  • Available in all 50 states
  • You can go to a clinic outside the AKC vet network
  • Cancer is covered
  • Diagnostic treatments included
  • Hospitalization and surgery covered
  • Prescription medications included
  • Euthanasia (as recommended by a veterinarian) covered

With the Defender and DefenderPlus plans, you also get coverage on routine and preventive care like:

  • Wellness exams
  • Vaccinations & titers
  • Flea & tick prevention
  • Spays & neuters (with DefenderPlus)
  • Microchipping
  • Heartworm screening and prevention
  • Screening tests (blood, urine, and fecal)

While the wellness plan does cost extra, it can save you hundreds of dollars, so AKC Pet Insurance reviews recommend you consider it.

AKC Pet Insurance Limitations

While it’s nearly full-coverage pet insurance, AKC does limit your reimbursements in several ways:

  • It only covers exam fees if you get the ExamCare add-on
  • Alternative care and behavior therapy aren’t covered unless you get the AlternativePlus package
  • Dental coverage only includes accidental trauma
  • AKC pet healthcare plan doesn’t cover fleas or internal parasites like roundworms, or giardia
  • Congenital and inherited conditions, as well as osteoarthritis, spondylosis, luxating patella, and diabetes, are only included in the HereditaryPlus package.
  • Pets aren’t covered internationally
  • More than one similar accident, such as toxin ingestion, isn’t covered since it signals neglect
  • Expenses related to breeding, pregnancy, and nursing

The American Kennel Club insurance also sets per-incident and annual limits. The incident limit is the maximum amount it’ll reimburse for a single accident or illness. The annual restriction is the maximum amount the company will cover for a year, but it has an unlimited option.

Like all other policies, the AKC won’t cover pre-existing conditions, including bilateral conditions. For example, a cruciate tear is bilateral. If your pet gets it on one side of the body, it’s more likely to appear on the other. For dogs with a bilateral condition on one side, the insurance won’t cover the issue on the other one, even if it appears after the policy becomes active.

AKC Pet Insurance Waiting Period

When you first get your pet insurance from AKC, a waiting period applies:

  • 14 days before they cover illnesses
  • Two days before including accidents
  • 180 days for IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) and cruciate ligament conditions

If your pet gets sick during the waiting period, AKC won’t reimburse the claim. There is no waiting period for renewing your insurance, as long as there is no gap in the coverage.

How Much Does AKC Pet Insurance Cost?

Unlike other all-inclusive options, the AKC offers a basic plan and several add-ons. Prices vary, depending on the pet’s age and breed. For this AKC pet insurance review, we got a quote for a 6-year-old mixed dog. The monthly payment was $39.58 with the Basic option.

There is a 5% multi-pet discount. If your pet is AKC registered, you’ll get 30 days of free insurance to test out the service and decide if it’s right for you. Go to www.akcpetinsurance.com and enter your certificate after you request a quote.

No matter what plan you choose, you also have to pay an additional $4/month service fee.

Here’s how the AKC Pet Insurance cost breaks down:


This is the essentials package that covers medical procedures and treatment but excludes exam fees, hereditary conditions, preventive care, behavior, and alternative therapy.

The price depends on the settings you choose for your policy. AKC Pet Insurance reviews say the cheapest option is the basic package but you could also customize the parameters:

  • The deductible can be between $100 and $1,000 per year. For the basic package, the deductible is $100.
  • The coinsurance (the percentage that doesn’t reimburse) is either 20% or 10%. In the basic package, it’s 20%.
  • The incident limit ranges from $1,500 to $800. For the basic package, it’s $500.
  • The annual limit starts at $3,000 and goes up to unlimited. The basic package has unlimited yearly coverage.

The basic CompanionPlus plan for our example is $39.58 per month.

The custom ranges of the AKC health insurance wind up costing you more. For example, a $250 deductible with 20% coinsurance, $2,500 incident limit, and $10,000 annual limit is $61.83 per month.

CompanionSelect Accident Coverage

If your pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, Cushing’s disease, or FeLV (feline leukemia virus) and FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), they’re not eligible for the illness protection coverage. Instead, you can only get accident and injury coverage with pre-selected limits. This is one of the common complaints in AKC Pet Insurance reviews online.

For our example, the deductible was $100 with an incident limit of $3,000 and an annual limit of $11,000. The monthly payment came to $25.50 with the optional ExamCare add-on.


AKC Pet Insurance doesn’t usually cover vet exams. Since their costs can add up, you can get the additional ExamCare package for:

  • $8/month for CompanionSelect
  • $3/month if you’re using CompanionSelect

Keep in mind that we got these quotes for our 6-year-old mixed dog example, and they might vary for your pet.

Defender and DefenderPlus Packages

The wellness plan for dogs and cats will set you back an additional $16/month for the Defender package and $26/month for DefenderPlus.

Is it worth upgrading to DefenderPlus? AKC Pet Insurance reviews say it depends on your pet.

The DefenderPlus plan includes spay/neuter procedures and dental cleaning, as well as higher reimbursements for other types of prevention. AKC did the math on your potential savings and, while both plans are great, the DefenderPlus saves you more.


The hereditary and congenital coverage expand the list of illnesses covered by the policy. It’s only available for pets under two years old at the time of enrolment. It will set you back $9/month and cover common conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis.

Shouldn’t my standard policy cover these?

It depends on whether they’re typical for the breed or possibly inherited. For example, golden retrievers often have congenital aortic stenosis. If you don’t have the InheritedPlus plan, the AKC Pet Insurance claim might get denied.


For an additional $2/month, you can get a reimbursement when it’s time to say goodbye to your pet. This plan will cover up to $300 for cremation, urn, burial, and memorial expenses, not subject to coinsurance. But it’s not available in all states, and your pet has to be under five years old at the time of insurance.

AKC Customer Service

You can get in touch with AKC insurance via email, chat, or phone. The working hours for the AKC customer service number are:

Monday through Friday: 8:30 am–8 pm (EST)
Saturday: 10 am–3 pm (EST)

Outstanding customer support is one of the most common points of praise in AKC Pet Insurance reviews. Each policy also includes a 24/7 vet helpline of professionals who can advise on behavior changes, diet, and symptoms. While they can’t diagnose your pet, they can advise you whether to see a doctor.

AKC Pet Insurance User Reviews [2021 Updated]

Most AKC Pet Insurance reviews on Reddit and customer feedback sites are positive. Here are the common points AKC clients make:

The Positives

The AKC rating on ConsumerAffairs is 4.4/5, and its scores on other sites are also high. Most users are delighted with the customer support quality and the staff’s helpfulness. They also praise the simple and straightforward claims submission process, as well as the quick refunds they received. The customizable coverage option is also a big perk for most cat and dog owners. It allows you to control your policy and only spend on what you need and fits your budget.

The Negatives

The AKC Pet Insurance Yelp rating is far from ideal. Most of the complaints boil down to:

  • Diabetes, Cushing’s, and FELV/FIV are not covered. If your cat or dog has been diagnosed with these conditions, they can only get the accident and injury policy.
  • Denied claims that weren’t covered in the first place. Be sure to read the policy terms very carefully before purchasing, since the basic package doesn’t cover some common conditions.
  • The AKC pet healthcare is slow in processing claims and appeals. Some clients got their claims denied for appealable reasons, but the company took too much to review the medical records again and pay them their due.
  • Increasing annual premiums after you present claims. One client had their deductible upped from $249 to $607 after a single claim.

While Yelp isn’t the most reliable place to hear both sides of the story, there’s an important lesson to be learned here — before you purchase anything, be sure to read the fine print and explore all pet insurance options. This way, you’re sure to get the best deal and avoid unpleasant situations in the future.

Is AKC Pet Insurance the Best Pet Insurance?

AKC Pet Insurance reviews often cite it as one of the best animal insurance options. With its flexible plans, no vet network limitations, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, the American Kennel Club pet insurance is one of the most trustworthy and high-value insurance policies on the market. While it’s far from the cheapest option, it lets you customize the policy to make sure it fits your pet’s needs and your budget.

Alternatives of AKC Pet Insurance

While the AKC pet healthcare insurance is one of the most trusted on the market, it’s not your only option. Let’s compare it to other popular providers:

AKC Pet Insurance vs Trupanion

While Trupanion has shorter waiting periods and unlimited coverage, it requires 18 months of medical records to onboard your pet. Trupanion will only enroll your pet if it’s under 14 years old, while AKC has a senior pet option. The former also lacks a wellness coverage plan and the 24/7 pet health line AKC offers.

AKC Pet Insurance vs Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws offers flexible care packages and has a shorter waiting period than AKC. On the flip side, it has a lot of rules limiting cancer treatment and hip dysplasia reimbursements. Healthy Paws also asks for your pet’s full medical history before you can purchase a policy, while AKC doesn’t.

AKC Pet Insurance Review: Final Thoughts

As the only pet insurance accredited by the American Kennel Organization, the AKC dog insurance is one of your best bets for reliable and affordable pet medical insurance. Its reimbursement-based model means you can go to any vet in the country and get up to 90% back on your expenses. What’s more, the flexible policy options ensure that pet owners will receive the best deal without sacrificing the care quality for their four-legged friends.

There are thousands of positive AKC Pet Insurance reviews online, and we’re happy to join them.


  • 17 years of experience
  • 30-day, full money-back guarantee
  • Quick and efficient claims processing
  • The only AKC-accredited insurance provider
  • Flexible policy to fit your needs and budget
  • 30 days of free insurance for AKC registered dogs
  • A+ BBB rating and thousands of positive AKC reviews online
  • Wellness plan, exam cost coverage, and Final Respects add-on


  • Dental care not included
  • Slow claim appeal processing
  • No illness coverage for pets diagnosed with diabetes, Cushing’s, or FIV/FELV
AKC Pet Insurance Logo

Editorial Rating


What is AKC Pet Insurance?

The American Kennel Club pet insurance is a pet health insurance for dogs and cats. PetPartners administers the policy, and it’s the only insurance affiliated with the AKC. For a monthly payment and yearly deductible, it will reimburse up to 90% of your pet’s medical care costs, including procedures, prescription, hospitalization, and surgery. The company is one of the top-rated animal insurance providers trusted by pet owners throughout the country.

What does the AKC Pet Insurance cover?

Depending on your package, the AKC Pet Insurance might cover: accidents and injuries only (for pets previously diagnosed with diabetes, Cushing’s or FIV/FELV), medical expenses for any illness or accident, alternative and behavior therapy (with the Defender and DefenderPlus add-ons), inherited and congenital issues (with InheritedPlus), medical exams (with ExamCare), Final Respects (with SupportPlus).

Go to the company’s website to learn more about the coverage and get a monthly payment quote.

Does AKC Pet Insurance cover prescriptions?

Yes, the AKC pet health insurance covers prescriptions for medication. The essentials package doesn’t include prescription food, however. To get that expense reimbursed, opt for the Defender or DefenderPlus packages.

Does AKC Pet Insurance cover spaying?

The CompanionPlus package doesn’t cover spays and neuters, but the DefenderPlus package can reimburse up to $150 of the cost.

Does AKC Pet Insurance cover shots?

The basic package doesn’t include vaccinations and titers. With the DefenderPlus package, you get $15 back for the rabies vaccine and $40 for other shots. With the Defender add-on, your rabies allowance remains the same, and the reimbursement is up to $30 for other vaccinations.

How do I get an AKC Pet Insurance claim form?

The AKC Pet Insurance form is available on the company’s website. To make sure it goes through:
get your itemized invoice from the vet, fill out the form and submit it via your customer portal, email, fax, or postal mail.

If you provide all the necessary information, you should get a resolution in five days. If any documents are missing, users AKC Pet Insurance reviews confirm that the company will contact your vet’s office to get them.