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Loan Amounts


$50 - $5,000

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14 days

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Not specified

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Check Into Cash Review: 2021 Edition

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Loan Amounts


$50 - $5,000

Loan Term


14 days

APR Range



Min. Credit Score


Not specified



Vary depending on amount and state

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1 business day

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22 states

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Editorial Rating

In today’s financial climate, unexpected expenses come up all the time. Unfortunately, as studies indicate, too many Americans don’t have enough savings to cover even a modest unexpected bill.

That’s where Check Into Cash reviews like ours can come in handy, providing loan information to borrowers in the United States on alternative lending marketplace platforms.

This Check Into Cash review will outline what Check Into Cash is, and take you through the Check Into Cash application process.

What Is Check Into Cash?

Check Into Cash is a small-dollar financial services retailer that provides emergency funding and personal loans to borrowers. Check Into Cash has been serving its loyal customer base for over 27 years with 1,100+ physical locations in more than 30 US states and more recently, with its nationwide online platform that lets customers borrow money online.

Founded in 1993, Check Into Cash was a pioneer in the short-term direct lending industry and has since become one of the best personal loan companies around. While they only provided cash checking and payday loan services in the early days, now they offer different types of personal loans, including:

  • Check Into Cash payday loan
  • Online payday advances
  • Check Into Cash title loans
  • Check Into Cash flex loan
  • Bill payment services
  • Check cashing
  • Installment loans
  • Reloadable prepaid debit cards
  • Money transfers
  • Money order services

Check Into Cash is also the founding member of the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA), the nation’s top short-term loan trade organization.

Who Is Check Into Cash Best For?

Check Into Cash specializes in short-term personal credit options so they are great for people who need quick loans for financial relief. Their online personal loan options are perfect for anyone who needs to borrow money without having to visit a physical store. You can apply and borrow money online instantly from the comfort and convenience of your home, office, or while on the go.

The Cash Into Check payday loans are also a good lending option for people that need to cover unexpected expenses in between paydays without incurring revolving debt.

Getting Started With Check Into Cash

The Check Into Cash loans application process is quick, easy, and confidential. You can prequalify online and request a loan for your needs to see what kind of rates you qualify for without hurting your personal credit score.

Applicants can either call the vendor’s toll-free number, visit one of their physical stores, or apply online. Most Check Into Cash reviews are about the online application process and ours will be the same.

The first thing you need to do is fill out a free application online, The initial application process is threefold and you will need to provide the following information:

Step 1: Basic Personal Information

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Cellphone number
  • Zip Code

You will also be asked whether you want to process your loan online or in-store.

Step 2: Additional Personal Information

In the second step, you will need to provide some account information such as first and last name, email address, and password. You will also need to confirm all those details.

  • Cellphone number
  • Home phone number
  • Driver’s license number
  • License state
  • Address
  • City and state
  • Zipcode
  • Whether you rent or own your home

Step 3: Financial Information

In the third and final step, you will need to provide Check Into Cash with some insight into your income and banking details, including:

  • Source of income
  • How you get paid
  • Gross paycheck amount
  • How often you get paid
  • Bank account type
  • Account number
  • Routing number
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth

It takes only a couple of minutes to complete this process and once your application is received, a customer service representative will then call you to verify your application information.

If all the information is verified and you are approved for the loan, you will be sent an official loan agreement. This Check Into Cash review encourages applicants to read the terms. Once you’ve done that and signed the agreement then the funds will be deposited directly into your active checking account. The funds should be available on the next business day.

Terms & Requirements

The Check Into Cash payday loan requirements are pretty lenient but the main qualifications to apply are:

  • Being at least 21 years old (19 in Alabama)
  • Being a US citizen or a permanent resident
  • Living in one of the 30 serviced states
  • Having a steady stream of income

Check Into Cash requirements may vary depending on your state of residence and there may be additional documentation required, such as:

  • Your most recent 30-day bank statement
  • A recent pay stub
  • A state-issued driver’s license or photo ID
  • A social security card

Wherever you are, you can rest assured that Check Into Cash will provide each applicant with all the details to get your application completed as quickly and as easily as possible. Check Into Cash has a detailed description of each state’s terms and requirements on their website.

Check Into Cash User Reviews

The company currently has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) even though there are 29 Check Into Cash complaints from customers.

When looking for third-party Check Into Cash reviews BBB was not our only source. We also found 918 Check Into Cash reviews on Trustpilot, with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Almost every Check Into Cash review praises the customer service and the quick loan process.

There are 716 Check Into Cash reviews that rate the platform as “excellent” and 27 that qualify it as “bad”. Customers complained about the vendor’s questionable debt collection practices, the high fees, and the hit to their credit score.

The Check Into Cash employee reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed are mixed to positive. Most note that Check Into Cash is a good place to work but lacks proper management and satisfactory remuneration.

Check Into Cash also has a 4.9 overall satisfaction rating on Consumer Affairs based on a staggering 2,052 ratings, and including Check Into Cash user reviews for 2021.


Looking into some main features of Check Into Cash.

Check Into CashRates & Fees

The Check Into Cash fees depend on the type of loan you choose, the state you live in, your income, and credit record but all those fees will be outlined in your loan offer document. If you accept, you will be required to repay the principal loan amount plus the interest on the due date — normally two to four weeks later. You can expect to incur some late payment fees if you’re late or miss a payment.

Check Into Cash doesn’t charge a fee to apply but you can expect to pay a loan fee of between $15 and $79 on a payday loan amount of between $100 and $1,500 — that’s the equivalent of a 390% APR. That rate is high because payday loans normally have a loan amount term of 14 days or so but it might be lower if the loan term is longer.

You can look up the payday loan terms, rates, and fees by state on the Check into Cash website.

Privacy & Security

Check Into Cash assures its customers that their personal and financial information is safe. They’ve worked tirelessly since 1993 to secure their clients’ information but unfortunately, payday loans are generally prone to scam — our research into Check Into Cash showed Reddit users had received what seemed like fraudulent emails. One way to protect your data would be to go through the Check Into Cash scam guidelines.

If you’ve ever received unexpected communication before Check Into Cash, before giving out your information over the phone or via email contact the Check Into Cash Fraud Department via its email or give the company a call.

Check Into Cash has a detailed, step-by-step guide on their website to identity debt collecting scams on the phone and in your email inbox. By staying alert and contacting Check into Cash when you suspect fraudulent activity, you help the company protect your personal and financial information.

Customer Support

If you have any questions and queries regarding any of the Check Into Cash loan services then you can contact them by phone, email, or live chat.

Check Into Cash has a Virtual Chat Assistant on their website that can help you with questions about product information, if you want to check the status of your loan, complete an online application or if you want to locate a store near you.

You can also connect with Check Into Cash on their social media channels: FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Check Into Cash Alternatives

How does Check Into Cash compare with other alternative lenders? Let’s find out.

Check Into Cash vs

If you’re looking for personal loans for bad credit, then might be a good alternative to Check Into Cash.

The main difference is that is not a direct lender but a loan aggregator with a network of lenders. You can get a bad credit loan of up to a maximum loan amount of $10,000 that can be repaid in three to 36 months.

In addition to their reputable partner lenders, also provides credit-related resources that include information on the different types of personal loan services as well as business loans, mortgage loans, and student loans among others.

Check Into Cash vs LendingTree Personal Loans

The biggest difference between Cash Into Cash and LendingTree Personal Loans is that LendingTree is a market place that matches borrowers with unique lenders.

LendingTree is one of the top loan connection companies in the United States and they have a broad loan range with a minimum loan amount of $1,000 and a maximum loan amount of $50,000 that can be repaid within 12 months to 12 years, which might be preferable than the Check Into Cash payment plan.

LendingTree also provides unsecured loans for bad credit so it’s an appropriate alternative to Check Into Cash. LendingTree provides an extensive list of loan products, including an interesting one called Credit Repair.

Final Verdict

If you’re strapped for cash in between paychecks then Check Into Cash is one of the best available lenders on the market. The loan application can be completed quickly and you’ll know whether you qualify in a matter of minutes with funding usually processed by the next business day. Moreover, if you have bad credit then a payday loan might be the best way to borrow money. You’ll still qualify for a Check Into Cash loan as long as you have a steady income and can repay the loan quickly.

The Bottom Line

Check Into Cash’s quick and easy application and loan approval process are balanced by the very high Estimated Annual Percentage Rate of the loan. You might also need to pay an origination fee if you opt for an installment loan.

They also do a hard credit pull before approving you for a loan that might ding your credit rating a little bit. However, Check Into Cash is very upfront with their fees and they’re stated very clearly in the loan agreement.

We recommend using Check Into Cash as a last resort for people that need quick money loans or if you’re confident that you can repay the loan as quickly as possible lest you find yourself owing more than you borrowed. While we hope our lending platform review helps you make the right decision for your finances, you can also check other Check Into Cash payday loan reviews if you still have doubts.


  • Quick loan approval
  • All credit types are considered
  • The loan requirements aren’t too stringent
  • The application process is quick and convenient
  • Check Into Cash has over 1,100 physical locations, a website, and a mobile app


  • High APRs
  • Large payday loan fee
  • Potential hit to credit rating
  • Won’t help you build up credit
Check Into Cash logo

Editorial Rating


Is Check Into Cash legit?

Yes, it is. Check Into Cash is a founding member of the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA), an organization that enforces compliance, best practices, and promotes responsible legislation.

How does Check Into Cash work?

Complete the online application. If you’re pre-approved you’ll e-sign your application and the funds will be deposited into your bank account as quickly as the next business day.

Does Check Into Cash do credit checks?

Yes, they do. The Check Into Cash credit check is a hard pull, impacting your score.

How much does Check Into Cash charge to cash a check?

Fees vary from state to state and the type of loan but the Check Into Cash check cashing fee tends to be very reasonable. You can expect to pay at least 3% and 5% of the check amount. After you cash the check you will receive a preferred check-cashing card to make it easier to turn checks into cash in the future.

Does Check Into Cash hurt your credit score?

Usually, payday loans as such don’t hurt your credit score as long as you repay them in full and on time. That said, the vendor will do a hard pull which will impact your credit rating.

What time does Check Into Cash open?

The Check Into Cash hours are 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday and from 10 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.

How much does Check Into Cash pay for gift cards?

Depending on where you sell the gift card and the demand on that particular card then the Check Into Cash gift cards services can get you anywhere between 60% and 92% of the card value.

Are cash loans a good idea?

Cash advance loans are best as a last resort because if used over a long time they can be very expensive to repay.

How can I get immediate money?

There are a number of ways you can get money immediately. You can sell some stuff around the house or you can take out a payday loan if you’re in a tight spot. Check Into Cash reviews (including ours) show that this particular company is a decent option for immediate funds.