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Hands up anyone who’s been less than a saint with their finances. All of us have made mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes may have serious consequences. A poor to fair credit score makes it harder to get reasonable rates for credit cards, loans, and insurance.

Credit Saint are credit cleaners that guarantee their results. They claim that they offer the best credit repair services in the United States. Is this claim correct? We researched the company and read multiple Credit Saint reviews to find out.

credit saint reviews logo

Editorial Rating


  • Plans for all types of credit issues
  • Transparent about pricing
  • Customize the dispute letters
  • Easy cancelling
  • Affordable monthly rates
  • Great Credit Saint user reviews


  • High initial set-up fee
  • Not available in all states


Monthly Fee

$79.99 - $119.99

One-Time Setup Fee

$99 - $195 "First Work" fee

Credit Evaluation


Service Speed

45-day cycles

In Business Since


BBB Rating



90-day money-back guarantee

What Is Credit Saint Best For?

Credit Saint is best for challenging inaccurate, unverifiable, expired, or incomplete listings. If the listing is legitimate or verifiable, they can’t have it reversed. They use legal techniques to clear your slate. If you’re in trouble, they’ll offer counseling on how to get back on track. 

Application Process 

To get started with the Credit Saint credit repair service, head over to their site. On the right-hand side of the screen, just under the Credit Saint login button, you’ll see three bars. Click on those for the dropdown menu and select the “Get Started” button. 

An application form will come up. Input your details and then hit “Continue.” If you and a family member want to register, tick the “Add Family Member” box before you hit “Continue”. You’ll only pay one initial fee between the two of you. 

From there, you’ll choose the credit repair services package that suits you.


Each package comes with free advice to improve payment history and Experian monitoring. Most Credit Saint reviews agree that the packages are reasonably priced. 

Credit Polish

This starter package is for those with small credit issues. It’ll help you deal with minor credit report hiccups such as: 

  • Late payments
  • Charge-offs
  • Identity theft
  • Collections

It excludes the Escalated Information Request service. You’ll get advice on how your FICO score is calculated. This information helps you work toward an optimal credit utilization rate, gives alternatives for debt consolidation, and arrives at a workable debt management plan.

Credit Remodel

This package is for someone who has more severe credit issues like repossessions. In addition to everything that you get with the Credit Polish package, they’ll deal with: 

  • Repossessions
  • Bankruptcies

This package includes the Escalated Information Request service. It’s a good option when you’ve made some serious credit mistakes. 

Clean Slate

The Clean Slate plan is Credit Saint’s premier package. This product targets people with significant credit issues. It’s almost the same as the Credit Remodel package, but also includes cleaning of public records


Credit Saint works with you to improve your credit history. They’ll ensure that you understand how the bureaus calculate your score. By making some simple changes, you’re able to improve your score relatively effortlessly.

Most people think that paying on time every month is all they need to do to maintain a good credit record. However, debt settlement is just one factor that you’re scored on. How much credit you have access to, and how much you utilize are also essential factors. 

How It Fixes Bad Credit

A credit repair website that plays things fast and loose may get your credit cleared quickly. The problem is that these companies don’t work according to the rules. They’ll typically demand proof of the debt. 

Very few creditors upload proof of the contract when they create an adverse listing. If the bureau’s records are incomplete in this respect, they’ll contact the creditor and request proof. If your creditor doesn’t respond within thirty days, the bureau removes the listing. 

Unfortunately, this approach is temporary at best. Even if the creditor misses the deadline initially, they can always refile the listing. They won’t be as careless the second time. 

Credit Saint doesn’t waste your time with this cheap trick. They’ll scrutinize your reports for legitimate errors and then challenge those. 

Credit Report Analysis

The company must pull your credit record. The initial request is a soft pull. It’ll show on the report but appear as credit monitoring rather than a hard inquiry. This means it won’t impact your credit rating. 

Credit Saint checks for expired listings, errors in the names or addresses, and incorrect data. Your creditors must ensure that all the information that they provide is accurate. If, for example, they say that you paid late and you can prove otherwise, they have to remove the listing. 

The company checks the details for the following accounts:

  • Store cards
  • Credit cards
  • Student loans
  • Mortgage loans
  • Auto loans
  • Utility bills
  • Rentals

If you have paid-off accounts that still show a derogatory listing, they’ll approach the creditor to remove them or mark them as paid.

Additional Services 

Credit Saint is quick to explain that you may DIY all of their services. As a service to potential clients, they describe many of the processes on their website. It’s much like the difference between taking your car to a mechanic or learning how to fix it on YouTube. 

You could well perform the tasks yourself, but it’s easy to miss something. It’ll also take you a lot longer to work out whom to speak to.

The company provides consulting services on a monthly basis. They’ve got extensive connections within the industry and can point you to reputable lawyers, accountants, and debt consolidation lenders.

As an ancillary service, they’ll advise you on the best way to manage your debt going forward. They’ll help you to decide if debt consolidation loans are a viable solution for you.


Read almost any Credit Saint review, and you’ll see a clear theme. The service is outstanding, but you pay for it. The monthly pricing is comparable to what competitors charge. It’s the initial service fee that lifts the Credit Saint cost.

Still, the company sends out customized forms, and this makes their service more useful. 

  • Credit Polish will cost you a First Work Fee of $99 and a monthly fee of $79.99.
  • Credit Remodel’s price includes the First Work Fee ($99) and $99.99/month.
  • For Clean Slate, you’ll have to fork out the First Work Fee of $195 and then a monthly $119.99.

Customer Support

Another thing that you’ll see in almost every Credit Saint review is that the company is easy to contact.

Clients may call the Credit Repair phone number (8-77-637-2673) or log in to their account and use the Live Chat option. 

Credit Saint LLC User Reviews 

The Credit Saint BBB rating is A+, and the business has been accredited since 2007.  

The Positives 

Since the firm started in 2004, there have been a total of 24 complaints on BBB. That’s pretty good going, considering the nature of the work.  

The average Credit Saint review on Consumer Affairs and TrustPilot is positive. Credit Saint reviews on Reddit show that clients like the company’s transparency and employees’ knowledge. The employees take time to explain clearly what the company can and cannot do. 

The Negatives

Credit Saint complaints typically take the same tone. The primary complaint is that it takes some time to see results. Some Credit Saint reviews from 2020 meanwhile suggest that the company’s sales team is pushy. 

Our Verdict 

Overall, the positive Credit Saint reviews speak volumes. The company offers professional service. You can find cheaper options, but the methods that Credit Saint uses are more likely to produce positive results. 

As long as you understand what the company can and cannot do, you should be pleased with their service. 

Alternatives to Credit Saint

Credit Saint vs Lexington Law

Lexington Law is a better-known outfit with more reviews online. Both companies offer good services, and the pricing is comparable. Credit Saint, however, ranks higher in terms of quality because of the customized letters. 

Credit Karma vs Credit Saint

Credit Karma is a less expensive option and also well-known. One concern is that the company only checks with two of the three credit bureaus. This could lead to a discrepancy of 25 points. Credit Saint is pricier, but you get more accurate results.

Wrap Up 

Overall, you don’t stay in business for more than fifteen years unless you’re doing something right. The company has a solid business foundation. They take the time to educate their employees and offer customized solutions. 

Credit Saint reviews are a testament to the company’s efficiency, while the 90-day money-back guarantee provides clients with further assurances. Overall, Credit Saint is a legitimate company that offers efficient and professional service. 

credit saint reviews logo

Editorial Rating

FAQ About Credit Saint

What is Credit Saint?

Credit Saint is a credit repair company. Getting started is easy enough. All you need to do is to sign up on the website and pay the initial fee. The company will deduct the monthly fee automatically as long as the contract is in place. The company checks your credit reports and disputes inaccurate data on your behalf. They work on a 45-day cycle. Removing the inaccuracies gives your credit rating a boost.

Are Credit Saints good?

The company has a good reputation. Credit Saint reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and the employees are knowledgeable. However, it’s worth mentioning that the process is slow. This is true of any credit repair process.

Is Credit Saint legit?

Yes. The company doesn’t engage in disreputable practices that could damage your credit rating.