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Tax evasion statistics show that 1 in every 6 dollars owed in taxes remains unpaid.

Still, not many people know how to file their income tax. Fortunately, there are now simple and effective solutions for tax preparation like e-file.com.

Multiple e-file.com reviews confirm our findings that the company is very transparent and efficient. But should you entrust it with your taxes?

What Is E-file.com?

E-file.com LLC is an online tax filing company that helps individuals and small businesses prepare their federal and state tax returns. Founded in 2013, the vendor aims to make the excruciating tax preparation process effortless and to get you the tax refund as fast as possible.

E-file.com boasts of its user-friendly and affordable cloud-based tax software. Keep in mind that you can only do your taxes via browser since this vendor has no mobile app.

E-file.com Services

Though the software is relatively new, many users who wrote e-file reviews appreciate its high quality. As a recent platform, it’s no surprise that the company lacks features typical for its major competitors. So, if your tax situation is more complex, you might want to consider a more established tax prep software, such as H&R Block or TurboTax.

E-file.com allows you to:

  • Prepare and file basic federal and simple taxes
  • Do income taxes (retirement income included)
  • Deduct mortgage interest
  • Itemize tax deductions

In addition to federal and state taxes, e-file.com will assist you with filing an IRS extension.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer tax expert help via video, chat, or phone. Also, you can’t call or live chat with the E-file.com support reps. The only way to reach them is through the contact form on the official website.

How Does E-file.com Work?

According to tax statistics, 90% of Americans don’t understand the tax law.

Like any other DIY tax software, e-file.com requires information about details like your marital status and income. It’s a simple question form, so don’t worry about making any mistakes. Besides, the platform will guide you through the entire tax filing process.

Many customers praise the software’s smooth and interview-like process for preparing taxes in their  reviews of e-file.com. The UX is straightforward and convenient. Also, you can skip some sections and return to fill them out later.

E-file.com provides the best online tax filing for simple taxes and customers who aren’t at risk of auditing. You won’t get the fancy features of H&R Block or TurboTax, but you’ll save a significant amount of money.

E-file.com Desktop Version/Mobile App

You can access the cloud-based software via a desktop or mobile client. That said, the mobile user experience isn’t as seamless.

The lack of an app is often cited as a reason for lower scores in some e-file.com reviews.

E-file.com Pricing and Plans

Doing taxes with this software is among the cheapest options on the market. But in contrast to its rivals, e-file.com doesn’t offer filing state taxes for free, which is possibly the most significant drawback of the platform.

If you file only basic taxes, sign up for the Free Federal Basic Software plan. With it, you can do the federal taxes at no cost and e-file state taxes for $21. The company grants you full filing support while promising a fast tax refund. Lastly, the E-file.com free package supports both single and joint filing.

Deluxe Plus E-file is the most popular plan. For only $19.49 (with the 25OFF discount) per federal and $21 per state return, you have the option to file with defendants, deduct mortgage interest, and prepare income taxes (retirement income included). You’ll also unlock access to phone support.

In case you don’t want to break the bank while preparing taxes for your business, the Premium Plus E-file is the perfect choice for you. It costs $34.99 per federal and $21 per state filing with a coupon code 25OFF. The package includes itemized tax deductions, files both business and personal tax income, and supports all credit schedules. Plus, it grants full phone assistance.

E-file.com Reviews: How Happy Are Users?

It’s a relatively young company, so don’t be surprised that there aren’t many DIY tax reviews for it on the web.

Even though not many users left their opinions, the company has an excellent Trustpilot rating. Almost all reviews give it five stars, except for a few ones with 4.

The company’s been accredited since 2014 and has an E-file.com BBB rating of A+. There are very few complaints, and most are already closed.

Positive reviews on both BBB and Trustpilot praise the software’s speed, efficacy, and ease of use. Customers mention some payment and account issues, but the company is quick to respond and resolve them.

E-file.com Alternatives

In this section of our e-file.com review, we’ll compare the tax software to its competitors.

E-file.com vs TurboTax

TurboTax has a significant reputation for its tax services. But with fees starting at $40 per federal and $40 per state return, it’s not the cheapest place to do taxes.

On the other hand, the company has a lot more to offer than e-file.com. For instance, with TurboTax you can choose all life situations applying to you (whether you’re a student, investor, or small business owner). It will help you find the plan that’s best for doing your taxes online.

E-file.com vs Efile.com

Two different companies with almost identical names. Which has better tax preparation software and services?

While digging through reviews for this e-file.com overview, we noticed that some of the negative ones confused e-file.com with its namesake. While efile.com bears almost the same name, it lacks service quality. If you check the company’s profile on BBB, you’ll notice the F rating due to poor customer assistance. Trustpilot reviews are no better — 2.9 stars out of 5.

Final Verdict

Here’s a summary of everything we discovered during our research for this e-file.com review.

If your tax situation isn’t complex and you do federal tax return only, e-file.com is possibly the best place to file taxes for free. But if you also need to do state taxes, we recommend looking for other solutions.

As opposed to its rivals, e-file.com doesn’t provide free state tax filing. So, in this case, the  e-file.com cost is not less than H&R Block or TurboTax. Due to the absence of essential features, customers with more complex tax situations better look for an alternative.

Another considerable drawback is the company’s customer support. The only way free plan users can contact e-file.com is via the form on the website. Full phone support is only available to Premium plan subscribers.

Nevertheless, e-file.com offers cheap and convenient ways to file taxes. You can save considerable sums of money even if your situation is complex.


  • Audit protection
  • Affordable pricing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Accurate calculation and maximum refund guarantee


  • No mobile app
  • No free state return
  • Limited customer support
E-file.com Logo

Editorial Rating


Is e-file.com legit?

Even though it’s a young company, e-file.com is legit. The 4.7 ratings on Trustpilot and how the company responds to BBB complaints confirm that e-file.com isn’t a scam.

Is e-file.com safe?

Yes, absolutely. E-file.com website employs 256-encryption and an Extended Validation SSL, meaning that all your data is encrypted and secure. Furthermore, if you check out the URL bar, you’ll notice a padlock appearing every time you enter your tax information. If you click on it, you’ll be able to check out whether the place your info is submitted in is secure, as well as who owns the website.

Is e-file.com free?

It offers a free tax filing plan, but that only includes basic federal tax forms. If you file a state return, you’ll need to pay an extra $21.

How much does e-file.com cost?

If you file federal taxes only, you can sign up for the E-file free plan that costs $0. Keep in mind that the state return is $21.

For a more complex tax situation, you’ll need to sign up for the Deluxe — starting at $19.49, or Premium plan — $34.99.

Is e-file.com secure?

Yes, both our research and many e-file.com reviews confirm that it’s safe. So, if you don’t wish to spend much on filing taxes, this vendor could be the cheapest and best tax filing service.