Payment options:


PayPal, crypto, gift cards, skins

Minimum cash-out:


$0.10 (for crypto)

Daily surveys:





$1.00-$3.00 per hour

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Payment options:


PayPal, crypto, gift cards, skins

Minimum cash-out:


$0.10 (for crypto)

Daily surveys:





$1.00-$3.00 per hour

Average survey time:


5-20 minutes

Live chat:


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While your digital devices can be used for work, creative activity, and education, the truth is that the bulk of time spent online can be described as idling. People play mini-games, watch videos, take surveys (quizzes), etc.

Well, what if we told you that you could get paid for doing these things? offers you a way to profit from your pastime.

Our review will reveal how this platform works and what to expect from it. Is legit or a scam? Let’s find out!

What Is

Owned by Deb Hopkins and registered in Germany, is an up-and-coming survey company. It hosts various offers and tasks for users to complete in exchange for rewards.

Although it has only been running since April 2020, a high number of reviews describe the platform as one of the best money-making apps. It’s known to be transparent when it comes to its coin-to-cash ratio, and the payout is guaranteed as long as the procedure is followed. What’s more, the platform uses a lengthy SSL declaration to protect its users’ information.

How Does Work?

While registering, the region you’re currently residing in is the most valuable piece of information. Keep in mind that using VPN is not advised and that you need to be honest when it comes to naming the city of your residence. Those who have privacy concerns can rest assured since there’s no verification of your exact address. The platform will, nonetheless, have a way of confirming your city or region.

Once you register, you can complete online surveys and tasks. In exchange, you get coins that you can later redeem for cash prizes and gift cards. Now, the value of the task is determined by the time it takes to complete it. And this ranges from 5 to 20 minutes.

How to Make Money on

Making money on can happen in several ways. Most of them are completely free of charge. However, some tasks require you to make a purchase at certain online vendors, but you can always avoid this.

You’re informed of the rewards upfront, and you get to decide which tasks are worth your time. Every once in a while, you’ll encounter a Freecash user review that complains about completing the task and getting fewer coins than promised. This sometimes happens due to disqualification. This doesn’t mean that you did anything wrong, only that you didn’t pass the demographic requirements.

Now, a couple of factors affect your ability to make money on these surveys. First of all, most surveys are focused on the US- or UK-based demographics. This means that if you’re living outside of these two countries, the number of available surveys (and offerings in general) will be limited.

According to some Freecash reviews, the number of tasks is lower over the weekends. So, the time of the week makes a difference, as well.

Most importantly, the longer you frequent the site, the higher your quality score will become. After a while, you’ll get verified, which will further increase your appeal to survey takers.

Referral program

Another way to make money on is through referral codes. Each user you refer will earn a 100 coin ($0.10) welcome bonus, and you’ll earn a 5% commission of all their future earnings.

How to get paid on

There are a lot of different ways in which you can receive payments. These can be classified into three separate categories.

  • The most sought-after form of withdrawal is in cash. This can be done either via PayPal (which is used for 22% of all online transactions in the US) or your crypto wallet. You can also make a withdrawal in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Dogecoin.
  • Then, you can opt to make a gift card withdrawal. You can get a Visa or Amazon gift card, but you can also go for Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox Live, or Steam-based rewards. You can use the money earned this way on Netflix or Spotify, or you can even use it to order food.
  • Lastly, you can redeem your rewards in the form of video game skins. The most popular ones are CS:GO and Fortnite skins, but people also redeem for skins in League of Legends, Roblox, and Valorant.

Cash payments can be deposited in 24 hours, while some other forms of cash-out can be wrapped up in a matter of minutes. If you face any difficulty cashing out, you can contact the support team. There’s an email and live chat option at your disposal 24/7. If you request a withdrawal, it will most likely get approved in less than two minutes.

How Much Money Can You Make on

The information that most people are looking for in an average review is the earning potential. According to the platform’s website, you can earn $1 per 5-10 minute survey. Yet, user experiences state for an average hourly rate of around $3.

The length of an average survey is 20 minutes, and the estimated reward for such a survey would be roughly $1. Of course, a shorter survey would pay somewhat less. This is decent, even competitive, when compared to other survey sites.

A good thing about the platform is that the payout starts as low as $0.10, which is significantly less than the majority of its counterpart would require as a minimum coin value.

Keep in mind that you can facilitate the payout further by using a promo code for signing up. This rewards you with 100 coins. You can get another 50 coins for following them on Twitter and additional 150 coins for downloading the app.

Freecash Leaderboard

It’s possible to earn more than $100 per month on Freecash. Some users even reach $1,000+ each month. You can check out the Leaderboard to see how much the most active users earn.

This is one of the coolest features on Freecash. It lists the highest-paid users of the day and has a great community on-site chat, where you can get advice on survey-taking strategies from the top earners.

Your Leaderboard position is based on the number of coins you earn on said day/month, and it can net you a pretty hefty bonus. For first place, the daily prize is $50, while the monthly is $250. And what’s more, the top 250 users on the Leaderboard will earn something.

How much are coins worth?

One of the common questions regarding Freecash is related to the value of coins. The math is simple, 1,000 coins are worth $1. This means that the value of a single coin is $0,001 (10 points are worth 1 cent).

The majority of counterpart platforms use points instead of coins. Also, in most cases, the point-to-dollar relation is 100:1. However, this is really not that consequential since both the points and the coins can be redeemed for cash. Mobile App

The fact that has an app is great for those who spend most of their digital time on the go. You see, offer wall websites are not there to provide you with a source of side income but rather supplement your budget a bit. And the Freecash app makes this so easy.

Let’s say that you commute every day to work/university and have 20-30 minutes on the backseat/public transportation to spare. Why not use this time productively to earn a dollar or two and treat yourself with a new video game skin, pay for your Netflix, or order something interesting from Amazon?

The app itself has an amazing score on Google Play. However, at the moment, there’s no iOS app. Alternatives

To accurately (and fairly) evaluate this platform, we must put it up against some of its counterparts. Here are two such platforms: vs Branded Surveys

Right off the bat, it’s worth mentioning that the average time to take the survey and earning potentials of these two platforms is fairly similar. The biggest difference here is in the minimum cash-out, which is $0.10 for and $10 for Branded Surveys. This is exactly 100 times more expensive. also has a major advantage of having a mobile app (even though there’s no app for iOS, only Android, at the moment). vs InboxDollars

The earning potential of InboxDollars is significantly higher than that of its counterpart. On InboxDollars, you can earn as much as $5 per survey. Moreover, this platform offers daily surveys, which gives a bit more reliability to your earning potential. The minimum cash-out on Inbox Dollars via PayPal is $30, which is quite high compared to PayPal cash-out threshold.

Still, cashing out via crypto on might be the most efficient way to use your coins.

Wrap Up

Overall, will never replace your need for a new source of income, but it can be a way for you to slightly supplement your budget, even treat yourself from time to time.

In terms of its money-making potential, it’s slightly above the industry average. Where the platform excels at is the number of ways in which you can redeem Freecash coins. Moreover, with the help of bonus codes and similar incentives, you can get your first cash out rather quickly. Perhaps you can even earn your first crypto tokens this way and open up a whole new world of possibilities.


  • Higher than average earning potential
  • Numerous ways to redeem coins
  • Great Android app
  • Referral program
  • Support and community live chat


  • High disqualification rate
  • No mobile app for iOS
  • Region-locked tasks logo

Editorial Rating


Is legit?

Although the platform has existed since 2020, so far, it hasn’t provided any reason for one to suspect its legitimacy. The company that owns the platform is registered in Germany, which makes it compliant with its strict regulations and policies.

Is safe? uses lengthy SSL declarations to ensure that its users' personal information is secure. Virtually every review agrees on this (even the negative ones). The most common complaints are about the high disqualification rate, which is a risk that the platform itself is pretty transparent about.