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Not every business owner has funds to invest in hiring a lawyer and paying hefty fees. In addition, it’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing legal requirements and website policy regulations. The good news is that legal knowledge is not always required to create a compliant privacy policy for a website, especially if you decide to use an alternative such as FreePrivacyPolicy.

The platform can help you create relevant and quality content and save your money in the long run. Also, maintaining the policies compliant and up to date will become a breeze.

Check out this review to find out:

  • How it works
  • What are the prices
  • How users rate the service and the product
  • Are there any significant alternatives

What Is

FreePrivacyPolicy is a compliance service website offering fast and straightforward policy templates and generators. It was founded in 2008, but only after 2020 did the team add support for Terms & Conditions and Cookie Policy.

The platform is committed to making the process of generating legal policies uncomplicated. It’s suitable for businesses of any size and costs less than hiring legal help. In fact, FreePrivacyPolicy comes with 100% free tools for compliance requirements, such as Cookie Consent.

The free option is always good news for small business owners that cannot afford to invest in legal help or are determined to take charge of setting up documents themselves.

Now, let’s see how you can create legal agreements on your own.

How Works?

FreePrivacyPolicy comes with intuitive and user-friendly generators that can help you create a custom privacy policy in just a couple of steps. While answering a set of simple questions related to your business, the generator takes you through creating the policy. After less than 15 minutes, your document will be formulated and ready for downloading.

If you need to edit or update the legal document, you can do it any time just by logging back into your account and editing your privacy policy on the spot. Also, if you no longer need and wish to delete your account, you may simply discontinue using the service.

Now, let’s take a peek at some of the best FreePrivacyPolicy features and services offered.

Free Privacy Policy Generator

A privacy policy is mandatory by law if you run an online business, regardless of its size. As it’s created to inform web visitors about what data is gathered and how a company will use it, the policy must comply with the privacy law.

The Free Privacy Policy Generator creates a compliant document for the website or app in just a couple of steps. Apart from being GDPR compliant, the generator creates documents that meet the legal requirements of Google AdSense & Analytics, etc. It comes with several provisions and choices for online business owners to limit their liability.

Free Terms and Conditions Generator

A Terms and Conditions page defines and governs the relationship between a business owner and customers. It covers payment schedules, privacy issues, fees and costs, dispute resolution, etc.

This document is not mandatory. However, if it exists, customers must agree to it to use or access a website or a mobile app.

The Free Terms and Conditions Generator is built to help you create a legal document that can include terms and conditions valuable for your business. It can be fully customizable and help avoid any surprises and misunderstandings with the consumer.

Free Cookie Consent

Free Cookie Consent alerts users about handling cookies by a website. It signals the consent of cookies and trackers in use that process personal data from them.

With the Free Cookie Consent, you can make your website compliant with the ePrivacy Directive & GDPR in no time by following these steps:

  • Choosing a compliance
  • Customizing the look and choosing the language displayed
  • Integrating on your website by copying your code

Free Cookie Policy Generator

With a cookies policy, you provide your users with valuable insights into how their personal information is used and processed when visiting your website or app.

Once you set up a Free Cookies Policy, you comply with the ePrivacy Directive (Cookies Directive) and GDPR requirements. The generator comes with features that will help you comply with all the recent changes regarding cookies usage. You can use Free Cookie Policy Generator with Free Cookie Consent to fully cover legal requirements mandatory for your online business.

Free Return & Refund Generator

Return & Refund clarify all the conditions in which your consumers can return the product or service they purchased from your online store. It specifies whether and in what situation the reimbursement will be possible. It states the time frame in which your company can accept returns and under what condition.

Free Return Policy Generator can help you create a suitable policy for your eCommerce store in no time. In addition, you can keep the business conditions transparent at all times.

Free Disclaimer Generator

The smartest thing you can do as a business owner is to protect your business from lawsuits by addressing relevant liability points and limitations of responsibility.

Privacy laws require affiliate disclaimers, and with Free Disclaimer Generator, you can make sure your business complies with the legal requirements of many programs, such as Amazon Associates.

Free EULA Generator

EULA or End User Access Agreement grants the user a license to access an app. It covers a series of significant clauses limiting your obligations as a business owner.

Free EULA Generator helps you generate custom and professional EULA for the desktop or mobile app in just a couple of steps. The generator comes with specific provisions that may give you access to the Apple App Store.

Fees and Pricing

Now let’s check the price range.

The free Privacy Policy offers attorney-drafted legal policy templates and generators for free. However, specific options may come with a price. Let’s see how it works.

All features come with a policy generator that guides you through creating a relevant legal document. And while answering questions about your business, you choose options you want to include in the policy. While most options are free, some come with a specific fee if picked. Here are the costs of the most common options:

  • Adapting the policy to include GDPR compliance wording – $29
  • Collecting social media profile information (such as Facebook, Twitter) – $9
  • Selecting tools for tracking, such as Google Analytics or Firebase – $12
  • Sending emails to users – $12

The final price to be paid is a sum of options picked while generating the policy. It’s a one-time payment with no recurring charges. The amount may vary, but it takes around $60 to create a fully personalized GDPR privacy policy. However, if all the details you wanted to include in the document are free, your policy will remain free of charge.

User Reviews

Countless positive online reviews prove that customers are happy with the service. The highlights are outstanding features and qualities that save you time and money in the long run.

As mentioned in many reviews, one of the best parts of the website is the free compliance solution. This alternative makes it easy for any successful business owner to create a privacy policy at no cost. Even though the free option is not GDPR compliant, all the consumers agree that it is a reasonable option for owners that cannot afford the premium option just yet.

Customer Service

Free Privacy Policy customer support provides customer support through email at the moment. However, you can find responses to the most common questions on the website. Read through the guidelines on creating a valid legal document, and find out if the product suits your business preferences.

Even though the Free Privacy Policy legal team doesn’t provide phone support just yet, in many reviews, the users describe the communication as fast and professional.


Which are the best alternatives to

Termsfeed vs

Both compliance websites offer free privacy policy generators as well as a one-time payment and no recurring fees. While TermsFeed provides more personalized options, features are more straightforward.

They both score high in affordability, even though the pricing structure is different as well as similar compliance options. Depending on the business requirements and pricing structure you prefer, both options can be worth your time and money unless you opt for the free version. In that case, TermsFeed comes with a slightly better free option. vs

Both platforms offer free privacy policy options. However, comes with more personalized choices. On the other side, the integration list is way more extensive.

Even though both websites offer valuable information about the products, covers all the information and suggestions a person can have about the product. Explanations are detailed and straightforward.

While the cost of generating the legal document with the Free Privacy Policy generator depends on the chosen options, offers premium and free alternatives. However, the free option doesn’t include compliance clauses such as GDPR, CCPA, CalOPPA, and clauses for remarketing.


A fantastic option at any price point, TermsFeed offers a great free basic policy and a comprehensive set of paid options if you need more.

  • Free basic policy
  • Very customizable
  • Feature-packed

A fantastic option at any price point, TermsFeed offers a great free basic policy and a comprehensive set of paid options if you need more. excels at generating privacy policies, as well as Terms & Conditions, EULA, disclaimers, cookie policies, return policies, and much more. In other words, businesses looking to create a legal buffer between them and their customers should seriously consider it.

  • Simple management of multiple privacy policies
  • Affordable commercial plan
  • Legally compliant with CalOPPA and GDPR excels at generating privacy policies, as well as Terms & Conditions, EULA, disclaimers, cookie policies, return policies, and much more. In other words, businesses looking to create a legal buffer between them and their customers should seriously consider it. Review Summary

Compliance services providers like prove that hiring a legal expert is unnecessary if you plan to set up a valid legal document yourself. With the right policy generator, you can create such papers in no time and without any expensive help.

As an eCommerce store owner that wants to protect their business, it is a smart move to have certain legal agreements in place. A user-friendly platform such as might come in handy no matter the company size. However, before you go through setting up the user’s account, decide whether your website needs a privacy policy and what is the best way it can serve your business.

The website provides a good amount of information that helps consumers understand all content features and products. On top of that, there’s an extensive list of free features. According to some consumers, the free service is somewhat limited, but the paid options are affordable compared to alternatives.

Regardless of the many choices of free privacy policy templates currently on the market, deserves a place on the list of the best compliance software solutions, thanks to its numerous benefits.


  • Simple to use generators
  • No recurring costs involved
  • Free version available
  • GDPR, CCPA, and CalOPPA compliant


  • Somewhat limited free privacy policy option
  • No phone support available Logo

Editorial Rating


Is legit?

Yes, FreePrivacyPolicy is a legitimate company offering trustworthy privacy policy generator options. It comes with quick and straightforward comprehensive services that will save your time and money in the long run.

Is really free?

Yes. If you choose a free privacy policy option, you will be able to create a legal document at no cost. Check out more about the pricing in this review under the Fees and Pricing section.

Is GDPR compliant?

The premium policies cover all the important clauses like GDPR or CalOPPA clauses. These compliances can be enough to protect you from liability.

Can host?

Yes, the FreePrivacyPolicy legal team provides free hosting for the created Privacy Policy. You can easily link it to your Privacy Policy from any website with just a couple of clicks. It works with any content management system or website builder you use.