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Cost (Dogs)


Min. $25/month

Cost (Cats)


Min. $15/month



Any licensed vet

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Healthy Paws Review - Logo

Editorial Rating

Healthy Paws Review

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Cost (Dogs)


Min. $25/month

Cost (Cats)


Min. $15/month



Any licensed vet

Mobile App


Android & iOS

Waiting periods:


15 days (12 months for hip dysplasia)

Customer service:


Phone, email, and fax

Healthy Paws Review - Logo

Editorial Rating

If you want to provide your pet with the best possible medical care without depleting your emergency savings, then it is time to find the right pet insurance provider for you.

Our analysis of Healthy Paws reviews the company’s plan coverage, limitations, cost, and some extra details!

What Is Healthy Paws Best for?

Healthy Paws is best for pet owners that prefer a simple animal insurance plan with no caps on the payout and an annual deductible, instead of a per-incident deductible.

Claims are submitted through the app and are processed within days. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with how straightforward the process is in their reviews of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.

Is Healthy Paws Legit?

The Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation was founded in 2009 by Steve Siadek and Rob Jackson. The insurance carriers for their program are members of the Chubb Group.

Healthy Paws was rated as the #1 pet insurance company by Angie’s List, Money, Canine Journal, Consumers Advocate, and Pet Insurance Quotes.

Healthy Paws Coverage

The Healthy Paws health insurance for pets covers the following:

  • Illnesses,
  • Accidents,
  • Hereditary conditions,
  • Congenital conditions,
  • Chronic conditions,
  • Cancer,
  • Diagnostic treatment,
  • X-Rays, Blood Tests, Ultrasounds,
  • Surgery,
  • Hospitalization,
  • Prescription medications,
  • Emergency care,
  • Specialty care,
  • Alternative treatment.
  • Healthy Paws Limitations

The pet health insurance plans offered by Healthy Paws don’t cover:

  • Pre-existing conditions,
  • Examination fees,
  • Preventative health care (vaccinations, flea control, nail trim, grooming, etc.),
  • Parasite control,
  • Dental health care (if the injury was caused by an accident they will cover the cost of extraction and/or reconstruction of damaged teeth),
  • Spaying and neutering,
  • Anal gland expression,
  • Behavioral modification training,
  • Therapy or medication for behavioral modification, etc.

How Much Does Healthy Paws Cost?

Healthy Paws charges a minimum of $15/month for cats and $20/month for dogs. This insurance provider also charges a one-time $25 admin fee.

The Healthy Paws Pet Insurance cost depends on your location and the breed of your pet.

Visit the official website of Healthy Paws to get a quote. You will need to provide the breed, gender, and date of birth of your pet, as well as your zip code and email. After you have provided this info, you will be able to view your rates. You also have the option to select the deductible ($100, $200, $500) and the percentage of reimbursement (70%, 80%, 90%).

Example 1:

Breed: Labrador Retriever (male)

Date of Birth: January 2017

Zip Code: 32003 (Florida)

Reimbursement: 80%

Annual Deductible: $200

Maximum Payouts: Unlimited

$71.50 /month

Example 2:

Breed: Persian cat (male)

Date of Birth: January 2017

Zip Code: 32003 (Florida)

Reimbursement: 80%

Annual Deductible: $200

Maximum Payouts: Unlimited

$43.49 /month

Healthy Paws Customer Service

Customer service can be contacted by phone or email.

The hours of operation are:

Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST
Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST

Healthy Paws User Reviews

Canine Journal and Consumers Advocate have ranked Healthy Paws as the best pet insurance company for 2020. Other review sites, like Consumer Advocate and Trustpilot, generally give high or at least average ratings to Healthy Paws. However, Healthy Paws reviews on Consumer Affairs are an exception, probably due to a relatively low number of reviews.

In addition, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance LLC has an accredited profile with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance reviews on the BBB give it an above-average score.

Each Healthy Paws location has a Yelp page, though the one with the most reviews is the page of their Bellevue location.

The Positives

Most of the positive Healthy Paws reviews are from clients that had a costly vet bill reimbursed. The company is true to its word when it comes to coverage and the whole process is quick and hassle-free. There is no need to even call the company and answer questions about the items on the invoice – it’s simply submitted through the app, and then they reimburse the payment depending on your reimbursement level.

We also looked up Healthy Paws reviews on Reddit and one post stood out in particular. A client was faced with an emergency bill costing upwards of $2,000; yet, due to their plan, they ended up with only minor expenses. Situations such as these make pet insurance worth it, as other Reddit users were quick to agree. Aside from a few exceptions, almost every Healthy Paws review is positive or moderately positive, and customers seem fairly satisfied.

The Negatives

This simple pet plan comes at a great cost. Most of the Healthy Paws Pet Insurance complaints are about the steep increase in cost. The infamous Healthy Paws premium increase has caused multiple bad reviews and discussions about their pet insurance on Reddit and other review sites. The unlawful premium increases were the reason behind the class-action lawsuit filed against Healthy Paws. To make matters worse, having an older pet makes it much more difficult to shop around for affordable pet insurance.

Is Healthy Paws the Best Pet Insurance?

If you prefer simple pet insurance plans where all you need to do is submit your bill and get reimbursed, then Healthy Pet may be the right insurance provider for you.

The most common thing clients praise in their Healthy Paws Pet Insurance reviews is the company’s straightforward and no questions asked claims processing.

Healthy Paws vs Trupanion

Healthy Paws has an annual deductible, whereas Trupanion has a lifetime per condition deductible.

Trupanion also has fewer restrictions than Healthy Paws. With Trupanion, you will be getting full coverage after 30 days, whereas if you enroll in Healthy Paws’ policy, you would need to wait 12 months for hip dysplasia coverage.

Healthy Paws also has some enrollment restrictions for older pets. If there is any truth to the numerous Healthy Paws Pet Insurance reviews from clients claiming that their premium increases after their pet got older, then Trupanion may be a better option for you in the long run if you have an older pet.

And lastly, Trupanion can pay participating hospitals directly. Healthy Paws offers a similar option, but it is only available during working hours.

For a more detailed pet insurance comparison, check out our Trupanion review.

Healthy Paws vs Pets Best

Pets Best has a shorter waiting period than Healthy Paws – 3 days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses.

If you have multiple pets, you can take advantage of the 5% discount on BestBenefit plans.

To find out which company is right for you, have a side by side look at our Pets Best and Healthy Paws Pet Insurance reviews.

Wrap Up

Healthy Paws is a reputable company that offers dog and cat insurance plans with no maximum payouts. The claims are processed in a timely manner, so you will be getting reimbursed for your unexpected vet bill in no time! 


  • Annual deductible
  • 30-day Free Look Period
  • No maximum annual or lifetime payouts
  • Lifetime hip dysplasia coverage for pets enrolled before the age of 6


  • Age restrictions
  • One time admin fee
  • 15 day waiting period (12 months for hip dysplasia)
Healthy Paws Review - Logo

Editorial Rating

Healthy Paws FAQ

What Is Healthy Paws?

The Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation was founded in 2009, to help pet owners provide the best medical care for their pets. Healthy Paws offers dog insurance and cat insurance.

What does Healthy Paws not cover?

The Healthy Paws insurance plan for pets doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, preventative care, and examination fees. They also have a bilateral exclusion for pre-existing cruciate ligament injury. If one leg is injured prior to enrolling in their insurance plan or during the waiting period, the other leg will also be excluded from the coverage.

Does Healthy Paws cover dental?

Dental health care is not included in the Healthy Paws pet medical insurance plans. However, if an injury to the teeth is caused due to an accident, Healthy Paws will cover the cost of extraction or the reconstruction of the teeth.

How to cancel Healthy Paws?

To cancel your Healthy Paws policy, you need to notify them via mail, email, fax, or verbally. According to the Healthy Paws cancellation policy for Washington residents, clients can get a refund on an unearned premium on a pro rata basis.

How long is the Healthy Paws waiting period?

There is a 15-day waiting period for the policy to become effective. The waiting period for hip dysplasia is 12 months. If you enroll your pet before the age of 6, the policy will include a lifetime hip dysplasia coverage.

How to file a Healthy Paws insurance claim form?

You can simply submit the invoice through the Healthy Paws app or their online Customer Center. Additionally, you can submit your claim via email, fax, or mail.

Can Healthy Paws pay my vet directly?

If you cannot afford to pay your vet immediately, you can check if the veterinary hospital will accept payments from Healthy Paws. If the answer is yes, you can call a Claims Representative during business hours and arrange for Healthy Paws to pay the vet directly.

Does Healthy Paws offer a multiple pet discount?

Healthy Paws does not offer a traditional multi-pet discount. You can only get a discount if your employer is partnered with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.

Which is better, Healthy Paws or Trupanion?

Both insurance providers are similar when it comes to pet insurance coverage and costs. So, if we need to answer which of these providers offers the best dog insurance or the best cat insurance, we would say it is a tie. While Trupanion covers dental and behavioral therapy, Healthy Paws has an annual deductible instead of a per condition lifetime deductible. In addition, both companies have positive feedback and reviews online and are deemed as top-rated pet insurance providers. We also went to Reddit to find some genuine feedback about pet insurance. Both Healthy Paws and Trupanion were praised as the best pet insurance carrier by Reddit users.

Is Healthy Paws a good pet insurance company?

Healthy Paws has been listed in multiple reviews as the best pet insurance company in 2020. This insurance provider has a good reputation and has been helping homeless pets with their donations. The only negative things we could say about this company are the Healthy Paws reviews from clients that noticed their premiums were increasing as their pet got older.