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Starts at $54.99

Federal taxes:


Starts at $0

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Are you looking for a reliable tax preparation solution that’s free or worth the money? There are a lot of positive H&R Block reviews, but is it the best online tax filing option? Should you entrust it with your taxes?

Let’s see what H&R offers and make a tax software comparison with its greatest rivals to find out if it’s worth it.

What Is H&R Block?

Tax statistics reveal that nearly 1 out of 3 Americans doesn’t understand tax law. What’s more, almost 850 people received prison sentences in 2019 for tax crimes.

Luckily, companies like H&R Block are here to save the day.

Its tax preparation software helps individuals and small businesses with tax filing and returns. The company was founded in 1955 and continues to provide some of the best tax services around.

To use H&R Block, you can access it online or download and install the desktop/mobile client. If you require assistance from an expert, schedule an H&R Block appointment to visit one of the company’s offices or do it virtually. Whichever form you opt for, H&R Block reviews testify that you can expect a high-quality service.

H&R Block Services

Whether you’re unemployed with simple taxes or a small business owner, the company has a solution for you.

With H&R Block taxes online, you can:

  • Fine income credit
  • Deduct student loan interest, tuition, and expenses
  • Report your retirement income
  • Deduct mortgage and real estate
  • Report investment income (Schedule D)
  • Report crypto sales
  • Claim business costs
  • Report business deductions
  • Claim the child tax credit
  • Do simple returns
  • Organize contract, freelancing, gig work, and other self-employed income

To evaluate your refund, you have the H&R Block calculator at your disposal.

In case you need expert assistance, the company offers a tax professional. You also have the option to file taxes virtually or in the office nearest to you.

Like its greatest rival, TurboTax, H&R Block has the same interview-like procedure to guide you through tax preparation. You’ll answer questions, and then the software will use the data to get you the maximum H&R Block tax return.

Don’t worry if you’ve never filed taxes on your own. There are detailed explanations and various positive H&R Block reviews confirm customers found them very useful.

H&R Block is the best tax program for small businesses and individuals. According to DIY tax reviews, it offers exquisite tax prep software that can save you money. Customers with a simple tax situation may even sign up for the H&R Block free tax file.

What’s more, there’s a special offer for those in military service. Apart from that, it’s not the cheapest place to do taxes, so if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to look for another solution.

H&R Block Desktop Version/Mobile App

H&R Block tax software comes in different forms — online, desktop, and mobile. Unlike TurboTax, it no longer supports the CD option but you can still buy a version of it for an additional fee.

Note that many H&R Block online reviews focus on the online version as it’s more convenient for users. Everything’s stored in the cloud and doesn’t require installation. Besides, it’s cheaper than the desktop edition, which doesn’t include a free plan.

For smartphone enthusiasts, the app is available on Android and iOS. Its H&R Block ratings are excellent for both of them.

H&R Block Pricing and Plans

How much does H&R Block charge, and which plan to go for?

In this H&R Block review, we’ll clear that up for you.

The H&R Block Free Online is best for students, parents, and W-2 employees who can do their taxes at no cost. This plan covers income tax and additional child tax credit. Plus, it deals with unemployment income. What makes the free version different from competitors’ similar packages is that it also includes schedules 1 and 3 of Form 1040. It’s the most popular plan, according to many H&R Block tax return reviews.

The Deluxe Edition costs  $54.99 per federal and $44.99 per state tax return. In contrast to the H&R Block free edition, it covers several tax deductions. You’ll also get free access to tech support via phone or chat. While this plan includes more services than the H&R Block online free plan, it’s still not great for complex tax situations.

If you’re an investor who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on tax filing, the H&R Block Premium is the right package for you. The price starts at $74.99 per federal and $44.99 per state tax return. In case you’re weighing up H&R Block Deluxe vs Premium, and you need a more inclusive plan, the latter is the right pick.

There’s also an excellent solution for small-business owners, freelancers, and independent contractors. Starting at $114.99 per federal and $44.99 per state tax filed, they may sign up for the Self-Employed Edition. It’s the best tax filing service for claiming small business expenses and reporting business deductions.

If you need online assistance, choose the Basic Online Assist package and get unlimited help from a tax professional, a CPA, or an enrolled agent. The price starts at $69.99.

In case your tax situation is more complex, the H&R Block prices go as follows:

  • Online Assist Deluxe: $109.99
  • Online Assist Premium: $159.99
  • Online Assist Self-Employed: $194.99

Except for the Basic Online Assist, which includes $39.99 tax filing per state, other packages charge $49.99 per service.

If you’re not a fan of online tax filing, you can visit one of 9,000+ H&R Block locations and file your taxes with a pro for a minimum of $80 + additional state fee. Use the locator on the official website to find the nearest office.

H&R Block Customer Reviews

The site features positive customer ratings and excellent reviews. They all praise the fast, high-quality service that’s expected of the best tax program. But to get the real picture, let’s go through users’ reviews on H&R Block elsewhere.

For starters, H&R Block isn’t BBB accredited.

The company has a very low rating score on Trustpilot. Most negative reviews lead back to customers losing money. In addition, H&R Block has received a lot of negative feedback on Consumer Affairs.

H&R Block Alternatives

Let’s see how H&R Block tax filing measures up to its competitors.

TurboTax vs H&R Block

TurboTax is one of its greatest rivals, but neither company offers the cheapest way to file taxes. Still, H&R Block is inexpensive compared to TurboTax.

If you’re wondering where to file taxes for free, H&R Block is more inclusive.

Jackson Hewitt vs H&R Block

Users’ H&R Block online filing reviews often make a tax software comparison with its other rival — Jackson Hewitt. The latter also offers both tax software and filing taxes online. But, unlike the H&R Block online taxes plans, Jackson Hewitt has just one package.

For $49, you can file federal and unlimited state tax returns.

For more information on the differences and similarities between the two, check out our detailed comparison.

TaxAct vs H&R Block

Both and H&R Block offer plans for free federal tax filing. The difference is that with the latter, you can file state taxes for free too.

When it comes to pricing plans, H&R Block offers more expensive ones. TaxAct would be the cheapest way to do taxes.

Final Verdict

H&R Block has been in the market for over six decades, so don’t be surprised when you hear it’s the best online tax service. Unlike other companies, it offers tax filing in the presence of a tax pro or CPA at any H&R Block office.

The filing experience is simple and straightforward, even for rookies. But if you encounter any issues or have questions, check the official website or set up a video call with the platform’s professionals.

While It’s not as expensive as some of its competitors, H&R Block reviews suggest this isn’t the best solution for those on a tight budget.


  • Audit support
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Excellent H&R Block reviews
  • Over six decades of experience
  • Access to tax returns for six years
  • Maximum refund and 100% accuracy guarantees


  • UX isn’t seamless
  • Limited Virtual Assistant
  • Pricy tax preparation software
  • Online Assist plan doesn’t guarantee expert help
H&R Block Logo

Editorial Rating


How much does H&R Block cost?

If you do simple taxes, you may qualify for the free plan. For a more complicated tax situation, choose a different package. The cheapest one starts at $54.99, plus $44.99 for a state filing.

The minimum fee for Online Assistance is $69.99, plus $39.99 for state tax. The cheapest software version costs $19.95.

Does H&R Block have hidden fees?

No, it’s fully transparent with its prices. You’ll be aware of the fees before the tax prep starts. But we still recommend reading the terms carefully.

Is it worth going to H&R Block?

It has some negative online tax filing reviews from customers. However, numerous positive H&R Block reviews indicate that many users think the company is the best way to do taxes and the best tax software. Its prices are somewhat high, but the service quality makes up for it. You won’t go wrong if you choose H&R Block.