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Inc Authority Reviews and Detailed Analysis: 2021 Edition

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Processing time


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Inc Authority is probably one of the few online legal services companies that offer free LLC formation.

To any aspiring business owner, this sounds like an unsustainable business model.

So, what’s the catch? Is Inc Authority free as advertised?

Inc Authority reviews online seem to suggest that to be the case.

In our review, we will discuss which Inc Authority LLC services are free and which cost extra.

What Is Inc Authority Best for?

Inc Authority LLC is part of a family of companies that have been around since 1989. They have helped form more than 150,000 businesses.

The company offers a free LLC setup service, as well as other paid business formation services.


Let’s have a look at the most important Inc Authority LLC formation services.

LLC Filing

Inc Authority will prepare the documents needed to create an LLC meeting the state-specific requirements and submit them to the authorities. This is a free service and you will only need to pay the state fees.

This is another service included in the free package. Inc Authority will check whether your business name is available in your state.

Registered Agent Service

Inc Authority will act as your registered agent for free for 1 year. After that, you will be required to pay the full fee. In some Inc Authority reviews, customers complained that when they wanted to cancel this service, they had to pay a fee.

The reason why business owners don’t want to pay for this service is that they can act as the registered owner.

The Inc Authority login gives you access to their client portal and a digital copy of your documents.

S-Election Form

Inc Authority can prepare and file this document with the IRS. This service is included in the free package.

Customer Support

Every paying or non-paying customer can contact Inc Authority support for any questions they may have.

Tax Planning Consultation

You get a tax planning consultation for free to discuss tax benefits and the best tax option for your business.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

You can obtain a federal tax ID number from the IRS on your own for free, but this service costs extra with Inc Authority.

LLC Operating Agreement

This is one of the aspects where Inc Authority falls short as a free LLC online service. To get access to an Inc Authority LLC operating agreement template, you will have to pay extra.

Meeting Minutes

This service is only included in the paid Inc Authority bundles.

Free Business Checking Account

If you start your business with them, you can get an Inc Authority business checking account for free, from Bank of America.

Plans & Pricing

Now, let’s discuss the cost of the starter business bundle – Inc Authority offers one free and three paid packages.

1. Starter Business Bundle — $660 full price ($399 discounted price)

  • Verify Business Name Availability
  • Custom State Filed Articles
  • Complete Operating Agreement/Bylaws
  • Record Book & Company Seal
  • Initial Meeting Minutes & Resolutions
  • Ownership Certificates
  • IRS Tax ID Number (EIN)
  • Business Credit & Funding Evaluation
  • Tax Consultation
  • 1 Year Inc Protection Advisor

2. Executive Business Bundle – $789 full price ($499 discounted price)

  • Business License Report
  • Website Domain

3. Tycoon Business Bundle – $1,286 full price ($799 discounted price)

  • Express Processing
  • BizCredit Express
  • Business Credit Coach
  • Multi-Tiered Credit Building System
  • Business Credit LaunchPad
  • D&B Credit Bureau Registration

The Executive bundle has only two extra services, whereas the Tycoon has eight extra services when compared to the Starter bundle.

As we can see, the Inc Authority pricing model is more costly compared to rival firms that offer online formation services.

Even if you choose the free package, you will still incur Inc Authority fees when the Registered Agent service is renewed.


Inc Authority’s customer service team can be reached via the contact form on their website, or by phone. They are available Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm PST.

The corporate office of Inc Authority is in Reno NV.

The main complaint customers discussed in their Inc Authority reviews regarding the support team is about their insistence to upsell additional services.

Ease of Use

The IncAuthority website has a FAQ, blog, and Trustpilot reviews of Inc Authority.

The website is pretty informative and contains a lot of information on how to form an LLC using their free services.

What is lacking the most is a detailed list of the prices of the services not included in the package. All services offered by Inc Authority cost extra unless you purchase one of their bundles.

It would be great if users could compare prices of any extra features they may want to purchase with Inc Authority competitors. The only way to find out is to use Inc Authority to start a business and then have their employees try to upsell these additional services.

Inc Authority User Reviews

Inc Authority doesn’t have a Better Business Bureau Profile (BBB).

The company website links to their Trustpilot profile where there is a total number of 4,430 Inc Authority reviews. The platform further has a 4.8-star rating, meaning the majority of the Inc Authority LLC reviews on Trustpilot are positive.

There are 625 Inc Authority reviews on Google, giving the company an average rating of 4.6 stars.

In one particular Inc Authority review, customers complained about the paid services. Or to be more specific, they had issues with the Inc Authority refund policy. Once they paid, getting their money back was next to impossible, even if they weren’t satisfied with the service.

Another complaint referred to the Inc Authority registered agent service. Most customers had taken advantage of the free package, but they didn’t notice that after one year has passed they will be charged for the service.

The IRS tax ID number was also mentioned in the negative reviews. The customers felt taken advantage of, as they later realized that they could obtain the ID number on their own, from the IRS.

Overall, most of the reviews were positive and the customers were satisfied with the services they received.

Our Verdict 

If all you need is to start an LLC, then Inc Authority is a good option for you. The company offers the best rated online LLC formation service you can get for free. They also include a lot of extra perks in their free package that you can take advantage of.

The downside is the fact that clients may be roped into paying for a service they don’t need. For example the registered agent. It is a free service for one year, after which customers have to pay the full fee.

Besides that, Inc Authority is among the best LLC service companies online.

Inc Authority Alternatives

Let’s see how Inc Authority compares to other companies offering business formation services.

Inc Authority vs LegalZoom

LegalZoom is also a legal online technology company, but unlike Inc Authority, it does not offer free services. Nevertheless, they have served more than a million customers.

Their LLC packages start at $79 (minus the state fees). The cheapest plan, the economy package, also includes Articles of Organization.

A registered agent (RA) will cost you $159 if you use their LLC package and $299 for the first year as a standalone service.

Inc Authority vs ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is deemed by many to be the best LLC website. This is because it offers the cheapest LLC formation packages, starting at $49/year excluding state fees.

The company also offers the best registered agent service at $99 per year.

If you can shell out a few more bucks a year, we definitely recommend ZenBusiness. They are the best incorporation service for that price.

For more details, check out our ZenBusiness review.

Wrap Up

All in all, Inc Authority is a good alternative if you want to register an LLC for free but don’t want to do all the legwork.

While some of the services offered by their competitors in the starter packages are lacking in their free package, Inc Authority reviews suggest that customers are satisfied with their service in general.


  • Free LLC filing
  • Tax consultation
  • Business name check
  • Positive online reviews
  • Digital storage of documents
  • Free registered agent for one year


  • Expensive add-on services
  • All sales are final — no refunds
Inc Authority Logo

Editorial Rating


What is Inc Authority?

Inc Authority is a Reno, NV, company which offers business formation services.

Is Inc Authority legit?

Yes, Inc Authority is a legitimate company. It is part of the INCAUTHORITY.COM family of companies.

How much does Inc Authority charge to be a registered agent?

If you use their free package for forming an LLC, the first year is free. After that, you will be charged $99 per year.

How do I get a free LLC?

If you file for an LLC on your own, you will only have to pay the state fees. So, this is definitely the cheapest LLC registration. Otherwise, you can use an online legal service such as Inc Authority.