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We live in a high-tech society, with a freer than ever information flow.

Performing a complete background screening on someone is nothing new, nothing complicated, and nothing unavailable any longer. In fact, there are numerous quality background check companies with excellent features and affordable prices out there.

Needless to say, the number of those that are not so great is even higher.

But, where is Intelius in all that?

Read our Intelius review and discover what this public records company has in store for you. Or, to be more precise, in its exhaustive database.

About Intelius

Intelius is one of the leading background check agencies, most suitable for detailed personal information look-up.

The company has been around since 2003. This gives it the valuable advantage of almost two decades of experience and data gathering. And although Intelius headquarters are in Seattle, the agency offers nationwide coverage.

So, with the Intelius people search, you can research nearly anyone in the US without leaving the comfort of your chair. Technically speaking, you could do most of this research on your own, but that would involve hours and hours of online investigation and possibly a couple of courthouse visits.

Intelius, for a fact, saves a lot of time and effort!

And that is exactly the main idea behind the background check agencies.

With Intelius, in particular, you’ll be able to access different peoples’ criminal records, court documents, address histories, phone numbers, other contacts, sex offender registry, and much more.

And while in hundreds of individual Intelius reviews, satisfied customers praise the platform’s interface, features, and data available, others share some concerns and disappointments. The lack of accuracy in findings and pricing strategies are among the repeating users’ complaints.

Another major concern that arises from all this is the legitimacy of Intelius.

So, is Intelius legit?

Despite many controversies that surround this background check company, it’s worth noting that all its operations are completely legit.

In fact, Intelius has maintained a respectable A rating from the BBB over the years.

Additionally, in 2017 the agency underwent a thorough Online Trust Alliance (OTA) safety audit. This probe measures the data breach prevention ability and the online attacks protection that the acclaimed online platforms offer.

The result was the Honor Roll status that puts Intelius among the top 50 OTA affiliates. And this, in turn, promotes the Intelius background check as a well-secured and transparent option.

Finally, to prevent unintentional law breaches, the agency now keeps the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance disclaimer at the bottom of its landing page. The aim is to discourage any customers from using the platform to determine someone’s eligibility for credit,  insurance, employment, tenant, or other similar screening purposes. These kinds of background checks should be performed by consumer reporting agencies only.

Features and Services

Still, the Intelius review by BBB and OTA status don’t mean much to customers without a decent platform’s features and services inspection.

So, here it is!

Intelius key features

There are plenty of different ways to conduct a background search. However, what shows up on a background check report and how the results are presented depends on your screening choice.

The following features are what make Intelius a preferred search ally for many.

Satisfactory interface

We took a moment to inspect users’ feedback on various online Intelius background check reviews. What was common was the overall customer satisfaction with the platform’s interface.

This is, mostly, thanks to:

  • The simple yet engaging web design without too many distractions or pages to browse through.
  • The ease of use —  you can distinguish this platform by its straightforward instructions, one-click options, and excellent Intelius dashboard flow.
  • The moderate use of a paywall lets you see some of the basic personal info, but it makes sure the company doesn’t run out of business. For more detailed reports, you will have to make some payments before the wall is down.
Impressive database scope

It’s what everyone looks for in a background screening company, after all.

Well, Intelius has got it!

With over 20 billion public records that keep growing and get constantly updated, you can pretty much count on a successful search.

Of course, not all people contributing to the Intelius reviews would agree on this. Many users claim that they couldn’t locate the person they were looking for at all. But then again, the chances of someone staying under the radar are always present.

How does Intelius get your information?

Intelius keeps collecting data from various live and trustworthy public and private sources such as:

  • FBI databases
  • Local criminal databases
  • County, state, and federal court databases
  • Commercial business records
  • Real estate records
  • Social networks

So even if some of the data isn’t instantly available, it may reach the Intelius people finder database in the future.

Identity protection

Whenever dealing with free people scans online, you are in great danger of some of your own information ending up collected and misused.

But with each Intelius report comes the guarantee of payment information protection.

Furthermore, you can increase your data protection through an additional feature called Identity Protect. For a monthly subscription of about $20, you could avoid any inadvertent information acquisition and potentially even identity theft.

It might be an offer worth considering.

Multiple billing options

The possibility of choosing among different options is always an advantage — especially when it comes to your payments.

Whether you are the type of person who likes to see each bill separately or you are into the volume discounts chase, Intelius provides both.

On top of that, the Intelius free trial is often in force. So maybe you could start with that before you decide to commit.

But be careful! Most Intelius criticism stems from hidden free trial cancelation charges instances.

Always read the fine print in any special offer you might get.

Mobile apps

Another very convenient feature is the Intelius app for mobile devices.

Whether you are an Android or iOS user, the app is available for both operating systems. You can perform your background checks while commuting or waiting in line. And with the same level of service as with any web browser.

Services that Intelius provide

Similar to other screening agencies of the kind, like USSearch and PeopleFinders, Intelius primarily specializes in searching for people. And so its people search option has always been among the platform’s most popular services.

Nonetheless, over the years, other features and services developed. Needless to say, this has helped the company keep its place close to the top, despite the growing number of Intelius competitors.

Let’s see what these services are.

People search

One of the first and most widely spread Intelius services, people search, remains one of the customers’ favorites.

In today’s modern world of countless acquaintances and contacts, it can be difficult to keep in touch with everyone constantly. Intelius smart people search can help you find almost anyone within the US border in only a few minutes.

Information you’ll get access to, with the help of Intelius, is:

  • a person’s date of birth and age
  • former and current addresses
  • phone numbers, email addresses, and other contacts
  • possible relatives
  • different social media networks
  • employment records
  • education history

And the best part, to find a person with Intelius, all you need to enter is their name and approximate address.

Public records inspection

Looking for a more comprehensive inspection of a person’s past whereabouts and actions? Try Intelius public records inspection. This service encompasses everything from the people search report plus any available public records.

These include but are not limited to:

  • marriage and divorce records
  • relationship analysis
  • traffic records
  • government watch list notice

Information needed for inspecting public records with Intelius is the same as for the people search, only the basics.

Reverse phone lookup

Intelius reverse phone lookup can turn up being very practical in some situations.

Imagine somebody calling you in the middle of the night from an unknown number. It might be a major emergency or a major scam.

Enter the unknown phone number in Intelius reverse phone search, and instantly find out who is calling or messaging you.

Reverse address lookup

Intending to buy a property, but you’re not sure what its walls might hide?

With Intelius reverse address search, you could discover:

  • the real home value
  • any current and previous residents data
  • sex offenders in the area
  • contact information of the owner

All this and more is discoverable by Intelius, with any address provided.

Criminal record search

Intelius criminal background check is among the most comprehensive options available in the US. Thanks to reliable government sources and billions of files within its database, Intelius will give you reports on all criminal offenses, misdemeanors, and felonies recorded. Other details like disposition dates and case numbers are also available at times.

Full background check

Before you ask yourself — can you afford such a luxury— you should know that the full Intelius background check cost doesn’t surpass any individual check cost.

This is one of the latest Intelius adjustments that probably addressed some of the negative Intelius pricing feedback.

So if you don’t want to break your head about which segment of someone’s life you should research, you can now perform a full Intelius background check for the same price.

The full check will include all sorts of personal and criminal data.

You’ll get the most recent findings of:

  • people search
  • public records
  • federal, state, and local criminal record check
  • information on any judgments or lawsuits
  • liens
  • bankruptcies
  • more
Intelius tiered service plan

If you’re planning to use Intelius services regularly over some time, consider Intelius Premier membership. This is a monthly subscription plan that includes all the Intelius searches available.

The service currently costs less than a single one-time background check report.

Just remember to cancel the membership the moment you don’t need it any longer. Otherwise, the company will keep charging the monthly price you agreed on upon your subscription. Cancelation fees apply too.

More on Intelius prices, in the next section.

How Much Does Intelius Cost?

Finally, we’re coming to the part that has raised many Intelius controversies and left many wondering — is Intelius legit?

Well, the company surely doesn’t apply the most transparent pricing methods. And, there have been many instances where people accidentally ended up paying more than planned.

So we did a little Intelius cost research to help you understand the pricing plans. This is what we found:

  • Currently, a one-time full background check report on someone costs $29,63.
  • The Premier monthly subscription price is the same  — $29,63.
  • The platform offers different promotions from time to time. So at the time of writing this Intelius background check review, one month of unlimited reports price is reduced to $24.86.
  • If you immediately subscribe to two months of unlimited search, you’ll pay even less — $21.13 a month (or $42.25 total for those two months).
  • Intelius Premier free trial with five days of unlimited search costs only $1.99. However, after this trial period, the Premier monthly subscription of $29,63 will get activated. You can prevent this by canceling the membership before the five days expire.
  • A cancellation fee of $7.95 applies with any subscription.
  • All the plans get automatically renewed next month if not canceled, even the promotional ones.
  • Single reports Intelius fees prevent further charges in the future. But they won’t enable you to access any other reports aside from the one you’ve already paid for.
  • When trying to get a single report, the platform will take you back to the first page, offering a full background check or a monthly plan. So, in the end, you will end up paying those $29,63 (unless there’s a promotion) either for a one-time full background check report or for the unlimited monthly subscription.

This kind of layered pricing does leave some gray areas and a lot of place for confusion, indeed. However, calling Intelius a scam, as some people do, is undoubtedly a little far-fetched.

How Does Intelius Work?

If, after this first part of our review, you’ve already set your mind on trying the platform, here is how it works.

Intelius usage is quite straightforward. Usually, Intelius background checks won’t take longer than 20 minutes, no matter which type of search you opt for.

The platform itself works on the principle of constant search activity and updates. So by the time you look up someone, the information you seek is most probably all there. It just needs to be organized and filed into a report. The whole process is well programmed and fluid, so you won’t feel like you’re doing research.

That is far more practical than doing look-up for people alone — which requires heavy online research, paying visits to different institutions, and considerable time waste.

So, this is how you perform a background check with Intelius:

  • As soon as you visit the official Intelius website, you will find the look-up window across the landing page. You can either start your search from there or you can opt for the skip the line option that will take you to the current subscription plans and promotions.
  • Choose your monthly plan or one-time find people Intelius search option and fill up the required fields. The fields include your full name, address, email, and billing details. Don’t worry, your personal information is quite safe with Intelius.
  • After that, you can start your search. All you need is the name, address, or phone number of the person you intend to look up.
  • If you prefer trying out the free people scan first and paying for the service after, scroll to the bottom of the landing page and opt for the individual service that interests you. You will be able to get the basic details without any payments.
  • However, if you’re happy with how the search is going and want to review the full report, you will have to complete the payment first.
  • Intelius mobile app works on pretty much the same principle. Just remember to update it from time to time.

User Reviews

If you haven’t experienced any emotional roller-coasters in a while — try browsing through an Intelius review.

We have tried the Consumer Affairs, BBB, and Trustpilot reviews, and we’ve got quite similar comments and ratings on all three.

All in all, the comments are either extremely positive or extremely negative. Consequently, the ratings are either one star or five stars, rarely in between.

The reason behind probably being (as with most background check agencies) — the fact that on these kinds of platforms, you’ll either find what you’re looking for or you won’t.

Most Intelius complaints are regarding the search being unsuccessful but still charged. Following are the comments about the cancelation fees and the lack of refund options.

And most of the positive comments are about the searches that turned out surprisingly thorough, detailed, and organized. And about helpful Intelius customer service assistants.

Customer Service

Even though users can reach Intelius customer support only through the official email and phone number provided on, most of them seem happy with the service.

But then again, a high number of customers are dissatisfied with the limited working hours, Monday–Friday, 7 AM–5 PM PST. And many complain that they were unable to reach anyone over the phone.

Luckily, there is an option of online unsubscription if that is the main reason for your call.

Ultimately, you can try reaching someone through Intelius Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn official profile.

Intelius Alternatives

As with every other segment of your personal and business life, knowing your background check alternatives is always good.

Here are some of them.

BeenVerified vs Intelius

Both companies have been around for a while, although Intelius has a slightly longer tradition and, therefore, arguably, richer database.

Service-wise, they cover similar search spheres. And when it comes to pricing strategies and customer experience, both agencies have had their share of controversies. However, BeenVerified offers slightly more affordable pricing plans and promotions that reduce down to $14.86.

On the other hand, Intelius has a BBB approval and an A rating that can increase the feeling of trust and security in users.

Intelius vs Instant Checkmate

As opposed to Intelius that specializes in personal information searches, Instant Checkmate excels in criminal record checks.

Although slightly less controversial, Instant Checkmate has often been criticized for its high prices and cluttered interface.

Still, the company has scored an A+ rating from BBB, which is slightly higher than what Intelius has achieved.

Both companies offer cheap free trials that, unless canceled on time, can activate full membership charges. So whether you are trying the Intelius date check or checking up on your friend with Instant Checkmate, make sure that you cancel your subscription timely.

TruthFinder vs Intelius

TruthFinder brags about being the US’s most trustworthy background checking service. However, its search mechanisms work on the same principles as Intelius’s.

But, it does have a slightly better interface and higher speed of data processing.

Aside from all the services that Intelius extends, TruthFinder additionally offers dark web scans and a free family tree maker.

However, this platform doesn’t offer any one-time service, meaning you’re compelled to subscribe for each search you might have.


BeenVeried is an AFFORDABLE background checker that offers criminal & court records, together with property, personal & vehicle reports. It comes with 2 membership plans, both offering unlimited searches, lookups & reports.

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Refunds available

BeenVeried is an AFFORDABLE background checker that offers criminal & court records, together with property, personal & vehicle reports. It comes with 2 membership plans, both offering unlimited searches, lookups & reports.

Instant CheckMate

Instant Checkmate is a SAFE website where your searches are 100% anonymous. It comes with a free Android app and a database which searches through millions of National, State and Local records.

  • 70,000+ 5 Star reviews
  • 1,400,000+ searches
  • 5-day $1 trial

Instant Checkmate is a SAFE website where your searches are 100% anonymous. It comes with a free Android app and a database which searches through millions of National, State and Local records.


TruthFinder is an ALL-IN-ONE background checking company. Apart from phone & address lookups, it also offers criminal & sex offender searches. There is also an option to search for possible associates and get customizable reports with their membership plan.

  • Dark web monitoring
  • Compatible on iOS & Android
  • Unlimited searches (Membership)

TruthFinder is an ALL-IN-ONE background checking company. Apart from phone & address lookups, it also offers criminal & sex offender searches. There is also an option to search for possible associates and get customizable reports with their membership plan.

Wrap Up

Is Intelius safe to use?

It surely is!

But is Intelius always 100% reliable? Well, that depends on many factors.

The type of your search, the information you provide, and the person’s ability to stay under the radar could all affect your search accuracy.

Intelius does have a huge record database, but that doesn’t mean there’s no space for mistakes in there.

Finally, most of the users and analysts, including this Intelius review creator, agree on one thing:

The platform pricing could be more transparent.

And, like most of its competitors, Intelius should continue to work on its accuracy and customer service improvements.


  • Excellent interface
  • Straightforward search options
  • Trusted sources
  • Extensive database


  • Occasional lack of accuracy
  • Intricate pricing methods
  • Limited customer support options
Intelius Logo

Editorial Rating


Where does Intelius get its information?

Intelius gets its information from trustworthy private and public sources such as FBI databases, local criminal databases, federal court databases, real estate records, social media, and similar.

How accurate is Intelius?

Based on its extensive database, Intelius can be very accurate. However, many users claim that the information they got was incomplete or inaccurate.

How to remove information from Intelius?

1. Visit the official Intelius opt-out website. 2. Fill up your name, address, and email. 3. Search for your reports and select the one you want to remove. 4. You will receive the confirmation email. 5. After you confirm your request through email, your selected information will get removed.

Is Intelius legit?

Intelius is a legit background check company supported by BBB and OTA. You can find more about the subject at the beginning of this Intelius review.