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iubenda Review

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Countries supported:


100+ different countries, eight languages

Customer support:


Help center, iubenda Knowledge Base, live chat, Facebook, Twitter

Multiple integration options:



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Andrea Giannangelo founded iubenda in February 2011. The core of the product is the web application that generates website privacy policies that are compliant across multiple legislations.

If you are not sure that iubenda is what you need, this article is for you. In this iubenda review, you can find everything about its features, pros and cons, user reviews, and customer service experiences.

What Is iubenda?

iubenda is a self-updating software service that offers a complete set of attorney-level solutions. It can assist with various compliance tasks, including designing website privacy policies.

Since it’s a piece of compliance software, businesses can use iubenda for their websites and apps. Prior legal knowledge is not needed and, according to customer feedback, the iubenda privacy policy generator is very quick. The service comes with automatic updates managed by an international legal team. The team helps create terms of use and privacy policy for websites that comply with legal and regulatory requirements. The complete legal service is one of the reasons why iubenda is a perfect choice for people with little to no legal knowledge.

The service can support a broad range of businesses, as the software is fully customizable, and users can pick and choose what they need. It can generate privacy policies, cookie policies, terms and conditions, and ensures cookie consent complies with relevant regulations. All of its services are available in several languages, making it useful even to users outside of the US.

How iubenda Works

iubenda offers extended features and services, concerning regulatory compliance of digital content. You take care of them simply by selecting the right option, going through the prompts on the website, and picking the options that suit you. You can even pick the site targets (B2B or B2C, for example), as you may be subject to different laws depending on your target customers.

Here are some of the services and features offered by iubenda:

Privacy and cookie policy generator

  • This internet startup allows anyone to create a Privacy and Cookie Policy for their website. If you don’t need to design a custom provision, You can choose over 1300 previously drafted clauses in eight languages. Additionally, the privacy policy supports multiple integration options: standard (widget in the footer), direct link and direct text embedding via JavaScript or API. The latter two require a pro or an ultra plan.

The Cookie Solution

  • The cookie compliance solution is compatible with the EU Cookie Law as iubenda operates as the Consent Management Provider.
  • iubenda software offers full control of the cookie banner’s appearance and allows you to modify its size, location, content, color, additional elements, or checkboxes. The software has a built-in easy-to-use wizard component that allows you to make more detailed adjustments to the CSS panel.

Terms and Conditions generator

  • iubenda terms and conditions are aimed to protect the business. The service helps business owners to set the customizable rules within applicable law of how their service or product may be used. Depending on the industry, this may include copyright conditions, age limits, the governing law of the contract, etc.

Local regulatory compliance

  • The iubenda team promises to offer services that comply with the required GDPR Consent Records.
  • When it comes to CCPA Disclosure, an essential part of privacy policies, iubenda offers a simple list of requirements and what information must be complete, up-to-date, and easily accessible throughout your website/app. Check out our privacy policy article to find out if you need iubenda services.

Consent Solution

  • The visual iubenda dashboard can help you sort, analyze, and review consent records quickly. You can easily access it by visiting the main account dashboard on your app or website and choosing Consent Solution.

Internal Privacy Management Tool

  • On the iubenda website, you can find a quick guide to the Internal Privacy Management Tool and a detailed tutorial with step by step guide to all the segments. This tool is a perfect solution to document all the data processing activity within the organization efficiently. It allows you to create the record information in a way that’s suitable for you but covers all the GDPR required areas.

WordPress plugin

  • Thanks to the iubenda WordPress plugin, you can easily generate privacy & cookie policy documents as well as implement scripts in a website effortlessly.

Fees and Pricing

Over the years, the iubenda team has extended offerings and solutions suitable for many businesses. These are the iubenda pricing plans and services that each of them includes.

License Model comes with two options:

  • Pro that includes Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator
  • Ultra that has Terms and condition option

Subscription Model that comes with:

  • Cookie Solution
  • Consent Solution + Internal Privacy Management Package

iubenda offers other solutions as well:

  • A Single license slot that can be used for one site, app, or language.
  • Multiple single licenses offer significant savings with four license slots and more.
  • A Flat-Rate that applies regardless of the number of sites or users. This model currently applies to the Consent Solution + Internal Privacy Management Solution package.
  • Usage-based package applies to the iubenda Cookie Solution. This model is a flexible subscription plan that adjusts your business needs. Categories under this model correspond to the number of expected page views.

iubenda prices differ whether you choose Bundles or Custom options. These options have different benefits: cookie banner, prior blocking, asynchronous reactivation, IAB TCF compatibility, etc.

Bundles options are:

  • Personal $29/year
  • Business $9/month
  • Business Plus $22/month

Custom options are:

  • Basic, Pro and Ultra, opportunities for one site or app
  • Pro and Ultra, options for multiple sites and apps

iubenda offers an extensive range of combinations of advantages that will make sure you get the customizable service for the money you invest.

User Reviews

According to the iubenda reviews we analyzed, customers praise the service as an excellent solution for businesses of any size. It provides a superior user experience, and human involvement takes it one step above the competition. It also offers good webinars as a bonus.

Few buyers said that iubenda is pricey compared to other similar services. However, they all agree that it is an easy and reliable solution for the GDPR privacy policy and worth the price. In addition, iubenda customers mention that it takes 15–30 minutes to generate a privacy policy and implement the cookie solution, depending on how extensive the privacy policy needs to be.

Customers writing iubenda reviews mention that it’s an ideal platform to manage consent and cookie policy. The customer support is outstanding and adds to the whole iubenda experience. Overall, customers are happy with the impeccable service.

Customer Service

Customers rated iubenda support as exceptional due to their prompt answers to inquiries.

They are described as a team that goes the extra mile to help the customer, which is the key to customer experience success and satisfaction. Customer care is well-prepared and always available to offer immediate support with comprehensive, knowledgeable, and helpful answers.

The clients can contact the customer service via help center, Knowledge Base, live chat, Facebook, and iubenda Twitter page.

Iubenda Alternatives

When it comes to Privacy Policy and Cookie Solutions for websites and apps, there are many elegant, effective, and user-friendly ways to create them. Here are some of the best iubenda alternatives:

iubenda vs TermsFeed

While TermsFeed is somewhat easier to use, iubenda offers superior quality. If you have a complex business model and use a lot of personal data or processing services, iubenda will be able to deal with everything you need. Additionally, TermsFeed is cheaper, but its privacy policy templates don’t include all legally mandated clauses.

iubenda vs Cookiebot

Unlike iubenda, Cookiebot is an online solution offering help users to comply only with cookie management guidelines under the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive (ePR). The packages offered are pretty standard and include Cookie Consent, Cookie Monitoring, and Cookie Control. Even though Cookiebot is cheaper, iubenda adds more value to the price with a wide range of services, personalized options, and a free trial period.

iubenda vs Termly

Termly is a solid platform that helps small, medium, and large businesses to stay up-to-date with all compliance privacy laws like CCPA, GDPR, ePrivacy Regulation. It’s more affordable than iubenda, but it’s not suitable for Freelancers.

While both platforms could save their users thousands on legal fees, iubenda users can create high-quality legal documents in minutes and integrate them with their websites and apps. Even though both platforms are automatically updated to meet the requirements of any new laws or regulations, iubenda offers a fully customizable service.

OneTrust vs iubenda

OneTrust is a cloud-based information privacy control platform that provides website compliance scanning, cookie policy generator, publisher, and more. Even though it is a compelling, flexible platform with a solid design, there are inconsistencies in the user interface within the various modules. Reporting capacities are limited, and vendor risk control could include additional tools such as contract repositories. While it does offer customizable options, you may have to invest a lot of time to set it up. When it comes to price, OneTrust’s plans are quite reasonable for the features provided.


A fantastic option at any price point, TermsFeed offers a great free basic policy and a comprehensive set of paid options if you need more.

  • Free basic policy
  • Very customizable
  • Feature-packed

A fantastic option at any price point, TermsFeed offers a great free basic policy and a comprehensive set of paid options if you need more.


A free basic policy combined with a recurring subscription, Termly may not offer the best value for your money, but it does have an extensive feature set to make up for it.

  • Gets constant updates
  • Well-designed user interface
  • Excellent compliance coverage

A free basic policy combined with a recurring subscription, Termly may not offer the best value for your money, but it does have an extensive feature set to make up for it.

iubenda Review: Summary

iubenda provides services for companies that require attorney-level solutions. It’s more expensive than the competition and not an ideal GDPR policy generator for startups on the budget. However, unlike alternatives, it offers the option of updating generated privacy policies and ensuring they’re compliant with the latest laws and regulations. Therefore it saves money in the long run. In addition, iubenda offers a free Basic plan.

As a high-end service, it can handle the needs of a business of any size, and it doesn’t require you to be familiar with pertinent laws. iubenda software comes with a complete experience, including a human touch and customizable options that fit any website, app, company, or blog.

Customers on the iubenda Trustpilot profile mention exceptional customer service to always answer any questions about taking the best out of the iubenda plan. Therefore, if you want to focus on your business, you can always leave the legal bits to the experts.


  • Superb usability and great assistance
  • Up to date on law with a tutorial for all
  • Very fast to install on your website
  • Great for e-commerce or blogs


  • Possible conflicts with other applications
  • A bit complicated privacy and cookie policy set up
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Is iubenda free?

If you plan to create a privacy policy with iubenda, the great news is that the first license is free. However, the subscription plans come with more features and aren’t as limited. What you get with the Basic plan is one privacy policy, for websites only, with a maximum of four services. Cookie policy comes with paid plans only.

Is iubenda trustworthy?

Yes, iubenda is a legitimate company, a high-end service provider that is highly rated by its consumers. They often choose iubenda over its rivals, mainly because of the positive reviews and recommendations.

What does iubenda do?

As we mentioned in our iubenda review, it’s a user-friendly software service created to assist businesses when it comes to the legal compliance of their online content. This includes ensuring GDPR compliance, generating customized privacy policies, terms and conditions, and other relevant documents.