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Jackson Hewitt Review

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Starts at $49

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Jackson Hewitt Logo

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Tax statistics reveal that some 72% of US citizens fail to file their income, accidentally or intentionally. Many taxpayers do so in order to increase their savings, even though such a practice is punishable by law.

Fortunately, there are legal and far more convenient ways to save your money than avoiding taxes. Many specialized advisory firms claim to offer the best tax preparation services. We’ve analyzed numerous Jackson Hewitt reviews to see whether the company truly lives up to that promise.

What Is Jackson Hewitt?

Founded in 1982, Jackson Hewitt is the second-largest tax advisory company in the US. It boasts an experienced and knowledgeable staff that has helped millions of Americans prepare and file their taxes while also maximizing their tax refund.

Jackson Hewitt Services

Apart from online services, Jackson Hewitt offers in-store assistance. It has nearly 6,000 offices stateside, 3,000 of which are in Walmart stores. No matter if you choose to use the company’s cloud-based tax prep software or visit one of the numerous brick-and-mortar locations, tax experts are always ready to offer a helping hand.

In case waiting for your tax return process to finish isn’t convenient, you have an option to drop off your W-2 documentation at any of the company offices. A Jackson Hewitt tax preparer will complete it for you. Alternatively, you can upload your documents, and a tax expert will do the rest.

With Jackson Hewitt, you can:

  • Deduct mortgage interest
  • Deduct tuition cost and student loan interests
  • Maximize tax credit deductions
  • Report stock income taxes
  • Deduct your small business or freelancing expenses

Filing taxes with Jackson Hewitt comes with a high-quality service guarantee. The company grants you the biggest refund, or you’ll get the tax preparation fees, plus $100, back. Additionally, if there is an error preparing your return, Jackson Hewitt will reimburse you for any potential penalties and interest. Also, if you’re not satisfied with the company’s online tax filing services, you will get your money back.

Finally, in case you need a loan against your tax refund, the company has got your back. Jackson Hewitt tax advance refund allows you to get $500-$4,000 without any cost, fees, or APR.

Please note that customer service isn’t available 24/7. If you can’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ section, you can contact the support via phone or live chat Monday through Friday 8 AM-12 AM EST, and at weekends 10 AM-7 PM EST. Alternatively, you can visit one of the numerous JH offices across the USA.

Who Is Jackson Hewitt Best for?

After going through multiple reviews on Jackson Hewitt, we have concluded that the service is a good fit for those who think the best way to do taxes is in person.

Competitors such as TurboTax or TaxAct don’t offer that option. Plus, with such a high number of Jackson Hewitt locations, finding the one in your vicinity should be rather easy.

On the other hand, filing your tax returns in-store can be pricier than doing it online, which is the subject of many negative Jackson Hewitt tax service reviews.

Jackson Hewitt Desktop Version and Mobile App

The whole tax preparation process is very straightforward and feels as if you’re having an interview with a tax pro. As a result, Jackson Hewitt is the best tax program for inexperienced customers or complex situations requiring numerous forms or schedules. Still, the process takes somewhat longer than a simple DIY filing approach.

The Jackson Hewitt online tax filing software interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, either on a desktop or mobile browser. The research for our Jackson Hewitt review, however, showed that the mobile version is not as practical as its rivals’ apps. You can use it mainly to snap pictures of documents or check your refund status when filing your taxes with a pro in one of the JH offices.

This is a significant drawback, with many people nowadays preferring smartphones to computers.

Jackson Hewitt Prices and Plans

So, how much does Jackson Hewitt cost?

The fee for tax prep depends on the service you choose. The cheapest way to do taxes with JH is to file them online. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have free tax filing included in its plans.

If you choose to do your taxes online on your own, you’ll pay $49 for fed and state tax. In case you don’t do state, you’ll pay $25 for federal tax return only. Notably, the number of state returns is unlimited, helping Jackson Hewitt stand out from the competition.

If you want a pro to do your taxes while you are relaxing at home, your Jackson Hewitt fees for tax preparation will depend on the complexity of your situation. Whether you’re unemployed or a small-business owner, the company has a competitive offer for you.

The Standard plan costs $69 + state fee. It covers unemployment income, student loan interest, pension, IRA, and dividend income up to $1,500. This makes it best for simple filers, students, and renters.

Families and homeowners with more complicated tax situations will have to sign up for the Deluxe plan. It costs $179 (state fee is not included) and involves all Jackson Hewitt tax services from the Standard plan, plus itemized deductions and capital gains/losses.

If you’re self-employed or have a complex tax return situation, the Premier plan will be the perfect solution for you. To sign up for it, you’ll pay $249 + a state fee.

Bear in mind that Jackson Hewitt fees for doing taxes in-store with an expert are slightly higher. This, coupled with the company’s lack of transparency about its in-office pricing, is a subject of many not-so-positive Jackson Hewitt reviews.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Customer Reviews

Now, let’s discuss what users think about JH and its tax preparation services. We’ve browsed numerous DIY tax reviews to list the company’s pros and cons, as assessed by real customers.

Jackson Hewitt has an A+ BBB rating and four stars on Trustpilot. Its rating on Consumer Affairs is also good.

Users’ positive comments mainly concern the competent and polite staff, as well as its knowledge and service speed. On the other hand, some Jackson Hewitt customers leave complaints about overpriced services and irresponsible advisors in certain locations. The criticism ranges from having to wait for the staff to arrive at the office to making serious mistakes that resulted in high fees or even higher taxes.

While doing research for our Jackson Hewitt tax review, we also noticed that the company doesn’t address the customers’ complaints, let alone try to resolve them. In other words, it doesn’t seem to be dedicated enough compared to competitors.

Jackson Hewitt Alternatives

To complete our Jackson Hewitt online taxes review, we’ll now compare the service to other tax software alternatives.

Jackson Hewitt vs H&R Block

In almost all Jackson Hewitt tax service reviews, H&R Block is cited as its main rival. Both companies offer in-office tax filing with a pro and have easy-to-navigate tax preparation software. When it comes to mobile apps, H&R Block is the winner here. It’s way more functional and robust than the Jackson Hewitt app.

Now, let’s see how H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt compare by cost.

Another significant advantage of H&R Block is its prices and packages. Unlike JH, H&R Block has a free plan. This makes it the best online tax filing company if you do simple taxes. But even if you don’t, the Jackson Hewitt cost of tax preparation (particularly in-store) will be higher than H&R Block’s. This is what many users complained about in their Jackson Hewitt tax return reviews.

TurboTax vs Jackson Hewitt

Both TurboTax and JH are said to offer the best tax services. Yet, customers with a simple tax situation might prefer the former as it allows them to file their taxes for free. On the other hand, Jackson Hewitt offers in-store tax preparation, which isn’t the case with TurboTax.

Jackson Hewitt vs Liberty Tax

If you like the one-size-fits-all approach, you should consider JH and Liberty Tax. The difference between the two is subtle, as both companies offer relatively cheap ways to file taxes. Jackson Hewitt charges $49 for online taxes, while Liberty Tax is a bit less expensive — $44.95. Additionally, both companies allow in-store tax preparation. JH has twice as many locations, though — 6,000 compared to Liberty Tax’s 3,000.

Wrap Up

We’ve combed through various Jackson Hewitt reviews to see whether it really provides the best tax filing service. So, let’s sum up what we liked and didn’t like about this tax advisory firm.

Filing your tax return with Jackson Hewitt is quite convenient and affordable if you do it online on your own. You can do federal and unlimited state taxes at a relatively low cost, regardless of your situation. If online filing is not your thing, you can visit one of the numerous JH offices and have a pro do everything for you.

Jackson Hewitt customer reviews often cite the service’s high fees, though. Besides, the lack of cost transparency when doing taxes in an office is possibly the company’s greatest downside.

When it comes to Jackson Hewitt online tax service, the main drawback is the absence of a free plan. As opposed to its competitors, JH doesn’t provide free federal and state tax filing, even for simple tax filings. Still, customers with more complex situations may find the JH’s one-size-fits-all offer the cheapest way to file taxes.


  • Maximum refund
  • Accuracy guarantee
  • Easy-to-navigate online interface
  • Professional tax preparation assistance
  • Nearly 6,000 brick-and-mortar locations


  • No free filing for simple taxes
  • Doing taxes in-store can be pricey
  • Customer support isn’t available 24/7
  • Filing online isn’t possible with very complex tax situations
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Editorial Rating


How much does Jackson Hewitt charge for taxes?

The company has an all-inclusive offer for customers who do their taxes online. For a fee of $49, you can file federal and state taxes, no matter how complex your situation is. Online filing with a pro is more expensive and starts at $69. Doing your taxes in-store with an expert is the priciest. The company’s website doesn’t reveal the exact fees, though.

Is Jackson Hewitt a good tax service?

JH is excellent for customers doing taxes on their own online or with live professional assistance. Given that it has a single price for all customers, we can say that Jackson Hewitt online filing is among the most affordable services out there.

How long does it take to get a tax refund from Jackson Hewitt?

The majority of refunds are sent within three weeks. Yet, the speed depends on a range of factors, including the time and the way of filing, how you receive your funds, and the items you claim (whether there are specific credits or deductions).

Is H&R Block better than Jackson Hewitt?

Many users compare the service to H&R Block in their Jackson Hewitt reviews. The two companies provide the same services, and both offer in-office filing. The prices are also similar. But H&R Block might be more convenient for smartphone enthusiasts as its mobile app is more effective and robust. JH’s mobile version only allows you to check your refund status and snap the documents while filing with a pro at their office.