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Keeper Tax Review

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Did you know that “forgetting” to do a tax return may result in an up to $25k fine or even jail time? That’s where tools like Keeper Tax come in — they can help you file your income tax. Given the numerous positive Keeper Tax reviews out there, we did some digging of our own into the software. Read on for our findings.

What Is Keeper Tax?

Keeper Tax is a tax-saving program designed in 2018 with independent contractors and freelancers in mind. Its main purpose is to automatically find all possible tax deductions among the purchases you make and help you save your money.

Essentially, Keeper Tax is an expense tracker that, in addition to spotting your deductions, matches your account with a tax bookkeeper that monitors your purchases for possible write-offs. It employs both AI and tax bookkeeping experts to detect and classify your work-related costs, determine your tax payment, and assists you with online tax filing. Additionally, it’s a tax filing software that lets you file your taxes directly through the app.

As a result, this powerful software enables you to save thousands of dollars with deductions you didn’t even know were possible, and file your taxes safely. Numerous Keeper reviews cite this service feature as highly effective.

Keeper Tax Services

As an expense tracker, Keeper Tax’s primary purpose is to scan for deductions. Here’s a list of the eligible ones:

  • Gas, tolls, and parking
  • Car maintenance, registration, and insurance
  • Vehicle depreciation
  • Travel expenses
  • Internet, power, phone, and water bills
  • Property and health insurance
  • Home office rent, equipment, and furniture
  • Meals for work
  • Laptops, gadgets, supplies, and tools
  • Educational expenses
  • Publications, subscriptions, memberships, and advertising expenses
  • Contract labor, professional and legal fees
  • Business loan interest, business losses, and startup costs
  • Self-employment taxes and qualified business income
  • Retirement contributions

You don’t need paper receipts to write off your expenses with the Keeper Tax app. Bank statements, transactions, and anything indicating that the payment was for business purposes will do. Therefore, all transactions should include the date, time, and purchase amount, as well as the merchant’s name.

In addition to finding the write-offs, Keeper Tax also allows you to file your taxes online with its assistance or download the spreadsheet and do them elsewhere. The software supports over 300 tax credits, 1099, W-2, LLC, and investment income, as well as retirement plans.

At no additional cost, Keeper Tax professionals will also review all tax returns filed. Should there be anything that might trigger an audit, they will immediately contact you to resolve the issue.

How Does Keeper Tax Work?

Keeper Tax Inc. uses Plaid — a program that securely links your bank accounts with websites or apps you use. This way, you can see your transactions. It further enables you to scan all your past purchases and look for any deductions you might have missed.

Whenever you make a transaction, you’ll get a text message to confirm whether it was for business or not. There is no need to go to the Keeper Tax iOS or Android app, as you can select an option and respond via SMS.

Who Is Keeper Tax Best for?

The software was designed to provide the best online tax filing services primarily for freelancers and independent contractors, along with small business owners. Specifically, it accepts (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Online sellers
  • Freelance consultants
  • Photographers, artists, and designers
  • Bloggers and influencers
  • Real estate agents
  • Delivery and Uber/Lyft drivers

Keeper Tax Desktop Version and Mobile App

To begin your tax filing process, you need to download the Keeper Tax app and create an account. Unlike other tax software providers, Keeper Tax is completely app-based. The service doesn’t have a desktop version.

In many Keeper Tax reviews on both Google Play and Apple Store, users have cited the app’s functionality and ease of use. Indeed, it doesn’t take much to get acquainted with it.

In addition to tax preparation services, the company offers a range of practical free tools and resources. They are accessible via smartphone or computer. Using the Keeper Tax quarterly tax calculator, for example, you can see how much you owe for taxes and their due date — a handy tool, especially during the tax season.

The company also provides a guide to industry-specific tax deductions packed under Freelance Tax University. There, you can find answers to all your tax-related questions.

Keeper Tax Pricing and Plans

Keeper Tax has a very straightforward pricing plan. The monthly subscription costs $16 after a free trial. It includes the services of the bookkeeper who is assigned to you once you sign up. In addition to your purchase monitoring, the company offers audit protection. The bookkeeping expert will review all your returns and contact you if something may possibly flag an audit.

In case you no longer want to use the app, you must cancel your Keeper Tax subscription at least 24 hours before it expires. Otherwise, the company will renew it automatically.

For $99, you can do simple tax returns. And, for $168, you can do tax returns with business income. Both options include federal and state filing, accountant support, and audit protection.

You should also note that Keeper Tax grants a maximum refund guarantee. Should you fail to obtain the optimal tax return, let the company know, and it will get everything covered.

The main drawback of Keeper Tax is that the company doesn’t offer free tax filing. Thus, it might not be the first choice of customers with simple tax situations.

Keeper Tax User Reviews

In this part of our Keeper Tax review, we’ll discuss how users feel about the app.

The company’s website features videos in which users praise Keeper Tax for not only helping them save cash but also for educating them on all possible deductions.

The company’s ratings on Google Play and Apple Store are also excellent. The positive Keeper app reviews are full of praise for the app’s efficacy and simplicity, as well as the bookkeeper’s agreeability and competence.

On the flip side, some users complain about occasional technical issues, errors, and overcharging. It’s worth noting that the company has responded to those comments and has offered to help resolve the problems.

The Keeper Tax BBB rating is A. Accredited in 2019, the company can’t get the best A+ score as it hasn’t been in business long enough. There are also very few customer reviews on the BBB database, so they don’t reflect Keeper Tax’s true image.


Let’s see how Keeper stands compared to some of its competitors.

Keeper Tax vs TurboTax

The biggest difference between the two is that the former works as a tax tracker that finds all possible tax deductions among the purchases you make for possible write-offs. Of course, you can file your state and federal taxes with Keeper too. On the other hand, TurboTax only works as a tax software that helps you file your taxes.

But, TurboTax has something over Keeper Tax too — its free plan, which includes filing simple federal and state taxes at no cost. With Keeper, you need to pay in order to use its services.

Keeper Tax vs FreeTaxUSA

Regarding your federal tax situation, with FreeTaxUSA, you can file all of them for free. But, if you want to file a state tax, you need to pay $14.99 per state. Keeper Tax is a little pricier compared to FreeTaxUSA, with a $99 offer for simple taxes and $168 for tax returns with business income.

Notably, FreeTaxUSA doesn’t offer services for deductions scanning.

Wrap Up

Let’s sum up our Keeper Tax review with what we liked and didn’t like about the service.

Keeper Tax is, no doubt, one of the best tax software options out there. It assists you with both your expense write-off and tax filing. Many users claim that it has helped them save much cash on expenses they weren’t even aware they could deduct.

The tax bookkeepers’ competence and amiability are also mentioned in almost all Keeper Tax reviews. Users seem to be delighted with their knowledge, experience, and willingness to help. Another unique feature customers appreciate is the text they receive to confirm and categorize their purchases.

Apparently, the biggest downside of Keeper Tax is the price. The monthly subscription may not seem too high, but on an annual basis, it might be greater than you’ve initially expected. Plus, the company doesn’t include packages that allow you to file taxes for free. When you sum up all the costs, it turns out that you’ll end up paying nearly $300 a year for tax preparation and return.

Such a figure certainly makes you think that Keeper Tax isn’t quite the cheapest way to do taxes. Yet, this is a relatively small amount compared to what you’ll eventually save with this app.


  • Free trial of the tax saving service
  • User-friendly app
  • Free tools and resources
  • Complete audit protection
  • Tax bookkeeping pro (not a bot) assigned to every customer


  • Limited accounting features
  • Can be expensive on an annual basis
  • Not suitable for complicated tax situations
  • No free tax-filing service included in price packages
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How much does Keeper Tax cost?

If you decide to sign up for Keeper’s tax-saving service, you’ll pay a monthly subscription fee of $16. The package doesn’t only include the app’s deduction services. It also covers the bookkeeping professional who monitors your purchases and reviews all your tax returns.

Should you decide to file your simple taxes with Keeper Tax, you’ll pay $99 for both federal and state returns. Alternatively, you can file your state and federal taxes with business income for $168. Both options include audit and accountant support.

Is Keeper Tax safe?

You can rest assured that all your credentials are safe with Keeper Tax. The company uses Plaid to provide a secure connection with your bank. No one but your financial institution will be able to have an insight into your purchases and transactions. What’s more, the company will never store your personal information, let alone share it with third parties.

Is Keeper Tax legit?

There’s no need to worry about the company’s legitimacy. Keeper Tax is BBB accredited with an A rating (It doesn’t have A+ only because it hasn’t been operating long enough). Besides, numerous positive Keeper Tax reviews by delighted users are yet another proof that you can rely on the company to save your money through expenses deduction and tax returns.