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$149+ state fees

Operating agreement:


included in LLC formation package

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$120 as a standalone service

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Included in the LLC formation package

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LegalShield Review

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Price starts at:


$149+ state fees

Operating agreement:


included in LLC formation package

Registered agent:


$120 as a standalone service

EIN Registration:


Included in the LLC formation package

Annual compliance:


Included in the LLC formation package

Advisory service:


Included in the LLC formation package

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The sight of customers following each other in quick succession on the opening day of a business is fulfilling for any entrepreneur.

Every time the doorbell chimes is a vindication of unwavering belief in an idea.

But starting an establishment, including one with benefits like an LLC, is easier said than done.

In this LegalShield Review, we look at a company that makes it easier for businesses to hang the famous Now Open tag on their entrance doors.

What Is LegalShield Best For?

Founded in 1972, LegalShield is an online legal services company specializing in business formation. The veteran firm helps small and large businesses navigate legal matters cost-effectively.

LegalShield offers unlimited legal consultations for the first three months. It is also preferred for allowing users to be hands-on during the entire business formation process.

LegalShield Services

Most LegalShield competitors charge essential LLC formation services as standalone items. However, this provider of online legal services bundles its LLC formation services in one package.

These include:

1. Choosing a business structure: electing the right business structure can be tricky. The question of settling for an S Corp vs. an LLC or an LLC vs. a Corporation calls for experts. However, it just so happens that this is LegalShield’s specialty.

2. Business name check: LegalShield also helps businesses avoid copyright infringement claims by conducting thorough name checks.

3. EIN registration: Once it ascertains your preferred business name isn’t registered with another company, LegalShield will help you get a federal tax ID. The federal tax ID is mandatory when applying for licenses, hiring and paying employees, opening a bank account, and paying taxes.

4. Filing articles of organization: LegalShield assigns a local lawyer to help you choose the proper business structure and draft by-laws to govern the entity.

5. Acquiring business permits: Whether it’s a restaurant that needs health safety standards approval or a gaming lounge that needs an occupational safety thumbs up, LegalShield helps businesses meet the criteria required to obtain these documents.

6. Attorney consultation: LegalShield also offers free legal support for three months.

LegalShield Cost

LegalShield’s business formation package is priced at $149+ state filing fees. This one-time fee covers most business formation services except some like a registered agent.

The subscription fee for this service is $120.

LegalShield Customer Service

There are two ways you can contact LegalShield’s customer service team:

  • Via phone: between 7 am and 7 pm Central Standard Time (CST) on business days
  • Via live chat: 7 am-7 pm Central Standard Time (CST), Monday-Friday

Although the communication and support options are clearly defined, multiple LegalShield reviews suggest that LegalShield’s customer service is not at the level it needs to be. Several users pointed out the difficulty in reaching the support team when they couldn’t get hold of an attorney.

Ease of Use

Functionality is one of the areas where LegalShield excels. Since most documents required to form an LLC come as a package, the job becomes much simpler.

Moreover, LegalShield’s website is quite well-structured.

Finally, a very useful feature is that you can consult attorneys anytime, which can hasten the document-filing process. This can also help you avoid any mistakes when filling out a document that might lead to serious legal ramifications.

LegalShield Reviews

When it comes to LegalShield customer reviews, different third-party review platforms yielded different results.

As of July 4, 2022, most LegalShield BBB reviews were negative.

In stark contrast, LegalShield had an excellent rating on Trustpilot.

For example, BBB is filled with customer reviews where users call LegalShield a scam. Many users complained about the difficulty in canceling their LegalShield subscriptions. Multiple clients also complained about being unable to reach an attorney and the subscription fees being too high.

There were positive reviews, but they were far too scarce.

Meanwhile, user reviews on Trustpilot praised LegalShield’s customer support team, attorneys, and affordability.

However, we also encountered some negative reviews on Trustpilot. One, in particular, accused the corporation of deliberately making the cancellation process more difficult.

Our Verdict

At $149 + state filing fees, we feel that pricing is one of the areas where LegalShield loses to its competitors.

LegalShield’s BBB complaints also show that the company could be more proactive in resolving genuine complaints.

Aside from that, there are two reasons why the LLC formation service is a good pick:

  • LegalShield offers free legal advice for three months. Meanwhile, the same service comes at a premium on other platforms.
  • LegalShield allows its clients to be hands-on. Users can supervise the document filing process from start to finish and have their input considered at every step.

LegalShield is a solid option if these features appeal to you.

LegalShield Alternatives

How does LegalShield compare to its competitors? Let’s check it out.

LegalShield vs. Rocket Lawyer

The major difference between the two is that Rocket Lawyer users can choose to pay per document/service or become premium subscribers. LegalShield users don’t have such flexibility.

Pricing is another aspect where the two differ significantly. Rocket Lawyer’s premium plan is priced at $39.99. LegalShield business formation package costs $149+ state filing fees.

Another difference is that Rocket Lawyer’s money-back guarantee is shorter — 14 days. LegalShield’s window is much longer at 60 days.

Rocket Lawyer also offers a 7-day free trial. LegalShield doesn’t have this option.

LegalShield vs. Incfile

No online legal service offers a better basic LLC formation package than Incfile. The company’s economy package is free, plus state filing fees. The plan also includes free registered agent services for one year.

IncFile’s Gold and Platinum plans cost $149+ state filing fees and $299+ state filing fees, respectively. LegalShield’s only business formation package costs $149+ state filing fees.

Moreover, IncFile is strictly a business formation service and doesn’t offer personal legal assistance. However, LegalShield does.

Finally, Incfile has a stringent money-back policy. Refunds are only possible before the company forwards your money to the state, typically 24 hours after placing your order. LegalShield, on the other hand, has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

LegalShield vs. LegalZoom

LegalZoom offers a wide range of documents you can pay for individually if you prefer not to subscribe to a plan. This wiggle room to choose isn’t available to LegalShield users who must subscribe to a plan to access a document or service.

Although LegalZoom has an economy package that costs $79 +state filing fees, its standard and premium packages are significantly more expensive than LegalShield’s LLC plan, which is priced at $149+ state filing fees.

They both have a 60-day money-back guarantee policy and don’t have free trials.

Wrap Up

By now, every other aspiring entrepreneur knows that they can get the help they need to start a business.

There are LLC formation companies that stand out for pricing, others for customer service, while others are favored for additional services.

However, LegalShield offers something unique — the ability to be hands-on and supervise the LLC formation process from start to finish with unfettered access to a legal expert for the first three months.

That alone is enough to tempt many brains behind startups to choose LegalShield over any other LLC formation service provider.


  • Relatively affordable
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Debt collection assistance
  • Useful complementary products & services
  • Product and service variety


  • Canceling membership can be difficult
  • Numerous complaints about customer service
  • No free trial
LegalShield Logo

Editorial Rating


What is LegalShield?

LegalShield is an online legal services company that helps clients form businesses or deal with personal legal matters. The company also assists businesses with legal issues.

How does LegalShield work?

LegalShield categorizes its services into packages designed for different target markets. It also complements its document service with attorney services. Once you subscribe to a plan, a lawyer fills out the paperwork for you as per your instructions.

Is LegalShield worth it?

Although it faces stiff competition from other online legal services such as Rocket Lawyer and Incfile, LegalShield holds its own. The company’s unique LLC formation services are relatively affordable and include many features at a reasonable price. This includes free legal support for the first three months.

Is LegalShield a waste of money?

Based on user reviews, no, it isn’t. LegalShield’s membership plans contain useful features and are all reasonably priced. Although some users have raised their concerns about customer support and delivery of some services, you’ll rarely find a LegalShield review that calls the corporation’s services a waste of money.