Lexington Law Credit Repair Review

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Are you happy with your credit score?

Good credit can help you achieve financial milestones like buying a home and being granted the lowest mortgage rates

To help you get better credit, credit repair services like Lexington Law Credit Repair can challenge inaccurate negative credit items on your report to increase your score.  

But is Lexington Law legit? Can this company help you repair bad credit, or are you better off improving your credit history by yourself? This Lexington Credit Repair review will help you find out.  


With years of experience and thousands of happy customers, Lexington Credit Repair is one of the leading credit cleaners in 2021.

Their legal team makes sure your score is fair, accurate, and substantiated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Lexington will comb through your credit history, outline negative items, and take steps to challenge the removable ones.

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  • Free consultation with an audit of all accounts
  • Pioneer in credit repair online with 27 years of experience
  • Cancel-any-time monthly subscription
  • Challenge any removable items on your credit report
  • Personal paralegal support
  • Extended business hours for customer support
  • Free credit education resources
  • Mobile app to follow credit repair progress


  • Credit score changes can take time
  • Customer service quality varies
  • No debt settlement negotiations


Monthly Fee

$89.85 - $129.95

Additional Fees


Credit Evaluation


Service Speed

Average of 24% negative items resolved within 4 months

In Business Since


BBB Rating


Guarantees / Warranty


Is Lexington Law worth it?

Bad credit can affect virtually every aspect of your life — from renting a place to buying a car. Since a good credit score gets you the best rates on credit cards, mortgage, and auto loans, it essentially decides how much your future purchases will cost

It’s always the right time to get your credit score in check, and Lexington can help with just that. They’ll provide personal paralegal consulting, making the process easy even if you don’t have much financial background

Lexington is excellent if you’re looking to improve your credit rating, but general tips like making a debt management plan, paying your bills on time, or reducing your credit utilization rate aren’t working out. This is especially useful if you think  some of the negative item on your record shouldn’t be there — Lexington will help you dispute them successfully and ultimately improve your credit history. Keep in mind though that if you’re looking for debt consolidation loans, you will need to look elsewhere.

But do they offer the best credit repair services online? Let’s look at the pros and cons to find out.

Application Process

To get started, go to Lexington’s credit repair website and sign up. A paralegal contacts you within 24-48 hours to learn more about your financial goals and start talking about a plan.

Then, they’ll ask for any relevant documents and pull your credit report from the three bureaus. Once they have that information, Lexington representatives start looking through your credit history and identifying any negative items to dispute.

The personal consultant is one of the best things about the Lexington law services since you have a professional to answer your questions from the get-go. 

Lexington Law Services 

So, what exactly does Lexington Law do to fix your credit? Here is what you get with your subscription: 

Credit Report Analysis

Your personal paralegal will pull a credit report for you. Since this is a soft pull, it won’t affect your score (a hard inquiry from a lender would).

Then, they will go over the report and identify any negative items that can be removed. While you can’t remove actual debts and inquiries, you can leverage your consumer rights to get incorrect items disputed. 

Credit Disputing 

Depending on the case, Lexington Law will dispute negative items with creditors or the credit bureau. There is a required response time. If the respective party doesn’t reply, the item gets removed. If they do reply, Lexington will stay on top of correspondence to try and escalate the dispute and still get the record removed. 

Lexington Law Credit Score Analysis

Concord Premier and Premier Plus members get 24/7 access to an online portal with their current score. Lexington provides an analysis, as well as additional tips for bettering your credit and reaching your financial goals. 

Lexington Law Credit Repair Cost

Moving on to the Lexington Law prices, the outfit offers three tiers, and you pay for a monthly membership: 

  • Concord Standard ($89.85) gets you the basic service with a credit history analysis and bureau and creditor disputes. 
  • Concord Premier ($109.95) includes a credit score analysis, Inquiry Assist (to reduce the effect of borrower inquiries on your score), ReportWatch, and TransUnion Alerts.
  • Premier Plus ($129.95) comes with all the perks of the lower-tier plans plus a FICO score tracker, identity protection, and additional personal finance tools. Premier Plus members can also use the cease & desist letter service. 

Overall, Concord Premier gives you the best value. While the low-tier Standard plan does get the job done, the inquiry assistant and credit score analysis are invaluable tools that will help boost your score even quicker. 

If you can’t afford the Lexington Law cost, they have an extensive library of resources on various topics, including debt consolidation, to help you improve your credit by yourself.  

Lexington Law Customer Service

You can contact Lexington Law on their phone number  in extended business hours. While they are quite responsive overall, some Lexington Law Credit Repair reviews mention the wait long times, even pre-COVID. It seems that customer service quality also varies a lot with different agents offering different responses.

Lexington Law Credit Repair Reviews

What do current and former clients of Lexington Law say about the service? Here’s what you need to know: 

The Positives

Lexington Law Credit Repair reviews in 2020 praise: 

  • The company’s efficiency at disputing items and improving scores 
  • The personal attention 
  • Fair pricing scheme, affordable even if you’re not in the best financial situation 
  • Experienced legal and paralegal staff recognizes potentially removable items 
  • The stable working relationship between Lexington Law Credit Repair and the credit bureaus

The Negatives

Not everybody is thrilled with the Lexington Law Firm, however. Lexington Law Credit Repair reviews on Reddit, for instance, mention that you can do these things for free and that it takes time to improve your credit.

Lexington Credit Repair reviews also specifically mention that canceling your subscription usually involves waiting, getting redirected from one agent to another, and general over-complication of the process.

Our Verdict

While the company could stand to improve their customer support, if we are to believe the negative Lexington Law Credit Repair reviews, they are still one of the top credit repair services. The firm has the expertise to get your credit-related issues sorted, and thousands of customers have seen impressive results.  

Hiring a professional like Lexington Law Credit Repair is one of the best things you can do for better finances. 

Alternatives of Lexington Law Credit Repair

While Lexington is a reliable credit repair option, it’s far from the only credit repair website. Let’s look at how it stacks up to competitors.

Sky Blue Credit Repair vs Lexington Law 

Lexington has higher ratings on consumer review websites and thousands of clients who saw their credit rating go up. But, Sky Blue is a worthy competitor — their prices are lower (starting at $79 per month,) they dispute up to 15 items every 35 days with fast disputing and offer a results guarantee.

Credit Repair vs Lexington Law 

Credit Repair is slightly pricier than Lexington, but they do have a better user interface, friendlier customer support, and an excellent reputation.

Final Thoughts

Why is your credit score so important? Consider this: 

A 40-point difference can cost you over $65,000 when you try to take out a loan. 

Even small changes to your credit can have a significant impact on your financial freedom. Firms like Lexington can help you get there with professional attorneys and paralegals guiding you through the process. If you’re on a journey to improving your credit, check out Lexington Law Credit Repair — you can start with a free consultation.

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Lexington Law Credit Repair FAQs

What Is Lexington Law?

Lexington is a law firm that helps you dispute negative credit items with creditors and the credit bureaus. They send out correspondence and keep track of it to make sure any incorrect items disappear from your record. It’s one of the best credit repair services online with experienced staff and reasonable prices.

Is Lexington Law a scam?

No, it’s not. Lexington Law is a legitimate company headquartered in Utah and led by directing attorney John C. Heath.

Is Lexington Law good?

Thousands of people have improved their credit with the help of Lexington Law. The firm has ample experience and the results to prove that their service works. They charge you for disputes, not deletions, since you can’t legally remove actual debt or inquiries.

Does Lexington Law really fix your credit?

Yes, they do improve your credit by disputing negative items in your credit history. The company also provides additional credit-improving tools like InquiryAssist to reduce the impact of hard inquiries on your credit score.

How long does it take for Lexington Law to repair your credit?

Disputes can take some time to come through. Lexington Law doesn’t offer a guarantee on time, but it’s usually within the first month (or two months) that you start seeing the change.