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Loan Amounts


$500 - $35,000

Loan Term


61 days to 72 months

APR Range


5.99% - 35.99%

Min. Credit Score



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Loans Under 36 Reviews: Loans for All Credit Types

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Loan Amounts


$500 - $35,000

Loan Term


61 days to 72 months

APR Range


5.99% - 35.99%

Min. Credit Score





Vary by lender

Funding Time


24 hours

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Not accredited

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Not specified



Almost all 50 States

Loans Under 36 Logo

Editorial Rating

Don’t have good credit? Not a problem!

Loans Under 36 has your back if you’re looking for some extra cash.

Traditional loans are not always an option, and platforms like Under 36 can provide you with an alternative way of getting one.

They offer:

  • Personal loans with an interest rate under 36%.
  • A marketplace of 100+ vetted lenders.
  • Fast cash of up to $35,000.
  • An interest rate as low as 5.99% for those with good credit.

There may be many Loans Under 36 reviews out there, but ours is based on personal research and user reviews, which looks at both the pros and cons of the platform. Check our detailed Loans Under 36 review below to see how it all works.

What Is Loans Under 36?

Loans Under 36 enables people in need of cash to discover personal loans offered by over 100 certified lenders. While being in need of fast cash can be stressful, platforms like this one are able to provide quick loans without the hassle associated with traditional lending.

Loans Under 36 can provide you with the best personal loans for your situation. Looking behind the name, they provide loans for people at an APR that does not exceed 36%. Your credit history is not as important, but a favorable one might earn you an interest rate as low as 5.99%.

You can borrow money for longer or shorter periods, the choice is yours.

Loans Under 36 is able to connect you with 100+ of the best available lenders. Each of those provides their own terms and users can review them and pick the one they see fit. Loans Under 36 will enable you to choose among an extensive network of lenders and then contact them for a loan.

The loan process works really fast. You only need to submit your application and in mere minutes you will be hearing from the lenders. You can then view loan offers and review the conditions in your own time.

The loans available through the platform range from $500 to $35,000, for a period of between 61 days and 72 months.

You can use them to pay off your debt, go on a vacation, organize a wedding, finance the renovation of your house, or anything that your heart desires.

Who Is Loans Under 36 Best For?

Literally anyone may end up needing a loan at some point. Being strapped for cash is nothing new in this day of age. Unfortunately, you don’t know when and how it might hit you.

Luckily, our modern times let you borrow money online instantly.

And there are plenty of reasons for doing it — you might want to renovate your home, are in need of a car, an installment for your student loans… or you might even need some quick cash for debt consolidation reasons.

According to Loans Under 36 reviews, a person can easily qualify for a loan. Both personal loans for bad credit and good credit are available. However, it all depends on the loan terms at every specific lender, as well as on whether you opt for a short-term loan or prefer to pay back the amount over a long-term period.

So generally speaking, Loans Under 36 has no restrictions. It is available to anyone for any reason. You only need 20 minutes to sign up and go through a loan approval process. Review your lending options and pick from a vast market place of unique lenders.

Getting Started with Loans Under 36

So after carefully considering various platforms based on their features, you have finally decided to go with Loans Under 36.

How do I get started with LoansUnder36?

The starting process is rather simple. You just need to take a few minutes and fill in the Loans Under 36 application on their website.

Loans Under 36 Reviews - Website Screenshot

What information do I need to submit to LoansUnder36?

That could include certain information like a driver’s license number, bank account information. You also have to choose the loan amount. To fill out a free application, there may be some personal and financial questions asked as well for the purposes of matching you with the right lender, but this information is kept private.

After your application is processed, you will receive a list of possible lenders that match your criteria. You don’t have to accept right away, take your time, and analyze all of them carefully before making the ultimate decision.

After choosing the right one for you, personal loan services are now available to you. Depending on the lender, you will still need to provide extra details. Depending on which amount you qualify for you will choose the period for returning the loan. Installment loans mean that in the given period you will need to repay the full amount. You can choose to do so in daily or weekly increments.

Depending on your credit score, you can qualify for a low interest of 5.99%, if your credit is good, or as high as 36%, if you have bad credit. The amount that you can loan ranges from $500 to $35,000.

Terms & Requirements

Keep in mind that even though Loans Under 36 is pretty flexible overall, certain terms and fees do exist. To apply, you:

  • Must have a bank account (checking account is preferred)
  • Must be a US citizen.
  • Must be over 18-years old.
  • Must have a steady stream of income.

Loans Under 36 does not have a minimum credit score requirement, meaning that people with bad credit can apply and can get a loan. Rates and repayment terms will depend on various other factors, including the loan amount, employment history, personal credit, etc.

Loans Under 36 User Reviews

To make a more comprehensive evaluation of Loans Under 36, as far as we were able to determine, users describe Loans Under 36 as the place where they were able to find the best personal loans for their needs. They seem to appreciate the platform’s large network of lenders which lets them discover personal loans easily.

What everyone agrees with is the high possibility of providing personal loans to borrowers at various conditions. Leaving the lenders to choose the one that is most favorable to them.

Additionally, the rates and fees are something that the users are quite fond of as well.


To help you better understand the loan agreement or the estimated annual percentage rate of the loan, let’s go through some of the platform’s features.

Rates & Fees

Loans Under 36 reviews show that the rates and fees will mostly depend on the lender you decide to go with.

As far as the platform goes, the rules are simple:

  • No application fees, hidden fees, or late payment fees.
  • Loans range from $500 to $35,000.
  • Loan repayment terms range from 61 days to 72 months.
  • APRs capped from 5.99% to 36%.

Privacy & Security

Loans Under 36 is one of the best places to get a personal loan securely. All of the info on the site is encrypted and protected. Privacy is something that they seem to take seriously.

Information gathered on the site is not shared without the user’s consent. It is only done with the help of a third party in order to provide loans. Cookies and a small activity log are also gathered, but that type of information is always kept private.

Customer Support

As far as contacting Loans Under 36 customer support goes, there are two direct ways of doing it. Through e-mail and by phone.

Address: DV Marketing Inc. 759 Bloomfield Ave. #244 West Caldwell, NJ 07006

If you require any additional information about the best way to borrow money using the Loans Under 36, you can do so directly. Our lending platform review showed that the operators are quick to respond and answering your email usually takes one business day.

You can also send a ticker using the Loans Under 36 website. But before doing so, we suggest you review the frequently asked questions section first.

Final Verdict

Our research and the user reviews we went through suggest that Loans Under 36 is one of the best personal loan companies on the market, so we would recommend using it if you need to borrow money online. The platform is safe and very easy to use and it allows for peer-to-peer lending,

Loans Under 36 allows you to select an online personal loan from multiple loan offers. You can choose the one that suits your personal needs best, or choose not to pick any at all. A number of large authorized lenders allow for multiple opportunities.

Additionally, the fees are favorable as well as the price range. Although the lenders determine the interest rate type or the loan amount term, you are still the one in control.

We view Loans Under 36 as one of the top loan connection companies as it has the ability to connect you with plenty of reputable lenders. Using the service can help you get the most favorable conditions.


  • Low APR cap
    Even borrowers with bad credit can apply.
  • Broad loan range
    From $500 to $35,000.
  • Variety of loan terms
    Many lenders offer different opportunities.
  • No minimum credit score to apply
    A wide array of loan options.
  • Get cash fast
    If you are in need of emergency funding, your cash can be deposited to your account the next business day.


  • Not a direct lender
    Loans Under 36 does not lend money directly; while it still connects you with a number of reputable partner lenders, it is an extra step.
  • Eligibility requirements not listed
    The requirements for the different types of personal loans and qualifications to apply for one are not clearly listed as they may differ based on the lender you decide to go with.
  • Not available everywhere
    Loans Under 36 is only available for borrowers in the United States. Also, the services are not available in all of the 50 states currently.
Loans Under 36 Logo

Editorial Rating


Will LoansUnder36 check my credit?

As with any other lending platform, LoansUnder36 will check your credit score. A credit check is necessary to determine which type of loan a borrower is eligible for.
LoansUnder36 provides personal loans for good credit, with interest rates going as low as 5.99%, or for borrowers with bad credit where the interest rate is not going to exceed 36%, hence the name.

What do online reviews say about LoansUnder36’s services?

Various user reviews give generally positive feedback about the LoansUnder36 lending club. One of the biggest advantages cited is the availability of lenders and the fact that you can choose based on your personal preferences.
Users also appreciate being able to get a fast loan even with bad credit. Learn more in our in-depth Loans Under 36 review.

Am I eligible for a loan from LoansUnder36?

Whether you need money for an emergency or a disaster loan, LoansUder36 accepts all applicants.
You can have bad credit and you will still be accepted. The APR will be higher, but you will still be eligible for a loan.
Loans Under 36 reviews will help you understand the way how to get a loan. Our review is specifically aimed to help people understand the process better. If you’re interested in alternatives and other loan marketplace platforms, feel free to check out our reviews of 5kfunds, Even Financial and Guide to Lenders.