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Gift cards, PayPal, Airline miles

Minimum cash-out:


$25 (via PayPal)



Roughly 35 to 75 cents per survey

Average time per survey:


5-30 minutes

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MyPoints Review

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Gift cards, PayPal, Airline miles

Minimum cash-out:


$25 (via PayPal)



Roughly 35 to 75 cents per survey

Average time per survey:


5-30 minutes

Daily surveys:



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MyPoints Logo

Editorial Rating

While often described as a survey site, MyPoints is actually a full-fledged rewards platform. As such, this site rewards you for doing various online tasks and spending money with partner vendors.

For many people, the very concept of rewards apps seems scam-like or just hard to believe. So, the point of this MyPoints review is to try and answer one question – is this platform legit?

Other than this, prospective users ask several other relevant questions, including:

  • Is it possible to make a substantial amount of money this way?
  • Can using such platform be a substitute for a freelance side-job, or is it just a way for you to earn a dollar or two on the side?
  • Is doing surveys the best way to make money on this platform, to begin with?

Let’s find the answers to these and many other similar questions!

What Is MyPoints?

MyPoints is a platform that allows its users to make money doing surveys, watching videos, playing mini-games, and even get points by shopping through partner stores. For each of these actions you earn points, which you can later redeem for rewards or cash.

One of the most recognizable options on this platform is its surveys. This is why, despite all the other means of earning points, MyPoints often gets listed as one of the best survey sites.

Is MyPoints legit?

Whether MyPoints is legit or not depends on your expectations regarding MyPoints rewards. If you’re expecting the platform to be some incredibly potent source of income (akin to finding a part-time job), you’re in for a disappointment.

The purpose of MyPoints is to help you get some extra value out of activities that you’re already doing online. After all, your private information is already being traded online by search engines and various platforms. Why not get something out of it all?

But is MyPoints safe? Well, the platform is owned by Prodege, LLC, which is a legitimate business and an owner of another popular survey site — Swagbucks. In other words, in terms of the platform’s legitimacy, it offers all the reassurances you could ask for.

Positive MyPoints reviews

Almost every positive MyPoints survey review agrees on one matter — surveys are both relevant and interesting. Sure, people are doing this for the points, but the solid structure of the polls makes this task a lot easier.

There is also a lot of praise about using this platform to discover new products and vendors. Generally speaking, one of the things that the users of MyPoints are most thrilled about is the ability to use this platform to earn Amazon money.

Negative MyPoints reviews

Nonetheless, many MyPoints company reviews are less than flattering, despite having an overwhelmingly positive score on most rating platforms. Most often, people complain about the lack of transparency regarding the value of points. Some even outright claim that the value of points has dropped sharply over the past two decades.

Others criticize MyPoints customer service. We’d agree that this is an area that needs improvement. There are quite a few MyPoints complaints about unresolved tickets and the inability of customers to get a straight answer. The biggest issue, however, is the lack of a phone line or live chat. This means that customers often rely on these tickets to get an answer.

How Does MyPoints Work?

So, now that you’ve made up your mind on whether or not MyPoint deserves a shot, it’s time to see how you can sign up and start earning points.

Sign-up process

Signing-up on MyPoints is free and fairly simple. All you need is to enter some basic information like your name, email, and password. You don’t have to give out any other personal information, as most surveys will ask you qualification questions anyhow.

Sign-up bonuses

Several sign-up bonuses can put you significantly ahead on the MyPoints rewards program. For instance, by joining, you can get a $10 welcome bonus in the form of a $10 Amazon Gift card or a $10 Visa Gift Card.

However, to access these funds, you need to spend at least $20 in MyPoints partner stores. Also, you don’t get the money directly but rather get rewarded with 1,750 points, which you can redeem for one of these gift cards or wait until you accumulate $25 worth of points so that you can redeem them for cash.

There is also a $5 reward after taking your first five surveys. Combined, these two bonuses can accumulate quite a bit of MyPoints point perks during the first few days of using the platform.

How to Make Money on MyPoints?

There are several ways to make points on MyPoints, which you can later redeem for money. Each of these activities has its own average time of completion. It’s important to mention that the amount of time/work invested is not necessarily proportionate to the reward.

MyPoints surveys

Surveys are one of the most common activities on the site. While it is often advertised that a MyPoints survey can earn you as much as 400 points, the truth is that most surveys will earn you between 25 and 150 points. These are the surveys that take between 5 and 30 minutes to complete.

For the majority of surveys, you need to start by answering some basic questions aimed to determine whether you qualify for the survey in question. If you fail to qualify, you won’t get the survey points rewards.

Nonetheless, since you did take the time to answer these questions, you might get 1-5 points anyway. This is really a minuscule reward, but it’s a nice gesture since most other platforms don’t pay anything for rejected surveys.

Online shopping

Whenever you spend money via MyPoints search, you get awarded points. You also get rewards for doing business with some of the MyPoints partners. Since there are over 2,000 retailers who collaborate with MyPoints, this may feel like making money out of thin air.

For instance, MyPoints does business with Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Home Depot. The chances are that you would spend money there even without a MyPoints account. By just making that bit of extra effort and remembering to use the platform to access these stores, you will get some points.

Their number depends on the retailer and promotions. Also, depending on this promotion, you will get a certain number of points for every dollar you spend.

One crucial thing to point out in this MyPoints review is that using this platform shouldn’t be an incentive for you to buy. The only way to turn this into something lucrative is to stick to your budget and regular spending habits. This is the only way that MyPoints shopping will generate that extra value.

MyPoints videos, games, and emails

We put all of these into a single category because these activities have three shared features. They are all:

  • Simple
  • Fun
  • Don’t reward you with too many points

MyPoints games are especially simple and fun, which means that they should be seen as a form of entertainment rather than a money-making method or a side-job.

Also, you’re watching videos and ads every single day, even for products you know you’ll never get. Why not earn points for watching videos.

Just opening emails can earn you up to 5 points.

Referral program

When it comes to really lucrative deals, there are two MyPoint features worth mentioning.

The first one is the refer-a-friend option. Whenever a friend registers through your link, you get 25 points. However, once that friend spends their first $20 on the platform, you’ll get an extra 750 points.

The idea behind such a model is to avoid a potential MyPoints scam, where people make new generic emails and register an indefinite number of “new” profiles. This would allow them to trick the platform for the points they haven’t earned.


One of the most lucrative ways to earn points on this platform is to sign-up for subscriptions on platforms they collaborate with. Here, rewards are counted in thousands of points instead of tens or hundreds.

So, if this is the case, why is this something that most reviews on this topic aren’t focusing on? Well, it’s worth mentioning that this is something that you can only do once (per platform). So, in the long run, it’s not as relevant for reviews as you would expect.

How Much Money Can You Make on MyPoints?

On average, for every survey that you take, you will earn roughly 35 to 75 cents (equivalent in points). This is around the industry average (or slightly below). So, those who are doing this for profit might want to look for some other high-paying survey sites out there.

There is also an estimate that you can earn around $1.01 per hour by doing surveys on MyPoints. This is fairly low when compared to some of its competitors.

Nonetheless, this platform gives you a chance to do paid surveys, as well as exploit MyPoints coupons, get gift cards for watching ads, and many, many other options. All of these methods combined will partially make up for this seemingly low yield on surveys alone.

The biggest misconception is that you can do an unlimited number of surveys, which would mean that it would be impossible to put a cap on your potential profit. Each of these surveys takes time to complete. Also, you might not qualify for a lot of surveys on this platform.

It’s also worth mentioning that MyPoints has an actual daily point cap that you can’t exceed. This is why it’s worth checking it out before doing any additional task.

There are many negative MyPoints reviews from customers who failed to qualify for surveys based on their demographics, location, etc. This means that the number of available surveys you get each day varies between users.

When you compare that an experienced freelancer can earn $70,536 annually, you’ll understand why this is not a substitute for a side job.

How much is one point worth?

Probably the most important question is how much one point is worth in cash. In fact, this is probably the first information that people are looking for in any MyPoints review. The answer is — it depends on the form of a reward.

Still, in terms of cash-based redemptions, according to some estimates, each point is worth little more than half a cent.

How does MyPoints pay?

The three most common ways of getting your money at MyPoints are:

  • Gift cards and e-certificates
  • Cash (via PayPal)
  • Air miles

When trying to find out “how to redeem my points?” you need to understand that the point-to-money ratio is different for each method.

The next thing we need to mention is the cash-out minimum.

The cash-out minimum is $25, equivalent to points. We’ve already mentioned that you can redeem 1,750 points to get a $10 MyPoints Amazon Gift Card. However, cashing out these same $10 (even if it was possible) would require more points. So, redeeming for airline miles or gift cards is more cost-effective.

The value of these points depends on the model of reward.

When it comes to MyPoints point perks, redeeming in the form of a gift card or airline miles is more cost-effective. Using points to shop at participating stores is also a more effective method than cash out. The fact that you don’t have to wait for a $25 mark is also a huge boon in terms of flexibility.

While there is no official minimum on the gift card payout, most users have noticed that the smallest redeemable amount is $3.

A high minimum for a MyPoints PayPal cash-out is a serious obstacle, though, seeing as how about 87.5% of online buyers rely on this payment gateway.

MyPoints Alternatives

The best way to add some substance and objectivity to this review is to compare the platform to some alternatives and see how it fares against them.

MyPoints vs Swagbucks

Both of these platforms have the same owner — Prodege, LLC. Also, their reward-per-survey is fairly similar, which makes this a natural comparison.

To make the long story short, the biggest advantage of MyPoints over Swagbucks is that its points can be redeemed for airline miles. Still, not a lot of people are interested in this type of reward. For them, the fact that on Swagbucks, you can redeem cash rewards for fewer points carries a lot more weight.

Rakuten vs MyPoints

MyPoints gift cards are great on stores like Amazon. For instance, spending $50 on Amazon will earn you a $3 (equivalent in points) cashback. This creates a lucrative spending loop, especially since this is a store that most people are already using.

Nonetheless, except for a few select stores, spending money on Rakuten (formally known as Ebates) will yield a greater return than doing so on MyPoints.

MyPoints vs Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie can help you earn $2.50 per hour by doing surveys, which is around twice the average hourly profit compared to MyPoints point perks. So, if you’re looking to do a paid survey at home, Survey Junkies is definitely a more lucrative platform.

The quantity of surveys on Survey Junkie is also superior. And a minimum payout of $5 (via PayPal) is also lower than that of its counterpart. This makes the platform more reliable and consistent than MyPoints.

In other words, when making a MyPoints survey review and comparing this platform to Survey Junkie, things don’t look that great for the former.

Wrap Up

All in all, MyPoints is a way to monetize your online activity. You’re receiving emails, watching random videos, and doing random surveys (in various forms) every single day, so why not get something of value in return.

Even though it’s primarily seen as a survey website, the payout for the survey on MyPoints is slightly lower than on some alternative platforms. In fact, spending money on subscriptions and online purchases seems to be a far more efficient way to earn points.

The MyPoints gift card is probably the most cost-effective form of a cash-out on this platform. Seeing as how you get points for every single dollar you spend with around 2,000 vendors, you can carry on with this lucrative cycle once again.


  • Earning points on purchases
  • Points redeemable for airline miles
  • Free registration
  • Several points-earning activities


  • Survey qualification not guaranteed
  • Point value depends on redemption
  • No instant redemptions
  • Daily points cap
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Editorial Rating


Is MyPoints Legit?

MyPoints is a legit rewards platform. You can redeem the points you receive in several ways, each of which provides you with some amount of value.

Does MyPoints really work?

Yes. Every action and task performed on MyPoints rewards you with a certain number of points. Once the number of points reaches a certain threshold ($3 for gift cards and $25 for PayPal) you can cash it out.

Is MyPoints worth it?

Seeing as how MyPoints rewards users for spending money on e-stores that they already buy at, MyPoints is definitely worth it. The platform also provides a great number of extra tasks that offer point rewards. These are tasks like completing surveys, watching videos, clicking on emails, etc. Whether this is worth, it mostly depends on the way you use the platform and the degree to which you use it.

How much can you make on MyPoints?

The amount of money you can make on MyPoints depends on the time you dedicate to activities on the platform. Each survey pays between 35 and 75 cents and takes 5 to 30 minutes. Bear in mind, however, that you may not be eligible for all surveys, and there are caps on the number of points you can earn per day in certain categories.

Do points expire on MyPoints?

Yes, if you don’t redeem your points in two years, they expire. This is stated in the terms of service on the official MyPoints website. This is why redeeming your points as frequently as you can is the best possible strategy.

Does MyPoints pay real money?

Points earned on MyPoints can be redeemed for cash (via PayPal), airline miles, and gift cards. All of these rewards are either real money or equivalent to real money. Therefore, it’s safe for any MyPoints review to claim that this platform pays real money to its users.