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Northwest Registered Agent Review: 2021 Edition

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Price starts at


$225/year + state fees

Processing time


Same day (wait times depend on the state)

Operating agreement


Yes (Free templates included)

Advisory service


Yes (Corporate Guides)

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Registered agent



EIN registration



NorthWest Logo

Editorial Rating

You can always form an LLC on your own — if you don’t mind the legwork. You can even act as your own registered agent. But handing this function over to a company like Northwest Registered Agent can be the easier option if you don’t have a lot of free time and never want to miss a notice or important business filing.

Northwest Registered Agent can help you start a business, accept notices on your behalf and keep these crucial files secure and easily accessible.

But are all the positive Northwest Registered Agent reviews legitimate? We decided to do our own research to make sure.


With Northwest Registered Agent, forming an LLC is as simple as filling out an online form. Besides helping you start a business, Northwest can help you manage it. To top it off, you can find free document templates and free DIY guides on the website.

Want to learn more? Here’s our comprehensive Northwest Registered Agent review to fill in the blanks.


Here are some of the services Northwest Registered Agent provides.

  • Business formation services: With Northwest assistance you can open LLC, corporation, or nonprofit. All orders will be processed on the same day.
  • Registered agent services: Northwest can act as your registered agent as a standalone service.
  • Business maintenance services: Northwest offers several add-ons to help you navigate the bureaucracies and state-specific rules related to your business maintenance. These include annual reports, corporate books and seals, apostille, certified copy, and certificate of good standing.

Northwest Registered Agent Pricing

There are three ways to start an LLC with the help of Northwest Registered Agent:

  • DIY by using the free guides available on the company’s website
  • VIP service with 12 monthly payments
  • Paying in full

If you decide to pay the Northwest Registered Agent price in full, the LLC formation cost is $225 + state fees (generally $50-$500) – that is $100 for the filing service and $125 for the registered agent service fee.

If you opt for the monthly VIP service, then the state filing fee and the EIN are included in the cost. Thus, the price varies by state.

If you opt for the registered agent stand-alone service, that will cost you $125. Notably, Northwest Registered Agent offers a volume discount. Namely, you pay $100 for using the service in 5+ states.

There are certain services that are optional, and you can add them to your order. These are:

  • Annual Report Filing Service – $100/year + state fees
  • S-Corp Election – $50
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) – $50
  • Mail Forwarding – $40/month
  • Certificate of Good Standing – between $50 and $70, depending on the state
  • Virtual Office – $49/month
  • Second Phone Number – $9/month


How good is Northwest Registered Agent support?

The service is indeed outstanding. The employees are knowledgeable and very helpful. They respond to voice mail within two hours and emails on the same day. There’s a live chat, and the phone line is also available to both existing and prospective customers.

Northwest also has offices in 50 US states. Note that the company uses a few varieties of its name: Northwest Registered Agent, LLC or Northwest Registered Agent, Inc due to the different local tax laws.

Ease of Use

Northwest’s transparent and simple pricing scheme doesn’t leave much space for confusion. The company focuses on its core service line, with no upsells or misleading advertising. This makes the application process straightforward and the user experience hassle-free.

On the flipside, the website could be organized better. While full of free templates and helpful materials, the content organization isn’t intuitive and takes some time to find what you’re looking for.

Northwest Registered Agent User Reviews

While Northwest Registered Agent is not BBB accredited, customer feedback on the platform is generally positive. In fact, the company has an average rating of more than 4 stars.

Northwest Registered Agent complaints are hard to find. In one review, a customer claimed that the company took a long time to file its incorporation documents. And one of the Northwest Registered Agent Reddit reviews mentions that the initial application with the company went well, but they made mistakes when submitting reports.

All in all, despite the few complaints here and there, in most Northwest Registered Agent user reviews, the company is praised for its excellent service and fast turnaround times.

Our Verdict

Northwest Registered Agent reviews have been consistently positive over the last few years. The company isn’t BBB-accredited, but it’s clear that the team takes customer satisfaction seriously.

Northwest offers a range of reasonably-priced business formation services that blow its competitors out of the water. In addition, it’s one of the best registered agent options out there.

Alternatives to Northwest Registered Agent

There are a few alternatives to Northwest Registered Agent that one can consider.

Northwest vs LegalZoom

LegalZoom is a well-known brand, and the prices reflect that. The starter package is a bit more expensive, with fewer services included. Incorporation takes around about a month as opposed to Northwest’s same-day processing.

Unlike NW Registered Agent, LegalZoom tries to push expensive upsells. In addition, Northwest offers some free templates, such as an Operating agreement. This costs $99 through LegalZoom.

Northwest Registered Agent vs Incfile

Incfile is cheaper than Northwest. You can form an LLC for free – you will only be required to pay the state filing fees. In addition, Incfile will act as your registered agent for free for one year. Just don’t forget that after this period, the service will renew automatically at $119.

Wrap Up

Is this the best incorporation service in the country? Well, most Northwest Registered Agent reviews strongly suggest that it is among the top.

The company offers outstanding customer service from knowledgeable agents, easy access to all relevant documents and templates. The prices are reasonable, with no hidden fees.

In conclusion, here’s how Northwest Registered Agent describes itself in a tongue-in-cheek manner:

Northwest Registered Agent Review


  • Same-day LLC filing order processing
  • Free forms and business advice available on the website
  • Superior privacy and data protection policies
  • Excellent customer support service
  • Consistently positive Northwest Registered Agent reviews


  • Limited plan options
  • More expensive than some competitors
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Editorial Rating


What is Northwest Registered Agent?

Northwest Agent is a company authorized to act as a registered agent on your behalf. In addition to this, the company offers business formation services, free guides, and templates that will help you start and manage a business.

Is Northwest Registered Agent legit?

Yes, Northwest Registered Agent is a legitimate business founded in 1998.

How much does it cost to form an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent?

To help you form an LLC, Northwest Agent will charge you an incorporation service fee of $225 + a state fee. The state fee ranges from $50 to $500.

How do you start to work with the service?

Simply head over to the Northwest Agent site — — and choose the service that you want. You’ll then input the state or states that you want assistance with. Then hit the “Continue” button. You’ll then enter your email address, set up a password, and your business name. Under these fields, you’ll see a list of company entity types. Select the right option for your business. On the next screen, you’ll enter your contact details and submit them. The screen after this one allows you to include other services from the site. Finally, you add your payment details and pay for the services you’ve selected. Your account is created instantly, and you’ve got access to the forms that you must complete. Fill them in and submit them, and Northwest takes over from there.

Is Northwest Registered Agent Good?

Yes, most Northwest Registered Agent reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The team provides professional services at a reasonable price.