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$5,000 – $500,000

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6 – 12 months

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One Park Financial Review

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Loan Amounts


$5,000 – $500,000

Loan Term


6 – 12 months

APR Range



Min. Credit Score





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72 hours

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Min. Revenue


$10,000 per month



49 states + DC

One Park Financial Logo

Editorial Rating

Small businesses can’t always wait for the weeks it takes to finalize formal financing.

That’s when accessing a network of lenders becomes a handy option.

If you need:

  • To save yourself the legwork
  • A simplified online application process
  • Loan approval in principle within 24 hours
  • Money within 72 hours
  • A loan from $5,000 to $500,000
  • A range of competitive funding offers
  • No collateral loans
  • Poor credit loans

One Park Financial might have the answer. Our research of the platform and all the One Park Financial Reviews we read suggest that the vendor offers working solutions for businesses in need of funding.

What is One Park Financial?

Just as there are different types of personal loans, there are a variety of loan types for businesses. Securing a business loan can, at times, be challenging.

With banks, for example, it seems as though you seem to have to prove that you don’t need the money in order to qualify for a loan.

Other lenders might be a little more lenient, but businesses pay for this leniency. The estimated annual percentage rate of the loan, particularly without collateral, is typically far higher.

On the plus side, businesses have options. On the minus side, finding financing on favorable terms, can be challenging. You can find a good deal if you’re willing to put in a fair amount of effort. That is, if you have the time to look.

That’s where One Park Financial steps in – they do the work for you.

How Does One Park Financial Work?

The company acts as an intermediary between business and several different kinds of lenders. They have an extensive network of lenders on their books.

One Park Financial promises to help you find the best possible loan options.

Do they deliver?

We never take anything at face value, and so we decided to have our expert team test the company thoroughly. This comprehensive One Financial review is the result of our extensive research.

Who Is One Park Financial Best For?

Ready access to working capital isn’t always easy to come by for small to medium businesses. You could be going along pretty well, and boom, global pandemic. You might have the opportunity of a lifetime staring you in the face, but no cash to capitalize on it.

One Park Financial caters to small to medium businesses that need a quick injection of cash. For all states except California, the qualifications to apply are:

  • Have been at least 3 months in business
  • Earn a gross income of $10,000 per month
  • Have a credit score of at least 450.

Note that, at this stage, the company isn’t accepting new clients from California.

One Park Financial does not:

  • Offer startup capital for a brand-new venture – check out our Fundera Review to see your options there instead.
  • Give personal loans for good credit or any other form of personal loan services – see our Upgrade Review if you require personal financing.

What They Offer in a Nutshell

  • Quick financing for small to medium businesses
  • Capital injection loans and emergency funding loans
  • A simple pre-qualification service so that you don’t waste your time
  • Access to more than 20 funders for a broad loan range
  • Fast or Premium Revenue Based Funding
  • Unsecured loans for bad credit.
  • Better access to financing for those with lower credit through marketplace platforms.

What’s the Difference Between Fast and Premium Revenue Based Funding?

Fast Revenue Based Funding is also known as a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA.) This type of funding works on factors to give you an injection of cash flow. The lenders here look at the revenue that your business generates and assesses how much you can expect to receive over the loan term.

They’ll offer you a loan based on this income, rather than your business’s assets. Naturally, the business owner’s and the business’s creditworthiness comes into play. Unlike traditional financing options, though, the lenders place more emphasis on the current income the company generates.

Traditionally, this is something that not even the best personal loan companies will do.

As long as your business has a poor or higher credit score, you’ve got a chance. It’s a quick and straightforward option, with little paperwork.

Premium Revenue Based Funding works along similar lines except that it’s for businesses with less than poor credit scores. You’ll be asked to provide more paperwork to satisfy the lenders.

What is Factoring?

Factoring is a time-honored way for businesses to improve their cash flow. With factoring, companies borrow against the receipts owed to them. Businesses that offer their clients credit terms often use this form of financing in an emergency.

Merchant Cash Advances work along similar lines. Except that there doesn’t need to be a formal credit agreement with your client in place. Instead, they work on the revenue that you expect to earn.

It’s, therefore, not like your typical installment loans in that it’s over a shorter term. That’s why your credit rating is less important. The amount you can borrow depends on the receipts coming in. The downside is that your advances may come to you in installments.

How Do I Apply for a One Park Financial Loan?

To apply for the loan or see if you pre-qualify, visit One Park Financial website.

Since this is very different from personal loans, so you’ll need to provide details such as:

  • Legal business name and type
  • Registration number, if applicable
  • Weekly, monthly, and annual revenue – gross and net
  • Business expenses
  • Outstanding receipts 

The company gives you an amount that you may qualify to borrow. This depends on the information that you provide, so make sure that it’s as accurate as possible. This amount is not guaranteed – the lenders themselves will need to decide what to offer you.

When you select the amount you want and the type of financing you’d like, One Park Financial will match you with the best large authorized lenders on their books. You’ll then be able to view loan offers from various lenders to get the best possible deal.

Terms & Requirements

The site acts as an intermediary, so the final terms will be laid out to you when you receive an offer. That said, the minimum requirements are:

  • Only businesses operating legally in the United States and Puerto Rico may apply.
  • A minimum turnover of $10,000 per month applies.
  • Businesses must have run for at least three months with a monthly turnover of $10,000
  • Neither the firm nor the owner can apply if they’re part of an active bankruptcy proceeding.
  • Applicants must have a minimum FICO score of 450.
  • Clients will pay an origination fee and professional fee to One Park Financial in addition to interest.
  • To have a business checking account, and provide a voided check as proof of this.
  • You’ll have to provide bank statements.

User Reviews

The company started in 2010 and so is well-established. The One Park Financial BBB rating is A+. They get four stars from Trust Pilot and so are generally trustworthy.

One Park Financial reviews are generally positive, with a few reviewers referring to them as one of the top loan connection companies.

If your business is looking for quick money loans, they can certainly get you in touch with the right people. They’re also often lauded as the best comparison tool in terms of offers received.

The application process is simple, and you do get access to funding sources that you otherwise wouldn’t.

The downside to being able to borrow money online instantly, even with poor credit, is that it can be expensive.


One Park Financial allows companies to borrow money from unique lenders that have less stringent loan requirements. The loan amount, term, and loan agreement are all based on the company’s current performance.

Unlike with personal loans for bad credit, companies don’t have to provide collateral.

The quick process allows businesses to take full advantage of market place trends.

Rates & Fees

You don’t get any of the rates and fees upfront. All they tell you is that you’ll pay the company a service fee and an origination fee on approved loans. What those fees amount to, and what the APR is, are things you’ll only learn when you receive the offers. 

Privacy & Security

Investigating data security forms an important part of every lending platform review we make. One Park Financial takes the issue of privacy very seriously. High levels of encryption protect any personal data that you submit. It’s stored on secure servers, meaning that the chances of a breach are lower.

Customer Support

You can contact customer support via phone during regular office hours. According to One Park financial customers reviews, the agents are reasonably good and quick to answer. 

Alternatively, you can contact the support via email. It typically takes a day to get a reply.

Final Verdict/ Summary

Are there cheaper ways to borrow money online? Yes, but few are as convenient. If you’re looking for a fast, easy lending option for your business, One Park Financial does the legwork for you.

Business borrowers in the United States simply fill out a free application, choose the loan amount based on the offers they receive, and then spend the cash. As long as a business has a steady stream of income, they’ll receive multiple loan offers from some of the best available lenders.

You may not be able to find out a lot about the collection practices and loan renewal policies upfront, but you’ll find these laid out in full in the offers.

Overall we agree with the overwhelmingly positive One Park Financial reviews. The most important of the One Park Financial advantages is that they’ve made an art form of convenient loan requests.


  • You get advice from funding experts.
  • Minimum loan amount of $5,000.
  • They offer bad credit business loans.
  • You only need a minimum credit score of 450.
  • There’s a limited potential impact to credit score, unlike with long-term loans.
  • Suitable for small to medium businesses.
  • No personal collateral required.
  • Quick loans with money paid within 72 hours.
  • Available nationwide, with restrictions in California.
  • You only pay the professional service fee if your application is successful.


  • The maximum loan amount of $500,000 might not suit all businesses.
  • You don’t get the rates and fees upfront – you might pay a flat fee on the amount funded or a percentage. It’s not clear until you’ve received the offers.
  • The rates for bad credit business loans can be high.
  • The financial implications of repaying the funds require due consideration and could become onerous.
  • Not a credible loan consolidation option due to the nature of the financing.
One Park Financial Logo

Editorial Rating


What are the basic requirements to get funded by One Park Financial?

One Park Financial is not a funding service but an intermediary. They are strict about the applications that they forward to their funding partners. Your business must be running, with a gross turnover of $10,000 for at least three months. Your business should not be part of an active bankruptcy program, and your FICO score must be 450 or more.

Can You Borrow Startup Capital?

Not typically. The company works with reputable partner lenders that seldom require collateral. In the absence of collateral, the lender needs to gauge the company’s performance. If you need startup money, you’re better off approaching:
– Venture Capitalists.
– Angel Investors.
– Crowd-funding and other forms of peer-to-peer lending.
– A company such as Lendio.

Is it difficult to get funded by One Park Financial?

The application process is simple. You’ll have an answer in principle within 24 hours. If you qualify in terms of this check, it’s simple to get finance. Since One Park Financial deals with a range of funding partners, your chances improve dramatically.

Is this the best way to borrow money?

No. It can be an expensive form of a loan. The implications of non-payment can have severe consequences for your business, so you must ensure that you can repay the money.

Do I pay an application fee?

No. The One Park Financial fees and rates are limited to an initiation fee and a professional fee on successful applications. These fees will depend on the lender’s offer and the amount that you borrow.

How do I pay the One Park Financial loan back?

You’ll make payments directly to the lender. The One Park Financial reviews that we went through indicate that lenders usually arrange to take daily or weekly payments from your checking account.