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$79 - $109

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$89 First Work Fee

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Ovation Credit Repair

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Monthly Fee:


$79 - $109

Additional Fees:


$89 First Work Fee

Credit Consultation:



Credit Monitoring:



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ovation credit repair logo

Editorial Rating

An industry veteran, Ovation Credit Services is currently among the top credit repair companies. It helps people with less than stellar credit improve their standing by identifying and correcting errors on their credit reports.

To find out if this is the right tool for you, check out our detailed Ovation Credit Repair review.

What Is Ovation Best for?

Ovation is a financial services company owned by LendingTree, a reputable online platform for comparing loan offers. So, you can rest assured that your credit is in good hands.

Ovation Credit is best for people looking for a credit repair online service with a bit of human touch. Starting with a free consultation and continuing with a personalized plan, a professional will be there to guide you every step of the way.

What It Takes to Get Going with Ovation Credit Repair

As described on the Ovation Credit Service website, setting up on the path of a better credit profile involves three simple steps:

1. Enrolling in the company’s credit improvement program.

You can sign-up directly by calling support. Alternatively, you can submit some personal information and get contacted by an agent.

2. Understand factors that impact your credit quality.

An Ovation credit expert will review your credit report, identify the items that hurt your score, and come up with a plan to fix it.

3. Work with an experienced credit advisor.

The whole credit repair process will be personalized and carried by a professional. They will keep track of the progress and advise you on any additional steps to take in order to better your credit.


These are the specific credit repair services offered by Ovation:

Free consultation

The first step to start repairing your credit with Ovation is to take advantage of the free consultation. You simply need to fill out the request form on the company’s website. Then you’ll receive a call from one of its credit analysts, who will review your credit report and answer all your questions. Based on the provided information, you can decide whether to sign up for a credit repair plan.

Personalized disputes

With this option, you can dispute any inaccurate or unverifiable negative item from your report.

Personal case advisor

Your personal care advisor will guide you through the dispute process and help you improve your credit score.

Financial management tools

With these tools, you can plan your budget and pay off your debt.

Unlimited challenge validation letters

Ovation Credit Repair will create and send an unlimited number of custom validation dispute letters to your creditors.

Unlimited creditor goodwill letters

A goodwill credit letter is a letter that you send to creditors to kindly ask them to review and remove a negative item from your report.

Official Ovation recommendation letter

Ovation will write a recommendation letter for you, which may assist you when contacting lenders.

TransUnion credit monitoring

With this service, you will receive alerts regarding any changes with your TransUnion credit report or if someone tries to use your credit without permission.

Ovation Credit Services Pricing and Fees

Ovation Credit Services by LendingTree have two levels: the Essentials and the Essentials Plus.

Essentials Plan

Services included:

  • Personalized dispute options
  • Personal care advisor
  • Financial management tools


  • First work fee of $89
  • Monthly fee of $79
Essentials Plus Plan

Services included:

  • Unlimited challenge validation letters
  • Unlimited creditor goodwill letters
  • Official Ovation recommendation letter
  • TransUnion credit monitoring


  • First work fee of $89
  • Monthly fee of $109

Customer Service

Customer support is available via phone and email.

Operating hours:

Monday – Friday: 8 am – 9 pm EST
Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm EST

Ovation reviews regarding support are pretty mixed. Most customers are happy with the service, but some report having trouble reaching the representatives. Also, some users find the lack of 24/7 assistance and a live chat option inconvenient.

Ovation Credit Repair Reviews

What else do Ovation Credit Repair customer reviews reveal about the company and its service quality?

There are numerous Ovation Credit Repair reviews on third-party review sites such as Consumer Affairs, Trustpilot, and the BBB. And you can also go through the feedback left on Google and the Facebook page of Ovation.

Here’s a summary of both the positives and negatives experienced by customers.

The Positives

In most of the positive Ovation Credit Repair reviews, customers mentioned how helpful and informative the representatives were. Having a professional go over your report and identify the items lowering your score is a good way to ease your mind about your financial future. Customers were also satisfied with the credit boost they had noticed after using the services for a few months. In one Ovation Credit Services review, a customer mentioned that their score increased by 40 points in a single month. Of course, not everyone will experience such quick results.

The Negatives

While plenty of Ovation Credit reviews cite positive experiences, some users were left unsatisfied. Even though the employees were generally highly praised, there were a lot of customer service-related Ovation Credit complaints. Clients were unable to reach employees to have their issues resolved.

There were also negative reviews from people that had misunderstood the services offered. These were mainly from people who found out that they could dispute negative items on their own and for free.

We also tried looking up Ovation by Lending Tree reviews on Reddit. However, we were only able to locate complaints about LendingTree and the persistent calls users received from their partners.

Our Verdict

Ovation offers credit repair services at an affordable cost. The pricing is average compared to competitors, and the free consultation is also an extra. As you can dispute negative items on your own, the best credit cleaners add extra features to their plans, such as monitoring tools and professional assistance.

This service may help you repair your credit to start working on improving your financial situation.

Alternatives of Ovation Credit Services

How does Ovation stack up against competitors?

Ovation Credit Services vs Lexington Law

Lexington Law is one of the main competitors of Ovation. Customers often compare Ovation Credit vs Lexington Law in their reviews.

Ovation Credit services cost less than Lexington Law’s, which range between $89.85 and $129.95. And the most basic plan doesn’t offer a personal care advisor nor financial management tools. So, you would be getting more of your money’s worth with Ovation.

Ovation Credit Services vs Sky Blue

Sky Blue’s pricing is pretty straightforward. The company offers just one plan at $79 a month. Like Ovation, this credit repair company also offers a couples discount and free consultation.

What makes Sky Blue stand out amongst its competitors is the conditions-free 90-day money-back guarantee.

Wrap Up

Ovation Credit Services by LendingTree can work with you on fixing your credit. Online reviews about this company are mostly positive, so you will at least have a good shot at improving your FICO score.


  • Military, senior, and couples discounts
  • No-risk refund policy
  • Personalized client dashboard
  • Cancel anytime
  • Free mobile app to track progress


  • First work fee
  • Relatively high monthly fees
ovation credit repair logo

Editorial Rating


What Is Ovation Credit?

Ovation Credit Services, Inc., is a financial services company based in Jacksonville, Florida. The company specializes in credit repair, credit disputes, and identity theft resolution.

How does Ovation Credit work?

When you sign up for one of their plans, Ovation Credit Repair reviews your credit report and works with you to find inaccurate negative items in your report. The expert team will then dispute these items with credit reporting agencies and creditors on your behalf.

How much is Ovation Credit Services?

The Essentials and Essentials Plus plans cost $79.00/month and $109.00/month, respectively. Ovation also charges an $89 first work fee with both plans.

How do I cancel Ovation Credit Services?

You can cancel your plan at any time by contacting support.

Can Ovation Credit Services really fix my credit?

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, no credit repair services company can guarantee results. However, removing inaccurate negative information from your credit report can increase your credit score.
But does Ovation work when all the information in your report is accurate? Not by the means of credit repair. Yet, the team can explain to you how credit works and the steps you can take to tackle the debt issues you have. By adopting good payment habits and lowering your credit utilization rate, you can gradually work your way up toward a better profile.

Are any credit repair companies legit?

There are a few tell-tale signs of credit repair service scams. Such companies cannot demand or receive payments upfront (until they have completed the services requested). However, to avoid this requirement, most companies have subscription plans where you pay a monthly fee for their services. Another sign of a scam is when they guarantee or promise specific results. This is why most legitimate companies have a disclaimer saying they cannot guarantee positive results and that each situation is different. Lastly, companies shouldn’t misinform you. For example, if a company says that you cannot dispute negative information on your own — this is false. You can directly contact credit reporting agencies to dispute negative information from your report.
In some negative Ovation Credit Services reviews, we noticed that customers mentioned that they weren’t aware that they could dispute items on their own. So, is Ovation Credit Services legit? It is. We could criticize its representatives for failing to inform customers about this option in some cases, but the company’s legitimacy is beyond any doubt. Ovation Credit is owned by industry major LendingTree and accredited by the BBB, where it holds the highest A+ rating.

How can I repair and/or rebuild my credit?

To repair your credit on your own, dispute any inaccurate items with the credit reporting agencies and creditors. To rebuild your credit and thus improve your FICO score, you can: improve your payment history, lower your credit utilization rate, avoid new debt, set up a debt management plan and get a debt consolidation loan.

What is the best credit repair company?

Customers have their requirements when choosing credit cleaners. People that have dealt with identity theft would prefer a company that has identity theft alerts. Those who prefer a more hands-on approach would find Ovation Credit Services ideal. Ultimately, we recommend comparing the best credit repair companies to find one that is right for you.