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PrizeRebel Review

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Consumers’ personal preferences, opinions, and stances on various issues are valuable currency. It’s how search engines and social media platforms are making hundreds of billions of dollars from investors and businesses all over the globe. What if there was a way for you to get at least a $10 gift card or two by directly selling your opinions? One platform that presents you with this option is PrizeRebel.

In this PrizeRebel review, we’ll try to answer some key questions that most of the platform’s potential users are interested in. These include:

  • How much can you make on this platform in an hour?
  • How long does it take for the prize earned on PrizeRebel to be deposited?
  • What are the differences between Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum users?

Let’s see what we’ve found!

What Is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is a part of market research company iAngelic, Inc. The company operates out of Las Vegas, US. Since its launch in 2007, it has reportedly been used by approximately 11 million people.

Even though the company is US-based, PrizeRebel accepts users from all over the globe. You may not get surveys if you’re not from one of the main markets – the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Yet you can still earn points completing offer walls, tasks, and referrals.

As of January 2022, PrizeRebel has users from 183 countries, which puts it head and shoulders ahead of its competition in terms of internationalization. The only downside here is that there’s no multilingual support. There’s only an English version of the site.

How Does PrizeRebel Work?

PrizeRebel is a market research website where you can do tasks and activities in exchange for points. You can later redeem these points for money in several ways (usually gift cards or cash). While the platform is renowned for its surveys, there are also mobile games, quizzes, short videos, etc.

The way PrizeRebel works is fairly simple. You need to sign up and provide some basic personal information. Answering truthfully is important for both legal and pragmatic reasons. Namely, your profile determines the number of surveys that you’ll have available.

Then, you proceed to PrizeRebel surveys, which give you a chance to earn your first points. You only need a reliable internet connection, a valid email, as well as some time and dedication to actually do the surveys in question. Your profit is determined by the number of surveys you complete.

How old do you have to be to use PrizeRebel?

To use PrizeRebel, you need to be at least 18 years old. Of course, some surveys are targeted towards minors, but this can only be done with parents’ consent. Not only that, but the minor in question would have to use their parent’s device/account to complete the survey in question. Also, these minors still need to be older than 16 to qualify.

PrizeRebel participation levels

The longer you use PrizeRebel, the better your position on the platform becomes. There are five membership levels, each with its own set of extra merits (compared to the previous one). These are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

This is also one of the strongest reasons why you shouldn’t delete your PrizeRebel account. It costs you nothing to keep it, but you lose all the progress if you delete it. This would be quite a problem if you decided to commit to the platform once again.

To become a Gold member (which is where some of the biggest perks start), you need to accumulate just 4,500 points.

The differences are quite significant. For instance, while a regular (Bronze or Silver) gets a 20% referral fee, Gold members get as much as 25%. There’s also a bonus of 1% of your monthly winnings.

Is PrizeRebel safe?

In terms of safety, it’s important to stress out that PrizeRebel is ranked as the 11th safest survey site. While this may not sound as much, the number of survey sites out there is quite substantial, and this kind of ranking is not easy to earn. Also, most PrizeRebel reviews are positive, which gives the site an above-average rating on the majority of platforms.

The number of its users and the fact that its parent company is a legitimate US-based business provide PrizeRebel with an extra layer of credibility.

How to Make Money on PrizeRebel?

To make money on PrizeRebel, all you need to do is complete some tasks (most commonly surveys) and earn points that you can redeem for cash or gift card equivalents.

Let’s do a quick breakdown of the process!

How do you get points on PrizeRebel?

Everything you do on PrizeRebel is rewarded in points. The interface is quite simple. On your dashboard, you have the list of tasks, each with a number of points that it’s worth. When you complete the task, you get the number of points assigned to your account, and you can check/track these points effortlessly via your user profile.

One of the most important things to mention is the point-to-dollar ratio, which is 100 points for $1. This means that the worth of a single PrizeRebel point is $0.01.

Notably, you can’t cash out at any time. Instead, you need to accumulate at least 500 points. This way, you can redeem these points for a $5 worth gift card (of different types).

Another essential thing to mention is the referral system that can award you some PrizeRebel free points. If you invite a friend or family member to join you on PrizeRebel, you can earn between 15% and 30% of all the points they earn (depending on your account level). Having a couple of people to follow you on this platform right away can help you get to the 500 points mark on the first day. Even without it, you can look for your first payout in 2-3 days.

PrizeRebel also occasionally provides promo codes that will give you free points once redeemed. You can find them on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages, so it may be a good idea to follow PrizeRebel on social media.

How do you get paid on PrizeRebel?

One of the biggest advantages of PrizeRebel is that it has the same payout threshold for cash and gift cards – $5 (500 points). Most of its competitors have a $5 (sometimes as low as $3) threshold for gift cards while maintaining a high $10 for cash rewards. The fact that PrizeRebel doesn’t take this approach makes things a lot simpler.

While PrizeRebel cash out via PayPal is the most popular choice since PayPal already having 361 million users worldwide, it’s definitely not the only option out there. You can also go for a gift card. The wide selection includes over 500 famous brands, such as Gap, Nike, Walmart, Amazon, Google Play, Playstation, and XBOX.

There are also instances in which specific gift cards go on sale. For example, you might be able to get a restaurant gift card worth $10 for just 400 PrizeRebel points.

One more form of cash-outs that are not often mentioned is contests and raffles.

Also, keep in mind that PrizeRebel Gold members (and above) may receive gift cards with as little as 200 points ($2). Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members also get paid a lot quicker than their basic plan counterparts. In some instances, they receive funds in minutes.

How Much Money Can You Make on PrizeRebel?

The average hourly rate on PrizeRebel is between $2 and $5 per hour, which places this site in the top bracket of the industry. Seeing as how the industry average is often between $1 and $2 per hour, the advantage of PrizeRebel in terms of the platform’s earning potential is more than clear.

How much does PrizeRebel pay per survey?

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding PrizeRebel is how much does it pay per single survey. On average, a reward for a single survey is around 50 points. This depends on the length of the survey more than anything.

It’s also important to factor in the PrizeRebel referral program, which is a quite handy addition to your earning potential.

Keep in mind that this is not a simple equation and that there are surveys that pay more/less than average. Also, there’s a finite number of surveys out there.

One more thing worth thinking about is the average time it takes to complete a PrizeRebel survey. Speaking of which…

How long is the average PrizeRebel survey?

According to our own research, as well as the most common PrizeRebel review experience, the average time of a survey (the one with the 50 points reward) is 10-20 minutes. Now, keep in mind that longer surveys give more points, but everyone does these surveys at a different pace.

Also, keep in mind that you should read everything carefully and answer the questions truthfully. Like with any other survey site, you might get disqualified if the algorithm assumes that you’re giving random (or dishonest) answers.

Then again, you might get disqualified for not fitting the target audience of the survey. The chance of not qualifying on this site is quite high.

PrizeRebel Alternatives

To get the best idea of just how good this platform is, we should compare it to sites like PrizeRebel. Let’s see how PrizeRebel compares to some of its most popular alternatives.

PrizeRebel vs InboxDollars

InboxDollars has an hourly earning potential between $0.25 to $5.00, which means that while its maximum is similar to that of PrizeRebel, the amplitude is much bigger. What does this mean for the average user? It means that hourly earnings are less consistent (which usually means lower than expected).

The average time per survey is 3 to 25 minutes, which, once again, means that the amplitude is higher.

The biggest difference lies in the fact that the cash-out is at $30, which is six times more than you would have to wait on PrizeRebel.

PrizeRebel vs Swagbucks

The average hourly rate on Swagbucks is $0.89, which is significantly less than that of PrizeRebel (even by conservative estimates). There is, however, access to daily surveys. Moreover, this is one of the few survey sites that support Payoneer payments.

This is a platform that a lot of Freelancers are already using. Those looking to add a dollar or two more to their $21 hourly average can, therefore, choose to pick this platform as their tool of choice. Still, PayPal is a preferred PrizeRebel payout method (other than gift cards).

The average survey time is fairly similar, with roughly 20 minutes needed to complete an average survey on Swagbucks.

The thing that Swagbucks is most praised for is its minimum cash-out which is just 100 points ($1).

Wrap Up

Overall, when compared to other survey sites, the numbers go strongly in favor of PrizeRebel. The platform is credible, trustworthy, and operated by a legitimate US-based company. In other words, PrizeRebel is as legit as it gets.

In terms of earning potential, the platform is in the highest bracket of the industry, offering an opportunity for one to earn between $2 and $5 in an hour.

Once the user reaches the top tiers of membership (Gold and higher), they can earn the prize in a matter of minutes while also enjoying several perks (higher referral rates, bonuses, etc.).

The fact that it has numerous cash-out options available is also a huge plus.

All in all, those looking for a reliable and lucrative way to make money by doing online surveys cannot go wrong with PrizeRebel.


  • High earning potential
  • Low payout threshold
  • Multiple ways to earn points
  • Vast collection of gift cards


  • No live chat support
  • High eligibility criteria
  • No multi-language support
PrizeRebel Logo

Editorial Rating


Is PrizeRebel legit?

PrizeRebel is a legit site offering paid surveys to online users. The majority of its reviews are positive, it’s owned by a US-based company, and the platform has passed every credibility test to date. The site’s earning potential is above the industry average, and the money is bound to be deposited via your method of choice.

Does PrizeRebel really pay?

Once you have enough PrizeRebel points for a cash-out, you can choose the way in which you get paid. Gold members (and higher) can get their reward in a matter of minutes. The number of points depends on your preferred cash-out method, but regardless of what you choose, the chances are that you won’t be more than a few days away from this moment.

How to delete the PrizeRebel account?

Deleting your PrizeRebel account is not as simple since there’s no automatic account deleting option. What you can do, however, is send a message to the support staff that you want your account deleted. After processing your ticket, it won’t get long until the account is completely deleted. There is, however, not a lot of incentive to do so, seeing as how there’s no maintenance fee, and you might lose all your progress towards a higher membership level.

How long does PrizeRebel take to approve prizes?

According to the average PrizeRebel review, it can take roughly 24 hours for the platform to approve a prize. Nonetheless, a person who is Gold level or above can get it in a matter of minutes. To reach Gold, you need just 4,500 ($45) in PrizeRebel rewards, which is quite modest and easily attainable.