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Reliant Funding Review: Edition 2021

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Loan Amounts


$5,000 - $250,00

Loan Term



APR Range



Min. Credit Score


Not specified




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24 hours

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$10,000 per month



United States

Reliant funding logo

Editorial Rating

San Diego-based Reliant Funding offers alternative business financing. The company specializes in Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs), short-term, and equipment loans.

Reliant seems to offer a good spread of financing for businesses. Is it as reliable as the name suggests? Should you do business with the company? To answer these questions and more, we did extensive research and browsed through numerous Reliant Funding reviews.

In this post, we’ve summed up our findings which will hopefully allow you to make an informed decision.

What is Reliant Funding?

Reliant funding is a well-established global online small business lending company. Started in 2008, the company has faced some backlash for poor customer service. They’ve since managed to improve their Better Business Rating, so it seems as though they’ve gotten this issue under control.

It should be noted that working at Reliant Funding is described as a high-pressure environment. This might explain the gaps in service that the company initially experienced.

The company focuses only on business loans and financing.

Who is Reliant Funding best for?

The company is best for small to medium businesses that have been in operation for at least six months. This is not a company that doesn’t require a credit check, but it does place more emphasis on the business’s turnover than the credit history. Companies may borrow against their business’s expected sales as just one lending option.

The repayment terms offer benefits for clients with a turnover that fluctuates. Clients may pay back their MCAs based on a fixed amount or a percentage of their actual turnover.

Clients with judgments or liens may apply for Reliant Funding business loans if they’ve made suitable repayment arrangements. The company will also lend to businesses that are in arrears with their rental as long as they’re not blacklisted as tenants.

On the downside, the company’s professional service fee does work out expensive, so they’re not the best option for clients with a good credit history.

The funds are paid out fast. In some cases, payments are made within 24-hours of the approval of the application. That’s a big plus for those who need cash in a hurry.

The range of products does exceed what your typical alternative finance company offers. It provides business owners with ready access to ready access to working capital.

Getting started with Reliant Funding

Start your application by heading over to the website and click on the “Apply Now” button. A free application form will pop up. Here you’ll need to provide some information about your business, such as its name, phone and address, as well as your personal name and surname.

You’ll also have to choose the loan amount. The minimum loan amount is $5,000 while the maximum loan amount stands at $250,000.

Reliant Funding Terms & Requirements

Reliant allows borrowers in the United States to borrow money if you operate in one of the following industries:

  • Construction Loans and Financing
  • Restaurant & Bar Financing
  • Health Care & Services Financing
  • Franchise Loans and Financing
  • Transportation & Trucking Financing
  • Auto Repair Loans and Financing
  • Retail Business Loans and Funding.

The loan requirements are a lot more relaxed than with other unique lenders. There is a choice between three different loan types:

  • Small Business Loans: Good as a traditional installment loan
  • Merchant Cash Advance: Excellent emergency funding
  • Equipment Financing: Similar to a lease agreement.

Should you need a higher amount, Lendio might suit you better. Reliant’s qualifications to apply are, however, more lenient.

The company claims to approve seven out of 10 loans. Your business must have a steady stream of income. Active bankruptcies, negative landlord references, and big judgments or liens may disqualify businesses immediately.

Your personal credit score does come into play, so if your score is low, we recommend looking at ways to improve your credit score to secure a better interest rate.

They’ll consider small business owner’s expenses, such as average monthly payroll cost and income. Then they’ll make you an offer.

We’d like to highlight that being behind on rent isn’t an issue if you’ve got a positive landlord reference. Reliant will consider businesses with judgments against them if there’s a payment plan in place and the business adheres to the terms.

The company also does give clients access to government funding for emergencies.  As an online lender, it offers a simple solution for business owners. They don’t, however, offer traditional business lines of credit.

Small Business Loans

Reliant Funding offers an easy way to borrow money online. To apply for a small business loan, your business must be running for at least seven months, but preferably twelve months. The business revenue must be at least $10,000 per month.

Unless you’re applying for business loans for bad credit, you won’t usually have to provide collateral or a personal guarantee. They may spend the money in whatever way they see fit.

The terms of each contract will be laid out before the business owner makes their decision. These are the closest options to standard installment loans. Owners will pay a preset installment every month and this will be drawn from their bank accounts on a predetermined date.

Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs)

The requirements for MCAs are a little more lenient. Businesses must have been running for at least six months. The business revenue must be at least $10,000 per month. This is a good option for quick loans.

Business owners don’t normally have to provide collateral or a personal guarantee. The business owner may use the money as they see fit. The owner may further apply for additional financing once they’ve paid off 50% of their initial loan amount.

Business owners here are essentially borrowing against future sales. They have the option to repay:

  • flat fee on the amount funded: This option works well for the business owner who wants to know exactly what they’ll repay. Reliant will withdraw the funds from the business checking account on a predetermined day.
  • A fixed percentage: This option works well for business owners with a more seasonal business. You won’t know how much you’ll pay each time, but it’ll be a fixed percentage of the overall sales, making it easier when sales are low.

Equipment Financing 

These loans are the same as a lease agreement. The equipment acts as collateral for the loan amount. As a result, applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Business owners will repay a set amount monthly, drawn from their bank account on a predetermined day. Businesses must use the money to purchase equipment and not consumables or disposable items. The equipment may not be resold until the loan has been repaid.

The business may buy from different vendors and may reapply for financing for more equipment as necessary. Each subsequent application is individually vetted. Reliant won’t typically finance a purchase from a private individual. There are exceptions to this rule. Financing may, for example, be used to purchase a titled vehicle.

This agreement does have a potential impact to credit score, so it’s important to understand the implications of non-payment.

As with normal leasing agreements, getting the money takes a little longer. These loans are subject to normal underwriting conditions, and so you might wait for 3 to 5 working days after signing the documents.

On the upside, by using the equipment as collateral, you may access more funding and lower fees.

How You Get the Money

If you qualify for Reliant Funding loans, Reliant will issue you with a card and credit line. You may use or draw the funds as and when necessary.

Reliant Funding User Reviews

User reviews are mixed. Reliant Funding testimonials show that clients love the easy application process and more lenient lending criteria, but find the rates a little high in some cases. That’s par for the course with this industry – those who have outstanding credit will normally choose more traditional credit options.

Clients do like the speed at which funds are paid out, and agree that overall, Reliant customer service is good.

The Reliant Funding reviews we read suggest that the main source of annoyance is with the company’s marketing strategy. Many people complained about receiving a card from the company in the mail, even if they declined the offers. Some clients also complained about receiving junk mail.


Reliant Funding also has a lot of favorable features that make it reliable.

Reliant Funding Rates & Fees

That’s hard to say. The company doesn’t disclose the rates and fees that you pay in advance. Unlike with a traditional loan, you pay fixed fees rather than interest. You’ll pay an origination fee, and then a fixed monthly fee. You’ll also be liable for late payment fees if you pay late.

The monthly fees are usually a percentage of the amount borrowed, so it sounds the same as interest. It isn’t. Say, for example, that they charge you a fixed fee based on 10% of what you borrow, and you borrow $10,000 over a year. Your fixed fee would be $1,000, divided by 12. You’d pay around $83 per month.

Where this differs from a simple interest rate is that the reducing balance makes no difference to the amount that you pay. With traditional interest, you’d pay 10% on the original balance in the first month. Your first payment would reduce the balance. The following month, you’d then pay 10% on that reduced balance.

Businesses could, therefore, pay more in fees than they would in a more traditional interest-based loan. Another thing to look out for is that by calling this a fee instead of interest, the company skirts anti-usury regulations.

Anti-usury regulations cap the amount of interest that a company may charge. By charging fees instead, the company can exceed this cap.

If you’d prefer a company that’s a little more transparent about what you’ll pay, rather consider business loan applications from Fundera first.

Privacy & Security

The company uses a combination of administrative processes and high-level encryption to protect their client’s information on their systems. Reviewers of Reliant Funding careers agree that the company is very strict about staff following the correct administrative procedures.

They won’t pass your personal information on to anyone unless you expressly agree.

Customer Support

Customers rate the service as good. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 4.7 rating on TrustPilot. Customers may contact the company by:

  • Using the website’s instant chat function or contact form
  • Calling
  • Emailing
  • Reaching out on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The company is fairly active on review platforms as well and usually responds to complaints lodged on such sites.

Alternatives to Reliant Funding

How does Reliant Funding compare to its top competitors?

Reliant Funding Loans vs. Fundera Loans

Reliant offers a maximum loan amount of $250,000 and Fundera offers loans of over $1,000 000. Fundera wins if you need a larger loan. Be warned, they also require borrowers to have a FICO score of at least 550.

Reliant Funding Loans vs. Lendio Loans

Lendio gets the title of the best small business financing platform because it offers a number of products that Reliant doesn’t. These include:

  • Equipment funding
  • Merchant cash advances
  • Business acquisitions loan options
  • Business term loans
  • Short term loan options
  • SBA Loans
  • Startup business loan options
  • Business credit card
  • Commercial mortgage
  • Accounts receivable financing
  • Business lines of credit
  • Paycheck Protection Program loans

If you need a particularly broad loan range, Lendio could be the better bet.

Overall, we recommend Fundera as having the best choice loan options.

Reliant Funding Loans vs. Blue Vine

Blue Vine offers more than just business loans and financing. It also offers lines of credit, invoice factoring, and paycheck protection program loans.

Reliant Funding vs. Bad Credit Loans 

If you need personal loans for bad credit or personal loans for good credit, Reliant can’t assist you. Bad Credit Loans, however, can offer you up to $10,000.

Final Verdict

Reliant Funding has taken a knock in the reviews thanks to their somewhat aggressive marketing strategy. Their overall customer service is generally good and the Reliant Funding BBB rating is encouraging.

We have some concerns over the lack of transparency about fees, but this is a standard complaint across the industry. You’ll apply for a loan before you find out what you qualify for, and what rate you’ll pay. This makes the application a waste of time if you decide that the offer isn’t favorable.

That said, the initial pre-qualification form is simple and quick to complete. The lenient Reliant lending terms are a plus, but you have to weigh this against the fees that you pay. The speed at which the funds are paid out is impressive, which is confirmed by the Reliant Funding reviews we went through.


  • Getting approved loans is relatively simple
  • No minimum credit score
  • Different forms of financing options
  • Loan renewal policies are also lenient
  • Borrowing limits are high
  • Fast payouts on most financing
  • The application process is simple


  • Not the best way to cut your monthly payments
  • MCAs require frequent repayment
  • No finance for some industries
  • Difficult to nail down exact terms
  • Financing for equipment takes a bit
  • Customer service track record is bumpy
  • No personal loans
Reliant funding logo

Editorial Rating


Is Reliant Funding legit?

Yes because: The company was started in 2008 – it won’t win awards as the best available lenders, but it’s legitimate Has a BBB A+ rating Rated 4.7 on Trustpilot

Who owns Reliant Funding?

Reliant Funding is owned by the founder Adam Stettner. It is a private company.

What are the primary business loan requirements?

Business must be running for at least six months Most loans require a turnover of $10,000 per month Active bankruptcies disqualify borrowers Good tenant references No judgments or liens unless you have a payment arrangement in place

Does Reliant teach you how to get the most from your money?

The company doesn’t have any official business advice programs The sales staff will offer some advice on this point if you ask

How do I get funding for my business from Reliant Funding?

You hit the “Apply Now” form on the website and follow the step-by-step instructions. If you’re successful, they’ll discuss the loan approval with you and set out the terms of the loan agreement You get to view loan offers before you make your final decision like with any other marketplace platforms.

Is this a credible loan consolidation option?

The small business loans might offer a credible solution, but watch the overall fees as these can be high.

Is it hard to get a loan from Reliant Funding?

Not especially. If your company meets the basic criteria, you’ve got a good shot at getting a loan. The amount of that loan depends on your revenue and your credit history.

Who are the Reliant Funding partners?

This is another area where we feel the company could improve. They have a partner section on their website but don’t tell prospective clients who the partners actually are. Another thing that they don’t make clear is whether or not those partners are Reliant Funding lenders. From what you see on the website, it appears that they’re a direct lender, but you’ll only find out where your funds come from when you get the offer for your term loans.

How does Reliant Funding work?

Their process is pretty simple: They assess your loan eligibility through the prequalification process If you qualify, the company finds a good funding opportunity for you They send you the details of the offer – the loan, amount, term and other conditions You decide whether or not to accept Should you decide to decline the offer, that’s the end to it If you accept, they’ll pay the money Once you’ve paid off a sufficient portion of the loan, you may reapply No personal guarantee required

How long does the Reliant funding approval take?

Our research as well as the Reliant Funding reviews we came across suggest that you should have an answer in principle within 24 hours at the most.