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Loan Amounts


$5,000 - $500,000

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3 months - 5 years

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3%-25% (0% intro APR)

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Seek Capital Review: 2021 Edition

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Loan Amounts


$5,000 - $500,000

Loan Term


3 months - 5 years

APR Range


3%-25% (0% intro APR)

Min. Credit Score



Funding Time


24 hours - 3 weeks



9.99% origination fee

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Seek Business Capital Logo

Editorial Rating

Finding the right company loan can be a difficult task for small business owners, especially if said business is a startup and doesn’t generate much income. That’s where Seek Capital comes in.

The Seek Capital reviews we read through suggest that this platform is a welcome addition to the alternative lending market and business and startups that require funding can benefit from their excellent service and reputable partner lenders.

What Is Seek Capital?

Seek Business Capital is one of the top loan connection companies in the US. It has helped allocate over $400 million in small business loans around the country since 2015. Seek Capital is not a direct lender — instead, instead, the company uses its proprietary lender matching platform to connect borrowers with the best available lenders based on their personal requirements and credit profile.

The company was founded in 2014 with a commitment to help small businesses reach their goals and by providing the funding they needed to get their business off the ground.

The platform not only provides essential funding solutions and other critical business services for business owners but it also offers credit cards for personal use.

Who Is Seek Capital Best For?

Seek Capital is great for startups and early-in-development businesses that are looking to get off the ground, they offer a full-service approach that includes consulting, all in service of helping small businesses grow.

Seek Capital works directly with borrowers to craft unique plans that are likely to get approved. The company does not place restrictions on the use of funds so borrowers can spend it on anything from emergency funding and equipment financing to debt consolidation and other pressing financial needs.

Getting Started With Seek Capital

Applying for a Seek Business Capital loan is pretty quick and easy. To borrow money online with it, you will have to fill out a free application on the website, you will be required to choose the loan amount you’re looking to borrow and provide a reason for the loan request.

The next step is to provide some basic personal and contact information such as:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Business name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • What industry your business is in
  • What state what you’re in
  • Credit score range

The third and final step before pre-approval is providing information about your business:

  • How long your business has been active
  • The average monthly revenue of the business
  • Whether you have a 401K

Seek Capital has specific requirements regarding credit score when it comes to loan approval. The minimum required score is 680. However, the higher it is, the lower the interest rate will be.

Once you’ve submitted all the basic data, a consultant from Seek Capital will reach out to you by phone to gather some additional data about you and your business. After that, the underwriting process will begin and your creditworthiness will be checked and verified to create a funding estimate of how much you’re eligible to borrow.

The funding estimate, which takes about two hours to land in your inbox, is essentially a preliminary loan agreement and will outline the loan amount term, loan terms, and interest rates. Once you accept the funding estimate, Seek Capital will send out your approved application to its extensive network of lenders.

One or more of the large authorized lenders may reach out to you to gather additional information and documentation about you and your business. Once you find the right lender for then you can expect to get the fund you need in about three weeks, although some funding options have same-day approval.

Terms & Requirements

The terms and loan requirements for Seek Capital loans will vary from lender to lender. However, there are a few basic Seek Capital requirements that borrowers need to meet for each loan product. These are just the minimum qualifications to apply and in some cases, some partners in the network of lenders may have additional requirements that will be discussed with you by your Seek Capital representative.

  • Term loans — to qualify for a business term loan your business needs to have been active and operational for at least three years, have annual revenue of at least $300,000, and have a personal credit score of at least 680.
  • Business lines of credit — to qualify, your business must have been operational for at least one year, have annual revenue of at least $180,000, and a personal credit score of at least 630.
  • Startup loans — Seek Capital has multiple start-up loan options available to business owners and each one has its own requirements.
  • Invoice financing — the most important requirement is the quality and quantity of the invoices.
  • Equipment financing — to qualify for equipment financing, your business needs to have been active for at least two years, to have annual revenue of at least $130,000 and a personal credit score of at least 600.
  • Short-term loans — annual revenue and time in business vary by lender but this option is usually for business owners with a low credit score as the minimum credit score required is 500.
  • Merchant cash advance — when applying for an MCA, the lender will consider your incoming cash flow when determining your loan request.
  • SBA loans — to qualify for an SBA loan your business will need to have been active for four or more years, have at least $180,000 in annual revenue, and a personal credit score of 680
  • Personal loan for business — to qualify for the best rates then a personal credit record of 680 is required. However, business owners with lower credit scores may also qualify.

Seek Capital’s repayment terms during the introductory period, usually, 12-18 months, are pretty fair, the minimum monthly payments are 2% of the total funding amount.

User Reviews

Seek Business Capital has a B rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited with the BBB since 2016. There are 60+ total complaints that have been closed in the last three years, 27 in the last 12 months alone. There are also 85+ Seek Capital reviews, giving them a four-star rating on the platform.

There are 110+ total Seek Capital loan reviews on Trustpilot, and the company has an overall rating of 4.3 stars on the platform. 82% of those reviews are rated with five stars, with customers praising the ease of the loan application process and the efficiency of the customer service team. We looked at some of the bad, one-star reviews too and they mentioned that Seek Capital isn’t as transparent with their fees as they seem. Some users even complained in their Seek Business Capital reviews that the company tried to sell them products they didn’t want or need in the first place.

Seek Capital has a 4.9 overall satisfaction rating on Consumer Affairs, based on 265+ Seek Business Capital customer reviews submitted in the last year and a 4.0 rating on Google based on 575+ Seek Business Capital user reviews.

When researching Seek Capital reviews on Reddit, we found one negative review that mentioned a credit card issue.


In this section of our Seek Capital review, we’ll discuss some of the most important company’s features.

Rates & Fees

Seek Capital charges an application fee of $495 for all loan applications, the fee is non-refundable regardless of whether you get the loan or not and is also the subject of many negative Seek Business Capital reviews. If, upon approval, the business owner decides not to move forward with the loan then they have to pay a cancellation fee of $495 (if the loan is less than $50,000).

Seek Capital also has an origination fee of 9.99% for loans of below $50,000 that is payable only once the loan is approved. For $50,000+ loans, Seek Capital has a flat origination fee of $4,995. This is yet another complaint that a number of applicants mentioned in their Seek Capital review.

The fees and interest rates of any approved loans by a partner lender will vary and as is typical of traditional lenders, the best rates will be given to those with the lowest degree of risk to the lender. The Estimated Annual Percentage rate of the loan can go up to 25% but in some cases, borrowers may be eligible for a 0% introductory APR for the first 12 months.

Privacy & Security

To protect users’ personal and credit card details from unauthorized access, all information exchanged between Seek Capital’s servers and user’s web browsers is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and can only be accessed by designated staff.

Seek Capital also uses firewalls to secure the perimeters of its information network and they monitor their systems regularly.

All credit card details, personal and company information is treated as confidential and proprietary and is not shared outside of the platform, with the exception of contact information and company formation information. Seek Capital is at liberty to rent, share, or sell this information to third-party entities for marketing purposes.

Customer Support

Customers can contact Seek Capital directly on their toll-free number, through email, or via fax. The customer service staff, who have received glowing Seek Capital customer reviews in 2020, can be reached via phone Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm PST.

Customers can also fill out and submit a contact form on, with the company likely to respond to queries within 24 hours.

If social media is more your thing, then you can connect with Seek Capital on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Seek Capital Alternatives

Here are some Seek Capital alternatives for you to consider.

Seek Capital vs LoanMe

The biggest difference between Seek Capital and LoanMe, one of the best personal loan companies that also provides business funding options, is that the latter has a maximum loan amount of $250,000. The loan should be repaid between 36 and 120 months.

LoanMe separates its offerings into a tiered letter grade system, from most (A) to least (E) qualified. As the tiers descend the loan amount decreases but the interest rates go up. They are also a possible option for those looking for unsecured loans for bad credit.

Seek Capital vs Fundera

Fundera is a great alternative to Seek Capital, helping small business owners with a minimum credit score of 550 and offering loan amounts of $1 million and above. It charges no fees for a loan application as it’s paid by direct lenders in terms of small referral fees.

Fundera’s unique lenders, however, have the right to impose any fee they wish and will state them in the loan agreement before you accept. Some lenders will charge an origination fee while others will require a professional service fee.

Final Verdict

Our lending platform review shows that Seek Capital is a great resource for borrowers in the United States who may not be able to get funding through more traditional means like banks or credit unions. The company delivers on its promise to provide small businesses with the resources that they need to get their businesses off the ground.

Seek Capital’s online lending network, ease of application, and its genuine willingness to help, as confirmed by the Seek Capital loan reviews that we found, make them a helpful funding solution.


  • Easy application process
  • Great customer service
  • Variety of startup business loans
  • Some funding has same-day approval
  • A wide network of reputable partner lenders


  • High origination fees
  • Non-refundable application fee
  • Potential impact to credit score
Seek Business Capital Logo

Editorial Rating


Is Seek Capital a good idea?

Seek Capital is a good idea if you’re a small business owner looking for ready access to working capital that can’t get funding the conventional way. The platform offers personal and small business loans with good terms and competitive rates that are tailor-made for your needs.

Is it hard to get a loan from Seek Capital?

Over 92% of all applicants get the financing they need from Seek Capital to grow their businesses.

How does a Seek Capital loan work?

After your application is successful and you’ve reviewed the borrowing terms of your pre-approved offer, Seek Capital submits applications to third party lenders on your behalf. The funds should be available within three weeks.

How does Seek Capital affect your credit?

Once Seek Capital finds you a suitable lender, it will do a hard pull on your credit which will affect your overall score and remain on your credit record for at least two years.

How does Seek Capital work?

Seek Capital is not a direct lender; instead, it matches borrowers with the appropriate lender for their specific financial needs.

Is Seek Business Capital legit?

Not only is Seek Capital an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, but it is also an official member of the Forbes Financial Council.

Is Seek Capital a good choice for startups?

In addition to offering several startup business loan options, Seek Capital also offers other solutions helping with plans and how to create equity which will prove invaluable to any small business owner.

How quickly can I get my money out of Seek Capital?

All in all the funds should be available within three weeks of applying.

Does Seek Capital offer startup business loans?

Seek Capital offers several options for startup capital loans.

Does Seek Capital offer a credit card?

Seek Capital offers both personal and business credit cards.

Does Seek Capital check credit?

Yes, it does. Seek Capital does a soft credit pull during the initial application process. Once matched with a potential lender, the lender will do a hard credit pull.

How much can Seek Capital lend?

Seek Capital can lend any amount between $5,000 and $500,000.

Can you get a Seek Capital debt settlement?

Seek Capital does not place any restrictions on the loans that they facilitate so borrowers are at liberty to use the funds for anything they see fit and that includes debt consolidation.

How fast are Seek Capital loans approved?

Seek Capital loans are approved in one to three weeks.

Can I get a loan from Seek Capital if I have a bad credit score?

Seek Capital has solutions for all kinds of credit scores, including bad credit loan options.

What do Seek Capital’s customers say about them?

We looked through some Seek Capital reviews and most of them are positive, with particular praise for the platform’s customer service and the ease of the application process.