Sky Blue Credit Repair: A Comprehensive Review

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Having poor credit has far-reaching consequences. If you can get credit cards, student loans, mortgage loans, or auto loans, you’ll pay high interest for the privilege. To add insult to injury, you’ll also pay more for various types of insurance. You may be asked for a higher than normal security deposit when renting.

Sky Blue Credit Repair seems to offer a way to deal with the credit damage. The company will identify errors on your report and have them removed. While you’re waiting for that to happen, Sky Blue Credit Repair will give you steps to take to improve your score.

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Editorial Rating


  • Sky Blue credit reviews are overwhelmingly positive
  • 6-day free trial and 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Fast, friendly, and efficient service
  • No hidden costs
  • Discount for couples
  • The company is transparent about whom it may help
  • Option to pause the membership
  • Apply for the service online


  • Relatively low BBB rating
  • No 24/7 support


Monthly Fee

$79 per month

Additional Fees

$79 first work fee

Free Credit Evaluation


Service Speed

Up to 15 items every 35-day cycle

In Business Since


BBB Rating


Guarantees / Warranty

Yes, 90-day money-back guarantee

Customized Service


What Is Sky Blue Best For?

Sky Blue is best for someone with poor credit. The company will report legitimate inconsistencies on your credit report on your behalf. You may have seen a credit repair website that promises to improve your rating instantly, even if you have bad credit.

This isn’t one of those sites. Such sites work in a very grey area of the law. They primarily dispute any listings, causing the bureau to remove them. The reprieve is temporary.  

The team from Sky Blue credit repair reviews your credit history intending to make long-term change. If your score is low due to non-payment, there’s not much the team can do for you.

Application Process

Go over to the website and look for the orange, “Get Started Now” button. Click on it, and you’ll go through to the application page. Complete the details like your first names and surname, address, and phone number.

If you’re in a relationship, you have the option for a joint review. You and your partner will each pay half of the monthly rate. 

Details about the first and second payment are listed and Sky Blue Credit Repair will ask for permission to access your credit report. Complete all the information, click to select the boxes as appropriate, and hit “Continue”.

You’ll then be taken to the billing screen. Here you’ll be asked for your debit or credit card number, social security number, and date of birth. At the bottom of the page, you’ll need to click the box to confirm that it is accurate. 

Then you may hit the “Complete Enrolment” button. 

How Sky Blue Fixes Bad Credit

Sky Blue Credit Repair uses legal methods to improve your credit rating. Their expert team of credit cleaners scrutinizes your report, looking for irregularities. Adverse listings may only remain on the bureau for a specified length of time. 

Removing expired listings or those that you’ve repaid automatically improves your rating. The Sky credit solutions rates as one of the best credit repair services because they only offer legally-approved credit repair services.


The Sky credit solutions services are comprehensive and include all of the following. 

Credit Report Analysis

The Blue Sky credit team starts with a professional analysis of your credit record. They check your credit score and credit history. This is a soft pull, not a hard inquiry, so it won’t negatively impact your FICO rating

Sky Blue will look through all the listings and inquiries and ask you to confirm which are correct. Taking things one step further, their team will also look at listings that don’t quite match your name. They’ll also look at adverse ratings for items that you’ve completed the debt settlement process on. 

Sometimes a creditor incorrectly assigns an adverse listing to your name. The company looks at each listing and sees which should be removed or challenged. They focus on credit management services removing expired or inaccurate listings. 

Quick Disputes

If you have a listing you know nothing about, the company will dispute it for you. They dispute up to fifteen items every thirty-five-day cycle.  

Score Assistance

With this service, you and Sky Blue work together.  Your credit management consultant will assign you tasks to help you improve your score. 

You’ll learn how to work the system. Your consultant will advise you to improve payment history and pay down your debt. They’ll explain your current credit utilization rate and how it impacts your score

They’ll come up with a debt management plan for you. This plan is designed to help you achieve mostly paid-off accounts.  They’ll evaluate if it’s prudent to apply for a debt consolidation loan.

Credit Rebuilding

The rebuilding services are the next step. Now that you’ve taken steps toward improving your store, you want to take advantage of the credit boost. While all debt counts towards your credit history, what debt consolidation lenders won’t tell you is that some credit counts more toward your score than you think. Debt consolidation loans count for less than credit cards. 


Credit cards are a revolving credit facility. You’re mainly only required to pay the interest every month. You can max out that card every month if you like. By contrast, you can’t draw from a personal loan. 

A well-managed credit card, therefore, will do your FICO score more good than a loan will. 


Your consultant is available to give you advice on any credit-related topic you might have. If you’re feeling anxious about creditors knocking on the door, they’ll provide you with concrete, actionable advice

Additional Services 

Sky Blue offers the following additional services, at no additional charge: 

  • Debt validation: You’ve every right to validate that debt listed against your name is your debt. Doing so, however, might cause creditors to collect their debt more aggressively. Sky Blue advises when this is a good idea and assists if it is. 
  • Goodwill letters: This letter is a request to your creditor to remove a derogatory listing. It’s something you’ll have to work towards. You’ll need at least six months of perfect payment history for them to consider it. 
  • Debt settlement/ negotiation: The company will help its clients strategize and prepare for settlements and negotiations. This service improves your chance of being successful. The Sky Blue Credit Repair late payments team, for example, might advise ways to reduce late payment fees or tell you how to get them reversed. 
  • Cease and desist letter: Issuing this letter means that your creditor must go to court. This may be a useful tool when used correctly. Your credit management team will research whether it’s your best strategy. 

Sky Blue Credit Repair Pricing

How much is Sky Blue Credit Repair? The answer is pretty straightforward — it’s $79 per month. Clients meanwhile agree to an initial six-month contract.

If you sign-up for Sky Blue credit repair services as a couple, one partner will receive a 50% discount, both on initial fee and monthly fees.

Customer Support 

Clients can contact the company by: 

  • Calling the Sky Blue Credit Repair phone number 
  • Logging into their account
  • Using the contact form on the website

The company works on weekdays from Monday to Friday. Support is easy to contact and helpful. 

Sky Blue User Reviews 

The Positives 

Sky Blue Credit Repair reviews from 2020 are overwhelmingly positive. Clients love the fast service. They also note that if you follow the steps, you’ll see results. The company is highly responsive to complaints. They care about every Sky Blue Credit Repair review. The Sky Blue Credit Repair profile on Reddit is full of praise for the company’s above-board methods. 

The Negatives

A few Sky Blue Credit Repair reviews suggested that the business took ages to refund their money under the guarantee. They got the money eventually but felt that they had to complain via the Better Business Bureau. The BBB rating is C, but the company is working on that.  

 Alternatives to Sky Blue

Sky Blue Credit Repair vs Lexington Law

Lexington Law offers a similar bouquet of services. Sky Blue provides all its services for $79 per month. Lexington offers packages ranging from $89.95 to $129.95 per month. Some complaints about Lexington is that the solution is temporary, which indicates the use of less savory tactics. 

Sky Blue Credit Repair vs The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros has an A+ BBB rating. That allows them to charge a premium for their services. They offer similar products and are highly efficient. The downside is the price. You pay an upfront fee of either $119 or $149. Also, you’ll pay a monthly fee of between $69 and $149 per month.

Wrap Up 

The Sky Blue Credit Repair services offer consumers significant results and practical advice. The company uses valid legal methods, so the results are effective over the long-term. Many outfits in this industry use less-than-savory tactics that might cause problems for the consumer. 

As Sky Blue does not, we’ll end this Sky Blue review with a big thumbs up.

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Editorial Rating

Sky Blue Credit Repair FAQs

What is Sky Blue?

Sky Blue is a credit repair company. It assists clients by removing illegitimate listings from their credit reports. It also gives them advice on how to improve their rating in the future.

Is Sky Blue Credit Repair legit?

The Sky Blue Credit Repair reviews and the company’s longevity prove that it is. It’s been in business since 1989.

Does Sky Blue Credit Repair really work?

Success depends on your situation. If you’ve got shocking credit, no. If your credit simply needs a boost, and you do the work, it will work for you.

Can credit repair companies really fix your credit?

They use a range of strategies to do so. These tactics are effective at removing incorrect information. However, if the debt is legitimately yours, there’s not much these companies can do in the long-term.

Who is the best at credit repair?

Sky Blue Credit Repair offers one of the best range of legal credit repair services at arguably the best prices.