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PayPal, direct account deposit, gift cards



$2-$5 per hour

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2-30 minutes

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Minimum cashout:



Payment options:


PayPal, direct account deposit, gift cards



$2-$5 per hour

Average time per survey:


2-30 minutes

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Survey Junkie Logo

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While almost every Survey Junkie review confirms the platform’s credibility and reliability, many people still wonder whether the platform is legit. The main reason is that they don’t really understand the concept of doing an online survey for money.

The way social media and search engines get funded is by selling your personal information. But could you get a part of that money? Well, this is what paid survey websites like Survey Junkie are for. Unlike with browsers and social media platforms, however, here, you’ll need to invest quite a bit of active work to earn your reward.

Here’s how all of this works in the case of Survey Junkie.

What Is Survey Junkie?

Around 92% of freelancers don’t take work-free vacations. Well, survey platforms can help people in this mindset earn money even while taking a break.

And when looking for an active and lucrative survey community, it’s impossible to skip Survey Junkie. This platform is quickly becoming the flagship of the entire industry. The fact that it’s been BBB accredited since mid-2017 just gives it an extra layer of credibility.

With Survey Junkie, you participate in market research, helping brands tailor their marketing efforts and improve their products. Based on the type of research, the platform has two communities:

  • Core Survey Junkie Community
  • SJ Pulse Community

The former allows members to answer questions and complete surveys about attitudinal market-based research. On the other hand, SJ Pulse enables users to partake in behavioral market research, which is one of the fastest-growing trends in present-day marketing. Once you become a Survey Junkie member, you can choose one or both communities.

Let’s now take a look into the ins and outs of the platform!

How Does Survey Junkie Work?

The way Survey Junkie works is fairly simple – you register, create your profile and earn points for every single survey you do. Once you accumulate enough points (around 1,000), you can redeem them in cash (1,000 points are the equivalent of $10).

This money can be transferred to you directly via PayPal or direct deposit, but you can also get your reward in the form of a gift card. The latter is usually more cost-effective since Survey Junkie has a lot of partner vendors. Thus, redeeming gift cards may provide you with the optimal value (for your points).

The platform also offers a great mobile app that gives you another place to find a legitimate online survey to fill.

But is Survey Junkie legit?

On most review sites (like Trustpilot), Survey Junkie has some of the highest scores of all survey platforms. Sure, this score changes over time, and, on its own, it isn’t really that much of a guarantee. Still, it gives the site that extra bit of trustworthiness.

We’ll look into the legitimacy question later in our review.

Now, let’s talk about money!

How to Make Money on Survey Junkie?

While Survey Junkie isn’t going to make you rich, it’s possible to provide a nice extra source of income. Every positive Survey Junkie review will tell you the same thing when talking about this site – it does everything other survey sites do. It just pays slightly better. Sure, you’re not doing this to get rich, but if you’re already trying to do surveys for cash, why not go with the highest bidder?


Right off the bat, to register, there are several criteria that you need to fulfill. First of all, you need to be older than 13. This is not discriminatory, and it doesn’t mean that the content of these surveys is sensitive by any means. Survey Junkie verification simply requires you to be of the right demographic. Speaking of that, your age group counts. Since a lot of consumers are minors, no wonder the Survey Junkie age requirement is 13 and not 18 or 21.

Second, you need to be from either the US, the UK, or Australia. Unfortunately, this limits the international potential of Survey Junkie.

After you fill in some basic info, you’ll be ready to find the first survey you get paid for.


One of the first things that people want to know about paid survey sites is what is the likelihood of disqualification. After all, for a Survey Junkie payout, you need to amass 1,000 points. But how can you do this if you constantly get disqualified?

For starters, it’s important to mention that the likelihood of disqualification is subjective, and it depends more on your user profile than anything else. Second,  third-party survey providers make the qualification decisions.

We should also point out that even in the case of disqualification, you’ll get awarded 2-3 points. Although this is near-inconsequential, it’s still a nice gesture by the platform.

Is Survey Junkie legit?

Well, to be completely accurate, it all depends on what you consider legit.

Is it going to substitute your need for a day job (or even a part-time job)? Definitely not! Is it a more cost-effective alternative to wasting your time on the internet? Absolutely! While it won’t be able to do it on its own, Survey Junkie will take you a step closer to becoming an independent worker by complementing your income.

All in all, on Survey Junkie, you won’t have trouble finding a legitimate survey for money whenever you want.

How Much Money Can You Make on Survey Junkie?

When it comes to your ability to make money, the Survey Junkie average pay is slightly above the industry standard at $0.20 to $3.50 per survey. In terms of an hourly rate, you stand to earn between $2 and $5 per hour. This is, again, well above the norm.

A survey may take anywhere between 2 minutes and 30 minutes to finish, even though these are just averages, and your own speed may offset the actual time. Just keep in mind that rushing to finish quickly may cause some errors, which could disqualify you from future surveys.

Survey Junkie focus groups

One more thing worth mentioning is the fact that Survey Junkie does more than just offer surveys. It also allows you to partake in various focus groups. SJ Pulse activities have a rate of their own. This is something that is seldom mentioned in Survey Junkie reviews, even though it’s a major asset in your effort to use this money-making app to its fullest potential.

So, how cost-effective is the SJ Pulse community?

Well, according to some Survey Junkie reviews, people were able to make as much as $50-$100 for participating in focus groups. Compare this to the average hourly rate of $2-$5 for doing paid surveys online, and you’ll get a clearer picture. Just keep in mind that qualifying for these focus groups is far from simple.

The biggest difference between these focus groups and ordinary surveys is that the latter is available in a much higher volume and on a regular basis.

How does Survey Junkie pay you?

Whenever you’re doing a survey for money, there are two concerns in your mind. The first one is how much is the survey in question worth? The second one is how and when you can redeem the reward.

The three forms of payment used by Survey Junkie are:

  • PayPal,
  • direct deposit,
  • and gift cards.

Seeing as how most freelancers are already getting paid via PayPal, this form of transaction will appear seamless.

Keep in mind that, like with any other survey website, you’re earning points and not money directly. Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for their equivalent in cash.

Notably, Survey Junkie bank transfer or PayPal deposit require a minimum of $10.00 to cash out. This is roughly 1,000 points. When it comes to gift cards, you can redeem as little as $5.00.

Survey Junkie Alternatives

An average Survey Junkie review can reveal some strengths of this platform, but the truth is that you need a reference point to make an informed decision whether to use it or not.

So, here are some Survey Junkie alternatives for you to consider:

Survey Junkie vs Swagbucks

Registering on both of these platforms is completely free of charge, which opens up a number of interesting options. Instead of relying on reviews, people can check them out on their own. Also, since these platforms aren’t mutually exclusive, you can feel free to use both for the time being and see if they’re worth your while.

The biggest downside of Swagbucks is that the average hourly earnings rate is around $1, while the Survey Junkie pay is significantly higher. Swagbucks’ unique selling point is that you can redeem as little as $1 (via a gift card). Both of these reputable survey sites support the same redemption options.

Survey Junkie vs Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys and Survey Junkie are comparable in most fields, but with two great advantages in favor of the latter. First of all, Branded Surveys lacks a mobile app. Sure, its site is optimized for mobile rather efficiently, but this is never quite the same. Second, Branded Surveys’ hourly earning rate is $0.50-$3.00, which is substantially less than what you can make on Survey Junkie.

While Survey Junkie scam allegations are pretty rare on review sites, Branded Surveys are renowned as one of the most trustworthy names in the industry when it comes to payout. At the same time, Survey Junkie is BBB accredited, while Branded Surveys is not.

Survey Junkie vs InboxDollars

When looking merely through numbers, Survey Junkie is far superior to its counterpart. First of all, the average hourly rate on InboxDollars is a mere $0.50, which is far below the industry average. On top of that, the minimum payout on this platform is as high as $30. Combine these two, and it might be a while until you see your first returns on InboxDollars. Survey Junkie gift cards, on the other hand, can be redeemed in amounts as low as $5.

Sure, InboxDollars supports web, Android, and iOS, which is great but not something that Survey Junkie lacks. Even when comparing the number of surveys, Survey Junkie will always come out on top. In other words, InboxDollars is a decent option if you’re looking for some extra surveys to do after finishing your Survey Junkie batch.

Wrap Up

To make the long story short, Survey Junkie does most things better than its competitors. The Survey Junkie app is amazing, whereas some of its rivals lack mobile apps altogether. It pays more, has a lower payout threshold, and offers a much higher volume of surveys to begin with. Participating in focus groups can provide you with the maximum profit (by this industry’s standards) within the shortest timeframe.

Aside from this, the Survey Junkie customer service is decent, and it ranks well on the majority of review sites. While there are some Survey Junkie complaints, the platform usually addresses and resolves them rather quickly, which only shows the team’s vigilance and professionalism.

In terms of payout options, Survey Junkie PayPal transfers are reliable, simple, and expedient. Still, this doesn’t mean that their direct deposit or gift card options are shabby either.

While some may still complain that the amount of money you can make this way is not that great, this has nothing to do with the platform but with the industry itself. In their essence, survey sites were never meant to replace freelance work. Instead, they were designed as monetary-incentivized replacements for Facebook games and YouTube videos during breaks. From this standpoint, Survey Junkie does a great job indeed.


  • Above-average reward per survey
  • Focus groups
  • Great Survey Junkie mobile app


  • Only available in the US, UK, and Australia.
  • Relatively high disqualification rate
  • Third-party providers decide whether you qualify
Survey Junkie Logo

Editorial Rating


Does Survey Junkie work?

Yes, this is one of the leading market research communities out there. Survey Junkie rewards its users for their honest opinions on various subject matters. Each survey has a point-based reward that you are informed of up-front. Provided that you qualify for the survey in question, upon completion you will get the points that you can later redeem in points.

Is Survey Junkie worth it?

Survey Junkie is more lucrative than the majority of other paid survey sites. This, however, doesn’t mean that it can be turned into a major source of income. At most, people have been able to make several hundred dollars per year, which can help you supplement your budget but can’t make a massive difference when it comes to your finances.

Does Survey Junkie actually pay you?

This platform is renowned for its trustworthiness in terms of payments. There are several payment options for you to choose from and, once you select the method, you should get the money in a matter of days. Three methods you can choose are PayPal, direct bank transfer, and gift cards. While the threshold for payout is usually $10, when selecting gift cards as a reward, you can cash out even smaller amounts.

Is Survey Junkie legit?

Survey Junkie is a legit market research community that pays fair (compared to industry standards) and pays on time. This makes the platform legit, and it’s something that almost every Survey Junkie review will confirm. It all really comes down to your expectations and your ability to compare Survey Junkie to some of its closest competitors within the industry.