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Starting price:


$49 + state fees for LLC filing; $2.50/month for branding services

Registered agent:


$199 per year

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Tailor Brands Logo

Editorial Rating

Tailor Brands Review

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Starting price:


$49 + state fees for LLC filing; $2.50/month for branding services

Registered agent:


$199 per year

Turnaround time:



Free trial:



Advisory service:



EIN Registration:



Tailor Brands Logo

Editorial Rating

Traditionally, a logo quiz is one of the most common segments in various game shows.

Contestants are asked to identify a company from a series of recognizable logos flashed on a screen. The only twist is that the names of the companies are removed from the trademark image.

Of course, there are companies that any contestant would identify quickly. Then some tend not to be so obvious.

Take Nike, Apple, Shell, The Olympics, and McDonald’s. Their logos amplify the brand ten times over. It is possible they even attract undecided customers.

Our Tailor Brands review looks at a company on a mission to catapult smaller businesses to this level.

What Is Tailor Brands Best For?

Tailor Brands specializes in helping businesses build brands that stand out. Many entities struggle with finding the right graphic designer, web developer, and LLC formation service when setting up shop. Tailor Brands brings all these services under one roof.

The company also helps aspiring business owners to turn ideas into businesses. The support starts from the onset when the entities are launching. It is then sustained in installing back-office solutions, brand design, and mapping out a growth roadmap.

Tailor Brands Services

To understand Tailor Brands’ business, a background on how the company was established is a good starting point. The company’s founders were working on getting two businesses off the ground — a restaurant and a real estate business. But no one took them seriously until they streamlined their branding with a logo, professional website, and business cards.

Initially, the business was started to automate logo creation with AI technology, but it has since grown in scope to include most things a startup would need to open.

These include LLC formation and branding services.

LLC formation

Although Tailor Brands is widely known for its branding capacity, it complements this with LLC formation services.

Our Tailor Brands LLC review will look into the various services offered under this bracket.

Filing Articles of Organization

Filing Articles of Organization is the first step toward registering a business.

If you enlist Tailor Brands for this task, the service will first ask you to submit the business’s name to check availability. The company will then ask you to specify the state where you wish to incorporate your business.

Articles of Organization forms are available on your state’s website. Depending on the state, the filing fees range between $50 and $800. Once approved, you will be required to pay yearly liability fees to your state.

If you prefer to concentrate on other things, you can delegate this task to Tailor Brands.

Registered agent services

A registered agent is a requirement in LLC formation.

They handle all necessary government, tax, and legal correspondence on your behalf. Some states allow business owners to nominate themselves.

Appointing Tailor Brands as your registered agent costs $199 per year.

Creating an operating agreement

An operating agreement lays out the organizational structure of your business, governance rules, and duties.

In most states, it is not mandatory to have an operating agreement, but it’s the first thing investors will ask for once you make your case for funding. It is also prudent to have an operating agreement if internal disputes with partners end up in court. The document stipulates each partner’s duties, profit and loss allocations, and exit procedures.

This is one of the services offered under Tailor Brands’ LLC formation banner.

Applying for an EIN

The taxman is hawk-eyed and is always looking for ways to collect more.

The IRS uses an Employer Identification Number (EIN) — a nine-digit number assigned by the agency — to identify businesses required to file tax returns.

Incorporating an LLC involves a lot of work and lots of back and forth with authorities. If your attention is needed elsewhere, you can pass on this task to Tailor Brands.

Complying with tax requirements

So what’s next after opening the business? You will still need to comply with the set rules.

You can also opt to tap Tailor Brands to ensure you remain compliant even as the business grows.

The company will handle all the licensing requirements with the state and local agencies. It will also get the necessary permits and help you pay your taxes.

Besides this, the company will ensure you avoid hefty penalties by assisting in filing annual reports.

Logo service

An automated logo design service powered by AI?

That’s quite right. Creating a professional logo for your business with just a few clicks is possible.

All you have to do is specify the name of your business, the preferred tagline, and the field of operation.

When we interacted with Tailor Brands’ logo maker, it asked for the business’s name and a logline. The website prompted us to specify the industry and jot down a short description of the business.

The website will allow you to choose between an icon-based, name-based, or initial-based logo.

The next step is to choose the font you would like from a wide catalog consisting of bold, official, fancy, and trendy titles.

For this review, we named our fictitious business Cade & Sons Electronics. The site generated several logos. Once you select the one you prefer, the site generates a glimpse of how it would look on your website, business cards, and merchandise.

Below are the logos generated by the service:

Tailor Brands Logo Examples

The result after choosing logo number 2.

Tailor Brands Logo Example

Other branding products and services

Although logo creation is couched as a flagship service, Taylor Brands offers a host of other branding services.

These include website development, business card design, domain name creation, and a business mailbox.

The creation process for all is almost similar to that of a logo, except for the technical differences.

Tailor Brands Pricing

Tailor Brands prices its various services differently. Most services under LLC formation are charged separately, while branding offerings are categorized into three plans.

LLC formation

The base cost of starting an LLC with Tailor Brands is $49 + state fees. This covers LLC filing, name availability search, and priority support.

Other add-on services under this category attract their own separate fees. For instance:

  • A registered agent costs $199 per year.
  • Employer ID Number (EIN) generation costs $99 (one-time).
  • Creating an operating agreement costs $29 (one-time).
  • Expedited filing costs $49 (one-time).

The state filing fees depend on the jurisdiction.


Tailor Brands offers its branding services in three packages. The Tailor Brands plans are priced differently with specific target markets in mind.

Notably, Tailor Brands doesn’t refund users for logo designs and similar services.

Basic plan

This package is priced at:

  • $9.99/month billed monthly
  • $3.99/month billed annually
  • $2.50/month billed biannually

Benefits include full ownership of your logo and high-quality logo files.

Other features include the license to use the Tailor Brands’ mini-website builder and graphic design tool. You can also create your digital card, import images for your designs, access stock photos and icons, and unlock all design templates.

Standard plan

This Tailor Brands package costs:

  • $19.99/month billed monthly
  • $5.99/month billed annually
  • $4.99/month billed biannually

Additional features include access to Tailor Brands’ full website builder and business card tool. The package also allows you to create an online blog. You also get multilingual support and Vector EPS files of your logo.

Premium plan

This package is priced at:

  • $49.99/month billed monthly
  • $12.99/month billed annually
  • $9.99/month billed biannually

With the Tailor Brands Premium account, you access all features available on Basic and Standard. You also access Tailor Brands’ social media scheduling and analytics tools. You further get the license to create an online store, sell your products and services on Instagram and Facebook, chat with your website visitors and accept online payments.

Tailor Brands Customer Support

Curiously, there are only two channels through which users can contact Tailor Brands’ customer service team directly. An email address and a help desk where users submit their questions and comments and await feedback.

There is also a tonne of helpful, relevant material available on the company’s help center, official blog, and FAQ section for common and recurring issues.

Judging by customer reviews, the limited support options are frustrating for Tailor Brands’ subscribers. Users agree that more choices such as phone calls, live chat, and social media direct messages should be availed.

Ease of Use

Subscribers speak glowingly of their Tailor Brands user experience on third-party customer review sites.

Multiple users applaud the platform’s simplicity and easy to explore creative options. The helping hand offered to subscribers whenever they get stuck with tasks such as logo creation was also tipped as a positive.

Tailor Brands Reviews

Tailor Brands’ customer reviews on Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) praise the company’s pricing and creative options. The service is also hailed as a much better alternative to complex options and services that do not meet the required standards.

Of course, the reviews are not all positive. Multiple reports outlined the inflexibility in changing your preferences after subscribing to a package. Several users also complained about struggling to cancel their Tailor Brands subscription. However, Tailor Brands swiftly responded to each of these users individually and offered to help them resolve the issues via direct online messages.

Our Verdict

While the company is not unblemished, our Tailor Brands review concludes that the benefits of using the service far outweigh the disadvantages. Positive customer reports back this position. Its competitive pricing, nicely crafted packages, easy-to-use platform, and unique services make Tailor Brands a competitive proposition.

Tailor Brands Alternatives

There is always the chance that other man’s meat is your poison. So, if you aren’t sold on the company after this Tailor Brands review, there are several other options for you to consider.

Tailor Brands vs LegalZoom

Tailor Brands and LegalZoom are not an apple for an apple comparison. Why?

LegalZoom is a mainstream virtual LLC formation service and one of the top 5 in the industry. The LLC Service is also one of the few business formation platforms that offer human attorney services. What’s more, the company also offers virtual legal assistance on personal matters.

On the other hand, Tailor Brands is more of a branding suite, although it has an LLC formation feature, albeit at a less popular scale than its peer, and that is where the two intersect.

Although Tailor Brands’ LLC formation package is more affordable at $49, LegalZoom’s economy plan, priced at $79, is more comprehensive.

Tailor Brands vs Squarespace

Squarespace is primarily a website builder, although it has a logo-making feature. On the other hand, Tailor Brands is an LLC formation service and an all-encompassing graphic design suite designed for businesses.

The first significant difference between the two is in the pricing. Squarespace is a bit costlier, with its cheapest plan priced at $19/month or $14/month when billed annually. This is much higher than Tailor Brands, whose most affordable branding plan is priced at $9.99/month. And if billed annually or biannually, the cost goes down to $3.99/month or $2.50/month, respectfully.

Squarespace also has a 14-day free trial and offers online and in-person training. Tailor Brands doesn’t have a free trial for its LLC formation service but has one for its social media management tool — Tailor Social. Tailor Brands also has a logo design tool that generates multiple free logo designs. The illustrations are free as long as they aren’t used commercially. The user only pays once they select a logo they prefer.

Tailor Brands vs Canva

While Tailor Brands is built for businesses, Canva is made for anyone who wants to create. The latter’s catalog consists of thousands of templates that users can customize to their preferences, including infographics, posters, business cards, magazine covers, etc.

Although Canva has a free plan accessible to everyone, its second-tier and premium plans are much more expensive. The two packages are designed for teams of up to 1,000 members where the price increases with headcount.

For instance, the Enterprise package (second-tier) built for a team of 25 costs $30/month per individual. The premium Pro option costs $54/year for a 1-5 people team. This is significantly higher than Tailor Brands’ competitive pricing.

However, to Canva’s credit, it has a 30-day free trial period for its Pro account. Tailor Brands’ free trial options are limited to social media management tools and logo design.

Featurewise, Tailor Brands is no match for Canva. The list of tools available on the latter is extensive and even includes video editing software.

Wrap Up

Back to our earlier thought on the sheer pulling power possessed by some brands, it wasn’t always like this. It takes years of hard work, determination, and implementation of the right strategies to reach those heights.

Now, it is said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a few steps. Going through the testimonials of entrepreneurs who’ve started their businesses with Tailor Brands, it’s not hard to develop the feeling that their dreams are valid. The consensus is that Tailor Brands has been worthwhile and made their work easier.

Of course, there is no guarantee that what worked for them will work for you. The potential is there. What’s left is for you to research and establish if the service will work for you.

Like our good friends at Nike like to say: Just Do It.


  • Very affordable compared to competitors
  • Easy to use interface
  • Option to choose from multiple logos
  • Comprehensive LLC formation services


  • Limited customer support options
  • Rigid customer refund policy
Tailor Brands Logo

Editorial Rating


What does Tailor Brands do?

Tailor Brands is a company that helps companies create distinct identities. It also helps startups develop business ideas and assists them in actualizing the blueprint via its LLC formation service.

Tailor Brand further helps entities professionalize their branding. This includes helping them get their websites, business cards, and merchandise right.

However, the company is more synonymous with its flagship AI-powered logo generator.

Is Tailor Brands free?

No, it isn’t. The company’s base LLC formation cost is $49 + state fees. It also offers its branding services in three subscription plans, billed monthly, annually, or biannually.

However, the company has some free options, such as a seven-day free trial on its social media management tool. Conversely, using Tailor Brands logo maker is free. The tool generates several options for you to choose from. A subscriber only pays for a logo they decide to use for their business. Once they do this, they get full commercial rights.

Is Tailor Brands worth it?

Tailor Brands LLC reviews suggest that the service is worth considering. The company is also a trailblazer and has taken AI logo generation to new heights. All these factors combined have earned investors confidence who’ve seen potential and funded the company’s expansion efforts.

What does Tailor Brands cost?

Incorporating an LLC with Tailor Brands will cost you $49 + state fees. This price covers LLC filing, name availability search, and priority support. The other LLC formation services are charged separately as add-ons. For instance, a registered agent costs $199 per year.

As far as branding is concerned, Tailor Brands embraces the subscription business model and offers its services in three plans. The subscription price ranges from $2.50/month to $49.99/month, depending on the tier and the billing cycle. Tailor Brands offers you a discount if you commit to the service for a longer period.
Read the Pricing section of our Tailor Brands review for more details.

Is Tailor Brands legit?

Tailor Brands is a licensed business that is certainly worth a try. The company offers comprehensive services at affordable prices.

For all its advantages, Tailor Brands is not BBB-accredited and had an F rating on the platform as of May 25, 2022. This is a bad look for the company, which otherwise gets most of its strategies spot on.