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TaxHawk Review

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The majority of TaxHawk reviews recognize this platform as one of the best ways to do taxes online with professional help. The company has highly competitive prices, similar in almost all aspects to those of FreeTaxUSA. In fact, with the extra Pro Support feature, one can argue that TaxHawk has more to offer.

What is TaxHawk?

TaxHawk Inc is a medium-sized tax preparation and filing company founded in 2001. As an original member of the IRS Free File Alliance, it’s an industry veteran. The tax software is highly rated on most review sites and has a long history of helping Americans file their taxes. Its main points of interest are cost-effectiveness and reliability. In other words, it’s a great tool for those who want a simple and budget-friendly way to do taxes and avoid tax evasion.

TaxHawk Services

So far, so good, but does the company offer what you are looking for? We start our TaxHawk review with a list of available services, included with the software’s Free Edition, Deluxe, and Pro Support plans. Users can also look for tax extensions and work with prior-year returns for free.

The Free tax filing plan allows for joint filling, homeownership, itemized deductions, and dependents. Other than this, TaxHawk Free is great for tracking investments and rental property. For comparison, with some alternatives, you will have to subscribe to a self-employed plan to get these features.

Users of TaxHawk Deluxe have several advantages over their Free plan-using peers. First of all, they have access to priority support, which allows them to get to the head of the queue when dealing with the tax preparation software’s customer support. Second, they have an unlimited number of amended returns. And finally, the plan includes an IRS audit assist service. This feature is highly appreciated by customers, as noted in most reviews of TaxHawk.

TaxHawk Pro Support, which until the end of 2020 went under the name of TaxHawk Deluxe Pro, is the tax prep software’s optimal pricing plan. In addition to the Deluxe perks, this package offers personal tax advice, access to CPA/EA, audit assistance with a pro, phone support, and live screen share.

As for the forms that TaxHawk software offers, there are several worth mentioning:

  • wages and salaries form (W-2)
  • interest income (1099-INT)
  • dividend income (1099-DIV)
  • stocks or investments sold (1099-B).

For the less fortunate ones, there are also:

  • unemployment compensation form (1099-G)
  • social security benefits (SSA-1099)
  • capital loss carryovers.

Here’s the right time to note that some 60% of people who pay no income taxes may still owe some taxes. So, make sure you fill all the forms required in your particular situation.

TaxHawk Mobile App

At the moment, there is no TaxHawk app for mobile, either Android or iOS. The closest you can get to the mobile experience is accessing the service from your phone’s browser. The website is mobile-responsive, but it may feel clunky. At the end of the day, it’s clear that this platform was intended for a desktop experience.

TaxHawk Pricing

The first thing worth mentioning in our TaxHawk review regarding the price is the chance to file for federal tax returns completely free of charge. This is available for both simple and complicated tax situations. In other words, there’s an option to file investments, small business, or K-1 income for $0. Just bear in mind that corporate tax may vary by state. When we consider that that is typically a $100 service, the advantage becomes more than clear.

As mentioned above, TaxHawk offers three pricing plans – Free, Deluxe, and Pro Support.

The Free edition is considered great for all tax situations, and it costs $0 to file your federal taxes. The cost of state filing is $12.95. While there are some platforms that may offer state income tax filing free of charge, this cost is fairly low, especially when taken into consideration that it was previously $14.95. Then again, the income tax rate varies by country. There is no income tax in nine states, which would, therefore, make the total cost of TaxHawk e-file down to $0.

It costs $6.99 to file your federal taxes and $12.95 to file your state taxes with the Deluxe plan. Together, it makes the total cost of the Deluxe package $19.95 for the majority of users (again, excluding those in no income tax states). This plan is great for those who expect no need for audit assistance in the future. The offer’s priority support and an unlimited number of amended returns also make for customers’ choice of this pricing plan.

Lastly, our TaxHawk review looks into the company’s Pro Support plan. Now, TaxHawk customer service is renowned as one of the best in the industry. With the Pro Support plan, this goes to a completely new level. Other than adding live chat and phone support, there’s also a screen-sharing option. With this, users can rest assured that they will have step-by-step guidance throughout the entire process. The cost of professional-assisted federal tax filing is $24.99, while the cost of state filing remains $12.95. In total, this amounts to $37.94. While more expensive than the other offers, this is still lower than what most alternatives would charge for this type of service.

In a nutshell, TaxHawk provides some of the cheapest ways to do taxes. In terms of prices and services, the majority of TaxHawk reviews compare it to FreeTaxUSA. Cost-effectiveness is in fact one of the tax prep software’s best selling points, along with Pro Support’s unique features.

TaxHawk Customer Reviews

As a business, TaxAct has been BBB accredited since 2001 and boasts an A+ rating. This says a lot, but to objectively review TaxAct, we should look into what customers think.

Here are some things people liked about TaxAct:

  • The overall lower costs compared to most alternatives
  • The unique shared-screen feature
  • The importing capabilities from other platforms
  • The ability to pay with your refund

Of course, there are also some things TaxAct customers disliked, including:

  • The absence of a mobile app
  • State tax (although cheap) is not free
  • The platform can be non-responsive
  • No 24/7 customer support

TaxHawk Alternatives

In addition to going through TaxHawk reviews by users, we also checked how this platform fares against some of its closest competitors. So, here is our input in terms of alternatives.

TaxHawk vs TurboTax

There is no TaxHawk free state return option. Instead, the cost for state tax filing is $12.95. On the other hand, TurboTax doesn’t charge for state filing, which makes it one of the few cheaper alternatives on the market. Other than this, TurboTax also offers free audit support.

For some of its most expensive options, TurboTax can be quite pricey, though. For instance, its Premier plan federal tax goes up to $90, while its self-employed tax can cost as much as $120.

TaxHawk vs FreeTaxUSA

This pair pops up in almost every review of TaxHawk for tax filing. Both of these platforms offer inexpensive state filing ($12.95, reduced from $14.95). Also, for both TaxHawk and FreeTaxUSA, the cost of filing federal tax is $0 for the Free plan and $6.99 for Deluxe.

TaxHawk Pro Support makes for the biggest difference between the two companies, as it offers some of the industry’s best customer support options for just $24.99.

TaxHawk vs TaxAct

Notably, TaxAct charges $34.95 for the Premier and $64.95 for the Self-employed plan. With TaxHawk, these services are covered in the Free and Deluxe ($6.99) plans. Other than this, TaxHawk support seems superior in terms of both quality and price.

In fact, the only advantage of TaxAct (cost-wise) is its lower price for state filing — $4.95 compared to TaxHawk’s $12.95.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the best thing about TaxHawk is the fact that it’s simple, cost-effective, and offers a lot of services completely free of charge. For those who are willing to pay a reasonable amount for Deluxe, there is also access to additional features and an unlimited TaxHawk amended return. The Pro Support plan meanwhile offers unprecedented customer support. The platform’s biggest downside is the lack of a mobile app.


  • Great importing capabilities
  • Low cost for all services across the board
  • Pro Support plan offers top-tier customer support
  • Built-in accuracy checker (flagging what doesn’t make sense to the system)


  • No mobile app
  • Clunky navigation
  • Not responsive enough
  • State tax filing is not free
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Is TaxHawk safe?

TaxHawk’s tax prep software is safe. It uses two-factor authentication to encrypt all the data. Besides, the platform has a built-in accuracy checker that’s designed to detect possible mistakes. Also, any federal tax liability will be reimbursed. This offers users some additional reassurance.

Is TaxHawk a legitimate site?

TaxHawk is a legitimate platform. The company is an original IRS Free File Alliance member. It’s also BBB-accredited, with an A+ rating. The numerous positive TaxHawk reviews show that its user base can vouch for the service, as well.

Is TaxHawk reliable?

The platform itself places special emphasis on accuracy. It guarantees reimbursement for any federal tax liability that occurs due to its mistakes.

Who owns TaxHawk? is a website owned by TaxHawk Inc, the company that also owns FreeTaxUSA. This explains the numerous service and pricing similarities between these two platforms.

Which online tax service is best?

For those who are looking for a simple and budget-friendly way to do taxes online, TaxHawk can, indeed, qualify as one of the best options, as evidenced by multiple TaxHawk reviews. Still, before making up your mind, we suggest you compare the service to other available alternatives.