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Countries supported:



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Email, FAQs, forum, phone, live chat

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If you lack legal expertise for setting up a web-based business, it doesn’t mean that you have to hire a pricey lawyer to do the work for you.

Choosing compliance software like TermsFeed may help you avoid spending substantial fees and possible penalties. This clever solution might be just what you need to create a secure and compliant website without hiring a legal team.

We’ve read numerous TermsFeed reviews and researched the company thoroughly to learn:

  • How TermsFeed works
  • What features does it offer
  • How much does it cost
  • How users rate the service
  • Are there any considerable alternatives

Dive in to learn all the details!

What Is TermsFeed?

Whether you run a small business or startup, the TermsFeed service can help you create legal documents, such as Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions, TermsFeed EULA agreements, and more.

TermsFeed was founded in 2012, but its mission has remained the same. The legal team strives to deliver high-quality, cost-effective legal contracts for every business owner. Let’s see more about how it has managed to do it for almost a decade.

How TermsFeed Works

TermsFeed is a perfect choice for startups and small businesses owners looking for quick custom-made compliance solutions.

The team can determine if a customer’s website or app has user-generated content and complete the necessary clause for relevant agreement in minutes.

So, how to use TermsFeed?

You don’t need to sign up or download a software application to use TermsFeed, as all generators can be used without an account.

Once you select the Termsfeed privacy policy generator, for example, enter all the information required in a few steps. After the generator creates the document, you will receive a download link for your legal document for your website and app.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best TermsFeed features:

Privacy Policy Generator

Every online business should have an adequate privacy policy in place for two reasons:

  • it is legally required
  • your consumers will expect you to have it

A Privacy Policy is a document that informs your web visitors about the collected information and how your business will use it. It must comply with the local privacy law and educate customers about your company’s privacy practices.

The TermsFeed Privacy Policy generator comes with all the components to help you create trust and confidence in your customers and protect you against liability issues. In just a couple of steps, you can create a standard privacy policy or specific ones, such as CalOPPA, CCPA, GDPR, California Business Code, and more.

The TermsFeed-generated privacy policy can be used everywhere, including websites, e-commerce stores, WordPress blogs, mobile apps, Facebook apps, and SaaS.

Terms & Conditions Generator

T&C is a document that covers topics like payment schedules, privacy issues, fees and costs, dispute resolution, etc. Customers must agree on terms and conditions to use or access a website or a mobile app.

Having this document is entirely optional as no laws require it. However, it is advisable to have it, as it works as a legal document between your business and the consumer.

The TermsFeed Terms and Conditions Generator makes it easy to create a T&C agreement in just a few steps. Just like when creating a privacy policy, you need to answer some questions about you and your business. Additionally, you’ll have to indicate if you want users to create accounts, subscribe to your service, or upload content.

EULA Generator

An End-User License Agreement (EULA) is a document that defines the extent of advantages the buyer of the software application may have or not have. It is presented to users during the set-up stage and must be agreed to before the customer can complete the installation. EULA goes by different names such as Licence Agreement, Software License Agreement, and Licensed Application End-User Agreement.

The TermsFeed EULA generator comes with all necessary clauses, such as license grants, restrictions on use, infringement information, and others that every EULA should have.

Return & Refund Generator

Return & Refund Policies are plans that describe your business’s process, policies, and specific conditions for accepting returns. It sets up rules under which conditions customers can return products they’ve purchased from an eCommerce store and whether the company will reimburse them or not. It lets customers know when a company can accept returns and whether they will make a refund.

On the website, you can find a solid TermsFeed Refund policy template that you can use to help write your own.

Cookie Policy Generator

Cookies Policy informs users what cookies a website uses and for what purposes. It helps maintain transparency within companies and users. A Cookies Policy is essential and legally required to avoid potential fines and legal issues.

With the TermsFeed Cookie Policy Generator, you can create a custom Cookies Policy compliant with the GDPR and the EU Cookies Directive regulation. It is an easy-to-use generator that gives you a helping hand in creating a custom and professional Cookies Policy for your website or app.

Disclaimer Generator

If you are a business owner, a good disclaimer on your app or website is usually the best approach to address specific liability points and limitations of responsibility. This statement covers issues outside a Terms and Conditions or a Privacy Policy agreement.

The TermsFeed disclaimer generator is a perfect choice if your business requires a legal disclaimer for a website or mobile app. The all-in-one tool can also create specific statement types, such as copyright, fitness, or health disclaimer.

Terms of Service Generator

Terms of Service Generator is one of many valuable products that TermsFeed offers. It creates a custom Terms of Service agreement in just a couple of simple steps, after which you can link it to your website or mobile app.

Adding suitable clauses to the document that many TermsFeed alternatives don’t offer can prevent user violations. For example, if you operate a SaaS app and offer a couple of subscription options, customers will probably upgrade or downgrade between the levels. Therefore, your Terms of the Service agreement should define the rules in such cases.

Terms of Use Generator

Having Terms of Use agreement for your website or mobile app can protect your business from numerous liabilities. It is up to you how the agreement will look, but you might want it regardless of the industry or size of the company. This document informs the users that everything about the visual content of your business, such as the logo, is exclusively your property and is protected by copyright laws.

The TermsFeed Terms of Use Generator enables you to create this legal agreement in minutes. You can also check more optional policies, such as the TermsFeed shipping policy, that you can add to your website or app.

Cookie Consent

Business owners use Cookie Consent to notify their users about how a website or a mobile app uses cookies. It also allows users to communicate their privacy preferences. However, it is still up to the owner to make sure that a website or app respects the choices made by users, such as not to load Advertising Cookies, etc.

After you choose your preference for consent, such as Implied (EU Cookies Directive) or Express (GDPR + EU Cookies Directive), you will create a desirable TermsFeed cookie policy in just a few steps.

Live Editor and Regular Updates

TermsFeed strives to stay on top of any changes in the laws and regulations concerning the policies it generates. While your documents will not self-update, the company will notify you when you need to fix your policy.

What’s more, TermsFeed allows you to edit your policy at any time. You can do it directly on its website or download the document and make the desired changes.

Fees and Pricing

Now let’s check the TermsFeed prices. The platform comes with a one-time payment and no recurring fees.

With its “only pay for what you need” tagline, the TermsFeed pricing structure is relatively simple and comes in two options. Depending on your business requirements and the budget, you can quickly choose the option that suits you best.

Free agreements

This TermsFeed option is free of charge and comes with agreements and policies with a limited number of clauses included. It is an excellent compliance solution for startups and businesses in the growing phase.

Premium agreements

The premium arrangements are optional and come with additional clauses to protect your business interests further. You can customize your privacy policy for your website with all the requirements that reflect your business reach. You will be charged according to the numbers and types of customized clauses, and not more than that. A one-time payment is included with the price shown during the finishing stages of creating your policies.

TermsFeed costs approximately $13 to $72, depending on the product you use, such as privacy policy or cookie policy generator, and whether you will use it for a website or an app. However, as it comes with a la carte pricing structure, the cost differs depending on the added clauses and other personalized options you choose. TermsFeed will include the premium agreement price once you fully customize your chosen product.

Here are some example costs for clauses in a professional privacy policy agreement generated by TermsFeed:

  • CCPA wording – $29
  • GDPR wording – $29
  • CalOPPA wording – $12
  • Tracking and/or analytics tools use disclosure – $24
  • Email marketing disclosure – $12

Payment methods

You can pay for your TermsFeed policy or legal agreement using:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal

TermsFeed User Reviews

TermsFeed has no presence on major review sites like BBB, Trustpilot, and Consumer Affairs. But from the user reviews available online, we can see that customers are satisfied with both the free and premium options. They often describe TermsFeed as the best legal agreement solution for businesses in 2022.

Most customers agree that not all businesses need all the offered products. This statement supports the intention of the TermsFeed team to charge only what consumers need and not more than that, making it an excellent value for the money and helpful tool for a safe and transparent online business.

Customer Service

Is TermsFeed customer service reliable?

Clients could contact TermsFeed’s customer service via email or contact form. There’s also an extensive FAQ section, detailed user guides to TermsFeed generators, and valuable tricks on creating policies. With a comprehensive Help section on the website, you can easily understand the use and necessity of certain products and stay updated with GDPR compliance and the EU Cookie law requirements.

Even though TermsFeed’s customer service is unavailable to provide support through the phone, it is still described as a team of professionals who are fast to answer and willing to explain any confusion to help customers get their answers promptly.


Here are three TermsFeed alternatives that also offer solid web and app compliance solutions:

TermsFeed vs iuenda

Both platforms help businesses save thousands on legal fees and stay up-to-date with legal compliances. However, iubenda’s pricing structure is more complicated, with the highest tier more expensive than TermsFeed premium options.

Even though both platforms provide a superior user experience, human involvement takes iubenda one step further. It is an excellent solution for businesses of any size, offering good webinars as a bonus.

TermsFeed vs Termly

Both platforms offer free privacy policy options and similar offerings regarding policy compliance. However, the TermsFeed generators are more straightforward and provide more personalized options.

Termly scores high in affordability, thanks to a reasonably-priced paid option. However, with TermsFeed, the premium plan is paid one time, depending on how many optional features you add. Also, unlike Termly, TermsFeed provides a EULA generator, an excellent option if your business requires it.

GetTerms vs TermsFeed

Both platforms offer policy generators that are straightforward and user-friendly. They have a different pricing structure apart from basic free options that can satisfy the needs of many business owners.

GetTerms.io comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, while TermsFeed allows you to choose the tools you will need. Unlike GetTerms and Termly, TermsFeed provides a EULA generator as one of the many advantages. Still, it all depends on the level of personalization of legal documents your business requires.


This is an excellent subscription-based solution that offers a lot of customizable options. It doesn’t come cheap, though.

  • Exhaustive list of features
  • Very flexible plans
  • Supports multiple languages

This is an excellent subscription-based solution that offers a lot of customizable options. It doesn’t come cheap, though.


A free basic policy combined with a recurring subscription, Termly may not offer the best value for your money, but it does have an extensive feature set to make up for it.

  • Gets constant updates
  • Well-designed user interface
  • Excellent compliance coverage

A free basic policy combined with a recurring subscription, Termly may not offer the best value for your money, but it does have an extensive feature set to make up for it.


This is a great service if you just want a functional basic policy without having to pay a dime. It gets expensive when you start adding additional features, though.

  • Very customizable
  • Privacy policies for social networks
  • Cookie policy generator

This is a great service if you just want a functional basic policy without having to pay a dime. It gets expensive when you start adding additional features, though.

TermsFeed Review: Summary

To successfully set up your website or app data compliance, you don’t need to purchase pricey platforms with additional tools you’ll never use. You don’t have to be familiar with the law either. To put legal aspects in place for your business to be safe and transparent to the consumers, you should determine whether your website requires a privacy policy or other products offered by TermsFeed. If that is the case, you can avoid blowing a fortune on legal assistance and set up all the compliant requirements yourself.

Generating legal documents is simple and takes a couple of minutes to link them to your website or app. TermsFeed is built so that you customize all the necessary legal agreements for your business to operate without liability by entering the required information.

The TermsFeed team will remind you of necessary updates, keeping you in the loop with new legal requirements so that you can concentrate on growing your business. The company guarantees you will pay only for products you need with a la carte premium options.

Lastly, this TermsFeed review confirms that the platform has all the information to educate and help understand your business and all content tools to help you create compliant content for your web or app. Thanks to numerous qualities, the company justifies its place on the list of best privacy policy generators and legal compliance tools that might be worth your time and money.


  • Straightforward, quick, and user-friendly
  • Optional pricing options with no strings attached
  • High level of customization


  • Generating policies one at a time
  • Higher upfront cost compared to competitors
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Is TermsFeed legit?

Yes, TermsFeed is a legitimate company operating from the US, UK, and Canada. It is a fair enough replacement for a trained legal team and supports most businesses.

How much does TermsFeed cost?

TermsFeed has a free option, as well as a premium alternative. The professional legal agreement generators charge per clause. Most clauses cost between $7 and $24.

Is TermsFeed worth it?

Yes. Over a decade-long track record and countless positive TermsFeed reviews only support the statement that the TermsFeed legal document generator is a suitable and cost-effective option for businesses of any industry or size.