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Monthly Fee:


$69 - $149

First work fee:


$119 - $149 (depending on the plan)

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The Credit Pros Review

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Monthly Fee:


$69 - $149

First work fee:


$119 - $149 (depending on the plan)

Free consultation:



In Business Since:



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Three reports every 45-60 days



90 days money-back guarantee

BBB Rating:


Not accredited

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the credit pros logo the credit pros review

Editorial Rating

Are you looking to improve your credit?

Credit repair services can help you regain favorable financial standing. But not all companies are created equal. So, we are here to give you a leg up, assessing the various offerings.

The Credit Pros is one of the most popular credit cleaners on the market. Clients tend to praise the ease-of-use and personal, customer-centric approach.

But does The Credit Pros really provide the best credit repair services?

We’ve looked into numerous The Credit Pros reviews online and objectively analyzed the company’s strengths and weaknesses. So, here are our findings!

The Credit Pros Review: Everything You Need to Know

Poor credit scores come with many repercussions — from pricier credit cards to higher insurance costs, worse mortgage and auto loan rates, and even trouble finding a job (29% of employers check applicants’ credit rating.) So, it’s never too early to improve your credit.

What Is The Credit Pros Best For?

The Credit Pros is an AI-powered website and app that provides personalized advice to improve critical factors like your payment history and credit utilization rate.

It’s an easy-to-understand and beginner-friendly service, perfect if you want to improve your credit, but you aren’t well-versed in credit laws and rules and therefore can’t make your own debt management plan. Note, however, that The Credit Pros doesn’t offer debt consolidation loans.

How to Get Started

To begin your journey toward better credit, go to, and schedule a free consultation. The expert will go through the general credit repair process and address any questions you may have before picking a plan.

Once you choose the level of service and sign up, The Credit Pros will examine your report to find any inaccurate items. This is an essential step to improve payment history — some of the most damaging credit items on your account might be removable.

As a customer you can log in to your profile and keep track of your credit score, get insights and tips to improve it. The Credit Pros app takes that information on the go. Both platforms are easy-to-use and very intuitive.

The Credit Pros Services

What exactly does The Credit Pros do to improve your credit? Check out its essential services:

Credit score breakdown

The Credit Pros gives you an up-to-date credit rating with an easy-to-read breakdown of its key features. In your client portal, you can also see an overview of your progress and the steps you can take to boost your credit even more.

Since the Credit Pros doesn’t perform a hard inquiry on your credit report, the updates won’t hurt your score. Thus, any The Credit Pros reviews that imply the service could have an adverse impact on credit, are misleading.

Action plan for better credit

From the get-go, you get a thorough consultation with a FICO-certified professional. They’ll look into your credit report, evaluate items, and start working on removing the most damaging ones.

As a consumer, you have rights you might not be invoking. The Credit Pros specialists can pinpoint these and use them to dispute certain debts and improve your payment history.

Correspondence with creditors

The Credit Pros International Corporation can send out:

  • Cease and desist letters to collectors
  • Debt validation letters
  • Goodwill letters
  • Dispute correspondence

The company has a plan with unlimited monthly disputes, one of the main perks of choosing its services. The number of damaging but potentially removable items will vary from person to person, so this feature is perfect for helping you tackle them in the shortest amount of time possible.

Credit education tools

Pro credit repair is just one part of the equation. There are simple and effective techniques you can use yourself to improve your score. But, we’re not taught any of them in school, and it can take time to research your options. The Credit Score Pros website features useful articles on plenty of topics, including debt consolidation, debt settlement, how to pay down credit card balances, etc.

The Credit Pros client panel further provides personalized credit score insights and AI-powered tips to help you implement the right strategy for you.

The Credit Pros Cost

There are four pricing tiers for The Credit Pros services, but the lowest one isn’t actually for credit repair services.

Let us explain:

CreditSentry Monitoring — $19 first work fee and $19 per month

The CreditSentry Monitoring plan ($19/month) will provide your TransUnion credit score and a full updated record with insights. It also includes their complete package of ID protection services.

You can use the monitoring package to keep track of your credit improving strategies. But, if you want The Credit Pros to do credit clearing for you, you have other options:

Money Management Package — $119 first work fee and $69 per month

With the Money Management plan you get full credit monitoring, ID protection and repair services. The TCP legal framework price is also included in the monthly membership, as well as limited debt validation letters and snowball/avalanche debt system for one item.

Prosperity Package — $119 first work fee and $119 per month

With the prosperity package, the snowball/avalanche system is available for all your items so you can plan your credit management more effectively.

The Credit Pros pricing for this level of service is reasonable, compared to the market average.

Success Package — $149 first work fee and $149 per month

With the Success Package, you receive everything from the lower-priced plans plus additional discounts, including a discount on medication and special credit offers.

Customer Support

When writing this review, we tested The Credit Pros customer support. The team was easy to reach and answered our questions quickly.

That said, some people have complained that The Credit Pros phone number wait times have been too long and that some salespeople were overly pushy. This is an issue for most companies in credit repair, but it’s still offputting to some.

And if you want to know how to cancel The Credit Pros, rest assured that you can do it through a simple unsubscription request form. The team promises to process your opt-out order within 48 hours.

The Credit Pros User Reviews

The Credit Pros feedback on consumer sites is generally positive, though there are some frequent complaints. Here’s a brief rundown:

The Positives

The Credit Pros is not BBB accredited, but it enjoys a solid reputation on other platforms. The Credit Pros reviews on Reddit state for straightforward and honest advice, as well as the effectiveness of the service. Most users mention that it took them time to improve their credit rating, but once they did, the change was sustainable. The ease of use and affordability of the service are other aspects people praise.

The Negatives

In most The Credit pros complaints, the clients mentioned that the results took too long or weren’t as impressive as expected. It’s important to remember that not all negative items can be removed from your history — actual debt, for instance, is not removable. It does take time to improve your score. But, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results.

Our Verdict

With clear and honest advice, unlimited dispute letter plans, and an intuitive interface, The Credit Pros is one of the top credit repair service providers. The company also stands out with The Credit Pros app, its commitment to ID privacy and a large number of positive user reviews.

According to some customers, The Credit Pros stands to improve its customer service, but otherwise, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it out to improve your credit. You can start with a free consultation and see how it goes from there.

Alternatives of The Credit Pros

While The Credit Pros is among the best credit cleaners, the company is far from your only option. Here’s how they stack up:

The Credit Pros vs Lexington Law

Lexington Law’s online credit repair is effective and well-liked by users for the personal paralegal attention. Their pricing, however, is a bit higher than The Credit Pros. The basic credit repair package by Lexington Law is Concord Standard for $85.95 per month.  And The Credit Pros pricing tiers start at $69 and include full ID protection, which Lexington’s plan doesn’t.

The Credit Pros vs Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue is an affordable credit repair website. It offers only one plan whose monthly fee is $79 — a bit higher than The Credit Pros’ cheapest credit repair service. The company does offer some unique perks, though, such as fast dispute processing, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Unlike The Credit Pros, though, they don’t offer identity theft protection, so you’ll have to keep an eye on your score and credit activity yourself.

Final Thoughts

The Credit Pros reviews online are divided — some customers swear by the service, others aren’t happy with the results achieved. While the positive opinions are much more, there is an important lesson to be learned from the negative ones — bad credit can take some time to improve, so be patient, consistent, and realistic about your expectations. Our review of The Credit Pros confirms that the company can help a lot on your journey toward better credit.


  • Cancel anytime
  • Credit report updated every 60 days
  • Consultations available in English and Spanish
  • Free consultation with an expert
  • Identity theft protection and insurance, including dark web monitoring


  • Customer service complaints from some users
  • Not a quick fix; takes several months to start seeing changes
  • Prices on the higher end
the credit pros logo the credit pros review

Editorial Rating


What is The Credit Pros?

The Credit Pros offers credit repair services to boost your credit score and improve your loan options (among other benefits of good credit.) A FICO-certified specialist will provide a personalized plan to reach your financial goals, identifying removable negative credit items, and disputing them. In The Credit Pros website and app, you can keep track of your score and progress with up-to-date credit reports at no extra cost.

Is The Credit Pros Legit?

Yes, The Credit Pros is a legitimate credit cleaner business with thousands of happy customers praising the service in their The Credit Pros reviews.

Is The Credit Pros Safe?

Yes, The Credit Pros takes multiple steps to keep your information safe. Other than yourself and your personal credit specialist, nobody has access to your information. Plus, all credit repair service subscribers get advanced ID protection.

How Much Does Credit Pros Cost?

The Credit Pros fees are divided into four pricing tiers, ranging from $19/month to $149/month. The lowest tier package only includes credit score monitoring and credit education, but all other packages come with The Credit Pros score repair and credit management services.