Tradeline Supply Reviews

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12 months



Starts at $30

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Tradeline Supply Company Review

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Min. Credit:



Min. Account Activity:


12 months



Starts at $30

Min. FICO:



BBB Rating:


A- (not accredited)

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Tradeline Supply Reviews

Editorial Rating

Tradeline Supply Company takes a novel approach to credit repair services. The firm doesn’t offer you debt counseling or a debt management plan

Instead, it acts as an intermediary between people needing to buy an established tradeline (i.e., an authorized user position on someone’s credit card) and those selling them.

The premise is that the new tradeline helps people to improve their credit history. The person selling the tradeline meanwhile makes money. It sounds easy, but is it? In this Tradeline Supply Company review, we’ll look at how the process works.

What Is Tradeline Supply Company Best For? 

To kick off our Tradeline Supply Company review, let’s talk about what this company does. It is not an intermediary. It connects those who want to buy tradeline packages with people with tradelines for sale

If you need help with debt consolidation loans or to find debt consolidation lenders, look elsewhere. With a tradeline, you’ll be listed as an authorized user on someone else’s card. You’re essentially renting their good credit history.

You don’t have access to the funds and won’t be able to use the card. The person selling their tradeline has the card delivered to their home and uses it once in a while. This process might help to start your credit repair online process. 

The primary benefit comes from the primary user using the tradeline and paying it on time. If they do this, you may improve payment history and your credit utilization rate.

What It Takes to Get Going With Tradeline Supply Company

According to our experience and Tradeline Supply reviews, the process is simple for buyers and sellers. 

For Sellers

You’ll need to have a credit card in good standing with one of the following: 

  • Discover
  • Barclays
  • Chase Bank
  • Capital One
  • Elan
  • Bank of America

You must be the primary user on the card. The account must be older than two years, and the credit must be a minimum of $2,000. You must have a good FICO score. You’ll be paid between $30 and $450 per user that you add. The amount depends on how old your card is, and what your credit limit is.

If you qualify, you’ll complete the form on the website. You’ll then need to provide color copies of your driver’s license (or other state-issued ID) and social security card, as well as the password for your Credit Karma (or other credit monitoring service) account. This information is necessary for Tradelines Supply to see if you’re authorized to sell your credit.

Tradeline Supply will also perform a hard inquiry to confirm your credit. While it will show up on your report, it has a negligible effect. The person piggy-backing on your report doesn’t get any of your details either. 

If you’re accepted, your tradeline will be listed on the website. You get paid when someone buys it.  

For Buyers

Buyers complete the form online too. Your credit rating doesn’t matter that much, as you’re not receiving cash. When you’re approved, you browse through the authorized user tradelines.  There is a selection of individuals and brokers to choose from.  

The Tradeline broker reviews make it simpler to choose the right fit for your needs. 


Tradeline Supply’s range of services is pretty straightforward, consisting of two solutions:

Helps You Buy Tradelines

Repairing a bad credit history takes time, even after debt settlement. During this time, it’s challenging to get credit. You may employ credit cleaners to clear off the adverse reports, but that takes around two months. And, as every top credit repair company tells you, there are no guarantees. If the listings are legitimate, the company’s under no obligation to remove them. 

Tradelines are an alternative to your traditional credit repair website. It allows you to buy someone else’s credit history for one account. It’s a similar principle to being an authorized user on relative’s credit cards to build your credit history.

How effective this technique is depends on how well the acquired history matches your own. For example, having a $20,000 perfect credit line showing up if your score is 350 will raise red flags. 

Where Trading Supply shines is that they allow you to sort the credit lines in various ways. You may sort by age, credit limit, score, company, or credit utilization. 

This website doesn’t sell permanent tradelines. You rent the credit lines, which the system will remove after two months. This simply looks as though you’ve closed the account. The payment history for those two months is visible for years. 

This should be long enough to realize the advantages of tradelines while not seeming over-indebted. 

Helps You Sell Tradelines 

Tradelines provides sellers with a reputable platform to make some extra money. How much you make depends on your credit quality and the tradeline supply price. When there’s a glut in the market, sales will go slowly. 

The company is upfront about the potential risks. If you don’t handle this carefully, there’s a 1% to 5% chance of the bank closing your card. This typically occurs when a user sells too many spots at once. 

The advantage of this website is that you may pause any credit tradelines for sale at any time. The firm advises doing this occasionally to “give your cards a rest”. 

Will you earn a fortune?

As Tradelines and other legit tradeline companies are quick to say, “no”. At best, you’ll earn some extra spending money. The upside is that it’s easy money. 

We’re going to add a caveat here. Tradeline Supply reviews from sellers aren’t overwhelmingly positive. If you check the selling tradelines Reddit feeds, you’ll see that this is common across the industry. It’s essential to know what you’re getting into here to avoid disappointment. 

Additional Services 

The company doesn’t offer any other services other than the resources on their website. There is much information that’s useful in repairing your credit. There’s also an extensive resource base for sellers. The Tradeline Calculator Tool is particularly helpful. 


The price that you pay depends on the credit line you select. They’ve got a package discount that’s interesting because you create your own plan. You can: 

  • Buy two lines and save 10% on the second line
  • Buy three lines and save 10% off the second line and 20% on the third one
  • Buy four or more and save 10% on the second line, 20% on the third one, and 30% off the fourth lines and any you buy after that 

Sellers may request the commission structure by emailing the company. The structure occasionally changes in response to market shifts.

Customer Support 

The average Tradeline Supply Company review remarks on how simple it is to contact support. Clients may call  or use the contact form on the website to get in touch. The employees are helpful and available from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm weekdays and 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (PST) on weekends.

Tradeline Supply Company Reviews by Users 

Is Tradeline supply BBB-rated? Tradeline Supply is not accredited by the BBB, however the company has an A- rating. There is only one negative Tradeline Supply Company review on the Better Business Bureau.

Most of the Tradeline Supply reviews from other websites are positive. 

The Positives 

The typical Tradeline Supply Company review on Reddit for buyers is positive. Clients appreciate the affordable pricing, excellent service, and simple platform. Many clients report an increase in their credit rating. 

The Negatives 

The complaints are primarily from sellers pointing to the discounted commission structure and how long it takes to sell. One client complained that their purchase did not affect their credit report.

The company offers a guarantee that your line will list on the bureau within the reporting cycle. If it doesn’t, you may claim a refund on that account.

Our Verdict

Our Tradeline Supply Company review can confirm that the company is legitimate, but it’s not the best option for everyone. Buying credit lines might give your rating a quick boost if you’ve started on the road to financial recovery. If you’re still mired in debt, however, you’re better off speaking to a more conventional credit repair company.  

Alternatives to Tradeline Supply Company

Which companies offer an alternative credit repair service?

Tradeline Supply Company vs. Lexington Law

Comparing the two isn’t strictly correct because they offer very different services. However, if you’d rather have a more traditional credit repair option, Lexington Law could be a better bet. They challenge incorrect listings on your credit report, rather than providing you with some credit history. 

When comparing Lexington Law and Tradeline Supply Company reviews, however, Tradeline wins. If you need more information to decide, check out Lexington Law review

Tradeline Supply Company vs. Sky Blue

Again, Sky Blue offers a standard credit repair service. The fee for two months is around $158, so it’s a cheaper option. Sky Blue heals your credit by challenging adverse listings. This is a slow process, so it may not be ideal if you need quick results.  Tradeline Supply reviews suggest that you might see results within three weeks when you buy lines of credit. 

Wrap Up

Our Tradeline Supply Company review ends on a positive note. The company offers a useful service, is transparent, and charges affordable rates.


  • The platform is easy to use
  • Provides sellers a way to make money
  • Might help to improve your credit score
  • An established company that vets sellers carefully
  • A simple alternative to the best credit repair services options
  • You can buy individual tradelines to create your perfect package


  • No debt consolidation or access to the funds
  • The seller could lose their credit card if they’re not careful
Tradeline Supply Reviews

Editorial Rating

FAQ About Tradeline Supply Company

What is Tradeline Supply Company?

Tradeline is a marketplace that connects people buying and selling lines of credits.

Is Tradeline Supply Company safe?

Yes. Your information is safeguarded. The person buying the lines doesn’t have access to your sensitive financial information.

How do I sell my Tradelines?

Go to the website and click on “Sell Tradelines”. Input your name, email address, and phone number, and confirm that you are not a robot. The company will send you an email with information on which cards qualify and what your next steps are.

Is Tradeline Supply legit?

Yes. The company is well-established and has several positive reviews.

Are tradelines permanent?

No. The lines run for two months before being removed. The positive effects, however, last for years.

How much can you make selling tradelines?

In the case of Tradeline Supply Company, you can make between $30 and $450 per authorized user.