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TruthFinder Review

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The promise of finding the needed information about nearly anybody in the USA surely sounds alluring.

Add to this affordable prices, variety of services, and instant search results that TruthFinder offers, and you got yourself a perfect private investigator.

Yet, most reputable background check companies will assure you of the same.

  • So, is TruthFinder any good?
  • Can it live up to its promises?
  • And, how does it compare to its competitors?

Find out in this TruthFinder review!

What Is

TruthFinder is one of the most popular online background screening assistants in the US. It contains a wide array of personal, professional, and criminal data about most citizens.

The platform is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android systems.

The search is fast, easy, and straightforward — almost effortless compared to most other more conventional background search methods. All you need is the person’s name and approximate address, and you can access most of their personal and public files.

Is TruthFinder legit?

On TruthFinder, you can conduct unlimited searches with only a couple of basic person’s details. But how legit are such operations then?

TruthFinder has officially existed since 2015. Its headquarters are in San Diego. The company is completely legit, and it uses transparent screening methods. Besides, it is honest about its capacities and limitations.

For example, the services that this platform offers are not in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). However, TruthFinder states this in the footer of its landing page. The disclaimer honestly says that the company is not a consumer agency. And, therefore, the findings shouldn’t be used as deciding factors when hiring a future employee, accepting a new tenant, granting credits, or similar.

Furthermore, TruthFinder LLC offers clear instructions and strict user policies to prevent any kind of privacy breaches and potential information abuse.

Is TruthFinder reliable?

After the question of legitimacy, the next logical question is that of the reliability of your preferred background screening agency, or in this case, TruthFinder.

Thousands of positive user reviews, and almost 10,000 sessions each month, speak a lot about the trust that users extend to this background check agency. On top of that, TruthFinder maintains a BBB A+ rating, year after year. And this inarguably serves as another solid proof of the platform’s quality and reliability.

Of course, some space for improvements always exists. And, according to most complaints from different TruthFinder reviews, it lies in the domains of accuracy and pricing strategies. So, yes, you can trust that TruthFinder is your honest and reliable ally, but take the results with a grain of salt.

The platform, similarly to any other of this type, is not infallible.

Features and Services

Most people are specific with their background search intentions and expectations.

On the other hand, all companies offer different services and features.

For that reason, it is crucial to do a proper familiarization with each company’s product and discover what usually shows up on a background check that the particular company conducts.

Having that in mind, we decided to highlight some of the main TruthFinder features and services.

A quick review of TruthFinder features

When it comes to TruthFinder specific features, the following are the ones that stand out.

Great functionality and speed

Browsing through the TruthFinder platform, we couldn’t overlook its impressive speed and admirable flow of operations. Only a few minutes will pass from the moment you type in someone’s name until you get your results.

Millions of public records get instantly checked without any effort from your side. The maximum you will have to do is to answer a couple of questions during the search process. And this is just to help narrow down the identification of the person in question.

Decent web design

The next feature we would like to highlight in this TruthFinder review is its web design. Some background check companies underestimate the power of an aesthetically pleasing website outlook. However, this feature could significantly ease one’s research and make the customers keep coming back.

Why would anyone want to waste their time scrolling through endless pages of unnecessary materials or trying to make sense of incomplete instructions?

The moment you open the TruthFinder dashboard, you’ll get instantly reassured, thanks to its filtered guiding information and excellent layout of controls.

Detailed reports

TruthFinder is not only about looks.

What matters more than a pleasant search process is the extensive and accurate final results.

For that reason, this background check assistant employs some of the best research strategies and sources. TruthFinder has access to most public and some major private databases with hundreds of millions of data.

And although across different TruthFinder reviews, people complain of insufficient and faulty findings, each of these searches is a search of impressive scope.

We’re talking here about an investigation nearly impossible to conduct alone.


One feature that TruthFinder could operate without, but it’s there purely to make your life easier, is Infomania.

This is the company’s official blog that can serve as another powerful tool in your quest. A reliable source of the latest news and abounding with researching tips and tricks, Infomania could turn you into an investigating pro. Or, at least, enhance your TruthFinder investigations.

Daily Mail, Bustle, Business Insider, and New York Post are just some of the renowned brands that have already acknowledged Infomaina’s contribution.

Mobile app

If you prefer doing your background check from a device other than your computer, you can now install the TruthFinder app for mobile devices.

Here is how:

  • Visit the official TruthFinder website.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Follow the direct link to the app.

Alternatively, you could visit the Google store and search for the app yourself.

Simple opt-out procedure

Maybe your goal isn’t to find someone but to prevent others from checking your personal information.

TruthFinder respects your right to keep your files away from another person’s sight.

Opting out from TruthFinder background report is, therefore, made available for the users. Follow the straightforward instructions on the official website and choose one of the three opting-out ways.

The fastest and simplest way is to do it directly online from the TruthFinder opt-out page.

Alternatively, you can dial the TruthFinder Member Care Team number or send mail to a dedicated address. Both are available on the official TruthFinder website.

Keep in mind, though, that this only removes your information from the TruthFinder platform. Other platforms or public databases can still keep and share them.

A quick TruthFinder services review

The following are some of the most useful and valuable services that TruthFinder offers.

People search

This service, otherwise known as people finder or person lookup, matches the existing public records with a person whose name you enter.

It’s a convenient tool, widely used whenever people look for more details about a specific person. This can be someone with whom they’ve lost touch or someone who they are about to meet.

TruthFinder people search includes information such as:

  • phone number, email address, and other contacts
  • arrests and criminal records,
  • traffic tickets
  • any available photographs and other graphic content
  • social media profiles
  • assets

For those interested in basic search, the good news is that you can get this covered for free with TruthFinder. Full name, age, possible location, and possible relatives of the person you are interested in will appear in the initial search results before you even opt for a subscription.

Browsing through different reviews on TruthFinder, we realized that many of them emphasize this benefit. That is probably because this free-of-charge service is not very common among background check companies.

Full background checks

People search reveals an ample amount of personal information. But, at times, this may not suffice.

What if the red flags or unexpected findings of someone are hiding in the unforeseen areas of that person’s life?

TruthFinder will openly advise you to conduct full background screening to avoid such gaps.

Full background checks on TruthFinder include everything from the people search, plus:

  • complete TruthFinder report on personal information
  • educational and employment history
  • all possible relatives, associates, or relationships
  • list of all current and previous addresses
  • all pertaining media links
  • sex offender registry
  • and more

Background checks are the most popular service among TruthFinder users. It’s the reason why the majority join the platform in the first place.

Public and criminal records check

You may not realize how much of anyone’s personal information is available for the public.

For example:

  • birth and death certificates
  • divorce records
  • criminal records and arrests
  • traffic violations
  • credits, bankruptcies, liens, and similar

These are just some of the public records that TruthFinder shows great accuracy in finding. Technically, anyone could find these on their own. The only thing is — this would be very tiring and could take forever. TruthFinder brings you complete results of public record findings within minutes.

TruthFinder criminals record check contains similar information. However, this information is obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and other renowned investigation agencies.

You can expect to find everything from minor misdemeanors to official conviction court records with the help of TruthFinder.

Reverse phone lookup

TruthFinder reverse phone lookup is a simple yet very handy tool that will save you from various awkward situations.

It can help you verify online sellers’ identities, decipher hoaxes, catch a catfish, or simply find out who’s been calling/texting you or your significant other.

Besides showing you the name of the current phone number owner, this service can enable you to see the previous owners’ names.

Additionally, their job, education, and whereabouts will all get revealed, too, if available.

Dark web scan

TruthFinder subscription price may not be among the cheapest. But assuming that this research wizard can protect you from potential identity theft, it is definitely worth the price.

For the cost of a monthly subscription, TruthFinder will regularly monitor all dark web activities related to your name.

So you can sleep peacefully while this personalized cyber risk intelligence keeps an eye on your social security number, email addresses, passport number, bank account numbers, social networks, and more.

Free family tree maker

Our review couldn’t skip this unique background screening service.

Rare are the competitors that offer this tool, and even rarer are the ones that provide it free of charge. TruthFinder family tree maker keeps track of an impressive number of family lines and relations.

So, prepare to get surprised with its findings.

Also, prepare ahead basic information about your family, like names, birthdays, and family certificates, if you wish to enhance the search. The family tree maker may ask you questions throughout the process to come up with more precise results.

How Does TruthFinder Work?

The basic principle on which TruthFinder works is the one of constant public data collection and display.

That means that, by the time you commence your search, the sought-after information is already waiting in the TruthFinder database. That gives the platform the time advantage that’s impossible to beat.

All you need to do to access that database is to:

  • Type in your preferred browser.
  • Open the official website with a green logo.
  • Keep in mind that there’s no TruthFinder free trial.
  • Once the homepage opens, fill in the required fields in the search bar — the name and city of the person you are researching.
  • The platform will then show all the possible candidates based on the clues you’ve provided. So the more precise the details you provide, the fewer options you’ll have and the faster you search.
  • Technically TruthFinder can perform the search based only on someone’s name. However, in that case, there will be a series of additional questions you’ll have to answer to help narrow down the search.
  • Once the search is completed, and you select the candidate matching your criteria, select the type of records you want to access — background check, criminal check, etc.
  • The page with TruthFinder billing options will appear.
  • After you’ve subscribed to a monthly plan and completed your payment, the search results of the background check will appear.
  • If you need other more specific or free services, such as reverse phone lookup or family tree maker, scroll to the bottom of the homepage and choose that particular service.
  • The search process will be quite similar. Yet, you’ll skip some unnecessary steps.

How Much Does TruthFinder Cost?

In case you’re wondering:

Is there a free TruthFinder background check?

Or, ultimately, is there a completely free background check, generally speaking?

The answers are no and no.

Quality service is seldom free. The best background screening agencies out there employ authorized public and private sources, most of which charge fees. Besides, keeping the whole mechanism working like clockwork takes exceptional workforce and resources.

TruthFinder cost of service reflects all this.

And so, the company currently charges:

  • $27.78 a month for unlimited background checks.
  • $23.02 a month if you subscribe for two months of membership (includes unlimited background checks as well).
  • $4.99 a month for unlimited reverse phone number lookups (excludes other searches).
  • $2 extra for each PDF copy of a search record.

User Reviews

To make this TruthFinder review as objective as possible, we’ve analyzed several acknowledged customer reviewing websites, including BBB, ConsumerAffairs, and TrustPilot.

Here’s what we’ve discovered.

What most customers liked about TruthFinder

  • they’ve managed to find the information they’ve been looking for
  • transparency about its pricing and services
  • the informative and well-organized website
  • ease of use
  • the TruthFinder help center staff was helpful and pleasant

What most customers disliked about TruthFinder

  • the company doesn’t offer a trial period
  • the Truthfinder pricing methods — membership is compulsory and additional fees apply
  • lack of single search options
  • use of gimmicky strategies to attract customers — pop-ups, sensationalistic vocabulary, alerts, warnings, and lofty promises

All in all, TruthFinder ratings are super high compared to other similar service providers. Positive comments dominate over negative ones. And, most complaints are related to the lack of individual services and charges.

Scarce are the comments about the lack of findings and their accuracy.

And, even scarcer are those claiming that is a scam — which is often a tendency with unsatisfied background check agencies’ customers.

Customer Service

TruthFinder customer service operates Monday to Friday, 7 AM—7 PM PST.

You can reach the live representative over the phone during these office hours. Out of these timings, you can contact customer care via the email address provided on the website.

Furthermore, you can try contacting them through the official Facebook or Twitter account.

However, if you prefer more of a personal touch, waiting for the office hours might be worth considering. Numerous satisfied customers share their appreciation for the great help they received from thoughtful agents over the phone.


TruthFinder ranks quite high among the most popular online person databases in the USA.

Still, if you are interested in checking out your best TruthFinder alternative, consider some of the following.

TruthFinder vs Intelius

While Intelius boasts with its billions-of-information-heavy database, TruthFinder extends a slightly more comprehensive search. The data that it covers more thoroughly include those related to bankruptcies, tax liens, and assets.

Both platforms are exceptional in performing full background checks. However, TruthFinder includes regular dark web scans, while Intelius provides an Identity Protect plan.

Also, with the A+ grade, TruthFinder BBB rating is slightly higher than that of Intelius.

Monthly subscription charges are quite similar, although Intelius has promotions from time to time. Besides, TruthFinder doesn’t grant trial periods and one-time search — features that Intelius does offer.

Still, taking the high Intelius cancellation fees and other payment controversies into account, TruthFinder turns out to be a safer and more pocket-friendly option in the end.

TruthFinder vs Instant Checkmate

TruthFinder and Instant Checkmate share the same founders — Kristian Kibak and Joey Rocco.

However, TruthFinder, being the older of the two, has a slightly more polished interface and functionality. Also, numerous tutorials, videos, and screenshots present a bonus for TruthFinder background check beginners.

And while the extensiveness of the search seems quite similar, the TruthFinder monthly fee remains lower.

But then again, Instant Checkmate has a five-day trial option that costs only $1, which makes it worth considering.

TruthFinder vs PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is among the background screening platforms with the longest history and, therefore, the largest database.

Since both platforms offer similar services, you could choose to rely on user reviews for TruthFinder and PeopleFinders. In which case, PeopleFinder takes the lead. Customers like the quality of the search which they get for the price.

Besides, the PeopleFinders trial is among the cheapest on the market — less than $1 for the people search trial and less than $3 for the full background check trial.

Just remember to cancel your subscription before three days pass.

TruthFinder vs USSearch

Numerous US citizens choose USSearch background checks.

They are fast, reliable, and the name of the platform has that homey vibe.

Still, TruthFinder reviews on BBB and ConsumerAffairs websites are much better than the ones for USSearch. The main reason probably being TruthFinder’s operational transparency and straightforward pricing plans.

And while the USSearch offers significantly cheaper monthly subscriptions and a cheap trial, hidden fees and additional charges invariably apply. Also, the platform sometimes lacks information on subjects’ marital status and potential sex offenses.

Is TruthFinder Legit and a Reliable Background Check Assistant?

TruthFinder is a legally certified background screening agency with an admirable database and high accuracy.

As such, it’s definitely a legit and reliable source of information.

Still, regardless of all the work invested, constant improvements, and updates, TruthFinder isn’t flawless. Lack of search content, mistakes, and mix-up of data can occur at times.

Besides, as precise as it can be, this search tool is still not FCRA-compliant, and its results are not to be used in employment, tenant, or any other official selection processes.

On the other hand, why not ease your life with the TruthFinder phone locator, people search, dark web scan, or any other valuable service that it offers?

And all that, at an affordable monthly subscription price.


  • Unlimited background checks
  • Free deep web scan with subscription
  • Fast and reliable checks
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Available only within the States
  • No trial options
  • Membership only
TruthFinder Logo

Editorial Rating


Does TruthFinder work?

Yes, TruthFinder works most of the time. In fact, it’s a reliable, accurate, and safe background check assistant. Rare are the occasions when the search with TruthFinder doesn't live up to expectations.

Is TruthFinder anonymous?

Yes. TruthFinder doesn't notify the person whose name you enter that they are being looked up. So, your search is completely anonymous.

Does TruthFinder tell the person you looked them up?

No, the searches on TruthFinder are anonymous.

Is free? is not free. Other than the basic search that uncovers a person's name, age, and address, all the services on TruthFinder are chargeable. Currently, you can opt for a monthly subscription which covers most of the services available.

How accurate is Truthfinder?

This TruthFinder review deems the platform quite accurate. This verdict is based on its authentic and credible sources and numerous positive customer feedback.