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US Legal Forms Review

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Pretty much every major event in life must be documented – starting a business, making a will and testament, buying or selling a house, getting a divorce, and so on… You can’t avoid taking care of your legal obligations.

No doubt, going from one office to another and looking for the right attorney could be exhausting and expensive. But luckily, there’s a cost-effective solution that offers you the convenience of creating the legal forms you need from the comfort of your home.

Without further ado, let’s proceed with our detailed US Legal Forms review and see what individuals, attorneys, and small businesses can find in the company’s vast library of legal documents.

What Is US Legal Forms Best For?

US Legal Forms is best for people considering the DIY road in legal form creation. Those looking to start an LLC can also find business formation services worth looking into.

The company has been in the market for over 25 years. It counts more than three million customers and boasts an excellent reputation. Let’s see why.

US Legal Forms Services

US Legal Forms’ online library offers more than 85,000 state- and industry-specific legal forms and form packages to individuals, small businesses, and attorneys. Notably, the company also offers more than 23,000 documents in Spanish to accommodate the Hispanic community.

Now, let’s see some of the forms in this extensive library:

Personal forms

The variety of personal forms offered by US Legal Forms are divided into several categories:

  • Family law — legal forms for child adoption, divorce, annulment, premarital agreements, minors, and more.
  • Real estate — legal forms for home sales, deeds, leases, residency, and a variety of landlord-tenant forms.
  • Estate planning — legal forms for last wills and testaments, living wills, trust documents, and more.
  • Other law areas — legal forms for basically everything else not included in the categories above. For example, affidavits, bankruptcy, civil actions, horse contracts, complaints, name changes, and more

Business forms

Whether you need to start or manage a business, US Legal Forms has a solution for that. Take a look at some of the numerous business forms:

  • Start your business — legal forms for LLCs and incorporations forming, shareholders agreements, LLC operating agreements, and incorporation articles.
  • Manage your business — legal forms for employment, independent contractor and confidentiality agreements, corporate voting and record maintenance, and more.
  • Run your business — legal forms for incorporation amendments, name change, contracts, buy-sell agreements, business sales change of registered agent, and more.
  • Other business forms — legal forms for corporate attorneys, contractors, construction liens, and more.

Online notarization

The demand for online notarization is growing, as people find online notaries more efficient than traditional ones. Why? Well, the online option is always a time-saver and often a money-saver.

Other than providing thousands of legal forms, the company helps in notarizing documents in a few minutes. Moreover, the notarization is available 24/7 for people across the US and throughout the whole year, including public holidays.

All you need is a mobile phone or a laptop connected to the internet, a valid ID, and a working camera.

Now, take a look at the online notarization steps:

  • Upload a PDF document to the company’s website and fill in the empty fields
  • Choose one of the available online notaries and get your document notarized through a quick video call
  • Select the option to download your notarized document or, send it directly to the third-party

Note: The company provides notarization of standard documents including certificates, diplomas, and more. But, some family-related documents, such as birth, marriage, or death certificates, can’t be notarized online.

Company formation

US Legal Forms can help you register your new business online, with all necessary forms rounded up in one place.

The company provides formation services for the following business structures:

  • LLC — a simple, easy-to-run business structure with tax advantages and personal asset protection.
  • PLLC — a business entity designed for licensed professionals, such as doctors, accountants, lawyers, and more.
  • Incorporations — forming a corporation that provides reduced tax rates and asset protection.
  • “Doing business as” (DBA) registration — registering an operating name of a company.

And now, the part of most interest to all — what are the steps for a company formation? Well, they couldn’t be easier. See for yourself:

  • Select the preferred business entity
  • Provide information about your new business
  • Wait for the US Legal Forms team to do all the paperwork for you

Note: If you’re not sure which legal structure is right for your business, our LLC vs Corporation and LLP vs LLC guides may help you decide.

Legal resources

US Legal Forms will be of great help whenever you need a piece of information regarding legal matters. The company offers numerous legal resources with real situations as examples.

So, when in doubt about a specific legal topic, have in mind that US Legal Forms will provide you with the answer. And, with a subscription to its platform, you’ll be able to better understand your matter in question.

US Legal Forms Pricing

After describing the services, it’s time to see how their pricing works.

Legal forms

The legal forms pricing is based on a subscription model with an option to choose between two plans and two billing options.

Basic plan

The prices for this plan are:

  • $8/month with an annual subscription
  • $39/month with a monthly subscription

And what features does the Basic plan include? Let’s see:

  • Unlimited legal forms and form packages access
  • Forms for personal planning
  • Business forms and corporate management
  • Banking level data security
Premium plan

The prices are as follows:

  • $15/month with an annual subscription
  • $59/month with a monthly subscription

And, the Premium plan includes everything from the Basic plan, plus the following services:

  • Online PDF editor — pdfFiller
  • E-sign option
  • Completion services — last will, living will, and power of attorney provided by the company’s experts
  • 50% discount on the price for the business formation package
  • Legal resources

Note: Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. So if you need a single form, you can opt for the monthly subscription and cancel it after the purchase. You will keep access to the services included in your plan for the subscription period, but you won’t be billed again.

Online notary

The price for the online notary is $25 per session, which includes one notarized document and one notary act.

Notably, you will be charged after the end of the process. So if the e-notary can’t notarize your document, you won’t pay for the session.

Company formation

US Legal Forms’ incorporation services plan is a one-time purchase priced at $199 + state fees. It covers everything you need for online registration of one of the four business structures: LLC, PLLC, Incorporation, or DBA registration.

Premium subscribers get a 50% discount on the price of the incorporation services plan. So a quick calculation shows that if you need both LLC formation and legal forms, it will be cheaper if you opt for the Premium plan. And, of course, you will get more features.

US Legal Forms Customer Support

A large number of positive user reviews on third-party platforms validate the company’s outstanding customer service.

The US Legal Forms support team can be contacted via mobile phone, email, and live chat. Also, the company has a very informative Help Center, where customers can find billing info or learn how the platform works and how to manage their accounts.

Ease of Use

US Legal Forms platform is straightforward and easy to use. All of the company’s legal forms are organized into categories with an overview and a FAQ section to help users decide which form best suits their needs.

For most forms, you start by selecting your state and a free preview of the form. Here again, you have a detailed description and a guide on how to fill out the form, plus a list of related forms you may need.

US Legal Forms Reviews

It’s worth mentioning that US Legal Forms is BBB accredited, boasting an A+ rating.

Moreover, the company has tons of positive user reviews on third-party platforms. The one thing users are mostly pleased with is the vast selection of legal forms. Also, let’s not forget the abundance of legal information provided on the company’s website.

But, a small number of users have a few complaints, such as integration issues with pdfFiler. Luckily, the company’s customer service always comes up with solutions and takes complaints seriously.

Our Verdict

Regardless of the legal matter you have — US Legal Forms will definitely take care of it.

Whether it is personal planning for your will and testament, divorce, or some real estate matter, give a chance to the US Legal Forms team. With its variety of legal forms, this company is definitely one of the best in the market.

US Legal Forms Alternatives

How does US Legal Forms stands compared to its competitors? Let’s see.

US Legal Forms vs Rocket Lawyer

Both companies are BBB accredited and have excellent user ratings. Also, both offer a large number of legal forms, legal resources, as well as business formation services.

Now, what are their differences?

Well, unlike US Legal Forms, Rocket Lawyer offers a seven-day free trial. If you stay with the service after this period, you will be charged $39.99 a month. This is almost the same as US Legal Forms’ Basic plan cost with a monthly subscription but way more than its annual subscription option of $8 a month.

RocketLaywer, however, offers attorney services, including a 30-minute consultation on every new legal matter. But, there is also one thing that US Legal Forms has over Rocket Lawyer — the integration with other products such as pdfFiler and signNow.

US Legal Forms vs LegalZoom

LegalZoom provides over 150 legal forms. As for US Legal Forms, the company offers more than 85,000. So, when it comes to legal forms services, we’ve got the winner, right?

In terms of pricing, LegalZoom offers its legal forms individually or as bundle deals without a subscription, but the price is higher. For example, the cost of a last will and testament starts at $89.

Subscription to LegalZoom’s Business Advisory Plan also grants access to the company’s legal form library. This option costs $39.08 a month with an annual plan and also includes legal help.

Comparing the two companies as LLC formation services, Legal Zoom offers a more affordable and comprehensive option. It also provides a registered agent service at extra cost.

Wrap Up

As there are numerous legal documents, sometimes you don’t know which one is right for your case. And, hiring an attorney could be pricey.

Luckily, US Legal Forms has a solution for most legal matters. Whether you are in need of notarization, registering a new business, or looking for a specific legal form — the company covers it all.


  • Wide range of legal forms and legal form packages
  • Excellent customer service
  • Affordable pricing
  • LLC formation services
  • 25+ years market experience


  • No free trial
  • No single form purchase option
US Legal Forms Logo

Editorial Rating


What are the incorporation services offered by US Legal Forms?

US Legal Forms offers online business incorporation services for the following legal structures – LLC, PLLC, incorporations, and DBA registration. The price of the package is $199 + state fees, where Premium subscribers to the company’s legal form services get a 50% discount.

What are completion services offered by US Legal Forms?

If you have problems completing legal forms, the experts from US Legal Forms will help you by filling out the documents for you. All you have to do is to fill in the required questionnaire with personal information, so the company could use the data to prepare your legal form.

The completion services are part of the Premium plan only. Furthermore, they’re available only for living will, last will, and power of attorney.

Is US Legal Forms a legitimate company?

As already mentioned in our US Legal Forms review, the company has an excellent rating gained from its users. That’s one indication of the company’s legitimacy. Another one is the company’s legitimate terms of service agreement governed by the state of Massachusetts.