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WebsitePolicies Review

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Not every business owner has the legal knowledge to create a compliant website or the funds to spend on professional help. Plus, the ever-changing requirements and regulations make maintaining the policies up to date an ongoing struggle.

WebsitePolicies is one of the great alternatives to help you create complex legal documents without spending a fortune. The website comes with a feature that notifies you when to update your policies, making it easy to maintain compliant website content for businesses of any size.

Check out this WebsitePolicies review to find out:

  • How it works
  • What the prices are
  • How users rate the service and the product
  • Are there any noteworthy alternatives

What Is WebsitePolicies?

WebsitePolicies is a compliance software offering quick and straightforward policy generators. It was founded back in 2015 to make legal documents easy to set up without losing time and money in the long run.

In a nutshell, WebsitePolicies offers protection from liability for online businesses at a cost far less than hiring a lawyer. It’s an excellent solution for any business, especially attractive to startups because of its simplicity.

How WebsitePolicies Works

WebsitePolicies works with lawyers, and other professionals from the legal industry around the globe, making sure that all the policies are up to date at all times. Using the generated content makes it easy to complete the necessary clause for any website agreement in minutes. As confirmed by users in numerous WebsitePolicies reviews, creating a document is a straightforward step-by-step process.

Now, let’s take a glance at some of the best WebsitePolicies features.

Privacy policy

A privacy policy is legally required, and if you run an online business, your customers will expect you to have it. This legal document informs your web visitors about what information is collected and how your company will use it. The policy must comply with the privacy law and enlighten customers on your company’s privacy practices.

The WebsitePolicies Privacy Policy generator creates a custom-tailored document in just a few steps. By using it, you can make websites or apps compliant with the laws across multiple countries and legislations in minutes.

Cookie policy

The Cookies Policy’s primary use is to inform users what cookies your website uses and for what purposes. It creates and maintains transparency between a business owner and consumers. A Cookies Policy is legally required and essential to any online business that wants to avoid possible fines and legal complications.

With the WebsitePolicies’ Cookie Policy Generator, you can create a tailored and specific policy in no time by following these steps:

  • Choosing a platform
  • Filling in the questionnaire by describing your business
  • Downloading and viewing the policy before publishing it


As a business owner, the best thing you can do for yourself and your business is to have a good disclaimer on your app or website. By addressing specific liability points and limitations of responsibility, you can protect your business from frivolous lawsuits and protect your rights. However, only an appropriate and adequate drafted disclaimer may do so.

Disclosures such as affiliate links and advertisements or compensation, endorsements, and sponsorships are essential for an online business but optional. On the other hand, affiliate disclaimers are required by law.

Acceptable use policy

An acceptable use policy (AUP) is a legal document specifying rules and procedures that a user must agree to access your website or app. It’s an important agreement that governs the use and covers a wide range of rights, responsibilities, privileges, and sanctions if it comes to abuse.

With the WebsitePolicies AUP generator, you can create the document by choosing the desired platform, customizing the policy, downloading it, and publishing it.

Refund policy

A return and refund policy is a paper that puts out the circumstances and requirements under which a customer can request a refund, how to do so, and are there any exceptions. What makes a good return policy is a clear and transparent language that leaves no place for any interpretation. Make sure you include the timeframe during which customers can return products and what products’ condition is eligible for a refund.

WebsitePolicies offers a Professional Return Policy Generator to help you create a policy custom-tailored to your needs in minutes.

Terms and conditions

A Terms and Conditions page describes and controls the relationship between a business owner and customers. It covers payment schedules, privacy issues, fees and costs, dispute resolution, etc.

Terms and Conditions are entirely optional, but customers must agree to use or access a website or a mobile app if they exist. As it works as a legal document between a business and the consumer, it’s advisable to set it up. It can help avoid any bad surprises and misunderstandings that the owner could have easily avoided. The document helps build a smooth, transparent business relationship.

Fees and Pricing

WebsitePolicies offers attorney-drafted legal agreements for a one-time payment. With its “only pay for what you need” slogan, the software provides three straightforward alternatives.

Basic policy

It comes with a free privacy policy of your choice and a basic privacy compliance feature. If you’re on the budget or your business is in a growing phase, you can stick to the free privacy policy generator. Otherwise, you can choose one of the two upgrading options that come with a wide range of features.

The basic policy comes with:

  • Free hosting on the company’s servers
  • Download options in multiple formats

Premium policy

The premium policy is GDPR, CCPA, and CalOPPA compliant and comes with extra features for $29.95 per policy. You can choose the premium policy of your choice, comprehensive clauses, and free lifetime updates. It’s suitable for commercial use and allows you to remove the company’s branding from the created agreement.

Premium bundle

The premium bundle is the most popular option and comes in the forms: Essential and All-inclusive.

The essential package costs $90 and includes a Premium disclaimer, privacy policy, and terms and conditions page. It also allows you to use the cookie consent banner and DMCA claim generators.

The all-inclusive package includes all the features and available Premium policies for a one-time payment of $240.

Notably, WebsitePolicy often offers discounts. You may save over 50% by purchasing a premium bundle during a promotion.

WebsitePolicies User Reviews

Online reviews show that customers are satisfied with both the free and premium options. They emphasize the WebsitePolices to provide excellent service and features that save time and money.

Most customers agree that you might not require all premium options if your business is in the growing stage. However, the best thing about the software is that you can choose what you need and pay no more than that. This is the main reason why it’s an excellent value for the money and a valuable compliance tool for any transparent online business.

Customer Service

Users can reach the WebsitePolicies customer support team via chat or contact form. You can also find answers to the most common questions on the website and suggestions on making proper legal documents that will use the purpose. By choosing the product of your interest and reading through the website, you can easily understand the use and necessity of certain products and whether you need them. WebsitePolicies guarantees that you always stay updated with all the relevant compliances with their bundle option.

Even though the company doesn’t provide support through the phone, it’s still described online as a team of experts, always ready and willing to go overboard to answer and help the customers.


When choosing a policy generator, it’s essential to consider how the service fares against the competition. So let’s compare WebsitePolicies to some alternatives.

FreePrivacyPolicy vs WebsitePolicies

Unlike FreePrivacyPolicy, WebsitePolicies offers compliance generators that create custom-tailored privacy policies. However, it’s not integrated with Google AdMob and Google Pay. FreePrivacyPolicy may not be the most comprehensive choice, but it’s great for small businesses and websites. Both compliance solutions come with free options that do not cover all critical clauses like GDPR or CalOPPA. vs WebsitePolicies

Unlike WebsitePolicies, offers free templates, such as Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Cookies Policy, and GDPR Privacy Policy Template. Both solutions provide details about the products, their importance, and the free version. is a little simpler than some tools that do the same function. However, it’s rated as one of the most straightforward compliance software solutions.


You don’t need to hire a legal expert to create a proper legal document and set up your website or app data compliance. Also, you don’t have to be familiar with the law or purchase pricey platforms with additional features you don’t need. To build a transparent relationship with your consumer and set up legal agreements to protect your business, you need a user-friendly platform such as WebsitePolicies. However, it would be best to determine whether your website requires a privacy policy and how it can serve you and your business.

All the products offered by WebsitePolicies come with a legal document generator that can guide you through creating custom pages that will reflect your business. This way, you can be sure you will not blow a fortune while creating proper agreements compliant with all the relevant laws and regulations.

With WebsitePolicies, generating legal documents is simple and takes a couple of minutes to review, download, and link to a website or app. The company assures that consumers who purchase the service will always stay updated and be notified of all necessary changes. The company’s motto is to pay only for your chosen features.

Lastly, our WebsitePolicies review confirms that the platform has the necessary tools to make compliant and valuable legal documents. The website offers a good amount of information that can familiarize and help consumers understand all content tools. Thanks to its multiple advantages, the company earns a place on the list of the best compliance software solutions.


  • User-friendly and customizable generators
  • Easy setup and quick publishing
  • Free version available
  • Free lifetime update of premium policies
  • GDPR, CCPA, and CalOPPA compliance


  • Limited free privacy policy forms
  • No phone support
  • No EULA generator
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Editorial Rating


Is WebsitePolicies legit?

Yes, WebsitePolicies has been a legitimate company offering trustworthy privacy policy generator options since 2015. Its 250,000+ consumers have generated over 100,000 policies until now. It maintains high scores on many user review platforms.

What are website policies?

Website policies are crucial for any online business and keep it connected with the users. There are different types of these agreements that are required by the law, such as terms and conditions and privacy policies.

How do you create terms and conditions?

If you plan to use WebsitePolicies, this process is simple and done in minutes, no matter if you own a blog, website, eCommerce store, or app. The policy generator is GDPR-compliant and will create your terms and conditions based on your answers to the simple questionnaire. Once you receive your copy via email, simply copy and paste it on the website or include them in the mobile app. Check out our detailed WebsitePolicies review to learn what other legal documents you can generate with this simple compliance tool.