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Worthy Bonds Review

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Worthy Bonds Review - Company Logo

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Offering investors affordable access to bonds at good interest rates has made Worthy Bonds a leader in the industry. The company simplifies investment for those not interested in automated investment management.

Worthy Bonds reviews term it one of the best apps to make money. It certainly seems simple enough, but does it offer serious wealth generation potential? Are bonds a good investment? Does the company deliver on its promises? In this Worthy Bonds review, we’ll go over these questions and many others.

What Is Worthy Bonds Best For?

Worthy Bonds provides investors an affordable way to earn money with the bond market. Bonds are typically a good option for investors requiring an income, or those wishing to preserve their capital. They’re not subject to the vagaries of the stock exchange because of the way they work.

Understanding how to make money with the company means knowing how to make money with bonds. Unlike equities, bonds are loans to the issuer. The firm sets the contract period and returns when you invest.

Worthy Bonds offers an attractive return, but it’s the liquidity of the investment that sets it apart.

You may draw your funds at any time without any penalties. With a typical bond investment, you have to wait for the term to expire.

Bonds rely on passive asset allocation rather than active asset allocation, so there aren’t any management fees.

Service Overview

Everything you need to know about Worthy Bonds:

Account minimum

The minimum investment of $10 makes it easy to save money for any goal.

Setup & ease of use

Starting with Worthy Peer Capital is easy even if you’re brand-new to investing.

You must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a US citizen
  • Have a US bank account
  • Have at least $10

According to almost every Worthy Peer Capital review, the signup process couldn’t be easier. We agree.

To get started, visit the company’s website and click on the “Get Started” button. Then enter your email address, and select a password. Then click that you agree on the terms and conditions, and hit the “Sign Up” button.

You’ll go through to a page where you’ll have to select your type of investment. You may sign up as an individual or a trust. Input your details on the page. They’ll ask you for your:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Tax information

Click to agree to the terms again and then hit the “Promote” button.

On the next page, you’ll add your funding source. You must link your bank account to transact. Here you’ll choose between:

  • Instant verification: Select this option if you want to get started straight away. It’ll take you to a secure payment gateway that allows you to verify your account by entering your banking credentials.
  • Micro-Deposit verification: The company puts through a small charge on your card. You’ll see a code appear on your bank statement and will have to input that code. It would take a few days.

You’ll then add the account you wish to use to pay for your investments. It’s also possible to set up other accounts for the company to monitor for the company’s “Rounding Up Feature”.

Choose whether to make ad hoc payments or set up an automatic recurring payment.

Portfolio options

Simplicity is what makes this platform so effective. The portfolio options are categorized according to the type of account holder. All investments are in bonds, so it’s not possible to diversify your portfolio with other asset classes.

Worthy Bonds automatically assigns available bonds as you reach the investment minimums. Investors don’t choose which loans to support.

Individual accounts

Accredited investors may purchase an unlimited number of bonds, with a cap of $50,000 per transaction online. Non-accredited investors may buy for up to 10% of their annual income. Interest accumulates daily and is paid weekly.

The Roundup Feature applies only to individual accounts.

Trust accounts

Trust accounts allow trustees to invest in bonds. When opening an account, trustees confirm that they’ll abide by the rules of the trust. Registered trusts are institutional investors.

IRA accounts

If you have a self-directed IRA, you may use it to buy bonds. You’ll have to sign up for a new Worthy account and choose the “IRA” account type. Your custodian must either transfer the funds directly or give Worthy Bonds a Buy Direction Letter to activate the investment.

Portfolio Management

Our Worthy Bonds review shows that the company’s portfolio management process is one of the simplest. Select an ad hoc investment at any time and transfer the money from your bank account automatically. Alternatively, put a recurring payment in place. If you have the Rounding Up feature enabled, the system automatically buys a new bond when your Round-Up balance is $10.

When you want to sell, simply log in to the app and give the instruction. It takes two to three days for the money to go into your bank account.


Worthy Bonds reviews indicate that the features are very simple. The company’s primary target market is low-dollar investors with little investing experience. You won’t find fancy charts or a lot of financial planning advice.

That said, simple is sometimes the best because it keeps the costs low.

Small initial investment amount

The primary attraction is that the initial investment amount is so low. Finding $1,000 to invest is tough in this economy. Most people won’t, however, miss $10.

Round-up function

This feature makes financial planning for investments simpler. With this feature, Worthy monitors the bank account that you select. When you purchase something using that account, the app rounds it up to the nearest dollar value. The app takes note of the difference between the two amounts.

If, for example, you spend $7.57, the app rounds it up to $8.00 and records an amount of $0.43.

In cases where you spend a round amount, the app records a full dollar.

What’s the point?

When those amounts add up to $10.00, the app debits your bank account and buys a bond.

Worthy Bonds Cons

Are bonds a good investment? The answer is that it depends on your goals. With no person-based service, interaction means you don’t have access to investment advisors.

Without professional financial advice, you might miss out on investments that offer better returns.

Bonds are safer over the short term, but equity investments typically outperform them over the long term.

Worthy Bonds investments aren’t FDIC-insured. If something goes wrong, you could lose your investment capital.

Customer Service

Worthy Bonds reviews suggest that customer service is average because of the lack of phone support. The support number is only available for institutional investors or companies that wish to get financing.

Individual investors may log queries through instant chat or via email. The company doesn’t offer consultations, either.

Knowledge Base

We recommend looking at a blog by a financial advisor or investment management firm if you need more advice on a complete investment portfolio. The financial advice on this site relates directly to bonds with little focus on anything else.

Our Worthy Bonds review shows that the information on how to invest with and use the platform is more than sufficient.

Commissions & Fees

The Worthy Bonds fees couldn’t get any lower. Investors don’t pay Worthy Bonds management fees, transfer fees, early withdrawal fees, or investment fees.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Is this some kind of Worthy Bonds promotion that’ll fall away after a few months? For now, no. The company makes money by loaning out money and investing.

Could this change?

That remains to be seen.

Mobile Apps

The company has a mobile app for iOS and Android. It’s relatively easy to use, but it lacks some functionalities, and it has been glitchy.

Whether this is problematic or not is debatable. With the automatic investment options and rounding up capabilities, it’s not necessary to use the app often.

Worthy Bonds User Reviews

What are worthy.com reviews like? The company started in 2016, so it’s not all that famous yet. The Worthy Bonds reviews out there are limited.

The positives

The typical Worthy Bonds review from 2022 highlights how simple investing is. The company pays the interest as agreed upon and makes it easy to withdraw your money.

A Worthy Bonds review on Reddit indicates that users like the small minimum investment. It’s an excellent way to test the waters without risking much capital.

The negatives

You won’t find complaints about the company not delivering on its promises. The average Worthy app review, however, is far from rosy. Many users complain that the app is down often.

Is Worthy Bonds the Best for You?

Overall, this Worthy Bonds review ends on a positive note. Would we invest our life savings? No, and the company recommends against this too. While the interest rate is reasonable, there is some risk involved.

Peer-to-peer lending always comes with the risk of defaults. With Worthy Bonds, you can’t choose which loans to invest in.

Investors must look toward developing a balanced portfolio using different financial instruments. A diversified portfolio mitigates the risks and allows you to take advantage of equity gains and other investment options.

Worthy Bonds provides an excellent solution for small amounts of capital, but we wouldn’t use it as our sole means of investment.

Alternatives of Worthy Bonds

How do Worthy Bonds competitors stack up? Their product is unique in the market at the moment. No one else offers bonds on similar terms. To compare the offering, then, we must look towards alternative investment options.

Worthy Bonds vs Betterment

Betterment provides access to indexed funds and equities. There is no initial investment amount, either. The risks are higher, and so are the potential returns. One area in which Betterment falls short is with fees.

If you need to invest small amounts like $100, the fees at Betterment eat away your returns. Learn more about Betterment in our dedicated review.

Worthy Bonds vs Ally Invest

Ally Invest provides the small investor with easy access to a range of investments. You may buy stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds. You don’t require a minimum amount to get started unless you choose a managed portfolio. Managed portfolios require a minimum investment of $100.

Ally Invest provides a better offering of products, but you won’t get bonds at no cost here. The digital investment advisor. Read more about it in our dedicated review.

Worthy Bonds vs Wealthfront

Wealthfront has the highest initial deposit requirements on this list. You’ll need $500 to get started. Worthy Bonds might be an excellent way to build up toward that amount. Wealthfront makes passive investing easy.

The company uses a well-researched algorithm to make informed investment decisions for you.

Best For

This investment model best suits investors with low-risk tolerance. If you’re five years away from retirement, you can’t afford to take a knock if the stock markets crash. Bonds are a more secure option.

It’s also a good option for those with little discipline for saving. By enabling the monitoring feature, you’ll always be able to put a little aside at a time. You won’t even notice it.

Finally, those who don’t like to manage their investments actively will appreciate the simplicity. This service provides a viable alternative to a robo-advisory service. There’s no worrying about portfolio rebalancing annually or paying someone to handle this for you.

Pros Cons
Simple to increase and manage your portfolio Tame returns for investors with higher risk preferences
Low minimums make investments accessible Some risk involved
A safer option than stocks during a financial crisis No active investment management in choosing the bonds you invest in
The innovative round-up feature allows automatic savings without you noticing The company’s app needs work
Some protection from market change for less confident investors
Easy access to your money
No charges for investors
Higher interest than you can earn in a bank
The company offers collateral-based loans

Wrap Up

Is Worthy Bonds one of the best apps to make money? For the new investor or the small investor, it’s an excellent option. Researching for this Worthy Bonds review, we found that the company’s basic proposition was a good one.

Worthy Bonds has an exciting business model that rewards investors: no charges, a high-interest rate, and less risk. By leveraging responsible peer-to-peer lending, the company offers low-cost, high-quality investing with ready access to your capital.


  • Liquid assets
  • Affordable cost
  • Simplified investing
  • Minimum balance of $10
  • Good for short-term gains
  • Cheaper options with no flat fee for all account sizes
  • Round up feature makes money contribution painless


  • Not FDIC-insured
  • No person-based service interaction
  • An equity portfolio usually has better returns
Worthy Bonds Review - Company Logo

Editorial Rating

Worthy Bonds FAQ

What is Worthy Bonds?

Worthy Bonds is an investment company based in the United States. It allows clients to invest in bonds for as little as $10 for 5% interest per annum. The company makes money by making small business loans and using modern portfolio theory with their investments.

Is Worthy Bonds legit?

Yes, but it’s essential to understand the business model — these aren’t government-issued bonds but rather, the company issues them. This means that if the borrower defaults on their loans, there is a risk of losing money. That said, the risk is minimal because the company asks for collateral on loans and diversifies its investments. Worthy Bonds is also SEC-registered.

Are bonds a good investment in 2022?

Thanks to uncertainty in the market due to Coronavirus, bonds are generally performing well, considered safe-haven assets that investors turn to in times of uncertainty.

Is Worthy Bonds FDIC insured?

No. The holding company, Worthy Financial, is not a bank, and its bonds carry no form of insurance.

Do bonds ever lose money?

As assets under management go, bonds aren’t as secure as bank deposits. Should the issuing company go bankrupt, you might lose your investment. They’re not, however, considered as risky as equities or exchange-traded funds because you’re entitled to a return. The other way you might lose money with bonds is through opportunity cost. Because they’re lower risk than equities, the return is typically lower. On the other hand, you could lose everything with equities. A traditional financial planner typically uses a combination of both asset classes.