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YouHodler is one of the most versatile cryptocurrency platforms on the market. It offers users a chance to use both their crypto and fiat assets to trade, save and earn money, or even raise loans.

In this YouHodler review, we will focus on the five most popular products offered by this platform.

These are crypto loans, exchange, crypto savings account, Multi Hodl, and Turbocharge.

Other than this, we will also try to answer one of the most common questions since the 2019 hacker attack exposed the details of 96 million crypto loan records — Is YouHodler safe to use in 2021?

What Is YouHodler?

YouHodler is a Swiss-based online platform that offers a number of options on how to handle crypto assets.

Users can trade cryptocurrencies via the YouHodler app, borrow money against their crypto holdings, set up saving accounts, and make day-to-day crypto payments. With more and more companies accepting Bitcoin, we can consider this a handy feature.

YouHodler Options and Services

As mentioned above, our YouHodler review will focus on five of the platform’s most popular products and services. So let’s take a detailed look at each!

Crypto loans

The first thing that this platform is popular for is the YouHodler loan. This service allows you to borrow money (at very favorable terms) by using your crypto holdings as collateral.

The loan can be in EUR, USD, CHF, and GBP. You can withdraw the funds instantly and transfer them to your personal bank account or credit card. This option makes YouHodler one of the most prominent bitcoin lending sites.

The loan-to-value rate goes up to 90%, which is incredibly competitive. The platform also accepts 20 different types of coins as collateral. The YouHodler APR is around 12%, which is a decent average for the lending industry. For those looking for short-term loans, the interest can go to as low as 2.5%. This, coupled with the minimum loan amount of $100, makes the platform a great alternative to payday loans, which otherwise have incredibly high APR rates (300%-500%).

When it comes to loan terms, there are three duration options. Each of them has a different loan-to-value (LTV) ratio:

  • 30 days – 90% LTV
  • 60 days – 70% LTV
  • 180 days – 50% LTV

It’s also worth mentioning that the collateral size doesn’t affect the interest rate. Instead, the APR depends on the repayment plan. Also, users get the same terms regardless of their asset holdings.

For those who can’t stick to the initial loan terms, there are three contingency options that act as an additional safety net:

  • First, you can close a loan without repaying. In this is a scenario the platform uses your collateral to cover the expenses, returning any remaining crypto funds to your YouHodler wallet.
  • Second, there’s an option to extend the loan duration. This, however, is only available when the credit is already near maturity.
  • Lastly, if you secure a loan with an LTV of 90%, you can walk away from the agreement and keep 85% of your asset value.

Earning interest

You can also use the YouHodler platform to create a savings account and earn interest on all your crypto holdings.

Many people are worried about the volatility of crypto. Yet, the market fluctuations allow you to earn as much as 12.7% of interest per year. Also, due to this very same volatility, the total balance of one’s YouHodler wallet is updated every four hours. The platform supports over 20 digital currencies, but even if your coin isn’t on the list, the platform will exchange it into fiat and count your interest and savings this way.

The interest is highest for stablecoins (12.7% APR), but it isn’t too shabby for various other coins. For instance:

  • BTC: 4.8%
  • PAXG: 8.2%
  • LINK: 6.2%
  • ETH: 5.5%
  • XRP: 4.5%
  • XLM: 4.5%

These rates are substantially higher than what most competitors have to offer. Moreover, some other platforms don’t support all these coins (PAXG, LINK, or XRP, for instance). This alone would make the use of YouHodler to earn interest into the most sensible choice.

The minimum amount you need to open the savings account is also fairly low, at just $100. Sure, some platforms have a symbolic minimum of $1 or none. But, then again, most alternatives require as much as $250.

As far as the payouts go, they happen every seven days. This means you don’t wait for too long before having the money back in your hands. Still, you can make a withdrawal earlier (even before these seven days) and receive the profit earned up to that point.

For those interested in the YouHodler interest rate on savings account and trading at the same time, there are a couple of interesting options to keep in mind, as well. Users have a chance to use savings accounts for trading. They can also keep earning interest on these funds while trading, which sounds like a win-win situation.

Multi HODL

The Multi HODL option on YouHodler is similar to the concept of CFD trading or margin trading on the exchange market.

As we’ve already mentioned, the crypto market tends to be highly volatile. However, you can earn on this volatility by anticipating market movements. With the use of the YouHodler exchange, you can even multiply your assets by 30.

Multi HODL’s potential leverage is 1:30. Sure, crypto CFD trading can go even up to 1:100. Yet, YouHodl’s ratio greatly beats that on a standard crypto exchange, where leverage seldom exceeds 1:10.

The Multi HODL platform itself is fairly simple to use. The interface is quite straightforward, and the execution takes place in real-time. The pricing is simple, and it avoids confusing its users with bid/ask spread. The lock trading strategy is also allowed, which provides an additional option for automation.

Crypto exchange

Next, we come to the main reason users choose YouHodler’s trading venue. Of course, we’re talking about the incredible YouHodler rates on crypto exchange.

For starters, this platform offers universal conversion between all crypto, fiat, and stablecoins. In addition, it provides secure wallets and boasts a community from across the globe (over 100 countries).

Conversion time is another thing helping YouHodler stand out. Check out:

  • Stablecoins to Stablecoins — instant
  • Crypto to Fiat — instant
  • Fiat to Stablecoins — instant
  • Crypto to Crypto — 5 to 30 minutes
  • Crypto to Stablecoins — 5 to 30 minutes

The conversion execution usually takes place in real-time, but in those scenarios where it doesn’t, the platform takes the value of any YouHodler token at the exchange time. Thus, the minimum crypto-to-fiat or fiat-to-crypto value is the equivalent of $30.

For those who fear that they won’t be able to manage the volatility of this market, this service can be automated with the Set Take Profit option. This is the equivalent of a stop order on the traditional exchange, and it makes your portfolio far more reactive to any market changes.


The Turbocharge option is a unique product that allows you to borrow crypto. Simply put, this is a product that allows a capable crypto trader to start a chain of loans. Ideally, a trader would use their initial collateral to buy cryptocurrency without commission. Then, they use this same cryptocurrency as collateral for the next loan. While the YouHodler risks on Turbocharge may be somewhat higher than with some of the above-listed more conservative products, the potential profit is higher, as well.

The tariff for Turbocharge is X6.5 with 90% LTV. This is incredibly favorable, and puts YouHodler Turbocharge at the forefront as one of this platform’s best products.

YouHodler Trading Fees

The majority of people looking for a crypto exchange site will take trading fees as the most critical metric of viability. So, let’s see what YouHodler exchange fees have to offer in this regard. Here, we’ll also take a look at a couple of other fees and financial requirements involved.

  • The YouHodler minimum deposit is 5 USD in crypto equivalent.
  • The minimum deposit by bank wire is 500 for USD, CHF, and GBP, and 100 for EUR.
  • By bank card, the minimum withdraw amount is 2 USD/EUR.
  • By bank wire, it’s 50 for EUR and 500 for USD, CHF, and GBP.
  • Multi HODL has a 0.01% hourly fee.
  • The platform has a profit share fee of 0.0045 (0.45%).
  • There’s also the profit share free amount of 0.05 BTC.
  • In the case of a margin call, you only get to pay service YouHodler fees. This depends on the margin  — 5% (1:2) to 2% (1:10).

Platforms like Multi HODL sometimes have a complex fee formula. Still, the profit share never exceeds the amount of your profit.

YouHodler Mobile App

For mobile users, it’s important to mention that YouHodler also has easy-to-use mobile wallets. You can access your YouHodler Android or iOS app any time and enjoy the convenience of crypto trading on the go.

The mobile application undergoes very dynamic development, with at least one new feature (based on customer demand) released every week.

Lastly, the YouHodler iOS and Android wallets use a hot/cold storage system to find a perfect compromise between accessibility and security.

YouHodler Customer Service

YouHodler has a decent help portal that provides its users with the resources to resolve most disputes. Other than this, the platform also offers customer service support chat available 24/7.

What makes YouHodler reliable the most is probably the response time. During office hours (9 am – 6 pm CET/CEST time zone), the response time can be as low as two minutes. Even during non-working hours, the response time seldom exceeds two hours (while it’s likely significantly lower than that). The volume of requests is a factor that affects response time the most, so if the platform is not particularly busy, a concerned party may receive a response within a minute.

YouHodler Alternatives

The best way to evaluate this platform is to compare it to some of the most commonly used YouHodler alternatives.

YouHodler vs

Interest on is paid daily, while with YouHodler, the payout is every seven days. Yet, users can make a withdrawal at any time, including the profit earned.

When it comes to crypto trading, also supports more coins and fiat currencies. Yet, the min deposit is somehow high at $200. The minimum you need to open a YouHodler saving account is $100.

In terms of security, uses 2-factor authentication (2FA) and keeps 100% of its cryptocurrencies in cold storage. This is opposite to YouHodler, which uses a combination of hot and cold storage for its assets under management. In addition, the money on is insured to $100 million against a breach of theft, as opposed to YouHodler’s $150 million. This is a minor win for YouHodler security.

YouHodler vs BlockFi

BlockFi offers a substantial compound interest, making it ideal for those who want to invest their crypto assets in the long term. Unlike YouHodler, where withdrawal can be instantaneous, here, it may take up to seven days for you to get your money back. Crypto-asset options on BlockFi are also fairly limited when compared to YouHodler.

When it comes to security, BlockFi keeps 95% of its crypto assets in cold storage and just 5% in hot wallets. Furthermore, Aon backs even this 5% of assets. Nevertheless, BlockFi suffered a major data breach in 2020. YouHodler experienced a similar incident in 2019.

YouHodler vs Nexo

In this YouHodler review, we put a lot of emphasis on crypto loans. Here, Nexo is a close competitor to YouHodler. Yet, YouHodler offers a superior LTV ratio of 90%, compared to Nexo’s 50%. Aside from this, Nexo savings accounts allow platform users to earn up to 10% interest on stablecoins, while with YouHodler, this interest may go up to 12.7%.

In terms of security, Nexo has $375 million insurance, opposed to YouHodler that has only $150 million pooled. YouHodler’s main insurance method is Ledger Vault, which Nexo also started using recently.

YouHodler vs Celsius Network

When it comes to saving money on a crypto platform, the annual percentage yield (APY) is the key metric to consider. Celsius Network can brag with the APY of up to 6.35%, while YouHodler’s APY stands higher at 12.7%.

The biggest advantage of Celsius Network is its reach to American users. Unfortunately, the use of YouHodler for USA citizens is still not available as an option.

From a security standpoint, the Celsius Network protects its accounts with 2FA. Following the 2019 data leak, YouHodler decided to upgrade to 3FA. Digital assets held by Celsius are also protected by Fireblocks and Prime Trust.

Wrap Up

YouHodler is a great crypto platform for those who want to generate passive income using their digital assets, borrow against their crypto holdings, or do both at the same time. Options like Multi HODL and Turbocharge are also quite appealing.

But is YouHodler safe in 2021? Several significant security improvements have taken place since the malicious attack a couple of years ago. So you can rest assured your funds and data are as safe as with any other reputable cryptocurrency platform that stands on firm legal grounds.


  • Instant crypto withdrawals
  • Crypto loans at industry best terms
  • High-yielding crypto saving accounts
  • Great mobile app for Android and iOS devices
  • Quick and effective customer service


  • Centralized platform
  • Major data leak in July 2019
  • Unavailable to US citizens
  • Relatively new platform
YouHodler Logo

Editorial Rating


Is YouHodler safe?

YouHodler is as safe as any other reputable crypto platform. It utilizes LedgerVault’s digital asset management system and has about $150 million of pooled crime insurance money. The platform also partners with Elliptic and CipherTrace to monitor transactions and prevent fraud. In addition, YouHodles uses a combination of hot and cold wallets, as well as three-factor authentication.

Is YouHodler legit?

YouHodler is a legitimate company registered in Switzerland, which already gives it quite a bit of legitimacy. Its business structure is regulated to allow crypto trade and provide loans in fiat money using crypto assets as collateral.

Is YouHodler available in the US?

YouHodler doesn’t accept users from the US. The same goes for citizens of China and Korea. For EU-based traders, nonetheless, YouHodler is a promising lending and crypto exchange platform.

Is YouHodler regulated?

YouHodler complies with EU laws, which means that it needs to stick by some of the strictest legal obligations. Moreover, the platform is an official member of the Blockchain Association. This means that any YouHodler review made by a customer and submitted to the association will be taken into serious consideration.