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$49 + state fees

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2-3 weeks (Basic plan)

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ZenBusiness Review: 2021 Edition

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Price starts at


$49 + state fees

Processing time


2-3 weeks (Basic plan)

Registered agent


Incl. in formation package

Operating agreement



EIN registration


Depends on plan

Annual compliance


Depends on plan

Advisory service



Web domain & hosting


Depends on plan

ZenBusiness Logo

Editorial Rating

ZenBusiness practices start with choosing hassle-free solutions and partnering with the right organizations. ZenBusiness meanwhile offers online LLC formation services and ongoing business maintenance services to make your experience as smooth as possible.

The company provides safe storage for all your important documents and ensures compliance with state laws.


ZenBusiness LLC service reviews are primarily favorable and rightfully so — the company offers a comprehensive range of products at reasonable prices. They’re transparent about their pricing so that there are no nasty shocks when you need to foot the bill. Overall, the platform offers a simple, hassle-free option for the busy business owner.


A few important services to look into.

Business Formation Services

The company:

  • Performs a name availability search
  • Assists with the creation of your Articles of Organization
  • Completes and files all documents according to state-specific requirements
  • Monitors the status until you have an open LLC

You’ll struggle to find a review on ZenBusiness that doesn’t call the company the best LLC website thanks to this service.

Registered Agent Service

The company provides the best registered agent service offering we’ve seen so far. This is an extension of what is arguably the best LLC service. Here the company receives any legal or state documents on your behalf. The ZenBusiness registered agent service ensures that you receive these in a timely manner so that you may act on them.

DBA Name Registration

The “Doing Business As” name service is another reason that ZenBusiness ranks as one of the best incorporation service options. A DBA name lets you launch individual brands under your main firm without registering a new company.

This makes it easy to create a new brand identity for a product line without excessive paperwork.

Operating Agreement

If you’re comfortable with filing your documents on your own, you may save some money on legal fees by using this service. This document is essential for establishing the ownership, capital structure, and allocation of profits and losses for your business.

This service also scores the company many points in online incorporation reviews.

Zen Business Plans & Pricing

Each of the plans comes with a free year’s worth of registered agent services. Our review pegs the Pro Package as the best value for money. The Premium Package incorporates more services for the less tech-savvy business owner.

All plans include the Compliance Guarantee. This service allows you to make two changes to your business a year and also provides you with a free report of compliance requirements.

Starter Package  

The ZenBusiness pricing is reasonable. The Starter Package will set you back $49 per year in addition to your state fees.

The free service only applies to the first year. It then renews at $119 (including the Registered Agent service).

Pro Package  

The Pro Package costs $199 per year in addition to state fees. If you need a bit more support, this plan gives you everything that you get in the Starter Package. It also includes expedited filing and getting your Employer Identification Number (EIN). You also get a banking resolution template.

Premium Package  

The Premium Plan costs $299 per year in addition to state fees. You get everything included in the Pro Package and rush filing speed. It’s the add-ons that make it particularly useful.

Those include:

  • The domain name and domain name privacy
  • A business website
  • Business email


You may reach out by phone, email or in person at:

702 San Antonio Street

Austin, Texas 78701

Once you’re a client, you may also reach out via a service ticket. The company offers extended business hours and is easy to get hold of. One of the ZenBusiness complaints said that the client service line wasn’t friendly enough. That, however, wasn’t our finding.

Ease of Use

Signing up is simple. Head over to the website and create your account. If you need assistance, you may visit the office in Austin or call in instead. One thing that customers tend to agree on is that following up on the status of applications is simple.

You head over to the Zen Business Login, enter your username and password, and access your dashboard.

ZenBusiness User Reviews

The ZenBusiness BBB rating is A, and the company scores 2.5 out of 5 stars there. With fewer than twenty ratings, this isn’t a fair reflection. Trustpilot reviews for 2020 give the company an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars. There are over 4,000 reviews on this site. While there aren’t many reviews on Reddit, the ones we did find were positive.

Most clients commented on how simple the process was and how quickly the company worked. Their estimates about how long things will take are conservative, so you’ll probably get your documents sooner than expected.

Most ZenBusiness accounting reviews and other services reviews were positive. One or two clients complained that you didn’t get a friendly service. One review also suggested that delays on the company’s side caused them to lose their chosen domain name.

Our Verdict

Does ZenBusiness offer the cheapest LLC registration options? No, you can find more affordable options. Will you find a more comprehensive range of plans? Again, no. ZenBusiness customers confirm that the company gave them everything that they needed to start a business. No other firm that we’ve reviewed offers packages that also include domain names and web design.

ZenBusiness offers a great product range and treats their clients ethically. You’re getting good value for money with all of their plans.

Alternatives to ZenBusiness

Take a look at some alternative solutions.

ZenBusiness vs LegalZoom

LegalZoom is a better-known option. You, as a client, pay for this in two ways – price and service delivery. LegalZoom is far more expensive, and the service is slower.

ZenBusiness vs IncFile

IncFile offers its starter Silver package for “free” at the moment — all you need to do is cover the state fees. However, there’s a catch. If you want them to assist with your operating agreement, you’ll have to choose the Gold package instead.  At $149 per annum, this package is far more expensive than the one at ZenBusiness.

ZenBusiness LLC vs Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent offers a comparable service. Our review of the Northwest Registered Agent shows that they’re pretty evenly matched. However, their starting package costs $79. There are also a greater number of positive Zen Business reviews.

Wrap Up

Our research shows that the company offers fast, reliable services at competitive prices, further confirmed by the bulk reviews on ZenBusiness we came across. They provide a comprehensive range of services that assist new and existing business owners in expanding their ventures.


  • No hidden costs
  • Easy to use service
  • No hard upselling strategies used
  • Add-in services that add extra value
  • The company offers a Worry-Free Guarantee
  • Reviews praise the company for reliability
  • Affordable with plans from $49 + state fees per annum


  • The timelines aren’t always accurate
ZenBusiness Logo

Editorial Rating


What is ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness assists companies in cutting through the red tape when starting a business. They’ll advise you on what documents you require and how to complete them. They’ll also assist with the filing of the said documents. While there’s no law against doing this yourself, it might not be the best tax option. The tax benefits of choosing the right company type when opening can’t be overstated. Unless you’re an expert in state business and tax laws, it’s best to leave this decision to the professionals. Does your business, for example, qualify for pass-through taxation? If you don’t know, you should consider getting expert advice.

Is Zen promo legit?

Zen Business reviews don’t typically go into details about promotional offers they received. The company is legit, so most of the promos you’ll see for them will be too. They often run specials through their affiliates, so sometimes it saves you money to sign up with an affiliate.

How do I cancel my EIN number?

If you no longer need your Federal Tax ID Number, you’ll have to send the IRS a letter. You’ll need to ask them to close your business account, listing the full names and the number of the company.

What is the registered agent for an LLC?

The registered agent is someone who is authorized to receive legal documents and communication from the state. Companies often appoint an outside agent to maintain their privacy and ensure that they don’t miss essential filings.

Can my wife be my registered agent?

This depends on state laws. In many states, the requirements for being a registered agent are minimal, meaning that many people may act in this capacity. The more pertinent question is, “Should my wife be my registered agent.” The answer to that is more complicated. If they understand state laws and are highly organized, then perhaps they should. If not, you’re better off hiring a professional.

How much does a registered agent cost?

One common thread that we found when compiling our Northwest Registered Agent and Zen Business reviews is that you’ll usually get a free year’s service when registering a company. After that, you’ll pay $119 per annum with ZenBusiness.