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Our Mission

We have dedicated our time and effort so people will find the financial advice they need.

On SpendMeNot we always go the extra mile – we make sure our visitors are well informed and always find the information they came for. We can help you plan your finances by gathering the latest statistics for you on the topic you’re interested in today!

Searching for valuable information and creating maps and infographics for you is our priority. We share our findings of global brands, social marketing, financial planning, and financial trends with our readers on a regular basis. 

Our team researches recent trends and studies every aspect of financial life.

Not sure what income you need to buy a house in 2020?

Or you’re wondering where is the best place to start your business?

Or what’s the average salary in your state?

Visit SpendMeNot…

…and find out!

We have the latest financial statistics here, so YOU can make the important decision you need help with.

Or you can just window shop for a daily dose of information on various financial subjects:

You came to the right place!

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Meet Our Team

Our network of team leaders, researchers, and writers is growing faster than ever. Same as our audience! However, the core of our team remains the same and we’re proud to present them to you:

Tsveta van Son – Financial Expert

Tsveta has nearly a decade of experience as a financial journalist, and there isn’t much about UK equities she doesn’t know. She holds an MA in Nordic Studies and while languages remain her first love, she’s found her calling in content writing.

Darina Lynkova – Content Strategist

Darina is the one who orchestrates the process. She coordinates the workflow and guides the writers towards improving their style and quality of content. She found a passion for crafting web content. She sees SpendMeNot as an opportunity to research engaging topics that will help readers make informed financial decisions.

Eva C. – Content Writer

Eva is a content writer with a bachelor’s degree in translation and interpreting. She has a passion for languages and books.

Milan Urosevic – Content Writer

Milan is an English Language and Literature graduate. He never wanted to spend his workdays with groups of 20 teenagers. Instead of teaching like most of his college friends, he went on to become a content writer. In addition to writing, his passions include mountain biking, hiking, and playing the guitar.

Fiona McKay – Content & Research

Fiona worked in the retail banking industry for 16 years. Her expertise is priceless when it comes to creating content on financial topics. She loves being at home all day with her schnauzers and her cat. For Fiona, it’s furbaby Friday every day of the week.


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