The Most Valuable Brands [A Map By Country]

Amazon, Mercedes, IKEA?

What are the most valuable brands?

Let’s get to know those bad boys.

This Map Shows the Most Valuable Brands by Country in 2020

We took a trip around the globe and looked into some of the world’s most profitable organizations.

Here’s what we found out:


As thousands of businesses launch every day, the battle to get to the consumers is an ever-lasting effort for companies that wish to succeed. Big brands keep rising, while small ones disappear in the blink of an eye.

You can see the most valuable brand in every country around the world on this map. It took a lot of research, effort, and huge amounts of caffeine to produce it.

But it was worth it. The result is astounding.

Curious about the details?

Let’s see what some of the most valuable brands on Earth are.

Top Brands in North America and Asia

These brands are so well positioned on the market that their value surpasses entire countries’ GDP.

1. Amazon is the most valuable brand in the US.

(Source: Brandirectory)

When thinking about the companies with the highest brand value in the US, Apple and Google are often the first two that come to mind. However, during 2019, these two rivals have lost the battle for the top spot on this prestigious list to a third contender.

This is huge:

With an estimated brand value of $188 billion, Amazon has not only become the most expensive brand in the US, but also the most valuable brand in the world.

The company’s market value is currently sitting at over $800 billion. This online retail platform offers thousands of products, but their own ones, such as Amazon Echo, have become the top sellers.

This year, Amazon has made record-breaking profits; for Q1 2019, the company reported a net income of $3.6 billion, increasing sales by 17% from the previous quarter. In 2018, the company had a profit of $10.1 billion.

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2. Royal Bank of Canada is the most valuable brand in Canada.

(Source: Brandirectory)

What makes the Royal Bank of Canada one of the top brands in the world is the fact that its banking market is estimated to be an incredible $600 billion. Its brand value is over $17 billion.

This bank’s market cap for 2019 is at 115 billion, ahead of the second-highest market capitalization company in Canada (TD Bank).

In 2018, RBC reported net income of $12 billion, increasing its 2017 figures by 8%. Revenue for the year was at $44.61 billion.

3. Alibaba is the most valuable brand in China.

(Source: ChinaDaily)

One of Amazon’s Asian rivals, Alibaba, is quickly becoming one of the most valuable companies; it now holds the title of the highest valued brand in China, at $141 billion.

This online retailer is the highest-valued brand in China, but it doesn’t have the largest net worth in the country; Alibaba has a net worth of around $40 billion, while banks such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Construction Bank top its net worth by 40 and 30 billion dollars respectively, data on top brands in the world shows.

Alibaba can’t match the banks of China in revenue either; Alibaba’s reported revenue for 2018 was $54.5 billion, while China Construction Bank reported $658.9 billion in revenue.

4. Toyota is the most valuable brand in Japan.

(Source: Statista)

Toyota is one of the most recognized brands in the world when it comes to cars and their reliability. Statistics place the company’s brand value at around $30 billion.

However, some estimates value the Toyota logo much higher. According to Brandirectory, the brand is worth at least $52 billion. For comparison, Mitsubishi, the rival Japanese carmaker, has a price tag $26.5 billion.

With 934,000 units sold in 2018, Toyota’s Corolla cements its place as one of the most popular brands on the market.

What’s more:

Toyota reported $264.4 billion in revenue in 2018. This year is looking even better, with an estimated revenue of over $272 billion.

5. Tata Group is the most valuable brand in India.

(Source: Brandirectory)

Tata Group remains at the top of the list of the highest-valued companies in India for 2019, increasing its brand value by more than $5 billion since 2018.

The brand is currently worth $19.55 billion, compared to $14.2 last year. Considering that Tata Group includes companies that work in financial services and retail, as well as steel, it’s no wonder that this group is valued so highly.

What helps make Tata Group one of the top global brands is the company’s car manufacturing operation. They sold over a million units in 2018, including the prestigious Jaguar Land Rover that operates as a subsidiary of Tata Motors.

In 2018, Tata Group reported $110.7 billion in revenue.

6. Samsung is the most valuable brand in South Korea.

(Source: SAMmobile)

Samsung currently holds the sixth place on the list of the world’s most valuable brands, having reached $60 billion in brand value. Some estimates place the company’s value as high as $91.2 billion.

Without a doubt, smartphone sales are what drives this company forward. The Samsung Galaxy S4 remains its most sold device to date.

Being one of the top consumer brands, the South Korean company reported $220 billion in revenue for the fiscal 2018, $53 billion of which was in operating profit.

7. ASUS is the most valuable brand in Taiwan.

(Source: Interbrand)

ASUS is globally known for its laptop, motherboard, and other component manufacturing efforts. It has been the most valuable brand Taiwan has to offer for six consecutive years, with a brand value of $1.6 billion.

What makes ASUS one of the biggest brands in the world is the company’s market capitalization value of $4.8 billion. ASUS’s smartphone manufacturing efforts have produced some hits such as the Zenfone and the ROG phone. Otherwise, the company’s most sold items are its VivoBook and ZenBook laptops.

Surprisingly enough, ASUS’s largest market is Singapore.

8. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is the most valuable brand in the UAE.

(Source: Brandirectory)

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, or ADNOC for short, is one of the most valuable brands in the Middle East and Asia, with a brand valuation of $9 billion.

It gives the company a $500 million advantage ahead of the next contender for the title of UAE’s most valuable brand.

As the name suggests, ADNOC produces oil and oil products, through which it earned $6.2 billion in 2018, increasing its 2017 revenue by 15.9%.

9. DBS Bank is the most valuable brand in Singapore.

(Source: Brandirectory)

The list of the most valuable companies in Singapore hasn’t changed its first place holder in seven years. The DBS Bank improved its standing in the top 40 global banks by increasing its brand value to over $9 billion.

In 2018, the bank increased its revenue by a staggering 28%, reaching over $4 billion.

10. Petronas is the most valuable brand in Malaysia.

(Source: Brandirectory)

There’s another oil and gas company on our list of most valued companies. Petronas had a brand value of $11.5 billion in 2018, while the top 100 brands in Malaysia were all worth $50.6 billion.

During the same year, Petronas reported a profit of $13.5 billion, with an estimated revenue of $55.1 billion.

Top Brands in Europe, Australia, and Africa

We’re not over with the list yet. Check out some of these brands’ amazing values.

11. Ernst & Young is the most valuable brand in the UK.

(Source: Brandirectory)

Ernst & Young is a private company that offers professional services to other businesses (i.e., consulting). While the company’s market value is unknown, its 2019 brand value is estimated at $23.2 billion.

The company has managed to obtain a revenue of $36.4 billion according to data from the end of the financial year in June 2019. 

12. Shell is the most valuable brand in the Netherlands.

(Source: Brandirectory)

Shell is one of the best brands of the world when it comes to recognizability. The company’s brand value is $42.3 billion, enough to make it the most valuable company in the oil and gas industry. 

Royal Dutch Shell reported revenues of $388.38 billion in 2018. Even though the year was better than the previous three, it doesn’t come near the 2011 peak of $470 billion.

13. Mercedes-Benz is the most valuable brand in Germany.

(Source: Brandirectory)

One of the top brand names and a symbol of quality and prestige, Mercedes-Benz, is the most valuable car brand in the world. The Daimler owned brand is worth a jaw-dropping $60.35 billion, almost $15 billion more than its rivals Volkswagen and BMW.

This year, the Mercedes GLC was a hit in the US, paving the way for the company to turn into what is the most valuable brand in the world of the manufacturing business. In Q2 2019, Daimler had $47 billion in revenue. The total revenue for 2018 was just over $100 billion, with Mercedes-Benz earning 52% of the total Daimler’s revenue.

14. Ikea is the most valuable brand in Sweden.

(Source: Brandirectory)

This Swedish furniture designing, manufacturing, and selling company is one of the most famous brands on the planet. Wherever you’re located, there’s probably a piece of Ikea furniture no more than ten feet away from you. The Ikea brand is worth $21.5 in 2019, growing by $1 billion in two years.

Billy bookcase, Poang chair, Malm bed, and Kallax shelf unit are just some of the easy to assemble products that drove the company’s global revenue to an impressive $42.5 billion.

15. Lego is the most valuable brand in Denmark.

(Source: Brand Finance)

Lego is the biggest brand in the world when it comes to toys. The Danish company’s brand value is estimated at $7.6 billion.

Brandirectory is a bit more humble on its estimate, valuing Lego at $6.75 billion for 2019. This is still more than $5 billion ahead of the next largest toymaker (Bandai Namco).

And the good times keep rolling:

Lego earned $5.35 billion last year by inspiring the builders of tomorrow, as one of their mottos says.

16. Red Bull is the most valuable brand in Austria.

(Source: Forbes)

The list of the most valuable brands in the non-alcoholic drinks industry has Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Red Bull at the top. Red Bull’s brand value is just under $10 billion.

The famous energy drink brand is valued by Brandirectory at $8.7 billion. In some leading markets, such as in Turkey, the company increased its sales by 34%. 

In 2018, Red Bull sold 6.8 billion cans of its 16 different drink products, making $6 billion in revenue.

17. Guinness is the most valuable brand in Ireland.

(Source: Statista)

One of the best brands in the world for beer consumers and the world’s favorite stout maker has a brand value of $4.3 billion.

According to Brandirectory, Guinness is worth $2.8 billion. 

The brand has an estimated yearly revenue of $330 million. Diageo, the company that Guinness operates under, together with some of the most recognizable brands in the business (Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Moet, Hennessy), reported a revenue of $15 billion. Cheers to that!

18. Sberbank is the most valuable brand in Russia.

(Source: Brandirectory)

Another bank on the list, Sberbank is Russia’s highest-valued company, with a brand value of $12.4 billion.

It has an impressive market presence. It operates in nine countries and serves over 670,000 clients.

Sberbank reported a net profit of $12.8 billion in 2018, making it one of Europe’s best brands. Caching!

19. MTN Group is the most valuable brand in South Africa.

(Source: Brandirectory)

MTN (Mobile Telephone Network) Group is the most valuable brand, not only in South Africa, but on the entire continent. The brand value sits at $3.38 billion.

With 232.6 million clients, MTN Group is one of the best brands of the world when it comes to mobile network operators (it’s the eighth largest operator in the world).

20. Telstra is the most valuable brand in Australia.

(Source: Brand Finance)

Even though the company’s brand value dropped by 7%, Telstra has managed to remain Australia’s most valuable brand in 2019. The brand is valued at $14.7 billion.

Telstra provides mobile phones, devices, and internet service to the Land Down Under, and makes $27.8 billion per year doing so (2019 data).

Which brings us to the end of our list.

But before you go:


Our list doesn’t only showcase some of the most valuable brands in the world; it also points out that some of the industries that should probably be on their way out are still thriving. 

Bottom line:

For now, the world is unable to function without oil, gas, and other fossil fuels that are slowly but surely killing our planet. Hopefully, the list will be a bit different next year.


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