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$199/year for company formation; $149/year for a registered agent

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Included in the company formation service

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Business Anywhere Review

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Starting price


$199/year for company formation; $149/year for a registered agent

Free trial



EIN registration


Included in the company formation service

Operating agreement


Included in the company formation service

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Business Anywhere Logo

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We’re all well aware of the rise of remote entrepreneurship. More and more people prefer to work remotely, or even better, to create a new business remotely.

Do you already have an idea about forming a virtual office? Don’t know how and where to start? No worries, we’re here to help you with that.

Have you heard of Business Anywhere?

It’s a company that provides all the necessary services to start and manage your business. Sounds interesting, right?
Our comprehensive Business Anywhere review will tell you more about the company’s services, prices, pros, cons, and more.

What Is Business Anywhere Best For?

Business Anywhere offers services for entrepreneurs whose businesses are location-independent. The process for forming and running the business is straightforward, as the company’s platform is user-friendly and easy to use.

Additionally, Business Anywhere is available in all 50 states in the US.

Business Anywhere Services

Business Anywhere describes its services as the future of business formation. Let’s find out whether the company acts according to its motto. Does it offer everything a digital nomad may need?

Company formation

Business Anywhere claims to offer the fastest turnaround times for registering a limited liability company (LLC) and corporation. Now, let’s see the steps for an entrepreneur’s online registration. They’re as follows:

  • Create an account on the company’s official website
  • Fill out the form requested by the company with your personal details
  • Choose one of the company’s pricing plans depending on what services your business needs and make the payment

Right after, Business Anywhere’s team will proceed with the registration of your business. You’ll have your business officially registered in just a few days, and the documents and certifications will be uploaded to your personalized online dashboard.

Now, let’s see some of the services that Business Anywhere offers for LLC formation:

  • Applying for an EIN
  • Mail scanning of legal mail
  • Automated compliance and annual renewals
  • Virtual mailbox
  • Filing articles of organization
  • Operating agreement template

Note: Business Anywhere promises to all of its customers that their newly registered LLC will be protected from any kind of mistakes that could result in losses such as losing some assets or giving up privacy. 

Registered agent services

Having a registered agent is a must. There is a legal requirement for every LLC to hire a registered agent who takes care of all the business administration.

If you want to choose Business Anywhere to be a registered agent for your LLC, you need to create an account there and choose one of the packages with the services that best suit your needs. After deciding which package you’ll use, make the payment… and, voila!

Say goodbye to the messy physical offices. Because whenever you open the dashboard, you will find all your documents well-organized in one place.

Business Anywhere as a registered agent operates as easily as possible. Every legal document, certificate, and all of the entrepreneur’s administration work is set up on the virtual office’s dashboard. In addition, Business Anywhere will keep track of all due dates and file paperwork throughout the year to ensure compliance with the law.

Virtual mailbox

If you’re one of those people who is always on the move and prefers to have a nomad life, consider settling for a virtual mailbox. Why? All those mail, documents, and packages got to be sent somewhere. And, you simply cannot have a permanent home address if you’re constantly moving.

Luckily, Business Anywhere provides one of the best virtual mailbox services that can be accessed from anywhere. Furthermore, the company can forward your mail and packages to you no matter where in the world you are, even though they have only three physical addresses in Wyoming, New Mexico, and Arizona.

So, having a virtual address with a perfectly organized online dashboard is definitely the ideal choice. Not only can you have all of your mail in one place, but the junk mail will be sorted and put aside — all of that provided by the Business Anywhere’s team.

Online notary

Yes, an online notary exists. And it happens to be one of the services that Business Anywhere provides.

Instead of spending your time looking for a physical notary office and meanwhile getting stuck in traffic, visit Business Anywhere’s website, create an account, and upload the document that needs to be notarized. Once your document is ready, the company’s notaries, who are licensed professionals, will upload it back to your online dashboard.

How does an e-notary differ from a traditional one? The first one saves you time and eases the process. Also, the problem of losing documentation cannot happen, as the documents are available anytime on the customer’s online dashboard.

Business Anywhere Pricing

Now, let’s see how Business Anywhere pricing works.

Company formation

If you want to use Business Anywhere to start your LLC, you need to select one of the three pricing plans. Let’s take a closer look at the services they include:

  • Package One ($199 + state fees) — filling the company’s articles, scanning of the legal mail, 1st-year registered agent services and address, operating agreement template, automated compliance, and automated annual renewal at $149  + state filing fees.
  • Package Two ($299 + state fees) — everything from Package One plus applying for EIN, 30 minutes consultation with the company’s agents, customized operating agreement, and annual renewal at $149 + state filing fees.
  • Package Three ($499 + state fees) — everything from Package Two plus virtual mailbox, up to two mail recipients, unlimited mail scan, worldwide mail and package forwarding, and annual renewal at $399 + state filing fees.

Note: Pricing is set on an annual basis. 

Virtual mailbox

There are three pricing plans offered for this service.

No matter which one you decide to use, you’ll be billed on annual basis. Now, let’s take a look at the plans:

  • Package One — $20 per month
  • Package Two — $30 per month
  • Package Three — $65 per month

All of the pricing plans offer the same features. They include unlimited forwarding and accepting mail and packages, unlimited scans, mail scanning into your dashboard, no junk mail, and a physical address to pick from one of the three states — Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

One thing they differ in is the number of mail recipients. The first plan supports 2 mail recipients, the second one up to 5, and the third one up to 20.

Registered agent service and online notary

No pricing packages for these two — they’re offered as standalone services.

The registered agent service costs $149 per year.

As for the online notary, the price is $37 per document.

Business Anywhere Customer Support

If customers have questions about LLC formation, they’re entitled to speak directly with Business Anywhere’s team, but only after they purchase one of the plans that offer 30-minute consultations.

Other than that, Business Anywhere has a detailed FAQ and blog section on its website that could be of great help to the customers.

Ease of Use

All four services that Business Anywhere offers are combined in a single dashboard designed to be modern and easy to use.

All your notarized documents, mail, and administration work are put in one place. In other words, simplicity in creating and running your company is something that you’ll get if you choose Business Anywhere.

Business Anywhere Reviews

There are virtually no Business Anywhere reviews from users — no BBB rating and no user reviews on third-party websites.

Still, we managed to find a profile on Reddit, but again, it won’t be of great use because the company hasn’t been an active user there.

Our Verdict

A platform that offers everything a digital nomad may need to start and run LLC remotely – company formation, registered agent, virtual mailbox, notary…

All of that is packed and served in one place – Business Anywhere. The personalized dashboard is certainly something we like.

Business Anywhere Alternatives

Let’s see how stands compared to some of its competitors.

Business Anywhere vs Incfile

Both Business Anywhere and Incfile provide a simple way of creating a business. However, the latter excels with a well-stocked toolbox.

Incfile offers more detailed services for running an LLC and corporations, such as accounting and tax services, which isn’t the case with Business Anywhere.

But, something that Business Anywhere has over Incfile is its notary and mailbox services.

Business Anywhere vs BetterLegal

Both companies promise the fastest turnaround times for officially registered LLCs. On top of that, you can set up your account and your business in no more than 10 minutes with whichever company you choose.

But, one important thing they differ about is how their pricing works.

Business Anywhere offers several packages with different options, while BetterLegal has no package deals. Instead, the company offers and charges for its services separately.

So, the choice is up to you — whether pricing packages or individually priced services, pick the company that best suits your needs.

Wrap Up

As you had a chance to see in our Business Anywhere review, the company offers the most essential components of registering an LLC or corporation and keeping it in life.

All those who want to run their businesses remotely now have a great opportunity for that. With its affordable packages and user-friendly platform, having Business Anywhere to run your virtual office won’t be a mistake.


  • User-friendly platform
  • Available in all 50 US states
  • Affordable prices
  • Personalized dashboard


  • No refunds
  • Only three physical addresses for virtual mailbox
Business Anywhere Logo

Editorial Rating


Does Busines Anywhere has a mobile app?

No, the company doesn’t have a mobile app.

Where is Business Anywhere headquartered?

The company has a physical office in Chandler, Arizona.

When is a registered agent required?

It’s required by law for each registered LLC or corporation to have a registered agent. The agent is responsible for keeping track of your administration work and ensuring that state matters are taken care of and are in compliance with the law.

Does Business Anywhere offer a safe virtual mailbox?

Business Anywhere’s virtual mailbox is safe and secured, designed to protect its customers from identity theft.